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Chapter 91: Interlude (Part 2)

Who can prove that the Blood Crystals are yours?

The other party truly asked the question well. This place was but the Eastern District and nobody could verify or witness it. But, would Yun Tu even need to answer?

Certainly, he didn’t need to do that. Conflicts happened everyday in the Apocalypse, whereas reasons and truth were were simply unneeded. There was no need to prove anything to anyone if the other party died.

Therefore, upon seeing the happy and distorted face of the group leader, Yun Tu moved and sprinted with his quickest speed toward them. At the same time, Bao Zi also ran to follow him.

Certainly, those who didn’t fear to hunt and kill in the Eastern District were by no means of the low ability. Although there was no Second Level expert among the four of them, the weakest one had actually swallowed a Second Order Blood Crystal.

Yun Tu and Bao Zi faced the four. Regardless of facing the opponents or not, but the fear of death in the Apocalypse wouldn’t let anyone live longer. Yun Tu had always had this thought in mind so he didn’t want to become the one who attacked first.

Despite so, since the strength of the other party was yet to be known, Yun Tu didn’t underestimate them. After he reached 20 meters away from them and they also had pulled out their blades, his body suddenly disappeared out of thin air.

“It’s the Stealth Step! Shadow Assassin’s Stealth Step! Everyone, be careful!”

The other party unexpectedly had knowledge about Yun Tu’s occupation. It seemed that they came from a major guild or there was someone in their guild who also had the same occupation.

However, knowing about it didn’t mean that they could keep their lives. The moment Yun Tu disappeared, Bao Zi didn’t. Although he was only a person, he didn’t hesitate to dash over toward the four people and quickly brandished his sword.

“Three Blossom Sword!” This was the group attack skill that belonged to the Storm Swordsman. Although its might was ordinary, it was a very good move to fight a group in chaos.

The other four people certainly thought that it was very easy to deal with one people. But Yun Tu’s disappearance was a headache for them. They had to deal with their own anxiousness, for fear that Yun Tu would appear at their side or behind them. The four inadvertently didn’t have the intention to fight Bao Zi to the fullest as they fought while retreating.

The longest time the “Stealth Step” could last was only a mere minute. In order to save time, Yun Tu appeared again at the side of one of the opponents in about 30 seconds after and suddenly revealed a dagger to strike him.

Although the opponent was vigilant enough, however, the gap between the First and Second Level, as well as his combat experience, wasn’t on par with Yun Tu. The opponent could only barely avoid his first move, but the first move turned out to be a feint attack as Yun Tu followed with a fluid movement. He slided a step and used his knife with a backhand to cut his waist, causing his large and small intestines to burst out all of a sudden.

His first appearance caused the other party to suffer a heavy casualty. An invisible sense of fear engulfed the remaining three as they looked at each other, feigning for several moves and then turned around as they scattered, trying to escape.

In this one confrontation, Yun Tu found that there was no Second Level expert among the four. Based on their strength and wanting to run away after robbing Yun Tu’s items, naturally, he wouldn’t let them go. He immediately followed the team leader who took the Second Order Blood Crystal and closely chased him.

With his 21 points of agility whereas the other only had about 16 points, the other party could only start to run with all of his might first, but the difference in speed was quite big and the man was only able to run for about 300 meters before Yun Tu finally caught up and was only 10 meters away from him.

“I give in. I give in. I’ll see you again next time!”

Today, due to their greed, he snatched this powerhouse’s items for cheap, but now one of their men had died. Upon seeing that he simply couldn’t escape from Yun Tu, he reluctantly took the Blood Crystal from his interspatial ring and threw it to the side in the hopes that Yun Tu would pick it up, giving him the opportunity to escape.

Unfortunately, his plan was of no use. Yun Tu only looked at the Blood Crystal and memorized it’s falling location, but he neither slowed down nor stopped his pursuit. On the contrary, because the man threw the Blood Crystal and also spoke some words to mislead Yun Tu, his own speed was affected. This team leader’s pace slowed down a step, while Yun Tu quickly turned his wrist to throw his dagger, which changed into flying a knife, toward him.

In the case where the strength of both sides was similar, throwing weapons was not a wise move. However, the gap of strength between both sides was quite big, while the other side was fully trying to escape. He simply never thought that Yun Tu would throw his dagger to kill him. Therefore, Yun Tu’s move had 90% of chances to hit him.


Upon sensing the wind behind his back, the team leader knew that something was wrong and forcefully tried to change the direction. But unfortunately, he was too late as the distance between them was only a few meters away now, while Yun Tu also attacked with full force. The flying dagger’s speed simply didn’t give him a chance to avoid it.

He had yet to move to the side as the flying dagger finally pierced his back.

