Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 11

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He who will become a demon king

Just after I became the feudal lord, I got busy with general affairs for a awhile.

First, since I took the feudal lord position I had to send letters to let retainers, temples and facilities like those know, that the territory was now under my protection.

Given that until now using the name of Geisel, the former feudal lord, guaranteed them protection, I don’t have other choice but to use my name from now on.

Well, I just have to look them over in a businesslike manner and continue with it.

It’s just that meeting people takes time and also makes me tired mentally.

But since all kinds of people want to meet the new feudal lord I have no other choice but to receive them. Besides, I can’t receive them when I please given that some of them are diplomats and it would impolite to do so.

By the way, since Raviara is always next to me as a close aide, she was also tired as well.

「Ah~ This kind of thing It makes stiff your shoulders… Alsrod-sama…」

Raviara is often with her hands on her shoulders. Whenever we are alone, Raviara begins to act like she normally is. If there are many retainers around who do not know the true personality of Raviara, then she has no choice but to act as my close aide to lend me her strength.

By the way, Raviara was not accepted as an official wife. From a political point of view, a political marriage is essential, so if I marry Raviara publicly and do a wedding, it could cause problems later on. Even though it sounds sad, there will be many guys who will not like and will say bad things if have a half elf like Raviara as a official wife.

But even if I say that, since I’m a feudal lord no one would reproach me for having as many lovers as I want. Besides I’m already 18 years old, what’s more, it’s a problem that I don’t have children already at this age. I already wish to have children with Raviara as soon as possible.

「It can’t be helped. This boring job is also part of me becoming a lord」

「I thought that when you became a Viscount I would live a more spectacular life, but it seems that it will not be so… Sigh, to think that in my adolescence my shoulders would get so rigid…」

「Then, let me give you a massage. Now we are alone and there will be no damage to my prestige, what do you say?」

「Eh, Alsrod-sama will do that for me!? I’m not worthy of such honor!」

With her face flushed, Raviara waved her hands from side to side.

In a sense she is like my wife, but even if she is like that Raviara will not forget her position as retainer.

「Why do you blush when I told you I was going to give you a massage? Come on, lend me your shoulders」

Although I was a little pushy I was able to put my hands on Raviara’s shoulders. They were more rigid than what I thought.

「You, why do you assist me as a secretary when you are so tense…?」

「Because you never know where the enemy might be hidden aiming your life… Ah, there, it’s gooood~」

It seems that Raviara’s shoulders loosened, she has relaxed a lot.

Although half-elves don’t have ears as pointy as purebred elves, it is true that they are pointy, so as a mischief I tried blowing air inside her ear.


「Ah, Stop it please… Raviara, is truly bad, bad with her ears…」

Raviara fell on the floor. It seems that she can’t put power even in her feet. It seems it had a greater effect than I thought.

「Sorry. I didn’t think it was going to be so effective…」

「Th, this kind of thing, it’s not good… P, p, please wait till night…」

Seeing Raviara blush made me blush too…

「Okay… At night…」

I never thought that my relationship with Raviara would advance so fast up to this point. Even when a couple of years ago we studied, practiced with the sword and bow together.

The next moment, a retainer came to inform that someone came to greet me.

「The main temple’s priest has come with his best regards!」

The main temple, is in other words, the most important temple recognized by the feudal lord within his territory. In a county there are many temples, so to control them they are assigned a ranking of one(main) to five.

「I see. Let him pass」

The priest who came is the one who gave me my Job called Oda Nobunaga. He now has a white and hairy beard.

「It’s been a long time. I’m the priest called Ernata. At that time I never thought that you could become the new Viscount」

「My brother has died of an illness. I was just lucky」

Publicly, my brother died of an illness. So I don’t have to worry about bearing the fratricide stigma. Surely it is much better for my brother in his next life to have died because of a disease than because his plan to kill his younger brother went wrong and was killed by him.

「Has been useful your Job called Oda Nobunaga? Even I, in my position of the one who received the oracle was worried」

「If it’s like that then you don’t have to worry anymore. It’s more, I’m the one who would like to give you my thanks」

Since thanks to this Job I was able to become the feudal lord.

「Then if you could give me a little of your time, I would like to do a sound examination about the Oda Nobunaga word」

A sound examination is a kind of divination that uses the echo of the sound that produces the title of the Job.

――What nonsense. There would be no losers in war if something like divination existed. Since every existing daimyo went to war believing in omens.

My inner voice complained. Certainly it has a point. In general each feudal lord departs to the war some day or hour that they believe to be lucky. So there would be no losers or winners if it were like that.

Even when a person is named, it is evident that this person is not named with a name that would produce a ominous sound, so going with that logic, there would be no unfortunate people at all. But in reality, countless young people die in battle or by disease.

However, I am curious about what result will come out of this Oda Nobunaga.

「All right, you can try. Since it will not take too long either」


The priest Ernata spreaded out a cloth on the floor, and then spilled sand to form a magic square like formation. In the middle of it he wrote the name Oda Nobunaga,

「What kind of result will come out?」

Since it seemed interesting, Raviara was also looking intensely. Raviara was always more interested in things related to me than in herself.

「Ooh, This is… How can this be…」

「What, happened? Such a so strange result has come out?」

「The sound of Oda Nobunaga , in other words, speaks of the one who will become a demon king…」

「Demon king? Are you mentioning that demon king, the one who rules over all monsters?」

In this world there are demi-humans creatures such as goblins and orcs, there are also spirits and even monsters such as behemoth and kraken. However, the existence of a demon king who is able to control monsters is nothing more than a legend since no one has been able to confirm its existence.

「Indeed… From the point of view of warriors or magicians jobs, maybe it would be appropriate to call you Demon king… I’m sorry if I’ve offended you…」

――A demon king, huh. That priest is something else! It’s true that even though I was joking I called myself Demon King!

My inner voice laughed.

I also laughed unintentionally.

「Um, did I say something strange…?」

「No, no, that’s good news for me」

It seems that even Raviara understands my feelings.

「Even if it’s a demon king, it is still a king. It is indeed a suitable Job for Alsrod-sama who seeks not to be only the lord of Neville but also a king!」

「That’s how it is. Without being corrupted by evil forces, I aspire to be a benevolent king」

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  1. MC just need to follow Nobunaga’s career path and he will anything but a benevolent king. If this novel ends the way the real Oda Nobunaga does, it will be automatic 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟in NovelUpdates.

    1. Nobunaga would have been benevolent to those under him. Otherwise, he would not have been as successful as he was until his demise because who would follow a person that wantonly abuses those under him.

      It’s just that, just as he was benevolent to his people, he dealt with his enemies with extreme prejudice. That was what made people demonize him. Fear of when his wrath would turn to them. It certainly didn’t help when Nobunaga was okay with the titled and burned down a sacred mountain that harbored his enemies.

  2. Well its no surprises since Oda Nobunaga was seen by others as Demon King during his time as he conquered, slaughter and trampled all who stand in his way.

  3. Demon king of the six Heaven
    Dai rokuten no maou
    Has there been any other real living person with title so cool like those hahaha xD

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