Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 13

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Neighboring state invasion

After gathering the soldiers, we began to march towards the east.

Neville Viscount House (In other words, my position currently), seized the remaining half of a certain capital in the Neville county and half of the neighboring county called Hiiju. The rest of the Hiiju county besides the adhered Kinase county is in the hands of the Viscount Marl.

Neville House always had a tense relationship. Generally, the problems with having feudal lords as a neighbors is that they always end up with territorial disputes. Since it would be rare for a honeymoon relationship to go on forever. First, I will destroy this place.

The reason for attacking can be anything, I will declare that the other party was rude to not come to visit me after I took over the family.

The number of soldiers we sent was 400. I could have sent a couple more soldiers but this number is good.

By going with just this number, the enemy will think that this will only be a skirmish with the neighboring country(Although strictly speaking they aren’t a country but in this era the territories that feudal lords rule are like independent states).

Right now both armies collided on a flat ground.

「Shivik and Raviara, each one of you take 100 soldiers with you. Get rid of the enemy quickly. This is not enough to make me come out」

「Haa! Compared with the hellish days in Nagrad Fort, this is nothing!」

「Raviara will feel a little alone leaving Alsrod-sama’s side… But she will destroy them and will return immediately!」

Both were motivated.

They were eager to go.

Shortly before the enemy forces began to mobilize, an arrow flew out of nowhere shooting down the enemy general, and as result causing confusion between their ranks. In addition, although it was only an arrow, this one penetrated the body of the general after having passed through a huge rock. He was killed instantly.

Surely the archer Job improved Raviara’s power enough.

Raviara is capable of firing arrows from a safe place. Usually shooting from such a place would be impossible, but to Raviara is possible, she even knocked down the enemy general.

The enemy soldiers began to tremble believing that there is a great magician on our side, and for those farmers who were forcibly recruited, they began to run away. If there is no general present, they are not more than a disorderly crowd.

The next moment Shivik’s experienced unit came into action, and rather than a war, it looked like a hunter hunting his prey. Since most of the enemy soldiers preferred to escape, this can no longer be called a war.

「Raviara’s precision with the bow has increased again!」

While the enemy was halfway to disappear completely, Raviara came back to me.

「As I suspected, it was you. I’ll will give you a reward later. Let’s see, I will give you the authority to command all the elves and half elves within my territory. And with all the bravery you’ve shown, I don’t think anyone will complain」

Since a long time ago is that I wanted to improve Raviara’s status. And not just me, but Raviara herself.

「Alsrod-sama, thank you very much!」

「The reward will be given to you once this war is over. Now try to bring down the members of the enemy lord’s clan」

「I understand! Raviara can’t wait longer!」

While moderately distributing the rewards according to the merits, our soldiers continued to advance, and finally Hiiju county was ours.

Surely the enemy thought it was a skirmish like any other, and only placed the sufficient soldiers to defend. Now Kinase county doesn’t have other choice but to retreat.

Kinase county has a commercial city facing a river named Maust. I came with a battalion formed ready to attack, the enemy will be fatally wounded by depriving them of the city.

The enemy has no choice but to stop our advance somehow here. The enemy Viscount also arrived. He had to come to raise the morale of his troops.

So far everything goes according to the plan. It takes time to make a castle fall, but this fight will be settled in one day since we are fighting in flat fields.

The feudal lord enemy Marl was standing on a small hill in the middle of flat fields.

Although it is obvious, placing yourself in a high place is overwhelmingly advantageous for war. Even if you wanted to shoot arrows or even rocks, throwing them from a high place increases their speed and as a consequence their power.

Given that in the war council it was argued that if we were to attack recklessly in this kind of situation it would bring with it many victims, the soldiers started to hesitate. That’s a natural reaction.

However, for some reason I felt my chest began to beat faster.

「There is no doubt, the enemy thinks that we are going to climb the hill and that we are going to face each other face to face. This is why the defenses around the lord are looser than what I thought」

――As expected, you have the necessary qualities. You predicted that this opportunity would come.

Oda Nobunaga was impressed.

――It was in such a similar place that I had killed Imagawa Yoshimoto. In my case, it was thanks to the rain that my enemy got careless, but now unlike me, you have your Job’s power.

It refers to the bonus of my Job.

My Oda Nobunaga Job has the ability to reduce 20% of the power of those enemies who stand on my way. The enemies were cowering as they should in front of a Monarch.

In addition, the special skill 【Monarch’s Strength】 was activated multiplying my power by two.

As long as a master fencer does not appear, it is impossible for anyone to stop me.

「I will attack from this side」

I said it with confidence.

「No matter how you look at it, it’s dangerous!」「Don’t act rashly please!」

Such voices came out. These are important words that a retainer must possess. It would be problematic if they didn’t care about their lord.

「Indeed. It’s dangerous. That’s why the enemy will also think I won’t come out to fight. They don’t have the courage to face me face to face. They can send any number of people but as long as they don’t have the will to fight, it’s meaningless. Not only that, at this moment, they don’t have spare troops to attack us. To the extent that it’s a waste not to attack them」

The more I talk, the more difficult it’s for them to convince me.

「The enemy has a geographical advantage. That means that it doesn’t matter if we climb the hill or not, we are at a disadvantage and it will certainly become a melee fight. Listen well, one of you will be my shield and protect me all the way up to the hill. The rest leave it to me, I will kill the Viscount. So, which of you shall be my shield?」

Suddenly, Raviara raised her hand.

「Raviara, you will protect me from a distance. The bow loses its effectiveness in a close combat」

「I understand…」

She looks unhappy, but there is no other way.

The people who raised their hand were officers who were with me since I received the village. These types of people want to make a name on their own using their own power.

「Good, your heroism has bought me! The enemy chain of command is weak at night, we will attack at that moment!」

Honestly speaking, it makes no sense to put yourself at risk on purpose unless it has a meaning.

And precisely this war has that much of a meaning.

If I defeat the enemy here, my military fame will expand much more than before. And it will not be limited only to the territories within my domain like when the fort was defended.

If an excellent warrior does not believe that the person he serves has power and ability to command, then they will not go with him. If I prove here in the prefecture of Forneria that I am the greatest feudal lord, my military fame will remain from this moment to the future.

This is why I have no choice but to succeed, no, I must succeed.

My goal is to become a king. Not only for me, but it is also the shortest way to make Raviara and all the people around me and everyone in my territory happy.

In this kingdom countless small disputes occur daily. As a matter of fact, countless feudal lords splitted themselves into countless states. It is not uncommon that by expanding their territories small fights occur within their territory.

I will create a kingdom in which peace will reign.

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  1. Destroying and uniting the game of thrones crap dispute. After that a stabilized country then onwards to an Empire…

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