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Chapter 86: Variables (Part 1)

Everyone truly coveted the treasured items they were looking at in front. However, Yun Tu was the only one who had the rights to distribute it.

From today’s fight, he could clearly see that Pock Face Zhang Feng truly had the courage to fight, while the other team members were also loyal. So he assigned Feng Ling, Gui Jiaosan, Qing Yi, and Pock Face a Second Order Blood Crystal each. He didn’t distribute the last temporarily, as he needed to see their new stats after taking it and then make a decision.

Half an hour later, after the four of them had swallowed the Second Order Blood Crystal, Gui Jiaosan and Feng Ling’s stats rose by 3 points respectively. But Pock Face’s stats, which were originally quite good with 11 and 12 points, rose by 4 points with all of his stats reaching 15 or above.

Upon hearing everyone reporting such excellent improvement, Qing Yi couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. Aside from the Spirit stat which rose by 5 points, her other stats only rose by 2 points.

Qing Yi’s Priestess’s skills were directly related to the value of her Spirit stat. With 16 points of Spirit, the effect brought by her Rejuvenation and Healing skills clearly would be very different than before the promotion. Even if her other stats only rose by 2 points, but considering her Spirit stat that rose by 5 points alone, it was also much better than Yun Tu’s first expectation. Thus, he was quite satisfied with her.

He actually wanted to give the last Blood Crystal to Qing Yi, but he held his urge because Pock Face Zhang Feng turned out to have all of his stats rise up to 15 points. As long as he took another Second Order Blood Crystal, he would be promoted to a Second Level Awakened.

A Second Level Awakened would be able to fight a Green Zombie alone, which it was very important for Dark Night Guild. Promoting all guild’s members definitely couldn’t rely on Yun Tu alone on.

“This Blood Crystal will promote you to the Second Level. After you’ve been promoted, you and Feng Ling will take the lead to the Eastern District for hunting. Later on, the responsibility to promote the other members of our Guild will be on your shoulders!” Yun Tu solemnly said.

As Yun Tu had expected, Pock Face Zhang Feng directly rose to the Second Level after he took the Second Order Blood Crystal.

“Wang Yang’s injury still needs to be treated, and we still have the issue with Liu Wei and Bao Zi also. I and Qing Yi will go back to Southern District. So, Gui Jiaosan, you stay in Northern District. You’re responsible to gather information about all the major guilds. Li Xin, you will be responsible to take care of the two children who are yet able to fight and disguise yourself as refugees and find a safe place to hide. No matter what happens, we’ll gather again four days later!”

Small guilds had its own advantages. As all the members split up into small groups all of a sudden, it could be said that all members of Dark Night Guild had disappeared. Even if Duan Hongshan led his people to counter attack, he wouldn’t be able to find them for quite a long time and would be simply unable to figure out where to begin.

However, what Yun Tu didn’t know, was that his arrangement to split the members of his Guild into small groups to avoid the attacks from the enemy, was completely unnecessary. When he had properly finished the arrangement and his guild’s members already dispersed, he took Qing Yi and rushed to the Southern District at a moderate pace. By 10 PM, they finally arrived at Dragon Slayer Guild as he unexpectedly saw the mute orphan—Bao Zi, who was supposed to have been captured by Jiangnan Family Guild.

Since Ding Junlong decided to make a big move, he acted efficiently and quickly. He held a small meeting with a few Company Commanders and set the scheme into play. They altered the news about the annihilation of Duan Hongyu’s team, changing it so that both sides suffered heavy casualties and that the team was still in the Northern District fighting with Dark Night Guild’s members.

After receiving this altered information, Duan Hongshan hastily formed his troops, but since Duan Hongyu had taken most of Duan Family’s direct descendants, he no longer had a lot of options. Thus, he sent someone to a military faction in the guild to ask for manpower. Ding Junlong naturally gave him 40-50 people generously. But when the team was rushing to the Northern District to aid in the battle, halfway there, the military faction’s members in the team suddenly launched a surprise attack. Duan Hongshan and the majority of the original members of the Duans were killed on the spot, while there were only a handful of who escaped while injured.

After the news passed on to Jiangnan Family Guild’s base, the mutiny of the military faction had come to light. But the situation had gotten to the point that nothing could stop the tide of events. The Duan Family and Duan Entertainment, that was originally the founder of Jiangnan Family Guild, had lost their strength and was unable to turn the tide anymore.

Some of the high-level officials of Jiangnan Family Guild who were originally of the Duan faction took the initiative to surrender, thus the situation finally ended with a conclusion to hold a meeting. The previous President and Executive Director of the Guild were then reported and accused to have made a lot of wrong decisions out of personal grudge, which led to the situation where the Guild suffered heavy losses- the both of them even died in battle. To alleviate such a crisis, as one of the Directors of the Guild—Ding Junlong was still active and needed to stabilize the overall situation, so he was elected as the second President of Jiangnan Family Guild with a unanimous decision.

On the other hand, Platoon Leader Zhang, who was supporting him to become Executive Director at the last meeting, was appointed as the new Executive Director.

Just a few hours after the changes within Jiangnan Family and the re-election of the new President and Executive Director had finished, the remaining members who were part of the Duan faction were worried that they would be the target for suppression, as at the same night, more than half directly fled and some of them even ran toward Dragon Slayer Guild to become their peripheral members.

