Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 12

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The strongest archer

After all, Oda Nobunaga was a special Job.

Raviara said that even a demon king is still a king, and I agree with her.

Never before has it been heard a Job with the word king added in it. If times had not changed and dynasties were still in power, then the mere fact of having the word king in your Job would have been subject to a punishment.

「Um… Even though they have declined in power, the royal family still remains in power… I would like if you didn’t say such things…」

Maybe because the priest Ernata was a coward but he tried to warn me. But I think it’s fine this way, since if somebody told me that I could become a king, then I would lose my trust in that person. Even now I do not know what kind of Job is Oda Nobunaga.

「Oh, you don’t need to be afraid. If I am given the opportunity to help the royal family, then I plan to do so. But since I only own a county, I still have a long way to help them」

Though I said that I’m inclined to help them, accumulating power with the intention of helping is what the former dynasty used to usurp the power. But even if I say that, if I put it into practice, it will be a great stimuli for the surroundings lords, so I don’t any other choice but to first gather power.

At that moment I came up with an idea.

「Right, Raviara, you have yet to be granted with a Job, isn’t that right?」

「Yes, since I’ve been always putting it off… And I was never so free as to go there」

It’s true that Raviara didn’t have time to go since my position changed drastically and besides, she was my close aide.

「It’s the perfect moment, we have a priest with us here. If there is no problem with doing it in the chapel of the castle, then everything is resolved」

The priest also said, 「As long as there is a chapel then the size does not matter」. Well, that’s natural since there are only small chapels located in the villages where peasants get their Job.

「Okay. Please, that a good Job comes out…」

In this way, we went to the chapel.

Will some strange Job like Oda Nobunaga come out this time too? Well, I don’t think a Job like that can come successively… It would be somewhat confusing if another enemy lord also obtained this Job.

The ceremony proceeded in the same way as mine. Although it’s called a ceremony, the priest only need to tell Raviara who is kneeling her oracle and that’s it.

「Raviara’s Job is… archer」

「What, it’s more ordinary than what I thought」

Raviara said her honest impression.

「Wrong, among all the Jobs, the Archer Job is a fairly rare Job…」

「But compared to Oda Nobunaga, it’s completely ordinary」

That’s because I’m the only one who has such a Job.

Raviara has always used the bow so it is a perfect Job for her.

「When in combat, the Archer Job increases offensive power by 30%, in addition, the accuracy rate is drastically increased. Now it will impossible for me to miss a target」

「I see. Let’s try it immediately with a target」

Striking while the iron is hot, we went to the practice field which had been prepared beforehand in the castle’s garden. It was decided to have Raviara shoot a few arrows.

The moment Raviara grabbed his bow and got into position, it could be seen a gold-like aura emanating from her body.

「Amazing. Although the mind is calm, you can feel the fighting spirit slowly entering… Undoubtedly this is a condition never seen before」

And then, the arrow was released.

――Zudooooonn! (SFX)

It didn’t sound like an ordinary arrow.

The arrow certainly hits the center of the target. There were severals fissures in its surroundings. It contained a power that would be impossible for a normal arrow.

「What, happened… Does this mean that hitting someone is an instant death…?」

More than surprising, it has a terrifying power.

「Raviara still does not understand it well…」

「It’s said that when an archer has both, the ability to concentrate and skill, the arrow acquires magic power from the body and its damage is tripled… Although I never saw it with my eyes, it is said that only a first class archer can acquire such a bonus…」

The priest also got to the point of being scared.

Originally Raviara’s power was first class but now that she got a Job, she became a person with cheat-like abilities.

「Let’s continue for a little longer」

This time Raviara shot a different kind of arrow.

――Zuvaaan! (SFX)

The moment the arrow went through the target, the target clearly exploded.

「An effect similar to explosive magic came out!」

Certainly that is not a power that can come out of an ordinary bow and arrow.

「It is true that although I didn’t use offensive magic, I could feel a similar sensation to when I use healing magic… So It seems that it retained magical power…」

Maybe because Raviara overexerted herself is that she started to breath heavily.

Even so, it doesn’t change that possesses an enormous destructive power.

Raviara learned how to use the bow from a young age. Not only that, she had no choice but to polish her fighting skills without the bonus that gives you the job when you become an adult

That is why Raviara became so strong immediately.

「You’re amazing, Raviara. Now you can fight as much you want on the battlefield」

「Yes! Now and in the future I will be able to continue fighting alongside Alsrod-sama! No matter what enemy I have in front, I’ll shoot them to death!」

Even though the priest was here with us, I patted Raviara’s head gently.

It may be that I have obtained an peerless archer.

「Raviara is happy that she was finally able to join the ranks of adults」

It could be that Raviara felt excluded from not being recognized as an adult.

「You don’t need to be worried since you already have the power to unify all elves and half elves in our territory. You are capable enough to feel yourself proud」

Besides, I’m really grateful that our war potential has increased even more.

That’s right, it’s not like I’ve forgotten that we need to expand our territory while I was performing political affairs.

It seems that I will now be able to fight against similar feudal lords of the same scale as myself.

――That’s right. You can first start by cleaning one after another the nearby feudal lords.

It can’t be wrong since Oda Nobunaga also says it.

I don’t care if it’s a demon king or a monarch, but I will become a king.

「Raviara, from now on you will start practicing every day with the bow. Eventually, your turn will come」

「That means…」

「First I will aim to be the greatest Viscount of history in the Neville territory」

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