Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 2

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A Job never heard before

Come on, I’m begging you, tell me that I am a Magic Swordsman!

The following words will determine my life!

Is the priest still hearing the voice of God? There was a long, long silence. I feel that time passes slowly in this kind of silence…


Even so, hasn’t it been an awfully long time?

「W-What could be the meaning of… this? God…?」
The old priest blurted out a strange thing.

Could it be that such an outrageous Job has descended as an oracle?

It’s something that happens rarely but sometimes a Job is exchanged for its superior version like Great Magician or Great Sage. If that were the case, the growth of the skills of the corresponding Job would be greatly improved and it would make the possibility of a successful life to greatly increase. And that’s not a bad thing.

「There’s no doubt about it… God, please do forgive me for doing something so stupid as doubting you…」
As I supposed, the priest was so surprised to the point of not being able to believe it.

Okay, from this moment my future will open!

「Please, you can open your eyes now」
I opened my eyelids and looked at the priest.
「What could be my Job?」
「Alsrod-sama’s Job isーーOda Nobunaga」

「Oda Nobunaga?」
It was a never heard Job. Rather, I have not the slightest idea about what this Job can do.

「Excuse me, what kind of Job is that Oda Nobunaga…?」
「God has not told me about that extent… But it is undoubtedly called Oda Nobunaga Job…」
「That’s ridiculous! Even if you tell me that I’m suitable for that Job, how can I aim for it, if I don’t even know what it can do!」

I lost my mind. I’ve been waiting all my life for this day… I can’t believe that something like Oda Nobunaga has come out when I gave all my effort aiming to be Magic Swordsman…

「This has to be a mistake! Please ask God one more time!」
「We cannot doubt God. Nonetheless, even I felt uneasy, this is an Job that even God has not heard, but I was able to confirm with God whether you were suited for it or not… And there was no mistake. You cannot change it」

How can that be…
I have no choice but to live bearing the burden of the Job called Oda Nobunaga?
In first place, what kind of language is…? I don’t understand what it means at all. Could 「Oda Nobunaga」mean something similar like 「Merchant of dried fish」? I don’t know anything nor I have a clue about what could mean Oda Nobunaga.

「At-at any rate… I will bestow you the divine protection called Oda Nobunaga. If you live a life befitting that divine protection, surely you will be blessed with peace and prosperity」
Don’t bullshit me now… What the hell is a life befitting Oda Nobunaga… How can I go along when even I don’t know what it means…

「I don’t even want to believe it but, surely you are not saying that kind of things to me because my brother told you to harass me, right? 」
My brother is the lord of this land. Even a priest wouldn’t be able to disobey him. That’s because a large amount of money is needed for festivals, and they can’t be carried out without the financial support of the feudal lord. It’s not uncommon for temples to be completely in conjunction with the lord.
「It’s not possible! Myself only transmitted to you the word of God and nothing more」

It seems that he isn’t telling lies. But even so, it’s still true that I don’t know anything about what kind of Job is Oda Nobunaga.

Maybe because I looked very depressed, the first thing that came out of Raviara’s mouth when I went to where she was was 「Please, lift your spirit」.
「How can I raise my spirits after what happened…? Want to know? My Job is Oda Nobunaga…」

Then, I was hugged tightly by Raviara.
「If I do this, will you liven up…? Look, they say that people feel somewhat relief when they are hugged…」
I understood very well that Raviara was worried about me.
「Surely it was difficult to accept… After all, all your effort so far was for this moment…」
「Thank you, Raviara. I almost got lost in those feelings」

Nothing will change for the better no matter how much I regret it. At least I have to be positive.
「Now that I know my Job, I have become an adult myself, too. I can’t hesitate how a child would. From now on I will change」
「Alsrod-sama, how splendid」
「Besides, Oda Nobunaga could be a frightening cheat」

When I went to report to the Neville Castle that my brother governs, I was laughed.
「Hahaha! To think that you would get an unknown job! In spite of all the effort you have made in order to obtain the Magic Swordsman Job, that’s a shame!」

It irritates me, but it’s painful that I can’t declare「Oda Nobunaga is a amazing Job」.

「In my case, when I was told what my Job was they said Warrior. I thought it was a very ordinary Job, but it turns out it’s a better job than Oda Nobunaga. We must give out our gratitude to God」

The group of followers were also laughing secretly.
What a carefree bunch of people. I don’t care anyway, after all the Neville territory is nothing more than a small power. Surely they fear that If a fight begins between the territory of Mineria that is located in the western part they would be destroyed. Or rather, they may actually be in such danger.

This is one of the reasons why I thought being born with a feudal lord rank was unfortunate.
It’s different if you are a great feudal lord with an extensive territory, but if a small and medium sized lords make a mistake, it’s not strange at all if they end up dead. Knowing that fear, sometimes I think it would have been better to be a farmer.

「Ah, now that I remember, brother’s virgin battle as a warrior ended up in a crushing defeat」
Brother’s face turned red. He is an easy to understand guy.
By all means he is not strong in war. Rather, in spite of being a warrior he has no experience in killing his enemies.
「D-Don’t talk about others business like that!」
Please look in a mirror and say those words. By demonstrating such immaturity, some retainers who have been serving since the time of his father frowned. Do they understand how incompetent he is?

As your proficiency in particular Job increases, your will earn growth points, but in the case of a warrior, it automatically gains a twenty percent increase in attack and defense instead.
People recognized as warriors if it is one against one, usually will never lose against ordinary people who don’t has the Warrior Job, but surely no one has skipped training with the sword as much as Geisel.

「But one thing is certain, Alsrod, you have become an adult. That’s something to celebrate」
「Thank you, brother」
At last he finally says something an older brother would say.
But the next second, he laughed in a disgusting way.

「That’s why I thought. Without delay, as general you will be responsible for defending the castle that will be attacked by those bunch of Mineria’s soldiers. It’s but a small fortress, but it’s a key position in the defense of our territory. Protect it to death」

「Could you be referring to the Nagrad Fort?」
That place is undoubtedly the front line. One will die if you have no luck.
「That’s the one I mean. It’s common sense to send the feudal lord’s brother to raise the morale of the troops. Repel those guys of Mineria. Since if you shamelessly run away, and let them seize the fortress, I’ll make you take responsibility as a general. That’s the duty of an adult whose Job has been announced」

In other words, even if you run away you will be executed.

Even if you hide in the fortress, one day you will die in battle.
Even if you escape you will end up executed.
Suddenly, I was presented with an hopeless situation.

「Give me your answer. Know that you are nothing more than my retainer. Don’t think for a second that for being the feudal lord’s younger brother, you will not do what you must do. To defend the Neville territory we have inherited from father, put your life on the line and fight for it」
It is true that defending Neville territory is my duty.
A lord must defend the people and his territory with his life on the line. That’s what a lord must do.

I’ll do it. And I will survive.

「Understood. I will depart for the Nagrad Fort immediately!」

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  1. 1.I think this world”s god was p=king into other Worlds out of boredom and found ours and was like this is need let’s play with this and boom Oda Nobunaga job was made
    2.the word cheat half way throught killed the immersion

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