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Chapter 88: Variables (Part 3)

Dozens of lesser zombies and Black Zombies were certainly unable to stop Yun Tu for long. But when he had just cleaned them up, a Green Zombie finally appeared.

He could hear the sound of footsteps as though a galloping horse behind. These lesser zombies he encountered should only be the vanguard of the overall army of the zombie tide. However, to think that the vanguard was led by a Green Zombie really baffled Yun Tu.

Unless the Green Zombie was pursuing a formidable enemy, it wouldn’t mobilize a zombie tide, and this Second Order zombie should also be at the center position because it need to control the zombies it had summoned within its range of control. With its position at the center, it would make itself able to control more zombies to act in a formation.

Could this huge zombie tide be mobilized by a Third Order Purple Zombie?

Yun Tu was secretly shocked. However, since he couldn’t find any evidence, regardless of the emergence of the Green Zombie, the number of lesser zombies and Black Zombies around was only a few, so it was a good opportunity to harvest a Second Order Blood Crystal.

In his past incarnation’s memory, for a Purple Zombie to mobilize a large-scale zombie tide, it would take at least a few days. Thus, this period would be the best opportunity to harvest Second Order Blood Crystals.

Yun Tu casually grabbed some debris and threw it to the Green Zombie, then turned around to run away. He needed to solve this Green Zombie at a farther place so as to avoid the lesser zombies and Black Zombies’ meddling.

The Green Zombie was lured and chased him. After running away for five or six hundred meters, there were only lesser zombies behind the Green Zombie, so Yun Tu quickly turned around and took the initiative to attack it.

Although both sides were at the same rank, however, Yun Tu had much more fighting experience as well as the knowledge to beat it. In a one-on-one fight and without interference, within just a dozen exchanges, Yun Tu was able to kill it.

After he harvested the Second Order Blood Crystal, Yun Tu then climbed on a tall building and he looked back at the direction Liu Wei was running away. At present, that direction was already jam-packed with thousands of zombies.

A Green Zombie could only control at most two or three hundred lesser zombies under normal circumstances. Could it be that a Third Order Purple Zombie really appeared?

The night was too dark. The tide of thousands of zombies could only be seen vaguely, whilst unceasing screams came out from everywhere along its wake.

But, the situation now was truly bad!

Even if there was no Purple Zombie, before the Stronghold was built, the scale of this zombie tide was not something any guilds were able to handle with their current strengths. Yun Tu couldn’t help but palpitate upon seeing that the zombie tide was headed straight toward the Dragon Slayer Guild’s direction.

At this time, he had fallen behind the tide, and it would be difficult to bypass this zombie tide. Moreover, the sentry posts of the Dragon Slayer Guild were only a kilometer from their headquarter despite being stationed in the four directions. By the time they found about it, they’d have little time to retreat. By now, he could only take a detour to bypass the zombie tide to approach the Dragon Slayer Guild’s base while trying to calm himself.

After Yun Tu left, Wang Peng was still in his office. He ordered his men to quickly search a map of Jiangnan City. The map had each and every street drawn in detail.

From the idea given by Yun Tu, Wang Peng wanted to choose the location first, and then bring it to the meeting and discuss it. If there was no problem with the top brass of his guild regarding the idea, he would then contact the other guilds in the Southern District. He knew perfectly well that it wouldn’t be easy. So he would advocate the idea first, and after everyone realized that it was difficult to continue alone and independent, only then could the plan be carried out. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for Dragon Slayer Guild alone to mobilize thousands of people to work and implement the plan at the same time.

“Guild Master! Report, a massive number of zombies are heading here from the Eastern District!” The sentry from the eastern post came back to report.

“It’s very big in scale?”

“Looking at the number of zombies that are running in this direction, this zombie tide is quite massive, but I’m not clear about the exact number!”

“Continue to survey and get me Team Leader Li downstairs!”

