Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga – Chapter 1

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Aiming for the Magic Swordsman Job

Though I was born with a feudal lord rank, I never thought of myself as blessed.
The reason is because I was born as the feudal lord’s second son.

Not only I have a ten year old brother who already has the right to inherit the territory, but I am also a illegitimate child. His mother died as a result of giving birth to his younger sister when I was three years old, and the feudal lord’s father, his father also died when I was ten years old.

So I had to live thoroughly persecuted in the last few years.
Since the other side is the rightful lord, I was treated as a one of the retainers. I was given half of a small village, furthermore, there is a possibility that a war may break out at any moment with the neighboring lords, and even though I didn’t enter the ranks of adults, I was forced to mobilize.

But such bad days end today.

「Alsrod-sama, you look awfully in good mood today」
I was told so by Raviara, the attendant who is dressing me. These formal clothes are impossible to dress by oneself. There are a lot of buttons on the back.
「I see, so Raviara can also feel it」
「That goes without saying. After all, this Raviara has served Alsrod-sama for almost seventeen years!」

Raviara is one of my few retainers, or rather, something more like a childhood friend.
She is a girl who has elf blood, and due to it, she has pointy ears and blonde hair.
She is the daughter of the woman who acted as a nanny and who gave me milk besides raising meーーIn other words, the wet nurse’s daughter. And since we look of the same age, we are almost like a family.

Conversely speaking, the fact itself that she is my wet nurse’s daughter reveals the weakness of my social status.
The social status of the elves is not very high in this land. To make a distinction of who is the rightful heir they gave me a person with elf blood as a wet nurse. Of course, I won’t do something like avoiding Raviara because of that.

「At last today I will be able to join the ranks of adults. I will granted with a Job」

In this country when you become an adult you will receive a Job.
A priest can know the aptitude of a person hearing the voice of God.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can live without any problems while depending on that Job. Since in most cases, the aptitude of such a person is not much better than that of a normal person.

That means that even if a farmer’s son is told 「You have the warrior Job」, it will be almost impossible for him to live as a warrior even if his strength is a little stronger than normal. However, depending on your Job there may be skills that give you a bonus, so it may be useful in case you have to go to war.

Is the same in the case of a feudal lord since it’s unlikely that somebody will stop being a lord because they were told they were suited to be a warrior, but it’s likely to become a lord who participates activily in the war. That’s why they call this kind of place as 「Job aptitude」, and many times it’s treated as a tottaly different job.

Nevertheless, there exist rare and powerful Jobs that influences completely your life.
One of them is Magic Swordsman.
Excelling in both, magic and swordsmanship, a Job that exist for the sake of being a hero. In fact, all the people who have created dynasties have possessed the Magic Swordsman Job.

If I become a Magic Swordsman and try hard enough my brother won’t have another option but to recognize me. Not only that, if I spread my military fame even if now it’s in decline, I may receive a direct order from the royal family ordering me to serve them.

Without having any kind of privilege, I may be able to escape from this position called “small feudal lord’s second son” who doesn’t know if tomorrow would or wouldn’t die in a war.

There are other types of Jobs that are able to take you to the royal capital to study like, Sage Job or Priest Job among others, so there is still the possibility of moving away from this land. And if I become an outstanding Sage or Priest, with magic taking an active part of it, the possibility of my brother recognizing me still exists.

So it’s obvious why I’m in a good mood.

「Without a doubt, I will become a Magic Swordsman」
Therefore, I have read a lot of books related to magic and even I have trained considerably in the way of the sword. In order to approach on my own to the Magic Swordsman Job.

「Raviara only wish for you to become a Sage and enter a research institution. Since the current Sawiru Kingdom is in the middle of the『Rebellion of One Hundred Years』… Okay, I finished helping you get dressed!」
Raviara comes in front of me with a cheerful smile.
「It would be nice if everything could be fixed without fighting, but if we don’t fight we will be destroyed by the surroundings lords」

Although the Sawiru Kingdom has lasted for more than three hundred years, the power of the royal family is beginning to weaken, and as a result this land have fallen into a civil war state where lords of every place has begun to steal lands between them. Commonly referred to as 『Rebellion of One Hundred Years』. This is why it’s necessary to go to war.

「Whether it’s war or whether you wish for peace, as long as you have power there will be no problem」
「Indeed, I know very well how wise is Alsrod-sama… May glory awaits Alsrod-sama in the future, please」
I gently stroked the head of Raviara who clasped her hands to pray.

Then, together with Raviara we headed to a certain temple that is located within our territory.
「The viscount’s brother, Alsrod-sama, right? Come, come, this way」
Since the financing of temples is the work of the lord, the priest’s treatment to me was not bad.

The old priest brought me to the front of a statue.
「You just have to bow your head and say thank you very much. Then, I will transmit the job suited to Alsrod-sama from God. Until I say that is possible to open your eyes, you can not open them」
「I understand, please continue」

I felt Raviara’s gaze watching over me from away.

Come on, I’m begging you, tell me that I am a Magic Swordsman!

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