Under normal circumstances, a throwing out knife was, after all, not an arrow or a bullet. Generally speaking, it wouldn’t have the velocity and force to pierce an Awakened’s body which could tighten their muscles against piercing. Ordinary blades at the most would only be able to pierce for half an inch deep. But Yun Tu’s dagger was an extremely sharp Blue-tier weapon; even if it was being thrown, it suddenly pierced the man’s back deeply, straight to its hilt.

As the dagger pierced from his back, the knife point was exposed on his chest. He was fatally injured. Upon seeing the knifepoint piercing out from his chest, the team leader’s face turned pale. Along with his turning movement, he tried to dash forward again for about 20 to 30 meters before he finally fell down to the ground!

Even then, he didn’t immediately die. After falling to the ground and seeing Yun Tu striding over calmly, he struggled to the side as he begged, trying to keep his life, “I was wrong! I was wrong! I’ll give you anything as long as you let me go!”

While speaking, he took the initiative to remove the interspatial ring on his finger and handed it over to Yun Tu with a trembling hand.

For Yun Tu, since they had become enemies, there was no way for him to stay alive. Someone with a interspatial ring was definitely a core member of a guild. This grudge, for better or worse, would create a huge enmity. However, nobody would even question what happens it in the middle of the battle, for everything changed lightning fast. Thinking too much as well as being over cautious and indecisive would only result in losing his own life.

Although the man took the initiative to offer all of his wealth, but the moment he fell to the ground, his possessions already belonged to the winner. So Yun Tu certainly wouldn’t appreciate it even a bit.

Taking the man’s ring, still with a serene face, Yun Tu calmly picked up the man’s weapon from the ground and used his own blade to cut his neck.

Blood splashed. One minor mistake and a fairly powerful human died. After he pulled out his dagger from the man’s back, he went back to the place where the man threw the Blood Crystal. Yun Tu knew that he didn’t take a wrong decision as he saw that the man deceived him in the most dangerous moment. The Blood Crystal he had thrown out turned out to be just an ordinary First Order Blood Crystal and not the precious Second Order Blood Crystal which became the root of the incident.

But now, everything was no longer important, because the Second Order Blood Crystal was inside the interspatial ring, along with the other items which now all belonged to Yun Tu.

As he looked back, Bao Zi, who was pursuing another alley also had killed another person. However, his body also collected more injuries.

Being able to wipe out the other party was, of course, the best. But the last person of the four had escaped. This was also not something to be thought over. After all, even if their individual strength was more powerful than the other party, but the opposite party also numbered more. One hand was, after all, was unable to grab two rabbits at the same time. The last one separated and escaped from a different alley. Being able to eliminate three of them was already the best result.

Since Bao Zi was seriously injured, Yun Tu could only take him and then find a peaceful house to let him safely advanced in level.

After taking another two Second Order Blood Crystals successively, everything was as Yun Tu had expected, Bao Zi officially advanced to the Second Level while all his injuries were also fully healed in the advancement process. His stats once again greatly improved.

Generally speaking, under normal circumstances, an Awakened would only need three Blood Crystals to advance from the First Level to the Second Level. But if there were some stats lagging them, that person would need to use more Blood Crystals to be promoted. This might look wasteful, but before the higher energy Blood Crystals to promote from Second Level to the Third Level appeared, upgrading with more Second Order Blood Crystals became an advantage temporarily.

Just like Bao Zi’s state at the moment. Because his hearing stat was the one that dragged him back, he spent four Blood Crystals to be promoted to the Second Level. But his other stats, aside from his hearing, were much higher than that of Yun Tu’s. Not only was his agility stat up to 28 points, even his strength stat was upped to 24 points.

At present, the Dark Night Guild had three Second Level experts. And from the stats points of view, Bao Zi’s overall stats were the highest. Even now, of all the Second Level experts throughout the Jiangnan Region, it was estimated that it would be difficult to find someone who had higher stats than him.

However, this kind of temporary strength was not, by any means, the fundamental of having powerful strength. The basic stats of a person were but only one’s natural potential growth. Which meant that the needed energy within one Blood Crystal in the exchange for their stats would be lowered quickly. The better growth ones had when they were promoted, the fewer resources they needed, and the more likely they would rise to a higher level.

These differences might be negligible when ones were to be promoted from the First to the Second Level with one to two Blood Crystals. But once they reached the Third Level to Fifth Level, this kind of difference turned bigger. As the ones with poor growth would need three or even five times the resources the others would need before they could advance in Level.

Certainly, these following matters were not something that people could see at first. At least at present, Bao Zi’s stats were quite formidable and it had a very important significance for the entire team.

“That’s great!”

Yun Tu heavily patted Bao Zi’s shoulder upon hearing his report about his stats!

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