After the sentry left, Team Leader Li came over not long after!

Wang Peng immediately commanded, “We discovered a zombie tide that will soon get here. Arrange the teams and get everyone ready to fight!”

He felt somewhat numb. Zombie tides happened literally every night in the Apocalypse. Certainly, he also didn’t have to ask about it. The night watch management duty had been set up so that it wouldn’t be necessary to wake up all members should there be no sign of troubles arising, so it wouldn’t disturb the daytime chores for the others.

After getting the order, Team Leader Li woke up the other ten members aside from the ten sentry personnel.

“We’re ready to defend the base and take the initiative to attack!”

After the team had been gathered, Team Leader Li came again to report.

At this time, the sentry personnel who reported a moment ago, rushed back and reported, “It’s bad. The people who are fleeing from the Eastern District have arrived. The number of zombies this time is about several hundred!”

“SOUND THE ALARM! Wake up everyone and be ready for battle!”


Seeing the sentry’s expression, Wang Peng opened the window to look down at the street. The chaotic crowd was coming from the four directions, and he could clearly hear the galloping footsteps of the zombie tide.

All of a sudden, deafening gong sounds sounded in the building. Everyone quickly dressed up as around 100 new recruits as well as the old members gathered. The total number was more than 200 people.

“Guild Master Wang, what happened? Where’s our Boss, Yun Tu?”

After Yun Tu had left, the purple-eyed child was continuously restless. Regardless of how Qing Yi tried to coax him, he didn’t want to sleep again. And now, after hearing the gong alarm, she immediately took the child and rushed downstairs. Bao Zi, who was in another room, also came out quickly and followed.

Wang Peng replied, “Brother Yun went out an hour ago. And now we have a zombie tide outside. You have to go back upstairs and rest. There won’t be anything happening since our Dragon Slayer Guild has mobilized everyone to fight!”

“But, Yun Tu is out there, will he be alright?!” Qing Yi continued asking upon hearing the occurring zombie tide.

“Nothing will happen to him. Even if he doesn’t kill zombies, regardless, he’s an Awakened- he’s able to run faster than an ordinary person. Moreover, you’re talking about Brother Yun Tu, you know what he’s capable of, so you don’t need to worry!” Wang Peng replied with a comforting tone.

Qing Yi hadn’t had a good rest until now, for she had to treat Wang Yang last night. Her mana also had yet to recover, much less that she was also taking care of a child, so even if she was staying here, she wouldn’t be able to give much help; she could even become a burden for Wang Peng and the others. Thus, she returned back to the room.

After all the members of Dragon Slayer Guild had been gathered, the first wave of the zombie tide surrounding the base had all been killed. As Qing Yi arrived upstairs she opened the window to see the situation on the streets. But she couldn’t help but frown upon seeing the sight of streets jam-packed with zombies.

“How could there be so many zombies here?!”

When the first wave of the zombie tide had been killed, Wang Peng suddenly realized that the situation was truly grave. While he commanded to fight the zombies with everything they got, at the same time, he also arranged some members to break through the enemy lines to outflank and harass the zombies from the side while trying to lure and separate the mobs.

However, the zombie tide this time was completely different. After the zombies had arrived around the Dragon Slayer Guild’s base, they didn’t continue charging forward to other directions but stormed over toward the base.

“How could this be?”

Under normal circumstances, zombies should have been attracted by the blood in the surrounding. Although the lesser zombies summoned by the Green Zombies were being controlled to a certain extent, but they would still be attracted by humans- the mobs were not a disciplined army at all.

But now, looking at the situation, this zombie tide was pretty much storming over specially to attack Dragon Slayer Guild. Wang Peng knew something was wrong, so he finally issued the order, “GIVE UP THE BASE! CHARGE OUT AND BREAK THROUGH WITH ME!”

After the order was issued, the remaining 50-60 Awakened focused the attacks to one direction and quickly paved the bloody road forward.

