Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 19

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My wife is truly a talented woman

Since the wedding is between the houses of the two counts, the ceremony was carried on a large scale. From their side came a priest and a nun, they chanted, and then Serafina and I celebrated.

Of course, I already understood how painful it would be to have a relationship not based on love. But even so, my tears fell. The ceremony was truly magnificent.

There is an obvious difference between the strength of our love and the ceremony. Though, I don’t believe that the thread that connects me to Serafina is a weak one.

「Seriously, it doesn’t suit you being a weeping hero, husband」

Finally, Serafina noticed me and made a remark.

「Look who’s talking, isn’t right?」

Rather, she cried more than me.

「But it can’t be helped, I’m happy…」

I have no doubt that future historians will say that those who write that we only got married for political reasons don’t have eyes.

Seeing his daughter’s happy face, my soon-to-be father-in-law, Ailes, couldn’t hide his emotions either. Even including the children of the lovers, there is a countless number of people, and it seems that having a big family makes you emotional.

After the ceremony ended, I brought my new wife, Serafina, to the Neville castle.

But it seems that she is a very intelligent woman. Even before becoming nervous about being in a new environment, she said this when she saw how the castle was organized.

「This castle doesn’t suit your character. It’s very narrow, don’t you think? With this scale, the castle can’t even contain a thousand people. The ditch that protects the castle should also be expanded to match you Count status. This is not just a status problem, since it’s possible for your enemies to also grow」

Even having around other retainers, I patted Serafina’s head.

「Your judgement is correct. I had thought about it, sooner or later I was going to expand the castle or even change its position」

It’s not that Neville is a bad town. It’s my hometown, so I’m attached to it.

But at the end of the day, this town is nothing more than a county for a small feudal lord. But being located very within the territory, it’s not very convenient. It takes time to move between the other territories that I rule.

「By the way, which place would be fine if I decided to move the castle?」

「I know all the territories that my husband controls, so if I had to choose, I would say that the city called Maust that faces the great river is the one. Not only is a good place to trade, but depending on where it is built you can use the river itself as a substitute for the ditch」

Once again I stroked Serafina’s head.

「I would have married you even if you were the daughter of a commoner」

「Then even my husband likes that kind of thing」

「That’s how it is」

Maust is the commercial city of the ruined Viscount Marl House. It had also attracted my attention. In addition, given that the Fodoneria prefecture is not facing the ocean, going out to the ocean through the river is the fastest way.

「I’ll think about moving when I’m named Count of Fodoneria. But for now I must concentrate on purging all the remaining powers of this prefecture」

「You’re right. A hero is someone who can’t prove his worth anywhere other than in war」

The next moment a retainer came to inform and said modestly, 「I have collected the documents that I would like you to read」. Since I was absent because of the wedding, it’s likely that there are more than normal.

It seems that I won’t be able to give Serafina a tour through the castle and the city.

Anyway, since the city has grown considerably compared to before, the government affairs now also take a long time.

「I see. I will go back to work. Could someone give my wife a tour through the castle?」

Is not there someone capable around? Since their role would be to explain everything to Serafina, a woman would be good…

My eyes met Raviara’s eyes… No, it would be better to stop here.

「Don’t be worried, Raviara doesn’t care… Raviara can distinguish between private and public affairs…」

It makes me happy that she says that, besides that it never crossed my mind to be mean towards Raviara or Serafina. But, there is a more essential problem leaving aside if she is the correct person or not to do this.

「Raviara is that girl who has elf blood in addition to being my husband’s lover, right? Despite being an expert with the bow, is not she too tense?」

Serafina looked at Raviara with provocative eyes.

That’s right, it seems that Serafina recognized Raviara as an enemy.

I already understood almost completely her personality, and one thing that I understood well is that she doesn’t like to lose. It’s possible that it was because she was born in a family with many siblings, that she ended up developing a strong competitive nature.

「I believe I’m treating you just like my husband, since you are as talented as him」

「I am honored to receive such praise, Countess」

「But still, my chest is bigger. The difference is obvious」

Raviara’s face reddened.

It’s true, Raviara’s chest is not that big. Surely, even she is concerned about that.

「With due all respect, Countess… But because Raviara is an archer, Raviara must contain tightly her chest so it does not get in the way…」

From Raviara’s point of view it’s as she says, but in truth there is not much. I know it very well, but this is not the right place to talk, so I better shut my mouth…

「So you say, but you know the size of her chest, right husband? What’s the truth?」

「Don’t ask me!」

Seeing Serafina’s face, I understood it very well.

She knows very well what she is saying…

There is no doubt, she is a tomboy.

「Ah. We aren’t alone, there are others retainers with us. I shouldn’t embarrass your trusted retainer, right. I’m aware of what your position is, husband」

The others retainers who were present were chuckling and laughing. Even the retainer elf that was supposed to be the closest to Raviara was laughing. That Raviara is concerned about her chest must be a pretty well circulated story.

But I was surprised by something totally different.

With just this exchange of words, the distance between Serafina and the other retainers has shrunk.

She may be my wife, but she is still the girl who came from Mineria. Maybe there are people who lost relatives in the war against Mineria, and adding that the other side asked us for a political marriage, so surely there are people who are looking at us suspiciously.

But with just a joke, Serafina was able to soften the mood. Now Serafina got the position of Countess who is good at making jokes.

Suddenly, Serafina looks in my direction.

She looked at me with eyes as if she were saying, “How did I do it? Everything went perfect”.

My wife may be smarter than what I thought.

Among them, only Raviara’s face was red. From Raviara’s point of view, her body has been sacrificed.

「Countess… Please, you should take into account your position and choose more carefully what words to say…」

「I’m perfectly fine even if you don’t talk to me in such a stiff way. You can call me by my name. And also, I can’t deny that you know more than me about my husband」

Just for a moment, Raviara was taken aback.

「I can understand very well how you have helped my husband to survive countless times. I’ve had already acknowledged you. I’m looking forward to working with you」

「I understand… Serafina-sama…」

Not only she didn’t act as someone important, but she also knew when to step back. She is good a grasping the human heart. She’s so good that it’s scary.

「Then, let’s get along from now on, Raviara」

Seeing Serafina’s face, I thought this. I also have to be careful not to get carried away by her.

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    Thanks for the treat.

    1. Er…that’s not a typo. A singular subject requires a singular verb even in the dependent clause. In this case, “Having a big family” is a singular subject and requires a singular verb “makes.” It was correct the first time.

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