In order to draw a line between the Duans and Yun Tu’s hostile relationship, Ding Junlong intentionally removed the guards from the interrogation room. The mute orphan—Bao Zi who was determined to rather die than submit, was unaware of the changes that happened, nor knew about the other side’s intention, but his powerful desire to stay alive allowed him to quickly seize the opportunity, escaping the interrogation room.

Since the other party had the intention to let him go, naturally, nobody stopped him. After he ran away from the interrogation room, he then grouped up with the fleeing people and quickly left Jiangnan Family Guild’s HQ.

Although he was mute, however, he was not stupid. He knew that his Boss—Yun Tu was at Dragon Slayer Guild. He was injured and had nowhere left to go, so he could only seek help from Dragon Slayer Guild.

After he arrived at the Guild’s entrance, he used body and sign language to communicate. However, after trying for a long time, the gatekeeper was still unable to figure out what he was saying. Under desperation, Bao Zi could only write Yun Tu’s name on the ground quickly as the sentry then immediately took him to see the Dragon Slayer’s Guild Master—Wang Peng.

Bao Zi was arrested for a day and night even as he was severely wounded. But since he was able to run away, Wang Peng was able to estimate the circumstances by analyzing these variables. He could tell the approximate circumstances up to 90% reliability, of the changing events that had happened in Jiangnan Family Guild, and that it was related with Yun Tu.

The teenager’s mind was rather simple, so Wang Peng could tell at a glance whether he was lying or not. But since Bao Zi dared to come back, this was enough to explain his standing and conscience.

Since this teenager was able to escape, then it was obvious that the new President—Ding Junlong didn’t want to continue to look at the matter. According to this calculation, Liu Wei—the always wanting to look, clever adult—should also have left Jiangnan Family Guild’s base. But since he didn’t come to Dragon Slayer Guild to look for Yun Tu and Qing Yi, naturally, he had no face to see them.

The mutiny inside Jiangnan Family Guild was definitely huge news for Yun Tu and Dragon Slayer Guild. If Jiangnan Family Guild was still controlled by the Duans, then his Dark Night Guild had to be developed in secret and the enemy would use all the means available to crush them. But he had never expected that the enemy would turn out to destroy themselves. The news turned his mood excellent, because it would let him settle down and recruit new members peacefully.

On the other hand, since Qing Yi’s Spirit stat rose by 5 points, it was no longer difficult for her to treat Wang Yang. But since one of her comrades was also severely injured, she decided to treat him first.

After having treated Bao Zi’s injuries twice and confirming that there wouldn’t be any problems, she then administered the treatment for Wang Yang after she rested for a while. Wang Yang himself still had the last zombie’s claw pierced through his chest at present.

The last claw was the most serious. Just as it was pulled out, blood once again gushed out from Wang Yang’s body. But Qing Yi quickly conjured a series of three Healing skills to treat and help him control it.

After the last claw was completely pulled out, the bleeding also stopped thoroughly— Wang Yang finally got out from the dangerous phase. Wang Peng, on the other hand, also exposed a sincere smile as he realized that he misunderstood Yun Tu’s intention yesterday.

As for the traitor—Liu Wei, Yun Tu also had a plan to catch and punish him. But Jiangnan City was huge, and it would be very difficult to find someone who was intentionally hiding. So no one had any good ideas.

The Dragon Slayer Guild had sent some of their members to arrange the room for them and prepared them the previous suite. After seeing Qing Yi, who fell asleep and was sleeping soundly as though a child, Yun Tu quietly came over as he hugged her fragrant shoulder from behind and lifted her on his back to the room. He and Qing Yi finally had the opportunity to have a peaceful time. And after suppressing his urge these days, he didn’t want to waste such an opportunity.

He could feel the warmth from Qing Yi’s body where she was leaning on him. After the advent of the Apocalypse, everyone was extremely depressed. As a sentimental girl, she too needed generous and warm shoulders to lean on.

Warmness and an ambiguous atmosphere filled the room. Just as everything should’ve gone as it should, the half zombie’s baby boy who previously slept soundly suddenly woke up at this very moment.

Since the previous early morning when Yun Tu brought him back to this place, Qing Yi was the only taking care of the baby for the one day. Even though she had experience as a nurse, but she didn’t have any experience in taking care of a baby. When she left Dragon Slayer Guild in the early morning, Wang Peng gave him two cans of milk powder. Therefore, as long as she had free time, she made the milk and gave it to the baby. Unknowingly, the baby boy grew significantly larger— his weight now was around 15 to 16 pounds.

The waking up baby itself didn’t cry. But the purple glints from his pupils obviously brought a kind of uneasy feeling!

How come he had such eyes?!



Just as Yun Tu loosened his arms and let Qing Yi go from his embrace to glance at him, suddenly, the baby boy grinned at him and cried loudly.

This was obviously not a friendly response. So Yun Tu could only instinctively flash to the side.

“Tongtong dear, hush, be good. You know that Big Sis is frightened and you wanted to help me, didn’t you? Big Brother Yun Tu is bad, and when you’ve grown up, we’ll bully him together, okay?”

Qing Yi gave him the name Tongtong, which meant purple child, following his purple-colored pupils. As the child gave a fierce glare at Yun Tu, Qing Yi glanced at him and revealed a very satisfied expression.

Yun Tu himself didn’t care about Qing Yi’s remarks. He felt a somewhat disturbing feeling inside, for he could hear something disturbing from far away due to his 31 points Hearing stat.

He went to the window and pushed it open. As he looked over toward the pitch-black dark world outside, aside from the occasionally sad weeping sounds of the refugees, everything was seemingly normal without anything exceptional.

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