With all the Awakened breaking through the lines, the ordinary people inside the Dragon Slayer Guild’s base were having difficulty to escape, and could only depend on their luck.

First floor, second floor, third floor…

With the influx of zombies, screams continued coming as the zombies invaded the building floor by floor.

At this time, Qing Yi and the purple-eyed child were still stranded on the 13th floor!

Upon seeing Bao Zi who was breaking through the enemy line along with them, Wang Yang and Wang Peng’s complexion suddenly turned pale as they couldn’t find Qing Yi beside him.

“Qing Yi is my savior! And Brother Yun is the benefactor of our Dragon Slayer Guild! We can never leave her no matter what!” After coming to his sense, Wang Yang turned around to rush back.


“Are you crazy? You’re not yet recovered! Do you want to die?” Wang Peng quickly caught up with him and pulled him back.

“BUT IF WE DO NOTHING, MISS QING YI WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. HOW WILL WE EXPLAIN THIS TO BROTHER YUN? I’M NOT A MAN WITHOUT CONSCIENCE!” Wang Yang roared as green veins protruded on his neck. The injury that had just closed and healed on his chest reopened again and dyed red his t-shirt.

Under desperation, they only led his team to break through the encirclement and forgot that there were important guests upstairs. But now, it seemed that everything was too late.

After assigning two men to contain Wang Yang who seemed to have fallen to madness, Wang Peng quickly organized a team consisted of more than a dozen people to forcefully rush to the base. But the team was quickly pushed back by the zombie tide even before they could reach 200 meters, leaving a few of their comrades’ dead bodies behind…

On the other hand, Qing Yi herself continuously locked her attention toward the fighting from upstairs. When she saw that members of Dragon Slayer Guild were rushing out from the base and a large number of zombies rushing inside, Qing Yi suddenly realized that she was in impending danger. She quickly hugged the purple-eyed child and ran downstairs. But when she had just arrived at the 10th floor, the zombies had overrun the building and reached the 9th floor.

Although the building had 20 floors, but the Guild Master’s office was located in the 10th floor in order to facilitate the majority of people who lived in the 10th floor. She was the most distinguished guest of the Dragon Slayer Guild, so for safety and a peaceful environment, Wang Peng intentionally arranged them to stay in the 13th floor. But, he’d never think that this arrangement would become a disaster today.

Although she was also an Awakened who had taken a Second Order Blood Crystal, however, her combat strength was even inferior from ordinary Awakened. Not to mention that she was also with a child. Facing such a zombie tide, she could only change direction and ran upstairs again to the topmost floor.

She thought that the zombie tide would sooner or later be dealt with. Or the zombies would retreat after sensing that there were no longer blood food upstairs. After she fled to the topmost floor, Qing Yi drew her gun out and prepared to fight the zombies should it followed upstairs. She was determined to wrestle her own survival and risk her life.

However, an unexpected situation occurred- the zombie tide didn’t rush upstairs as a woman with a long purple hair appeared.

There was no wind inside the room, but the woman’s purple hair was fluttering gently. There was not even a trace or redness on her pale face, as a cold glint glowed from its purple eyes from time to time.

“A-are you a human or a g-ghost? Don’t approach me or I’ll shoot!”

Qing Yi had never seen such a woman, but she instinctively felt that the woman was not human.

“I – – – am – – – human – – – I – – – am – – – also – – – a – – – ghost…”

The woman spoke word by word, clearly and slowly. She reached out her hand as fast as lightning, as the gun in Qing Yi’s hand then changed hands.

After she took the gun, she casually threw it to the side and easily grabbed Qing Yi’s neck, who had long been scared by her.


At this time, the purple-eyed child looked at the purple-haired woman just like when he looked at Yun Tu before as he grinned and screamed out with murderous intent. Some of its teeth that were originally normal unexpectedly turned into sharp ones with a speed that could be seen with naked eyes.

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