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Chapter 89: Variables (Part 4)

After attacking Dragon Slayer Guild’s base, the zombie tide army appeared to be no longer disciplined. Dozens of Green Zombies were leading their own troops, whereas several thousand lesser zombies divided into tens of zombie troops and began to sweep over in all directions very quickly.

The members of Dragon Slayer Guild were concentrated in one place about 300-400 meters away from the base. Upon seeing the new situation, Wang Peng ordered everyone to pay attention in fending off the zombie tide’s main force, while at the same, moving in a circle in the surrounding and didn’t go further.

After the zombie tide’s force scattering to the larger area, part of the horde that attacked the Awakeneds of the Dragon Slayer Guild no longer had formidable attacking power anymore.

Intelligence wise, the humans were, after all, smarter than the zombies. In the harassing roundabout battles, Wang Peng seized the chance to lead a fast striking small unit. He was finally able to kill a Green Zombie which was leading its troops with the assistance from other several core members of the guild.

After losing its leader, the lesser zombies could no longer attack in a disciplined manner and became the target of venting for the members of Dragon Slayer Guild.

Along with the passing time, the Dragon Slayer Guild’s base which was the center of the zombie tide, was gradually being cleaned of zombies. The number of zombies slowly decrease around the base. Upon seeing such an opportunity to strike back, Wang Peng led his members to exterminate them again. However, hundreds of ordinary people in the guild building had met misfortune as their corpses were scattered everywhere.

“Miss Qing Yi! You must be alive!”

After having gone back to the base, Wang Yang finally broke free from the other members’ containment. While dragging his bleeding body, he went upstairs step by step.


“Um, um, um!”

The mute Bao Zi also shouted in hums. He also rushed all the way across the corridor that was filled with corpses up to the thirteenth floor. However, Qing Yi and the baby had disappeared without a trace.

Finally, Yun Tu came back. He detoured in a circle in the vicinity all the way back here. He could clearly see that the zombie tides this time and the usual occurrences, was very different and unusual. Their advancing movements were way too fast, they even ignored the attraction of the easy food all around.

When he realized that the zombie tide were really targeting the Dragon Slayer Guild’s base, he was truly stupefied. However, the following development confused him, because after the zombies captured the Dragon Slayer Guild’s base, they no longer advanced but quickly scattered into smaller troops toward all directions.

Did the leader of this zombie tide been killed by the Dragon Slayer Guild?

Yun Tu quickly cast the idea aside, since it was impossible. The only zombie that had the ability to control thousands of other zombies would only be the Third Order Purple Zombie, whereas its direct subordinates—the Green Zombies, were also very powerful and very difficult to kill.

After the surroundings became sparse of zombies, Yun Tu headed toward the Dragon Slayer Guild, killing the zombies along the way. Upon seeing numerous dead bodies on the floor as well as black lines on Wang Peng’s face, a shiver travelled down his spine.


Even as Wang Peng had yet to speak, Yun Tu was already growling.


“I’m really sorry. You can blame everything on me!”


Wang Peng truly didn’t want to face Yun Tu, however, he had no choice but to do so.


Yun Tu’s eyes blazed and turned bloodshot as he looked around at the dead bodies and the floor that had been dyed with pools of blood. The Dragon Slayer Guild had lost at least hundreds of people, but the majority of their Awakened members were still alive. They had guaranteed as well as were responsible and obligated to protect Qing Yi.

“I’m really sorry. It was because of my negligence. If you want to kill me, I won’t fight back. We owe you big, even if we—Dragon Slayer Guild had tried to the best we can to protect Miss Qing Yi, however…”


Wang Peng was unable to continue speaking and didn’t try to justify his failure. Even though he was good in analyzing and leading people, however, he was not someone who was ungrateful.

“WHERE IS HER DEAD BODY?!” Yun Tu held back his tears and bellowed.

“We can’t find it. We’ve searched the whole building, but her dead body is nowhere to be found. We could only find this on the topmost floor…” Wang Peng’s voice became very weak facing Yung Tu’s anger.


It was the gun Yun Tu gave to Qing Yi. He grabbed the gun from Wang Peng and directly pressed it on Wang Peng’s head.

The members of the Dragon Slayer Guild were scared shitless all of a sudden. Some of them were about to rush to stop him, however, Wang Peng’s eyes stopped them.

“I told you everything is my fault. If you want to kill me, then do it, I won’t resist!”

To stop the impulse of his brothers, Wang Peng closed his eyes after speaking, waiting for Yun Tu’s final decision. He knew that Yun Tu was not an impulsive person and he could only bet that he wouldn’t shoot him.

Bao Zi and Wang Yan had just rushed back from upstairs. Upon seeing Yun Tu aiming a gun at Wang Peng’s head, they were stunned and scared for quite a while.


“If you gotta kill someone, kill me!” Wang Yang mustered his courage and approached, “Eldest Brother Yun, Miss Qing Yi was the one who saved my life. The brothers of my Dragon Slayer Guild are not cowards. By the time we rushed out and realized that Miss Qing Yi was not with us, we tried to organize our men and counterattack as best as we could, some of our brothers even had to pay the sacrifice with their lives. I know that everything I say can’t justify our fault here. We made a big mistake and couldn’t protect our own benefactor. If you really want to kill someone, kill me and give my life back to her. My big brother is the backbone of the Dragon Slayer Guild. Please don’t kill him, I beg you!”



