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Chapter 92: Is She?

They also had won one interspatial ring after killing those three people. There was no good item like a Job Scroll inside, instead full of unknown materials taken from the bodies of the magical creatures from the Secret Areas.

It seemed like this Guild also had some members with Secondary Jobs, such as the Armor Crafters or Enchanters. But at present, all of these items belonged to Yun Tu. The fight a moment ago was just a small interlude in his trip to the Eastern District. Along with Bao Zi, who had become a Second Level Awakened, the combat effectiveness of the duo had greatly improved once again. In particular, Bao Zi who was in his most energetic moment after advancing, and naturally didn’t want to waste time.

They continued their hunting. Without them realizing, the daytime was almost over. Yun Tu was quite surprised that he once again came to the street not far from the place when he met the Half Zombie female.

Was she?

Suddenly, Yun Tu recalled a very important matter. The zombie tide that happened last night was too strange. The Half Zombie that committed suicide in itself was puzzling enough. And in fact, it simply didn’t die. The last time it was only injured, then it spent a full day to kill zombies crazily and advanced to the Third Order Half Zombie. The Half Zombie and the zombies were closely related, to begin with, if it was higher in level than the Second Order Green Zombie, perhaps it could really hide their human aura from their bodies and could even control or summon zombies.

Although this explanation was a bit forceful, but if this could explain the mobilizing zombie tide that particularly targeted the Dragon Slayer Guild, this was the only reasonable explanation. The other party was trying to find her son, and after she found him, she naturally no longer controlled the zombie tide as the horde naturally dispersed.

“Don’t look anywhere else. Follow me!”

Regardless of his suspection, Yun Tu decided to go to the house he spent the night two nights ago and investigate it.

When the duo arrived at that street, everything was as Yun Tu had expected and predicted. The streets were full of zombies, either dead or alive. The total number was no less than a few hundreds.

The Half Zombie was indeed a very strong creature. It was able to become this strong within a day. Yun Tu himself became formidable after countless life and death fights, he could see the situation in the streets and could tell the number of zombies in the zombie tide last night was several hundred times more than he saw in front. From this scene, he could imagine how difficult the Half Zombie female had gone through the fights and finally succeeded to win in the middle of the night.

If it wasn’t for the number of Half Zombies being too scarce, it wouldn’t be long before they could rule the entire earth!

It was really too fearful!

Traversing along that street, the duo carefully traced back to the house he stayed that night. He went upstairs floor by floor to the highest fifth floor. As expected, the dead body of the Half Zombie female who committed suicide in front of Yun Tu had disappeared.

“We’ll spend the night here tonight!”

Yun Tu firmly believed that his suspicion had been proved. Although he knew that the Half Zombie female wouldn’t come back again, he realized that he and Bao Zi were not her opponents. But still, he decided to spend the night in this house even if she came back.

The Half Zombie had been resurrected and Qing Yi was missing. To find her, the Half Zombie female was the only clue he got. Yun Tu believed that it only deceived him in that difficult circumstance in order to have a chance to survive. And now, since it had the power to stand in the summit as a Third Level existence, while Fourth Level zombies or magical beasts had yet to emerge, there was almost nothing that could threaten its life.

As long as Yun Tu continued to get stronger, one day he would meet the Half Zombie female once again!

But the eternal truth was not necessarily what Yun Tu had imagined. Speculation was always a speculation, and even if the logical reasoning wasn’t wrong, but the details were inevitably different.

While Yun Tu and Bao Zi spent the night peacefully in that house, Qing Yi, who was in deep sleep for several hours, finally woke up.

“Where is this? Am I still alive?”

Looking at the bed with white mosquito nets, she looked through the mosquito nets toward the four pink walls. She felt that everything seemed a dream.

She suddenly felt a trace of pain in her neck, recalling the scene before she fainted. A purple-haired woman suddenly grabbed her neck.

Outside the house where Qing Yi fell asleep, the purple child already grew up a lot after a day. His height and size now looked like a five-year-old child. Sensing that Qing Yi had woken up, he gently pushed the door and came inside.

Although his body had grown to a five-year-old child’s appearance, in fact, he was just born two weeks ago. He hadn’t yet learned to speak and only spoke a few simple words. “Big Sister” was one of the first words he learned to speak and the second word was “Mother”.

“Big Sis, you wake up—“ He came next to Qing Yi’s bed and smiled naively.

