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Longass chapter, 3000+ words =x

Chapter 84: Annihilated

Yun Tu’s group was the latest to arrive as he had to travel with Qing Yi. Everyone had already arrived at the base as they waited for him to come.

“I estimate that the number of enemies is at least twenty to thirty people. The one leading them would be either Duan Hongyu or Duan Hongshan. Everyone, immediately prepare. As for the children who can’t fight, take them to the highest fourth floor. We’ll engage them in the courtyard and the first floor!”

After he came back to the base and counted the number of people, he immediately began to lay up a formation.

“Have you estimated the time of their arrival? Are they coming within a day or several days?!” Feng Ling asked.

“The fastest should be in the early morning. But even if they are slow, they should be here before noon!” Yun Tu replied confidently. They and the enemy both came from Southern District. Thus, even though they were slower than them by bit, it wouldn’t differ much.

“You determined that this information from Xi Jie is reliable?” At this time, Feng Ling finally could figure out a bit.

“Now is not the time to discuss this issue. Set up two shooting points in the two highest places in the buildings around us and find a suitable location and arrange four sharpshooters there. Gui Jiaosan, take the lead and bring three others with you. And fast!” Yun Tu shouted and threw some guns.

“Understood!” Although they didn’t understand as to why Yun Tu would be such in a rush, Gui Jiaosan didn’t ask further and quickly picked three men. Then they quickly rushed to hide in the pointed buildings. Since the required abilities were not high, he picked the relatively weakest people among everyone present.

“Arrange two shooters on the two balconies on the second floor and create a bunker there. Also, five people amongst you are to disguise yourselves and act like refugees. Sit near the wall like the rest of them. As for the others, hide in the first floor of the base. The moment the enemy’s small vanguard team enters the courtyard and a small number of their people enter the first floor, everyone under Gui Jiaosan as well as the others in the higher position must start firing and attacking!” Yun Tu distributed the order to everyone with each individual having their own position except for Qing Yi and Pock Face Zhang Feng.

“What about me?”

Upon hearing Yun Tu’s arrangement for everyone, Qing Yi asked.

“You are to stay on the topmost floor. When you see anyone of us appear from the street corner, you must immediately conjure your Rejuvenation spell to each one of them and then wait for the fight. As usual, you’ll be responsible to give medical treatment and rescue the wounded.” Yun Tu replied.

“And me?”

As he had always been, Pock face Zhang Feng didn’t speak much. But since he was the last one, he thought that Yun Tu forgot about him.

“You stay on guard at the door. The enemy didn’t know our exact location yet, so you stay there to make them notice you and lead them to enter our trap. Are you afraid?” Yun Tu asked.

“No. Casualties in battle are inevitable, and the more we fear dying, the earlier we’ll die!”

Since Zhang Feng usually didn’t talk much, Yun Tu didn’t expect that he’d reply like this.

Yun Tu smiled and asked, “Do you know that Duan Hongyu is a Second Level expert? You think you can beat him?”

“The Second Level experts should have more than twenty points of stats, it’s way too terrifying. I can’t defeat them under normal circumstances!” Zhang Feng replied truthfully.

“How many moves do you think you can cope with?”

“I haven’t had the chance to try it before. So I dunno!” Zhang Feng answered honestly.

“Great! Originally, I didn’t plan to give this good thing for you earlier!” Yun Tu smiled as he took out the Berserker Swordsman Scroll.

Making one’s level advance with Blood Crystals would take time, while learning Job Scroll didn’t, as the moment the Job Scrolls crumbled to pieces, the skills were learnt in that instant. So Yun Tu directly gave it to Zhang Feng.

Every Awakened dreamt having an occupational skill. But since the scrolls basically could only be obtained from Secret Areas, the chance of them obtaining one was extremely minute. Pock Face Zhang Feng himself didn’t expect that today he could learn an occupational skill.

“Boss! I …”

While holding the Job Scroll in his hand, even with a glance he knew that this was a very suitable occupational line for him. He was momentarily speechless due to being excited.

“Don’t be polite. Take it and don’t let me down!” Yun Tu patted his shoulder heavily and expressed what he wanted with this pat.

Upon seeing Yun Tu taking out an occupational scroll, everyone around was envied him. Including Feng Ling, who also had a profession herself. This Boss of theirs was truly out of everyone’s imagination. As if he would seemingly do everything he wanted on a whim.

Along with the crumbling of the scroll in his hand, a light flashed through. The Red Flame Armor and Mountain Slasher occupational skills were instantly etched inside his brain. Pock face Zhang Feng then firmly said, “Now, if Duan Hongyu really comes, I must cut his head. Absolutely!”

