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Chapter 87: Variables (Part 2)

“Qing Yi, I suddenly felt something. Wang Peng should be sleeping, so I’ll go and take a look. You take Tongtong to sleep here!”

Everything seemed normal outside, and this place was also the base of Dragon Slayer Guild, so it could be said that it was safe. However, Yun Tu couldn’t ignore the uneasy feeling he had inside so he decided to go to find out about the situation.

Just before he turned away and left, he gently pasted his lips on Qing Yi’s ear and said a few extra words, “Don’t be so tense and restless. I’ll be back to accompany you after a while.”

“Mmm!” Qing Yi gently replied with a blushing face.

Yun Tu himself only inadvertently heard some disturbing sounds subconsciously. But he could clearly feel that some kind of crisis was looming. He didn’t know that more than 10 miles away from this place, around two thousand zombies were sweeping toward Southern District.

Yun Tu gently came out of the door, went down a floor and then saw that the light in Wang Peng’s Guild Master’s Office was still lit.

Wang Peng and Wang Yang were having a chat. Wang Yang’s body was back to normal. He was still weak, but his condition and injuries should be convalesced and would be completely recovered by tomorrow. With the fast changes brought by the Apocalypse, everything also changed in a fast pace. In the last two days, Dragon Slayer Guild also had undergone great changes, and the entire pattern of Southern District also had greatly changed. So Wang Peng had to give some heads up to Wang Yang. Certainly, it emphasized how they got along with the situation as well as Jiangnan Family Guild.

“Well, it seems you also can’t sleep. So we might as well have a chat!” Upon seeing Yun Tu’s arrival, the Brothers warmly greeted him.

“Aside from the sentry at your base’s entrance, how far is it to the farthest sentry post to this base?” After sitting down, Yun Tu asked.

“There are posts in the four directions about a kilometer from here. By the why, why did you suddenly ask? Are you worried that our base isn’t safe enough? Even if the circumstances are very chaotic, I still have some sense to deploy some security measures, you know!” Wang Peng answered with a smile.

“Well, I just casually asked, in case there is any inexplicable chaos to happen!” Yun Tu replied with a matter-of-fact manner.

“True. We too know that it’s not easy having a calm and peaceful time to even sleep in the Apocalypse. And I really don’t know how long mankind will be able to stand and fight if the zombies continue to become stronger. The Southern, Northern, Eastern, and Western Districts are much in the same situation at present. And with the Green Zombies growing in numbers, I can’t really see any hopes for mankind at all!” Wang Peng said and took a deep sigh.

“I’ll fight to the end as long as I’m still breathing! Besides, I already stood at the point of death once!” Wang Yang spoke with high spirits.

Yun Tu himself was thinking about another issue. In his past incarnation, the Duans were the first to advocate the establishment of a Stronghold for humanity. And now, since the family had collapsed, Yun Tu had a hunch that this mission could only fall to his hands.

“With the zombies constantly becoming stronger, the human population surely will drop, and it would be sharp one. The best way to unite all the Awakeneds in the city is securing all the existing streets and buildings and then mobilizing people to build high walls around the area. The stronghold itself should not be in a big city, it’s best that we choose a small area to defend it, otherwise everyone will meet their final demise.

“Considering the current state of the buildings and streets, demolishing some of the buildings as well as building walls would be quite a huge task. But as long as we can choose a good location and effectively mobilized the populace, it would only take a couple days’ work for tens of thousands of people to start the initial plan. But with this, it means that we also have to think about the number and the source of food we must provide to mobilize tens of thousands people.”

Wang Peng’s eyes shined but then dimmed again along with Yun Tu’s proposal.

“If we conscripted the people, surely we have to provide the cakes for them to eat. After we chose the location, we need not be greedy to control a large area and expand the territory. But we need to fully grasp and control it. And for the first start, we only need a few thousands of people to carry out the plan, and it should be finished in a couple of days.”

In his past incarnation, Yun Tu was one of the mobilized people who was forced to build humanity’s Stronghold. Although he participated in building the Stronghold in the Northern District, however, the idea itself came from the Jiangnan Family Guild in Southern District.

Upon seeing that the Wang Brothers could grasp his idea, Yun Tu’s goal itself had been achieved. But he felt that the looming danger and crisis he had sensed was getting more intense.

“I might be casually mentioning this issue. But with the current number of my Dark Night Guild’s members, surely the construction of humanity’s Stronghold can’t be carried out solely by us, but also needs the cooperation from your Dragon Slayer Guild as well as those former soldiers from Jiangnan Family Guild. Not only that, we also have to invite other small guilds to participate in this plan, only then could this plan be carried out. Anyways, I’m kinda feeling restless and uneasy today, so I’ll go outside first to take a walk. The two of you can analyze my idea.” After having said that, Yun Tu stood.

Since his Dark Night Guild was stationed in the Northern District, Wang Peng could guess that he intended to develop his guild in the Northern District, so Wang Peng didn’t detain him.

But for Yun Tu himself, he knew that the plan to construct a Stronghold at the present situation was not yet matured. Before these guilds had yet to experience a huge zombie tide, these guilds wouldn’t feel the need to join hands to construct such a Stronghold, it was an impossible wish to have at present. Only after these guilds had experienced that fighting alone turned out to lead to their demise would they finally be able to cooperate and join hands to build such a Stronghold. Only by then would everyone accept this idea and finally put down the infighting between each other and temporarily unite.

