Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 10

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Usurping feudal lord’s right

Geisel is a coward. He would never murder someone in front of his nose.
So if he tries to attack, it would be in the middle of our way.

「Here it is!」

Raviara threw a knife quickly towards the wall.
One of the assassins fell from the wall as the knife pierced his chest.
「Why are there assassins here! Could it be that you planned to assassinate me?」
I screamed unnaturally. Now the assassins have no choice but to come out.

The guide who was about to draw his sword was killed before he could.

――Special skill 【Monarch’s Strength】 is activated. As long you are in combat, your offensive power is doubled.

I’m sorry but, you guys move too slow!
Suddenly it became a melee fight. But even so, our warriors were well equipped. Even inside their clothes they were wearing armors.
Our advantage is overwhelming.

「Alsrod-sama, we are good here! You must go to where the Viscount is!」
Raviara shouts while fighting against the enemy.
Indeed, if I let Geisel escape this time it will be a pain later.
「I understand! But you come with me too!」
「When I protect you, I get stronger!」

――That’s right. That’s indeed the spirit of a Monarch. It is okay to proceed in this way.

Even my inner voice was cheering me.
But I would do it even if you didn’t cheer for me.

Raviara and I ran to where Geisel was.

There were enemies even in front of Geisel.
However, it was the perfect time for small fry to make their appearance.

――Job bonus. Enemies that stand in your way and have been intimidated by your overwhelming power have their ability diminished by 20%. However, it has no effect on those enemies who have self-confidence.

I see, so it has this kind of effect too?
Now even if I have enemies with the Warrior Job in front of me, I can reduce their abilities to the point where they will not be different from a strong person.
The other party is obviously shrinking from the fear of coming in front of me.
They are not able to hold their weapons tightly.

「Out of the way! Don’t stand in my righteous way/Monarch’s way!」
I shake them off mercilessly like if they were sparks.

I think I just understood how I should behave with this Oda Nobunaga Job.
This is a Job that will make me stronger the more I live as a Monarch.

It’s obvious that my power right now is a little more than that of a simple soldier.

Adding even that right now I’m defending Raviara. Not only that, even that special skill was also put into action.

ーSpecial Skill【Monarch’s Pride】is activated. As long you are protecting your possessions, your offensive power is doubled.

Genuinely, Raviara is mine. This time, I can say it with pride.

With a sweep of my sword, the enemies’ weapons fly away.
With just one cut the enemies’ necks flies away.

I won’t lose. There is no way I will lose.

「Since they only thought about using assassins, their numbers are not a big deal! Let’s continue this way!」
「Yeah! But well, I’ll never let him escape!」
The back door is already covered by my soldiers. Although he may have built other escape routes. Or maybe he will try to escape from the front in disguise?

I killed the two soldiers protecting the front door of the Viscount’s room and then I entered inside.
Geisel who was pretending to be sick was shivering in the bed.

「My older brother, even this kind of dull plan of yours will not change anything」
「No… This has to be some kind of error… I didn’t know anything… I’ve never thought of anything like murdering my younger brother…」

――A subservient person. Just hearing his voice makes you want to wash your ears!

My inner voice roared.
If you see it from the Monarch’s side, a person who even in his last moments tries to pretend like nothing happened must be the kind of person most difficult to forgive.

「Then, was that story about your illness true?」
「T-That’s right… Now, in this place I will give you the position of Viscount! From this very minute you are the lord of Neville!」
「That’s something to be grateful for. I will humbly accept it」

I knelt on the spot.
I already knew that Geisel was holding a knife.

「Damn it! Die already!」
Geisel brandished the knife down.
Even to the end he was trash.

「Remember this! Those who rebel against the feudal lord receive death penalty!」

ーZudooooooon! (SFX)

I thrusted my sword through Geisel’s heart.

Geisel dropped the knife.
一You finished his life with a single blow.
I intended to let him survive, but he was a guy who didn’t understood my intention at all.

「It was a beautiful thrust, Alsrod-sama」
Raviara said smiling.
「Forgive me, it’s Viscount-sama now, right?」

「That’s right. But even so, as Viscount I only have one and a half county. It’s still very small. Mineria dominates a prefecture, and he can call himself Count」
I don’t have other choice but to grow bigger, even bigger.
Let’s start by eliminating those in my surroundings with the same scale of power as me.

The next moment Shivik entered.
Which means he was able to repress the enemy without any problem.

「All assassins have been eliminated. And there are no more enemy moves」
「I see. We also finished here. Since a thief came in, tell everyone not to approach the viscount room until it’s safe」

After that, it was transmitted everywhere that the Neville Viscount Geisel, on the verge of death gave up his position to his younger brother, Baron Haruto Alsrod.
Geisel’s faction surely will not say that it was not a disease what took him, so everything has come to a conclusion. And if they don’t feel like obeying me, then I only have to crush them one by one.

I publicly inherited the position of Neville Viscount rank.
For the time given as a celebration, the whole territory was granted with a temporary reduced tax. With this surely the masses will receive me with open arms.

Four days after the disorder ceased, and that the cleaning of the Neville Castle was finished up, I entered into the castle.
It was explained that the assassins were sent by another fief and that they had as objective the extinction of the Neville House. Not only they wanted to assassinate Geisel but also to assassinate his successor, Alsrodーーor so it was arranged this way.
There will be none who will have the courage to say that Geisel was the one who wanted to kill Alsrod but then that he was killed the other way.

I sat in the seat of the feudal lord.
一From the lowest step, many new retainers are standing in line. There are also many who were following me from before in that group. A lot of face full of spirit were appearing in front of me. Neville’s new era starts now.

「Not only Neville will not be stuck in time, but it will be developed even further. If I must say it with a few words, I’m aiming to be a Monarch」

There were a few that were taken by surprise and there were others who were laughing.

「I’m not kidding. I’m convinced that I’m capable enough to become a Monarch. With only half a town I was able to expand it up to this point. Even when my brother was alive, within our territory I was the second largest influence after my brother」

Those who were laughing thinking I was joking now were making a face like they were ashamed.
But anyway I understand the reason they were laughing, but I won’t do something like getting angry.

「Look well. Because before you all realized, our territory was expanded at least ten times its size」

Although having said that, I’m not aiming for something as boring as ten times its size.

l intend to establish my own country.

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