Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 18

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Welcoming the legal wife

「Then accept my daughter as your legal wife」

To tell you the truth, I had a feeling that he was going to tell me something like that. But only in case the conversation went well.

「Are you alright saying that to someone like me, a newcomer?」

「What’s the problem with the wife of an Count being the daughter of another Count? I don’t believe it’s a bad deal, don’t you agree?」

I took a look at the two retainers who were sitting next to me.

Raviara had little sad expression in her face. Well, it’s right for her to be since Raviara could be considered as a full-fledge wife too. It hurts me too to do this to Raviara, but surely she understands it too.

Raviara gives a small nod.

「Alsrod-sama, you should go and greet your new wife. It’s important that both families join ties, especially at a moment like this」

Raviara said it with a resolute attitude. Up to the end, Raviara was a devoted vassal.

If Raviara and I were ordinary people, I wouldn’t let Raviara to go through something like this. In that case, Ravira could have confidently told me not to cheat on her.

「Count, I would like you to understand something, taking into account my position, I can’t not have children. I really plan to take care of my legal wife, so I would like if you could forgive me for having concubines」

「That’s nothing to worry about. Since I also had countless children with lovers. Not having heirs is one of the reasons why rebellions can happen in any territory. If you think about it, procreating is also a great job that helps protect the kingdom」

I already knew that Ailes Curtis had many mistress. Only that in his case, although a bit dangerous, one of his mistress is the daughter of a fallen feudal lord. I can’t say for certain if he is afraid or not of the possibility that that girl has recognized the Ailes’s family as an enemy.

「Then, if the Count’s daughter is also okay with this, then I will accept her with pleasure」

Ailes curtis nodded greatly to my words.

「All right. Then, let’s try asking her directly」

Next, he applauded twice.

The back door opened, and a girl wearing a dress came out.

A 15-16 years old girl. She had smooth black hair unlike his father who had blond hair. Eastern blood may flow through her veins.

She looked determined, overflowing with confidence. She looks like a flower, but with thorns. Like a flower blooming in the desert.

The girl looked at me with her big eyes.

「I’m Ailes Curtis’s daughter, Serafina Curtis」

「It’s an honor to meet you」

I stood up and bowed. Although we are both Counts, she was born as one. She may be very proud, so I’ll have to be careful.

The next moment, Serafina walked slowly towards where I was, and grabbed my hand tightly.

「I also have the honor of meeting you, it’s my pleasure. Since without a doubt, you are a hero」

「You are overestimating me」

「My dream has always been to become the wife of a hero. That way, life will be interesting, is not that right?」

Then, she smiled in such a way that it looked like a flower really blossomed.

「You don’t have to believe me, but from the moment you built that fort and struggled, I had a feeling that we would get married. Please, struggle still more but without involving Mineria. Then, entertain me」

「That’s right. If you are going to become my wife, then it’s natural that as your husband I must do it」

「Yes. If it weren’t like that, I would escape, or I would kill you」

Serafina said it provocatively. I could feel that Raviara was angry at that remark, but if I must be frank, I think I can get along with this girl for a long time. Of course, I won’t let myself be killed.

「I think you’ll come to regret it if you kill me. Since there aren’t a lot of the so called heroes in this world」

「Alsrod Neville, As I supposed, you’re interesting. By the way, my Job is Saint. A very rare Job if I must say. It’s said that the people around me have increased their luck by 30%. I’m sure luck will smile on you starting from today」

I don’t know what degree of luck it will bring me, but I think I can believe in her. When a Job is powerful, it is always transmitted in this way.

「What is your Job? I told you mine, it’s okay if you want to tell me yours?」

Even if I say Oda Nobunaga, she will not understand at all.

「You already know it well. Of course, it’s Hero」

I said while looking into her eyes.

It was only for a moment, but her face reddened.

Serafina turned only her face to her father.

「Father, I’m going with this person to Neville. Thanks for raising me so far」

Ailes Curtis’ sigh contained a lot of different meanings.

「New Count, although Serafina’s character is somewhat unique as you saw, she is smart. And It’s not a biased opinion just because I’m his father, but I really believe that she will suit you」

「Yes, I will strive to make your daughter happy」

「To be able to finally marry my unruly daughter, it’s something to celebrate. I will pray for you two to get along」

In this way the conversation between Neville and Mining ended without problems.

Our alliance came into existence along with the wedding date.

Both powers took an oath of nonaggression, where both can continue to invade while the interests of the other are not harmed.

Trade between both powers was also planned. It was also decided that those merchants who have a permit to pass across our territories that when they are in the territory of the other, horses would be lent or that they would be taken with preference when requesting accommodation at inns.

The official wedding took place a month later, and was held in the same temple where the discussion was held. It was then a month later that I also met Serafina, but I accidentally let a word escape.


The wedding dress that Serafina was wearing it suited her so perfectly that it seemed like she was only born to wear such a dress. Now her positive points increased even more.

「I became so cute just for you, husband」

Serafina started moving around me. It was as if the dress was dancing in the wind.

「You must make me the happiest in this country. The power of the saint works harder according to how much she loves the person in question」
「You’re right. Please bring me more luck」

Serafina hugged me.
「It’s not just to compliment, I really love you, husband!」

When I was just a feudal lord with only half a village, I thought that nothing good would come out of a political marriage, but after all, it may not be so bad.

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