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Chapter 85: Small Scheme

“I’ve said to you that I’ll accomplish the task, didn’t I?”

Whist carrying Duan Hongyu’s head which still bleeding, Pock Face Zhang Feng spoke. There was also a trace of blood in the corner of his mouth. He was the main force in this fight to stop Duan Hongyu and had withstood three powerful strikes from him. But with such huge gap of physical strength between him and Duan Hongyu caused him to have severe internal injuries.

Yun Su smiled looking at his messed up appearance. “You just had your occupation reward, and now you want another reward too? Hahaha, you’re too greedy!” As the battle had ended, he intentionally threw a joke, which he rarely did.

“Uh, no Boss. I didn’t think like that. I just want to revenge Liu Wei and Bao Zi!” Pock Face, who was not good with expressing his mind to others, was a bit embarrassed as his hand grasped his short hair and scratched his head.

“Clean up the scene. Take all the weapons and protective gears from the dead. All of you who are wounded, ask Miss Qing Yi for treatment immediately!”

Yun Tu issued orders while calmly taking the precious interspatial ring from Duan Hongyu’s finger. He ignored everything else. Duan Hongyu definitely didn’t think that he would fall here today. So he estimated all the good stuff would still be inside his interspatial ring.

He observed the items stored inside the interspatial ring. As the head of a big guild, the opponent really didn’t disappoint Yun Tu.

He took the collection of Lafite red wine and drunk it to sober himself up on the spot, as he also gave the brave warriors who had bathed in the bloody fights to celebrate it. But more than twenty people on the scene also had never drunk up such a classy wine and were desperate to taste it. Yun Tu didn’t stop them. They had gone through such a bloody fight so he didn’t mind it much.

There were also hundreds of large and small-sized Blood Crystals, and he took all them out. Aside from what he owed to the members of Dragon Slayer Guild, there was still a surplus. He knew that most members of the guilds didn’t have such a wealth. And for Awakeneds, Blood Crystals were extraordinarily useful as it could be used to supplement their strength in battles. Yun Tu generously gave each one of them two small-sized Blood Crystals, saying, “Brothers from Dragon Slayer Guild, these two small Blood Crystals are for the supplement for your own uses in the future. You don’t need to give it to your guild when you go back!”

Originally, upon seeing that the loot of the fight was quite bountiful, the members of Dragon Slayer Guild were quite jealous. But since they were just mercenaries, naturally, they had no right over such spoils of war. Still, gaining two small-sized Blood Crystals as bonus made them quite happy as one after another expressed their gratitude.

Aside from hundreds of large and small-sized Blood Crystals, a large number diamonds, and jewelry that women were always fond of, were also there. The value of this wealth definitely far surpassed the wealth a mid-level officer could have in the peace age, and such a find would cost him a prison sentence for life. But now, these things were basically useless. Upon seeing these things, only then Yun Tu knew that even though the Duans were really quick to adapt to the Apocalypse, they were still unable to completely get out of the peace era’s way of thinking. Storing such useless things inside interspatial rings fully explained this point.

As he casually threw these once very valued things into the trash, it immediately attracted the children and three women, as they immediately looted. Yun Tu was too lazy to stop them. The people who wanted to look good would always exist, so he let those things to be taken by them.

There were also a few of good guns and dozens of bullets. Since today’s fight was basically a close combat one, the dead Duan Hongyu had no chance to use them, and Yun Tu took them very cheap. After he redistributed the cartridge clips, he asked the team leader of Dragon Slayer Guild, Meng Da, to pick one of them.

After he threw other useless things and clothes, the last thing was a Job Scroll and a register detailing the Jiangnan Family Guild’s roster of members who had occupations. However, since there were also outsiders at present, it was inconvenient for him to take them out.

The Job Scroll was a Secondary Job one. It was an Armor Crafter job. It was no wonder that Duan Hongyu didn’t give it to anyone. It could be seen that as the Head of the Guild, he also realized that it was not urgent enough to have more Armor Crafters in the Guild while the materials were scarce. Perhaps, he also had the same intention as Yun Tu, of having it exchanged with other occupations. But this scroll to Dark Night Guild, was a very good gift.

As for the roster register of Jiangnan Family Guild’s members, it seemed that it had no use. But suddenly, Yun Tu had some other ideas upon seeing it.

On the other hand, even though Qing Yi didn’t rush into the battle herself, but she was actually the most tired one. She cast Rejuvenation spell onto dozens of people, and now some people were also injured, so she had to overdraft her energy to heal them.

Since the present danger had been alleviated, Yun Tu arranged the women members of Dark Night Guild to prepare a sumptuous lunch for the members of Dragon Slayer Guild. After that, he sent them back to the Southern District. The commission of two Blood Crystals every day for each one of them was not low, and since there was no fight to be had, he naturally no longer wanted to retain them.

After the people from Dragon Slayer Guild had left, Yun Tu still had more important things to do. Such a big fight should have alarmed the people around, even though the Dark Night Guild’s ambush had completely wiped out the enemies.

He could tell that the news about Jiangnan Family Guild had been defeated would be passed to their top management within the next few hours. And they shouldn’t directly believe the so-called rumors and definitely would send some spies to scout the situation, as getting the news first-hand was much more reliable.

He ordered Feng Ling and Li Xin to copy the contents of the name register. Then, Yun Tu took the original and wrote a simple mark on some names and threw it along with the useless stuff and clothes, as well as Duan Hongyu’s corpse into the garbage heap in the corner of the street.

