Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 14

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Gaining total control over the neighboring states

Night came.

I can feel it. The enemy is relaxed.

The Viscount Marl has not fought a full-fledged war for quite some time. Most avoid participating in a war since losing could mean the extinction of your house, so if you don’t have confidence then it’s avoided.

Especially in the surroundings of my territory since to the east there are many small to medium sized lords. There are few counts that control prefectures such as the one who controls the territory of Mineria. That’s why most of the feudal lords focuses on protecting their territory and evades full-fledged wars.

I will do my best not to attack you so you do the sameーーMany feudal lords protect such tacit understanding.

But if such status quo continues, then sooner or later they will end up destroyed by a great power like Mineria. Rules have value because they are accompanied by power. Even if a praying mantis tries to imposes rules on a big cow, it will be defenseless if the cow decides to step on it.

「From this moment we will carry out the operation. I will pray that we meet again in the morning with a smile」

Together with my troop, we headed to the hill where the Viscount is.

Of course, the enemy had soldiers patrolling, and of course, they also noticed us given that arrows came flying towards us.

Our soldiers defended themselves using large shields.

Gradually we were able to approach the enemy.

As the distance diminished, the enemy exchanged their weapons for swords and spears and started to defend. It seems they judged that they can’t repel us with bows and arrows.

At last, it’s the beginning of the battle. Swords began to crash in front of me.

Even though the enemy has a geographical advantage, they didn’t expect us to come and attack them, so they were quite shocked. And finally we were able to start climbing the hill.

From now on, the side that feels that is attacking will have a psychological advantage.

I was also involved in the battle. The distance between the enemy Viscount and me is shortened.

「Okay, guys, you have defended yourselves very well against the arrows! Now just think about protecting yourselves!」

I jump out from the shield wall.

And with the sword in hand I advance forward.

If I close the distance between us, they won’t be able to use arrows since they could hit their allies. If it’s a sword fight, there is no doubt that the current me will not lose.

One by one, I cut down the enemies that stand in my way.

There are still many who are not aware of my identity. I think it’s okay to introduce myself since now I’m pretty close to the enemy general. Also this will have a greater effect in increasing the morale of my allies.

Not only that, it is necessary that from now on I become a hero.

「You guys! I’m Neville Alsrod, Neville Viscount! Take out your Viscount! Let’s have a showdown here!」

Certainly, upon realizing my status, the look in enemy soldiers’ eyes changed. Killing me will become a great achievement.

Even so, I don’t fear.

This is something I did myself.

My mind is healthy. But the other side is unable to calm down. It’s okay if you approach one by one.

When trying to kill me forcibly, the formation to defend their general was falling apart. Now, the formation was unrecognizable. Of course, besides me, my soldiers are also pushing back the enemy soldiers. If I finish climbing the hill, I will be able to face the enemy in equal conditions. Not to say that my soldiers are those who resolved themselves to participate in this kind of operation.

I cut one by one the enemies that stand between the Viscount Marl and me. When facing me, the offensive power of the enemies automatically decreases. It’s the bonus of my Job. For that reason, they will not be able to win against me unless they surpass me completely.

Finally I stabbed the last person who was on my way to the Viscount Marl. My field of vision extends thanks to the moonlight.

I walk slowly towards him. My breathing does not change at all.

「Then, Viscount Marl, let’s finish this with a one to one fight」

The opponent is 40 years old, a middle-aged man. With just looking at me, he fell prey to fear.

「Why… Why are you here…」

――I see, a small fry, huh. It doesn’t fit in my head that he is a feudal lord like you. I don’t feel the thing called ambition in him at all. This is a good opportunity, don’t let it escape.

It’s just like my inner voice says. He didn’t intend to fight from the beginning. I cannot even feel in him the intention of wanting to kill me to raise his fame.

「Shit… We are running away….」

Surprisingly, the enemy turned his back on me trying to escape.

The Viscount enemy couldn’t believe it. It reached the point where the viscount himself wished to voluntarily throw away his title.

An arrow pierced the Viscount’s foot.

As a result, Viscount Marl fell down.

A large arrow pierced his foot, jamming him on the ground. The enemy was completely knocked to the ground.

「Neville Viscount’s trusted retainer, Strong Archer Raviara has shot an arrow against the coward Viscount Marl! Even in the dead of the night, don’t underestimate me!」

From far away you could hear the voice of Raviara. Good timing. Then, let me slowly fulfill my role.

I swung my sword down.

From behind, with just a cut, the head of Viscount Marl falls down.

Immediately I grab that head. I guess his retainers didn’t have much respect for him since nobody came to steal his head from me.

「I’ve taken Viscount Marl’s head! It’s our, Neville Viscount, win!」

Upon hearing that speech, the enemy side began to escape in panic. My troops started to move forward, cutting each enemy from behind.

Thinking that this was going to be a small battle the enemy didn’t come with all their troops. It seems that I will be able to take over the enemy side completely with just the troops with which I came.

――Ah, it brings back memories. It reminds me of Nobunaga’s era.

It seems that even Nobunaga was immersed in something. Surely, there was a time when even Oda Nobunaga spent his time cleaning small fry as if there were no tomorrow.

By losing their head of the family, the Viscount, the other party fell into dysfunction and without resisting, they surrendered.

I granted land to their house to a certain extent, adding them into my retainers. If I destroy them completely, I fear that other feudal lords will try to resist until the bitter end.

In this way, I was able to completely seize the counties, Hijuu and Kinase. In total, I rule over three counties. With this, the maximum sphere of influence as Neville Viscount was easily realized.

Nevertheless, this is not the end at all.

The rumor that I cut the Viscount Marl’s neck alone was expanding to each of the territories.

There is no loss at all in gaining fame. Also, If a soldier comes and wishes to serve under me, then it’s even better.

Now that my military force is feared, it would be good if neighboring feudal lords submit to my authority. But even if that doesn’t happen, I will go to destroy them from my side. There is also the possibility that they pretend to obey me so they can betray me later on, so in that case it would be safer to completely seize their territories with power.

When returning to the Neville castle, there was no end to the people visiting to congratulate me.

Although it is annoying, it is something necessary.

That day, there were four conferences.

「As expected, my shoulders got tired…」

「Then, let me give you a massage?」

Raviara said happily.

「But don’t blow me on the ears」

「I see, only when it’s your turn. Selfish…」

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