Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 16

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Organizing a special unit

――Having acquired the rank of Count, the special skill 【Monarch’s Guide】 has been acquired.  The concentration and reliability of soldiers who have received an order increases by 50%.

By using this special skill, even in a short time, it is possible to increase the leadership of a large number of troops.

Even so, it’s not good to rely only on this skill.

Because this bonus Job continues to supplement the original ability. No matter what kind of skill an inexperienced person gets, the effect will be small. In this case, if the soldiers are not motivated to a certain extent, then the effect of the skill that I got with great efforts will be small.

So I came up with the idea of creating a unit of elite guards.

Two groups have been created, one of them wears a red cloth around his arm in addition to armor while the other wears a similar cloth on the same place but white, they are called respectively, Red Bear Unit(Akaguma Unit) and White Eagle Unit(Shirowashi Unit).

Now everyone can know that they are a special existence from afar, and not only that, those selected will be able to enter with pride and they will be more likely to work harder.

To begin with, I started recruiting from my side, however, only those who could withstand the severe training. Soon, the soldiers began to gather. No matter who, everyone has the desire of becoming someone. It quickly took shape from that moment.

――This looks like a big group of guys wearing red and white cloaks(Horo)*. How interesting.

It seems that the inner voice also knows something like that. At least, I came up with this idea, an original.

――I see. Now I understand why this Monarch has been chosen as your profession.

Since the opportunity has been presented to me, I will listen to it. What in the world could have been the reason?

――Surely, a person with the same way of thinking and with the same ideas will appear regardless of whether it is a different world. Your natural way of thinking is the closest to Oda Nobunaga’s In spite of the fact that until now all the events have not happened completely in the same way as what happened to Oda Nobunaga, there are similar parts. That is why you have received the Job called Oda Nobunaga. Everything has not been a coincidence but destiny.

It’s true, if you read history books, there will always be a person no matter what country they are who has thought the same.

Likewise, it’s a mystery if a person similar to me would get the same Job as me. Since it’s a Job given by God, and trying to understand God itself is something beyond anyone’s power.

――It seems that you believe in God. Try not to believe much in God, because when you fail it will not only be you but also your heart. However, it must be something invitable in this world.

Today my inner voice must be in a good mood because he is talking too much. I will have to continue like this from now on.

Well, let’s start with the real training.

I gathered the Red Bear Unit and the White Eagle Unit.

They were all wearing the cloth that I gave them, making a rigid face. Of course, why their faces were rigid was not because they were criticizing me but because they were eager to start.

I gained fame not only for the defense of the Nagrad Fort, but also for taking the neck of the Viscount Marl. There is no doubt that I became the greatest hero even in the neighboring prefectures. It is for this reason that in this place there is nobody who underestimates me.

It feels good that my military prowess is matched with my Count position.

Since generally, the more important you grow, the possibility of fighting directly will decrease.

It’s obvious that I can’t always be on the front line, but if I let this kind of situation escalate, a day will come when I will stop understanding soldiers which in turn will lead me to make a mistake on the battlefield.

In other words, if I become too much of a nobleman, it will begin to be difficult to think of soldiers as human.

Regarding that point, I became stronger after going through a bad experience on the battlefield. I have fully understood both the suffering and the despair of war.

「My great achievements started with my position as the second son of a small feudal lord, from the moment I defended the fortress until the very end. Since then, my position has changed to that of Count. But in any case, although it has been sudden, training soldiers is no longer something that is befitting the Count status.  It’s a disgrace for both you and me」

I raise my voice in front of the soldiers.

「It is for that reason that starting from today, you will all begin to learn how to move as elite guards. This will not only be something formal. Everything you do will make enemy feudal lords fear you, and it will prove that our power is genuine. So I ask you all to endure all the way to the end」


A very loud voice resounds.

Listening to it is refreshing. They did well to come here in such a short time, but even so I don’t have the time to indulge in such a feeling.

Surely the time will come when I have to fight against one or two prefectures. If I don’t obtain the necessary power to fight against such powers and win then I will be destroyed.

「We’ll start with the march! It’s the reason why guards marching around the imperial capital look stronger than regular soldiers lazily walking around!」

We start with a full march. Since I think it will be the strongest weapon in the negotiations against Mineria.

The opponent is a powerful force. What the opponent will observe in detail for the most part is the strength of the troops.

Even so, it’s not like physical strength is something easy to deduce just with the appearance.

However, it can be easily known by the movements of the troops if they are well coordinated or not. It is almost certain that such an army it’s seen as strong.

Besides that even now they are licking their wounds having lost the Nagrad Fort against me. If I can make them believe that such a result was not a coincidence, then without a doubt, the negotiation will turn in my favor.

Mineria dosn’t see the emerging power that I am as a threat, to the point that I want to celebrate.

The messenger threatened us that he could arrange an attack with the neighboring powers, but if you see it from another perspective then that also means that I can also arrange an attack in conjunction with the powers around Mineria.

It’s impossible for they to ignore those powers that have emerged in recent years and that are controlling half of a prefecture or more. It’s surely something to be concerned about. It’s for that reason that I wish to believe that they haven’t yet become the fierce enemy that they could be. If I can use the alliance to repress them, then I think it’s good.

I don’t want them to think I’ll be easy to use. Rather, we will be the ones using Mineria and making our side bigger.

After training for a week, the movement of the special units became completely different to what they were before.

They looked as if they were the king’s own imperial guards, but from the golden age of the kingdom. Naturally, my special skill 【Monarch’s Guide】 influenced, but most of it was due to the determination of the soldiers.

I also showed the soldiers’ appearance to Raviara.

「This is too splendid… It left Raviara speechless…」

Unconsciously Raviara covered her mouth with her hands, showing how surprised she was.

「I will show this to Mineria at the meeting place. It will feel great watching their faces full of surprise」

*A horo (母衣) was a type of cloak or garment attached to the back of the armour worn by samurai on the battlefields of feudal Japan.

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