“We’re a team. Whoever kills him is just the same. But do pay in mind about your role in this strategy. If today he really comes, I have no intention to let him go!” Yun Tu spoke with a solemn expression.

Just like Yun Tu had expected, the enemy also left the Southern District nearly at the same time with him, while they didn’t travel in a rush like him. As Yun Tu had just arranged everything, the people from Jiangnan Family finally appeared in the street, as some people amongst them were sneakily asking around, inquiring about a new Awakened Guild that just had a recruitment recently.

“What the hell are you asking around blindly here?! What are you entering our Dark Night Guild for? Get lost!”

In order to make the enemy come early, Pock Face Zhang Feng intentionally walked over and loudly shouted to drive him away and then slowly walked back to the yard.

As expected, after seeing Pock Face Zhang Feng, the spies from Jiangnan Family quickly disappeared. But they had firmly locked on the foothold of Dark Night Guild as their target operation.

After receiving the news from the returning spies, Jiangnan Family’s troop that was waiting nearby quickly appeared a few minutes later. The team leader was Duan Hongyu, with a total of twenty-six heavily armed men.

“They’re really quick! Fortunately, I didn’t give everyone a Second Order Blood Crystal to promote their strength. Otherwise, they would’ve killed us while everyone’s promotion had yet to complete. But, this really will be quite tough to deal with!” Upon seeing that the enemies kept emerging in the street road junction, Yun Tu’s nerve also turned tense.

A shining light flashed through as Qing Yi conjured her Rejuvenation spell. Yun Tu turned his head as he looked at her and smiled. This kindhearted and timid girl was sluggish and slow in doing things in usual times, but under his order in this crucial time, it looked like her sense of responsibility was fairly strong.

Two hundred meters,


One hundred meters,


Fifty meters,


Thirty meters,

When Jiangnan Family Guild’s people came around thirty meters in front of the yard’s gate, Duan Hongyu turned his head to the scout who led the way as to confirm the exact location. Then, he suddenly shouted, “Five of you stay outside as to prevent the enemy from escaping. The rest charge with me inside and seize them alive as fast as possible.”

The team members immediately sped up their pace upon hearing their Guild President’s command. They simply didn’t plan to knock at the door as they directly rushed toward the courtyard’s gate.

It could be said that such a strategy was pretty good to storm over the enemy lightning fast. If it weren’t for Yun Tu who returned to the base and laid out the counterraid strategy, Gui Jiaosan and Pock Face would’ve been unable to stop them and be captured within a short while. However, since Yun Tu had long prepared to trap them, no matter how powerful and resilient they were, they were fated to meet disaster.

When five or six vanguards charged into the building, more than a dozen people rushed into the courtyard from the street outside, leaving five men outside on the street in the front gate. In that instant, Gui Jiaosan began to fire, followed closely with another six gunmen who fired at the same time. Everyone who had just rushed into the courtyard and were targeted by them were directly shot in the head.

The gunmen fired the second round, as a half of those people then fell down. The vanguard striking team, who charged into the living room in the first floor, initially believed that they would hit the Dark Night Guild’s members and catch them unprepared. But they quickly found that no one was inside. Upon hearing sudden gunfire at the outside, they looked back through the window to see what happened. At this instant, Feng Ling and the other ten people who were hiding in the inner room rushed out to strike a surprise attack at them.

The fight was basically a one against two. The interlopers may be a crack team, but fighting inside a narrow room against dozens of people who had been buffed with Qing Yi’s Rejuvenation spell, made the Dark Night Guild and the Dragon Slayer Guild’s members turn very powerful. And in a very short time, the whole living room was quickly stained with blood.

As he saw the situation turn like this, Duan Hongyu who had just rushed toward the courtyard’s gate was taken aback all of a sudden.

They were obviously the ones who launched an assault toward. But how come it reversed as they were now facing a counter-ambush? As he heard the gunshot ring again from the nearby tall buildings, he quickly sobered up and shouted, “All of you rush into the building!” At the same time, he also charged into the courtyard.

In his knowledge, Yun Tu was still in the Southern District and basically, there was no Second Level expert in this place. If he were to stay outside, they would be aimed by the gunmen, so they might as well rush to the building and fight in close quarters.

However, when he had just entered the courtyard and had yet to run through the door to the first floor, Pock Face Zhang Feng, who had been hiding all along behind the courtyard front gate, suddenly slashed his broadsword at him.

From the slashing wind caused by the sword, Duan Hongyu knew that the man had a formidable occupation. Although he was only a First Level Awakened, the strike of his sword was enough to claim his life.

