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Chapter 93: The Gathering

The gathering appointment with the other members of the Dark Night Guild was four days later. As Yun Tu had left the Northern District for two days, there were only two days left.

Just like Yun Tu had expected, the Half Zombie female didn’t come back. Nothing happened that night as he then woke up in the morning of the next day and continued his hunting. The third day also passed with the same routine!

Except hunting for humans, the zombies also liked to howl to the sky from time to time. This seemed to also be a practice. Certainly, the effect, either it was good or bad, respectively varied as it was depended on the difference of each zombie’s talents.

Although at present the zombies in the Eastern District didn’t invade the other areas and nearly didn’t prey and consume fresh human blood, their strength was growing naturally. The number of lesser zombies was actually getting fewer, while the number of Black and Green Zombies was constantly increasing. Finding them became easier, but the danger also increased.

They had to always be vigilant in the course of the fight as to avoid other Green Zombies that suddenly jumped into the fray out of nowhere. For several times, Yun Tu and Bao Zi were almost besieged by three or more Green Zombies. Fortunately, with his rich experience, he was able to dash out of the scene lightning fast. But Bao Zi, who didn’t have experience like him, was only able to follow and implement Yun Tu’s arrangements and commands due to his high stats. They were finally able to avert the disasters and successfully killed the opponents.

Yun Tu and Bao Zi got quite a harvest in these two days of hunting. Through the hard battles, they finally accumulated nearly twenty Second Order Blood Crystals.

In the evening, the duo began to move near the direction of the East Bridge. In Yun Tu’s previous incarnation memory, humanity would discover the first Third Order Purple Zombie tomorrow morning as thousands of zombies in a zombie tide would move to capture the Northern District through the East Bridge.

Regardless if thousands of zombies in a zombie tide would emerge from the Eastern District, Yun Tu himself didn’t dare to ascertain whether tomorrow morning would be the same as his past incarnation.

It was because there were many variables that happened this time because of his rebirth. His first action to kill the first and second Black Zombies earlier since the beginning of the Apocalypse had caused the military to hunt and kill Black Zombies through his existence and behavior of hunting the Black Zombie in the hospital’s surveillance footage. They analyzed the anatomy of the Black Zombies he dissected and left behind and found the significance of the Blood Crystals inside the zombies’ bodies earlier.

From this point of view, the humanity in this world awakened earlier compared to the time in his previous incarnation. By reasoning, for the difference in two or three days of the beginning of the Apocalypse, would then trigger the butterfly effect, which then led to the situation where the Awakeneds in this time became more powerful than in his previous life.

However, from another angle, since the number of living humans was a lot more, the tensions caused by food shortage would be more serious than in his past life. The infighting and struggle between humans would be more intense and the death caused by fellow humans would certainly be more also. At least, Yun Tu himself had killed more than dozens of people, and either being evil or good people, they were still the backbone of mankind.

Therefore, casting aside all those calculations, then the assumption that humanity at this time was weaker than in his past life, was but only a false proposition. In fact, there was no conclusion at all, perhaps the dominance of the dark force somewhere wouldn’t play the card according to the logic.

In this case, no matter if history wouldn’t repeat itself for now, but since he remembered this matter, Yun Tu decided to go toward the East Bridge even though the night was near.

Because of the disappearance of Qing Yi, he subconsciously wished that the zombie tide would arrive as scheduled; he even hoped that the upcoming zombie tide would be mobilized by the Half Zombie.

The Third Order Purple Zombie was certainly formidable. Ordinary Second Level human beings didn’t have any assurance at all even if they risked their lives to besiege it. Yun Tu himself naturally wouldn’t gamble his little life to play on some lame joke.

But the majority of the zombie tide would only be lesser zombies and Black Zombies. So the overall speed of the horde’s movements would be affected; it wouldn’t difficult for the Second Level human beings to escape. There wouldn’t be much danger even if they ran across the Purple Zombie as they also could still run away to avoid it.

While Yun Tu planned to find a temporary foothold in the vicinity of the East Bridge and settle there peacefully, Feng Ling and Pock Face Zhang Feng finally appeared, leading their hunting team.

Perhaps, nearly similar to Yun Tu’s idea, whereas tomorrow was also the appointed time for them to converge, they also retreated to the relatively safe area near the East Bridge.

They also had stayed a night longer in the Eastern District compared to Yun Tu. At the beginning, when they came to the Northern District, Zhang Feng had become a Second Level, while Feng Ling had just swallowed one Second Order Blood Crystal. Their main force had not much difference with Yun Tu and Bao Zi. In addition, their team also had Xiao Bao, who also had an occupation, as well as two other ordinary teenager Awakeneds. Although the overall strength of their team seemed to be more powerful, their scope of action was too large while hunting with non-professional ordinary Awakeneds was also quite a hassle. All of these slowed down their hunting efficiency.

The first day they began hunting, due to paying attention to safety, they could only get one Second Order Blood Crystal. But along the passing time they adapted, coupled with Feng Ling’s initiative to give the first precious Blood Crystal to Xiao Bao, which then greatly inspired the other teenager with courage and enthusiasm.

From the next day onward, they began to become faster. The Apocalypse tempered people really fast. The originally young nurse unknowingly grew up to be a brave hunting team leader. Although she still had shortcomings in the experience department, she was able to direct the team without mistakes.