“You’re… Tongtong?” Qing Yi could hardly believe her eyes. Although she only held him for a day, women had the innate trait to love children. At present, the child in front of her looked very alike the purple child, only then she dared to guess that it was him.

The purple child didn’t answer but laughed innocently. He suddenly seemed to think of something and quickly took out the bottle of milk that had been emptied near Qing Yi’s mouth.

Qing Yi was certain that the bottle of milk in his hand was the one that she fed him at least five to six times a day, and the child seemed to remember that the milk was the best drink.

“You’re really Tongtong?” Qing Yi was overjoyed and struggled to sit up on the bed.

“Yes, that’s right. Thank you for the name!”

The purple-haired woman from last night came inside, pulling another black-skinned woman with more than 1.9 meters in height.

Qing Yi asked carefully, “Is Tongtong your child, or hers?”

“I’m only her maternal aunt, while she’s his mother!” The purple-haired woman answered calmly.

“Thank—Thank—Thank you—”

The black-faced woman next to the purple-haired woman struggled to open her mouth before she spoke these three words.

“Your vocal cords seem not very good. Do you want me to heal you?”

Qing Yi was a priestess, so she could obviously feel the difference between these two people and normal people. But the purple-haired woman seemed to be shorter than the tall black-skinned woman, albeit much stronger.

“In your eyes, are we still human beings?”

The purple-haired woman asked. She was clearly aware of the trace of suspicion in Qing Yi’s eyes.

“It’s the Apocalypse. The zombies prey and predate on the blood of humans and become stronger, whereas humans hunt zombies’ Blood Crystals and become Awakeneds. From this, humanity and zombies are not different at all!”

After the silence, Qing Yi calmly repeated the words that Yun Tu had told her and cleverly replied to the other party’s question, while the latter then fell into a long silence.

“You say that you can treat her?”

Although the other party had become a Third Order existence, however, they actually knew nothing about the power of the skills possessed by the Awakeneds’ occupations.

Qing Yi got down from the bed and put down the purple child from her arms. She then took the Willow Staff from her interspatial ring and then easily drew the runes in the air. Shimmering lights flashed from her staff and submerged into the black-faced woman’s throat.

Each stage of a Half Zombie’s level had a lot of similarities with the zombies’. For a Black Zombie, its body was covered with a carapace, while it became gradually softer when it became a Green Zombie. After it became a Purple Zombie, their skin would have normal retraction akin to normal humans. But the strength had nothing to do with the height and weight of the body, as they were constantly becoming stronger as the top existence.

When they were at the Black Zombie’s stage, the Half Zombies’ throats were too stringent and it was hard for them to speak. Even Qing Yi’s advanced healing technique would be of no use to help her. But it can soften her throat temporarily and give her a comfortable feeling.

“Thank you—it’s amazing—”

The black-faced woman couldn’t smoothly speak completely, but it was a lot better than a moment ago.

Upon seeing Qing Yi’s magical job’s skills, the purple-haired woman also become interested and said, “Try it on me!”

“Your body doesn’t seem to have anything wrong. But I have another type of job’s skill that can also improve your body’s abilities!” Qing Yi smiled and wielded her Willow Staff once again, casting her Rejuvenation spell.

After having personally experienced Qing Yi’s magical spell, the purple-haired woman let out an amiable smile and said, “It seems that my decision not to kill you yesterday was really worth it! My name is Luo Bingwang. After you follow me, I’ll guarantee you’ll have comfortable days!”

Knowing that her own situation was beyond her control, for now, Qing Yi could only smile and nod. But when the purple-haired woman turned around and left, she suddenly felt that she was quite familiar with the name.

“Luo Bingwang!”

“Luo Bingwang!”

“Luo Bingwang!”

She recalled the name for three times inwardly. Qing Yi suddenly felt that her throat turned a bit astringent since the name made here remember someone.

Although the other party was no longer a human and her looks and temperament had undergone significant changes, but a woman’s intuition was truly fearful. Qing Yi no longer doubted her suspicion.

It turned out to be her…


The woman was Wang Nuobing but the raws wrote it in reverse and turned into Luo Bingwang, the woman who betrayed Yun Tu and became Duan Minghui’s plaything. I don’t know if the author was wrong or it was intentional for the later plot. So I’ll leave it as it is for now.

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