Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 17

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The meeting begins

Finally the day of the conversation came.

To get to the temple where the conversation will take place you must cross a river(This river is called Nagrad lake or border river) next to the Nagrad Fort.

Officially each territory has a temple, but that temple is not the possession of the feudal lord, it’s the kingdom church, but if I have to say it with more precision, it’s from God. That’s why it’s widely used as place to have conversations.

Of course, there are times when the feudal lord uses as a reception hall, but because we are far from the center of Mineria, there is no such thing as that.

As we will meet in the land on the other side, then as a rule, the other side has to entertain us. That means that the feudal lord of the other land must have arrived before us.

Before starting to cross the river, we took a break. I stayed in the residence of the head of a small village. Up to that point everything was according to plan.

「Um… Alsrod-sama… If we do not leave soon, we will arrive late at the agreed time…」

Raviara came to my room believing that it was weird that I still didn’t give the departure order.

「Take it easy, Raviara」

I pointed to the chair next to the table. Raviara sat down.

「I may be wrong, but this is on purpose, right? You want to appeal to them as we are better than them by arriving late to the appointment?」

Raviara’s way of thinking is sharp. But, I have another purpose besides that.

「It doesn’t mean that the discussion will begin immediately the moment we enter the temple even if we arrive late. In addition we will arrive even later because we will have to fix the problem of travelling clothes. In short, the other party will have enough time to observe our army」

「I understand…」

「Also our late arrival contains another trick. But you will understand when we get there」

Almost an hour later than agreed, we depart.

And of course, we will also arrive almost an hour later to the place of the agreed meeting.

Mineria’s feudal lord, Ailes Curtis, was aware of our movements from the moment we released his secret messenger.

It is for this reason that we marched towards the destination without any type of error. Since today is the main act. I can see that everyone is excited.

――Umu. Splendid. There is no doubt that seeing this that enemy feudal lord will be frightened.

It seems that even the Monarch is delighted.

But he is not the enemy. Since it is not yet the time to fight.

――When this Monarch had his audience with the daimyo of Mino, Saito Dosan, this Monarch left his place wearing dirty clothes, but it was not long after departing that this Monarch ended up surprising the opponent wearing formal clothes. Dosan who was underestimating us came with normal clothes, but when he saw this Monarch wearing formal clothes he got frightened. However, there was also the option of showing them our majestic appearance first. You are not wrong either.

It has the same effect in intimidating the opponent.

Zaa, Zaa! (SFX)

Just hearing the sound of our unified steps brings a great power with them.

Those related to the temple and those that seemed to be Mineria’s retainer were taken aback, since they were watching our march.

「What a well-organized unit…」

They let out a voice that they should not let us hear.

Thanks to the special skill 【Monarch’s Guide】, the concentration and reliability of my troops has increased by 50%. This is something that even those soldiers serving the royal family can not achieve.

I arrived safely at the temple.

However, there is still another trick to do. Although its effect is small.

「Everybody, thank you for your hard work」

I face the soldiers with a dignified face.

「But thanks to a part of the White Eagle Unit, we departed later of what we had arranged, as a result, our arrival has also been delayed. That the person who is aware of having made such an error come to the front」

Of course, such thing never happened. Everything is part of the play.

「Yes! It’s my fault!」

A young soldier appeared in front, but his face was not one of fear.

I stood in front of that soldier――

Pashiiing! (SFX)

I slapped his small face.

「Don’t think there will be next time. Be careful from now on. If the next one is on the battlefield, you can say goodbye to your neck」

「Yes! I understood!」

「Go back to your place」

The soldier returned without changing his expression.

Completely everything is a made-up story.

A commander who has a strict attitude against late arrivals, a soldier who doesn’t get scared when reporting his mistake. The control over the army has been completely demonstrated. Still, I’m not sure if the other party has seen our play.

Raviara’s face was one that finally understood the meaning of being late.

Then shall we go to the meeting place?

As expected, Alies Curtis was waiting for me by the time I had entered the room. A man almost reaching his forties, with eyes that have not yet lost hope for moving forward in life. Rather than describing him as a hero, it’s better to describe him as a ringleader. He is expanding his territory even more in his generation.

The expression of this man is completely different from that of the small feudal lords that I have known until now, who did not have any kind of plan for the future.

In other words, this man still plans to expand more. He intends to further enrich his territory. His intention appears naturally on his face.

Following me behind are Raviara and the old General Shivik.

On the other hand, two leaders-like men follows Ailes curtis.

「I apologize for being late, Count of Mineria. I misinterpreted the necessary time to get here in this unknown land」

I apologized as expected before sitting down.

A unique sense of tension never before seen in this room started taking place. I never met such kind of person like him.

――As expected, he looks a lot like father in law, Dosan. The only difference is that this man’s face is more handsome. The air around him is also very similar.

As an outsider, my inner voice can say everything he wants, but I can’t do such a thing. It’s just that it doesn’t feel bad, but rather, it feels comfortable.

「It doesn’t matter, you can take a seat, Neville Count」

A large number of chairs were free in front of the table.

「Well then, I will take your offer」

「Count of Neville, I truly have brought nothing but my close retainers here. So let’s speak frankly. Since your troops arrived arrived late, I gave myself the pleasure of observing it in detail」

「Oh please, it was a last minute training, I’m embarrassed」

My face is laughing but not my eyesーーOr so I expect. Surely there are other types of heroes like open-minded heroes, but I’m not that kind of type.

「Rather, if you had told me that everything was planned, I would have been scared. It seems that our defeat at the Nagrad Fort was not a coincidence. You are a war genius. I don’t want to fight openly against you」

I decided to inquire carefully about the enemy’s intentions. I’m sure that up to this point I didn’t give a bad impression.

「Our side also doesn’t want to fight against Mineria. It seems we will get along」

「If you turned out to be mediocre, I would have wanted to remove you quickly, however, it’s impossible for someone mediocre to reach the rank of Count」

Suddenly, Raviara and Shivik’s bodies began to expel bloodlust.

「Are you preparing to kill me?」

「It would be difficult to defeat you in this place. And even if I could, I would also end up dead. Which brings us back to choose the best situation possible, to tightly join hands」

In contrast, the opponent still has leeway to act.

「It seems you still don’t have a legal wife, new Count」

「Yes. In any case, I’ve been fighting all this time」

「Then accept my daughter as your legal wife」

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  1. Not surprised. It is an old fashioned connections towards those on power from politics, monarch or nobles.
    Verbal promises can be easily taken lightly but wedded on another party is more hard to severe its connections.

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