Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 20

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Special Unit’s first battle

Let’s go back to the story of who should guide Serafina through the castle. I think there is not a better option than Raviara.

I feel it’s weird to ask my lover to guide my wife, besides that if I’m busy it’s obvious that she will be too, since she’s my trusted retainer.

But suddenly, a suitable person appeared.

「Onii-sama, if you need someone, I can do it」

Altia came walking slowly. Compared to before, Altia is much better, to the point that she was able to appear at the wedding ceremony. It’s unimaginable how much she has improved compared to when I was a little feudal lord with only half a village.

Since Serafina got married in the Neville house, Altia is now a relative of her. So there is nothing strange about it.

「I see. Then, I’ll ask you. Can you do it, Altia?」

「Yes, onii-sama, I also have a lot to talk about with Serafina」

「Please take care of me, Altia-san」

Serafina also bowed politely. Altia doesn’t have many friends either, so it would be good if these two became one.

「Altia-san, I wonder if there is a temple of some miraculous saint in these parts that helps in the conception of children?」

「Eh… Children…? I don’t think there is one…」

Upon hearing their words, some of the retainers couldn’t help but to laugh again.

It’s embarrassing to be told so bluntly… But it’s true that not being able to have children is problematic…

「P-Pull yourself t-together, let’s go to take care of those remaining issues…」

Raviara seemed to be also a little upset. But if she said that, then she must be pulling herself together. But about what will you pull yourself together?

「That’s right. It’s like Raviara says」

After that, Raviara whispered something to me in a low voice so that only I could hear it.

「Raviara also wants to have Alsrod-sama’s children…」

「Of course, you will. No need to rush…」

It’s certainly not a good thing that the Count still has no successor. But, well, it can’t be helped.

It’s true that I was focused on government issues so far. After finishing them, I had a war council to choose what target to attack next. Not only Raviara and Shivik were present, but also Serafina.

I started talking as I spread the map on the table.

「The next place we must attack is of course the temple that is located to the south. But there is already another power ruling this county, the Knights Templar. Despite its name, the leader is chosen through the hereditary system, and that person holds the rights and interest of the organization」

「The Temple countyーAah, Fodoneria’s great temple county, right?」

It’s just like Serafina says.

Among all the counties of Fodoneria, because this one has the most important temple of all, the Great Temple, it’s called Temple county since ancient times. And since ancient times, that county was the heart of all the politics of Fodoneria.

「If we occupy this place, then the unification of Fodoneria’s prefecture will be before our very eyes. I’ll make them submit to me at all costs」

「On our side there is no problem in mobilizing any number of troops. Raviara guarantees it」

Raviara said so with confidence.

「This old man’s bones also guarantees it, there is nothing to fear」

Shivik also agreed.

――That’s right. Go destroy them once and for all. In the first place, despite having expanded so greatly, it’s impossible for people who didn’t put effort into establishing diplomatic contact to be strong. Surely, they can’t even imagine fighting a strong enemy.

Oda Nobunaga’s voice was also convincing.

At the very least, they would have formed alliances to defend themselves, or try to form an alliance with me. It’s something they should have done. But they are guys who don’t believe even in their worst dreams that they will fight against someone strong. They are people proud to have only been able to defend their Great Temple for several hundred years.

「Even in numbers, our military power surpasses them. But even so there is something that has me worried」

Upon hearing my ominous words, everyone began to look at me with concern on their faces.

「No, I’m one hundred percent sure we’ll win. But I have to be picky about how we will win. I’m not a wildfire but a Count. It would be problematic if we always destroy everything after fighting」

「I believe we have forbidden soldiers to plunder. Raviara also has not left the elves under her command to cause chaos」

「Oh, I’m not referring to that. But well, I have a plan to take care of that as well. I will try to eliminate this small concern. We will definitely have a perfect victory」

Later after that meeting, I went personally to confirm an operation with some people.

It would be better to not spread this operation too much, so I concealed as much as possible.

――I see, so you will also use a spy(Rappa), eh?

My inner voice said something strange.

A trumpet(Rappa)? Why does a musical instrument suddenly come out?

――Not a musical instrument. That kind of guy is called a spy(Rappa). It’s admirable that you have properly prepared. The more pawns, the better.

I won’t deny that.

Crushing them with brute force will create a lot of problems. And what we most need right now is to expand our forces efficiently.

What I did first was to send a letter to the Knights Templar explaining that I would soon visit them.

Although they are also treated as a nobility, their leader position is equivalent to that of a Viscount. That means that their position is lower than a Count. If they wanted to swear their obedience, it would have been appropriate for them to lower their head before me.

But it seems that such a thing didn’t cross their minds at all.

The Knights Templar ignored my letter. It seems that these old fashioned people doesn’t know how to deal with this Count who suddenly rose in position. If they submit to us, all the interests related to the Fodoneria’s Great Temple will be taken from them. And that’s something they can’t allow.

I charged towards the temple county with 700 soldiers.

One of the objectives of this attack is to see how the two units, Red Bear Unit and White Eagle Unit, work on the battlefield.

What kind of leadership will come out from a well organized units? That’s what I’ll find out.

The results were superb.

Only about 50 soldiers of both units were needed to almost destroy the enemy. Even though the enemy outnumbered us, but such a disorganized army was helpless against us.

Raviara who was also next to me waiting in the camp got in a good mood when she heard the report about the progress of the battle.

「The enemy is not coordinated at all. And their battle style has not changed all this time too, they fight in such a way just to show off their prowess. But even when considering all that, their skill is also bad」

「In fact, their order of knights is nothing more than a coalition of independent and weak feudal lords. They are unable to unify their movements」

――I see. They are like the Jizamurai of Iga.

I have no idea what Oda Nobunaga is talking about. Is Iga a name of some place?

The first of the battles is our victory.

Let’s continue attacking in this way.

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  1. They don’t deserve that kind of name. They’re making the Knights Templar here look like run-in-a-mill newbies.

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