Even though he was being driven by impulse, yet, Yun Tu hadn’t lost his ability to think. Wang Yang wasn’t someone who could tell lies. Everything had turned upside down to this state. Killing Wang Peng or Wang Yang would never bring Qing Yi back again, whereas the members of the Dragon Slayer Guild also wouldn’t let him go easily. He hit Wang Peng’s stomach with his knee and, without even having the strength to pull the trigger, he put his gun down.


Upon seeing Yun Tu put down his gun, the mute Bao Zi also had the courage to come over. He knelt toward Yun Tu all of a sudden and kept speaking with an ‘ah’ and ‘uh’ gesture.

Even though Yun Tu couldn’t read his expression, but he knew that he was regretting and asking for punishment.

Yun Tu had said that everyone in Dark Night Guild had the responsibility to protect Qing Yi. It was very obvious that Bao Zi was not with Qing Yi when the Dragon Slayer Guild’s members broke through the barricade. Strictly speaking, this was also Bao Zi’s mistake.


Yun Tu no longer had the strength left to haggle over the matter. Qing Yi was also an Awakened. Even if she was killed by the zombies, she wouldn’t turn into a zombie. On the other hand, the child’s body also was nowhere to be found. After calming down himself, Yun Tu carefully analyzing everything. He still couldn’t explain clearly about everything that had happened even though he was a reincarnated person.

Such a large scale zombie tide that was far from normal had taken thousands of lives. Not only would the victims who had been bitten to death by the zombies turn into zombies within ten minutes, the majority of the wounded or the dead would also turn into zombies, albeit that it would take a longer time.

At this stage of the Apocalypse, the zombie tides themselves brought about good and bad things. The Dragon Slayer Guild, which was the target of the zombie tide, had lost hundreds of peripheral members, and more than ten of their Awakened members also died. However, it didn’t mean that they were without harvest.

They struck the last batch of the zombie tide. Not only did they killed the Green Zombie, they also killed more than twenty Black Zombies and hundreds of the lesser ones.

Not to mention that these were also not the entirety of the harvest. All the populace that became victims in the perimeter of 300-500 meters around their base, either the wounded or the dead, those dead bodies were now being piled up at the same place along with the dead bodies of hundreds of celebrities.

As time passed by, these people or dead bodies would eventually become zombies without combat power. From this only, it would provide their guild hundreds of small blood crystals.

Ever since the beginning of the Apocalypse, the number of human beings had been in sharp decline. However, the living ones would gradually adapt to the new environment and find methods to survive. After experiencing several zombie tides, all the major guilds would become more experienced and develop more efficient methods and techniques to face it.

It was much more likely in the Southern and Northern Districts. After all, the number of human beings was larger than zombies, coupled with the harassing attacks of the Awakeneds in the outer peripheral zombie tide. The remnant troops of the zombie tides that were left behind would also become the target of the Awakeneds, as the latter would only break their feet and arms. Along with the passing of time, the number of zombies that were mobilized in the zombie tide would be getting fewer and fewer and the ratio of human beings who killed would be bigger than the other way around. Most of the zombies would eventually be annihilated, and only small part of them would be able to escape to the Eastern District or the suburbs.

The zombie tide that swept through last night had claimed thousands or even tens of thousands of lives. But it also left behind several thousands of Blood Crystals. From another point of view, in overall strength, the number of human beings sharply declined, but after the zombie tide weakened, the balance of power in this bloody carnage, shifted slowly into a new equilibrium.

In his previous incarnation, Yun Tu also thought that humanity wouldn’t become extinct, so he didn’t think much about this issue after his rebirth. But now, after realizing the fact that Qing Yi was missing, Yun Tu became spirited once again. He rushed into the Dragon Slayer Guild’s base, frantically hunting the remnants of the zombie tide and then came out again to hunt every single zombie he could see from time to time. Only until he was dead-tired did he return back before dawn.

After returning to the Dragon Slayer Guild, he fell asleep and only woke up at two o’clock in the afternoon.

Wang Peng solemnly apologized to Yun Tu once again. After that, he took out a map and discussed the construction of humanity’s stronghold. After experiencing the large scale zombie tide last night, each and every large and small guild in the Southern District finally realized that they needed to join forces and build humanity a stronghold.

While having lunch, Wang Peng talked again with Yun Tu about some of his ideas, hoping that Yun Tu would give him another good advice. However, Yun Tu himself didn’t have much interest in this issue. He only forced out the initiative and even if he didn’t speak out, humanity would be forced by the circumstances and under desperation, some people would eventually propose this project sooner or later. Since Wang Peng himself had gradually grasped and formed his own ideas, considering his wisdom and intelligence that was not inferior from the Duans, he would also be able to accomplish it.

After having casually chatting, he took Bao Zi after lunch and decisively left the Dragon Slayer Guild.


All named zombies such as Black, Green, and Purple were actually black haired, green haired, purple haired in raws. But I found it more convenient to discard the haired word. It’s to make it more distinct. Another reason is to reduce word count.

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  1. the longer I read, the longer I know the MC is an Obvious dick. He hates losing someone he loved and talking trash like shit about his guild must protect his girlfriend but when the danger come, he is nowhere near her. What did he do then? Travelling like a fcking moron even after he know about the zombie wave going to the direction where he came from, he choose not to come back and choose to give the punishment to the traitor first. Then, he was stranded there, couldn’t come back because too many zombies. After he come back and know the condition of his beloved, he is throwing tantrum, acting like a kid. Throwing the fault to many ppl except himself whose decide to left. An idiot and a dick.

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