Since Yun Tu wasn’t present, naturally, she became the team’s highest commander-in-chief. In order to quickly enhance the mobility and maneuvers of the entire team, the three Second Order Blood Crystals they got in the second day were given to the three teenagers. So from the third day, the five people’s efficiency improved again and they were able to harvest five Blood Crystals. Finally, she and Xiao Bao advanced to Second Level and the team now had three Second Level Awakeneds.

At noon today, the other two non-professional teenager Awakeneds had swallowed two Blood Crystals. Although they had yet to promote to the Second Level due to one individual stat, their overall strength was constantly improving.

However, after hunting for three consecutive days, the whole team now was very tired and their efficiency began to decline. They were only able to obtain three Second Order Blood Crystals in the afternoon. Upon remembering that Gui Jiaosan, Li Xin and Qing Yi who were at their base, they stopped working for the day and didn’t give these Blood Crystals for the teenagers, deciding to bring them back for Yun Tu to decide the distribution.

“Bao Zi, the Boss saved you!”

“Big Brother Bao Zi, why do you look a lot taller, just like Big Brother Xiao Bao? You should’ve advanced to the Second Level, right?”


I have become a Second Level! The two of them also only need one more Blood Crystal to advance!

“Your sword is so beautiful. Did Boss Yun Tu give it to you? You’re a professional now, aren’t you?”

“I—also—have—become—a Second Level—with profession—”

The several teenagers finally met each other again. They were exceptionally excited. Bao Zi who was just starting to learn the language talked very stiffly. His face was reddened and was only able to say a few words. Moreover, his spelling was quite bad, but everyone knew and understood him as well as felt happy for him.

Just like those teenagers, Feng Ling was also overjoyed to see Yun Tu again as she took the initiative to hold his arms and excitedly swung by him.

Everyone was very excited, but Yun Tu himself didn’t even look happy!

Listening to Feng Ling’s report on their hunting experience and results in the last few days, Yun Tu only reluctantly spoke a few words of encouragement, and then arranged for everyone to find a house and prepared to rest therein.

Upon seeing that Yun Tu’s expression was not right, Feng Ling, who was excessively overjoyed, suddenly realized. Since Bao Zi was with him, but Qing Yi and Liu Wei were not with them?

“Qing Yi is not with you. Are Wang Yang’s injuries not cured yet?” She asked carefully.

Some issues were too long a story to be told. Even if Yun Tu didn’t say it, but after all, he also wouldn’t be able to conceal it for too long. After waiting everyone to quiet down, Yun Tu then told them from the beginning to the end about everything that had happened in the Southern District, as well as the occurrence of the super zombie tide there.

Liu Wei had betrayed the guild. Even if he was to be killed by the zombies, but it was death he deserved!

However, Qing Yi was missing!

Everyone suddenly paled all of a sudden upon hearing it, even the teenagers couldn’t help crying!

The reason why they were able to survive until now, was because they had received Qing Yi’s kindness. If Qing Yi wasn’t there for them, they wouldn’t have lived till today. She might never be their leader, but she was also the soul of the entire team.

“You said that everyone in the guild has the responsibility to protect Qing Yi. Why? Why did you come so late? Why the hell did you have to go out alone?”

After confirming again that Qing Yi was missing, Feng Ling suddenly couldn’t control her own emotions and punched Yun Tu’s chest unceasingly as her tears fell down like rain!

Almost the same questions also happened with the four teenagers while Bao Zi covered his head as he squatted down with a painful expression.

The vexed and uncomfortable feeling Yun Tu had inside was no less than anyone due to the disappearance of Qing Yi. However, after venting his anger with slaughtering, he had to accept the fact. And now, the same situation happened to Feng Ling and the others, but everything would also pass by, eventually.

In the end, everyone might die at any time in the Apocalypse, including Yun Tu. The death of one person was not a big thing, not to mention that Qing Yi’s dead body was nowhere to be found, there was even a trace of chance that she was kidnapped by the Half Zombie.

In order to give some hope to Feng Ling and the others, Yun Tu told them in detail as for how he found the baby as well as the fact that he didn’t find the baby’s mother’s dead body in the place where he found them two nights ago.

“Since Half Zombies also have wisdom and the ability to speak, I can tell that she mobilized the zombie tide to take back her son. Qing Yi certainly is still alive. Maybe she only kidnapped her, or else it’d be impossible for us to be unable to find her body!”

After hearing Yun Tu’s explanation, Feng Ling and the others were firmly convinced by Yun Tu’s conjectures. However, as how to find Qing Yi was actually the main problem. The Half Zombie female was a high-level existence that was even able to mobilize thousands of zombies. Yun Tu didn’t need to emphasize this for everyone knew that the opponent’s strength was beyond their imagination.

“That said, we can only strive to become stronger in the Apocalypse. Only after we are strong enough will we be able to find that Half Zombie female. Only then will we have the chance to kill her and save Qing Yi!”

After everyone’s mood calmed down, Yun Tu slowly spoke. Qing Yi’s disappearance had become a fact. He could only use it to urge everyone to work hard, which was also a good thing.

“Yes! We must melt this sorrow to become our strength. Continuously struggling to become stronger, and rescue Qing Yi!” Everyone clenched their fists.

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