Even after the Stronghold’s construction was completed, and humanity had a firm foothold in the Apocalypse, the discords, disputes and fights didn’t cease, for they were still competing to hold the authority over the Stronghold.

Therefore, Yun Tu didn’t plan to take the main leadership for the Stronghold’s construction. He realized that this was against his nature. He was always pursuing to become stronger. In his past incarnation where he struggled until he died, human beings had not yet perished, so in this second repertoire, the humanity wouldn’t be extinct also. But for him, he would strive to the apex to reveal everything that puzzled him.

The streets were pitch black and deserted. Whilst thinking about something, his feet walked toward the Eastern District. Without him realizing, he already walked for a few miles and arrived at the buffer zone border between the Eastern and Southern District. Then, he abruptly heard vague, thunderous sounds of a zombie tide from the distant, followed by a crowd of people desperately fleeing toward his direction.

The night was very dark, but with his extraordinary eyesight, he could vaguely recognize the traitor—Liu Wei amidst the fleeing crowd.




Yun Tu loudly shouted. He couldn’t clearly determine that the person was Liu Wei, so he shouted to see the person’s reaction.

The man was really Liu Wei. But since his eyesight was not as good as Yun Tu’s, he couldn’t see his face due to the darkness, but he could still recognize his voice.

Originally, compared to Bao Zi, he had escaped earlier from Jiangnan Family Guild’s base before night came. Because he didn’t have the heart and face to see anyone from Dark Night Guild, so he ran away and decided to hide. He didn’t dare to head for Northern District, and he was afraid that he would bump into Yun Tu and Qing Yi in Southern District. So he decided to run away to the border between Southern and Eastern District under desperation. In this place he only had a small chance to encounter Awakened people, and the place was also highly likely to have stockpile of foods he could sweep. All in all, it was a good place for him.

Unfortunately, he encountered a huge zombie tide in the middle of the night, and was forced to run away along with the crowd. And much to his surprise, in such chaotic night, he didn’t expect that he would meet the person he feared the most to see- Yun Tu.

Liu Wei was instinctively shocked upon hearing his voice. Then he quickly turned toward another direction to escape.

Upon seeing someone fleeing to another alley, the panicked crowd also divided into two groups. One still headed to the original direction and the other was influenced by Liu Wei as they rushed to the same direction as him.

The scale of this zombie tide was beyond Yun Tu’s imagination. But it was still not a threat for him, because this place was close to the Southern District. With a large number of refugees living in the district, the zombies wouldn’t surround him as their blood food was literally everywhere. So his safety was not a problem. But now, since the traitor—Liu Wei appeared in front of him, he naturally didn’t want to let him go. Ignoring the incoming zombie tide from the surroundings, he directly chased Liu Wei to that small alley.

Their distance was only two hundred meters, such a distance would only take a short time with Yun Tu’s speed to quickly catch up him. As Liu Wei looked back and saw Yun Tu chasing him, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape. He finally gave up running and squatted down.

“Why did you run away?”

Upon seeing him squatted down on the ground, Yun Tu didn’t rush over and slowly walked toward him.

“I know I did wrong, Boss!” Liu Wei didn’t even try to argue.

“Do you remember what I told you before?”

“I do! I remember you said that whoever had a branching heart, will be removed at once!” Liu Wei answered with shivering lips.

“Then why the hell are you waiting for me to do that personally?” Yun Tu’s eyes turned fierce.

“OKAY, I’LL DO IT MYSELF!” Liu Wei gritted his teeth and put the knife on his neck.

Killing oneself certainly needed great courage; and after quite a while, he reached out his shivering hand and asked, “Boss, give me a cigarette!”

Each and every living being will have to die one day! And even though Liu Wei’s betrayal was unforgivable, but Yun Tu still took out a cigarette and lit it up, giving it to him.

“I also remember what you said Boss. As long as we’re still breathing, we must fight to the end!” After his hand took the cigarette and smoked it a few times, Liu Wei’s eyes suddenly revealed a fierce and ruthless glint as he slashed Yun Tu with his knife.

Nobody wanted to die. Even if they had to die, they would still struggle until their last breath!

Liu Wei knew perfectly well that he was not Yun Tu’s match, even a bit. But to survive he had to cast aside everything, as at the moment, the great opportunity for him to strike presented itself in front of him.

However, Yun Tu himself already realized that something would go wrong judging from his tone and words. Naturally, Yun Tu didn’t want to give Liu Wei a chance to injure him. With a flick of his hand, his dagger appeared and gently swayed Liu Wei’s knife’s direction to the side, causing the knife to only slash empty space.

Several zombies had come rushing behind Yun Tu’s back, but such lesser zombies knew nothing as simple as hiding. Liu Wei could see that zombies were approaching and took the opportunity to attack Yun Tu. However, Yun Tu didn’t need to look back since he could accurately lock their position using his hearing. Just as he changed Liu Wei’s knife’s trajectory, with a very fast speed, he threw three knives and killed the three zombies behind him.

Taking advantage of the few seconds when Yun Tu killed the zombies, Liu Wei turned away to escape again. Just as Yun Tu was about to chase him again, suddenly, dozens of Black Zombies appeared at the side.

Just because of a cigarette, now he was caught in the middle of the zombies’ encirclement.

This time, Liu Wei could really be considered as smart. He did everything and was able to grasp all the best opportunities for himself, forcing Yun Tu to be trapped in disadvantageous situations and made a certain getaway for himself.

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