As he expected, shortly after, Ding Junlong of Jiangnan Family Guild really heard the news that the Guild President—Duan Hongyu had lost. As it had always been, there were a lot of people who thought they were smart and sent the news back to Jiangnan Family Guild, thinking that they would definitely get some reward. But this time, those people who harbored the idea of becoming informants and went to Southern District were only sending themselves to death.

Ding Junlong himself couldn’t believe it. He didn’t dare to believe the news upon hearing that the Guild President—Duan Hongyu, who personally led a troop to the Northern District to suppress Yun Tu, turned out to be annihilated.

As one of the top brass in Jiangnan Family Guild, he knew that most of the team members led by Duan Hongyu were the Duan Family’s direct descendants. Either their physical stats or equipment, they were the most elite. If the news turned out to be true, it brought him bad, as well as good news.

In yesterday’s temporary meeting, he was appointed Executive Director under the support of his own force. He knew that it was impossible for Duan Hongyu and Duan Hongshan to agree and let it slide, it had even presumably planted a seed of evil in their hearts. If the Guild President Duan Hongyu was truly annihilated, then the President position would be vacant, and the Duan Family’s power and influence in the guild would be greatly weakened. Let alone assume the Executive Director position, he would also be able to directly take over the President seat. For this sudden change in the situation, it naturally made him quite excited.

After he obtained the news and directly killed the ordinary people who sent the news, he then sent out his own trusted subordinates to the Northern District to carry out the investigation directly.

The Dark Night Guild simply didn’t have the intention to hide the mess and the dead bodies in the garbage heap. Ding Junlong’s subordinate quickly found Duan Hongyu’s dead body in the garbage heap. And certainly, after seeing the important name register, he took it along when he got back.

Duan Hongyu had already died. When his subordinates returned to Southern District and brought back the name roster register, the news was confirmed.

While thinking as to how he would take the position of Guild President justifiably, Ding Junlong accidentally glanced at the name register and saw that under his name, was marked with a small fork.

What did this mean?

Since he had been able to become a battalion commander in the peace age and now also became a high-level executive in Jiangnan Family Guild, Ding Junlong’s mind was extremely meticulous. He read word by word each person’s name and checked it again. He found out that aside from him, there were also some platoon leaders whose names were marked with a pencil. The mark was also the same small fork. While some other names from Duan Family’s trusted subordinates had small arrow marks pointed upward.


This Duan Family truly was venomous. Just because of yesterday’s meeting, they unexpectedly marked him along with a few important men to be included in the internal suppression target. This meant that they had the intention to eliminate them!

Upon figuring out this scheme, Ding Junlong’s face turned blood red.


“Ah, anything happened, Commander?”

Upon seeing Ding Junlong’s expression, his subordinate asked with concern.

“Did you see this?”

As he pointed at the names that Yun Tu had marked with small symbols on the name register, Ding Junlong asked back with a fierce expression.

The meaning of the upward arrow marks was obvious. But what would be the meaning of that fork? The most simple explanation was that they would highly likely be the targets of suppression! The most serious explanation would be that they would be targeted with black-handed means. His subordinate quickly understood the key problem after following his pointing direction.

“I knew it. After the Duans killed Regimental Commander Jiang, I’ve been thinking that sooner or later they will target us. So we might as well use Duan Hongyu’s big defeat now. Battalion Commander Ding, I suggest holding a meeting now, which only our military faction should participate in. We should discuss whether to separate from Jiangnan Family Guild and become independent. So as to avoid to be hit by their machinations in the future!” His trusted subordinate suggested.

“Judging from the present strength of the Duans, I’m certain he won’t be able nor will he dare to stop us from separating. But the Armor Crafter, Pharmacist and Alchemist Refiner of our guild are all Duans. They have most of the control of the strategic resources in their hands!” Ding Junlong was quite unwilling.

“Since they have long been having such evil intentions, how about… we strike first. The one who attacks first will gain advantages. Duan Hongyu has died already. As long as Duan Hongshan has the same accident, the Duans will have nothing to fall back to. They will have to obediently listen to you, the new Guild President!” When he first gave his suggestion, the subordinate originally wanted to say this. But as someone who had long been mixed in the bureaucracy, he only said half part of his true intention as he wanted to observe the reaction of his leader.

“Duan Hongyu has died. We don’t have to worry about Duan Hongshan. Quickly call Company Commander Zhang and Liu now!”

Under Yun Tu’s small machination, Ding Junlong finally made a decision.

Although it was certain that Yun Tu truly wanted this to happen, the scheme was not guaranteed to be successful. Had the name register fell onto the Duans’ hands or fell onto the hands of the military faction and they were careless to not see those small marks, everything wouldn’t happen. So Yun Tu himself didn’t put much hope on this toward the military faction in Jiangnan Family Guild.

He also had to guard against the attack from Duan Hongshan and his men with a solid counterattack. Today’s campaign was too rushed. It was because he was too late to come to prepare for the battle, even he didn’t have much time to take out some treasures he had.

Now, since the fight had ended and the members of Dragon Slayer Guild also had left. He cleaned up all the spoils of war and made everyone happy. Then, he took out five Second Order Blood Crystals from his interspatial ring and lined them up. Once again, everyone’s eyes turned wide as they stared.

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