He quickly turned around and also released his profession’s skill. The two swords clashed with each other as the force made him step for two paces back. Although the man also withdrew for four steps, he was startled by the move executed by his opponent.

“The Berserker Swordsman, Mountain Slasher!”

Hei Long, a member of his Guild, also had this type of profession. So he could figure out the opponent’s occupation and skills with only a move.

“Come again!”


Fighting with a Second Level expert obviously caused Pock Face Zhang Feng to struggle due to the sheer difference in strength and level, so he quickly made his second move.


Although Duan Hongyu was also a serviceman and his former background was also good enough, however, he had been assuming an official seat for too long, while Pock Face Zhang Feng was a soldier in active duty. Even though Duan Hongyu was a Second Level expert, he was quite scared of seeing the opponent striking at him the second time.

Jumping down suddenly from the fourth floor, Yun Tu was as though the God’s soldier that descended down. Upon seeing Pock Face begin to strike with his First Level skill and unexpectedly being able to contend with Duan Hongyu alone, he chose to strike directly at the people blocking the door into the building to ease the pressure faced by Feng Ling and the others, causing those people to fall down.

At the outside, Gui Jiaosan and several other gunmen were still aiming for a headshot. As several enemies in the courtyard were not only unable to launch their assault to the first floor, and instead, were downed by Yun Tu’s attacks.

Upon seeing Yun Tu, they knew that they had fallen into a trap today. Duan Hongyu suddenly launched his strongest profession’s skill and forced Pock Face Zhang Feng to draw back a few steps. And then turned around to run away.

Certainly, Yun Tu didn’t want to let him go. His body flashed as though a shadow and quickly pursued him.

Duan Hongyu quickly threw a drug into his mouth as his eyes turned red in an instant. He slashed his sword backward toward Yun Tu as even the air caused by the slash carried along with it a cold, fierce wind.

A Second Level expert, coupled with a violent drug, made Duan Hongyu’s each stat rise and surpassed 30 points!

Knowing perfectly well how terrifying the effect of this violent drug was, Yun Tu forcefully stepped back for two steps as his body suddenly disappeared out of thin air.

Even though Gui Jiaosan was on a high building, he could feel that Duan Hongyu’s body had changed as he aimed a bullet immediately toward him.

After the violent drug played its role, Duan Hongyu’s various abilities increased greatly as he raised his sword to block the bullet and caused it to bounce.

“Mountain Slasher!”

Pock Face Zhang Feng, who was just pushed back, attacked again. However, this time, it was even more miserable for him as he was forced to draw back for more than ten steps when their swords clashed. He was pushed backward, and only until he hit the wall was he barely able to stabilize his footing.

The battle inside the building had ended. And the enemies in the courtyard mostly had died. The rest who were still alive also quickly scrambled to escape upon seeing that Duan Hongyu was trying to run away.

The situation was beyond any help. Duan Hongyu was acutely aware that Yun Tu absolutely wouldn’t let him escape. He didn’t hesitate to pay everything for it. He didn’t know how many guns were awaiting at the outside, and the effect of the violent drug would also wear out. As he saw Feng Ling rush out from the building, he decided to no longer run and instead, rushed back into the house, planning to catch a hostage in order to get out of the predicament.

His idea was good, but unfortunately, the cruel reality was against him. Yun Tu, who had disappeared, suddenly reappeared in a squatted position and squinted in front of him in a diagonal crossing pat, causing his thigh to be pierced by his dagger in an instant.

Although under the stealth state Yun Tu would need at least half a second to prepare the attack, this time window still gave enough time for a Second Level Awakened to defend themselves or even launch a counterattack. However, since his strike was too cunning and deceitful, Duan Hongyu was only able to instinctively draw back upon seeing the sudden appearance of the opponent.

At this time, Pock Face Zhang Feng, who was just forcefully pushed back, came back to attack with his broadsword. This time, he launched a sneak attack from the side and slashed his sword at Duan Hongyu’s neck.

If Zhang Feng’s sword was able to cut his neck, Duan Hongyu would be dead without a doubt. But when he heard the whooshing wind behind him, he forcefully turned around to parry.

The two men clashed their swords again. But with the difference of 12 points in stats, not only was Zhang Feng’s grip on the sword hilt shaken, it also made him throw his sword. However, Yun Tu, who intently followed the course of the fight despite the other’s interference, at the same time sent out a strike at Duan Hongyu’s left leg’s ligament with his dagger.

Even though ones were protected and armed to the teeth, but the protective gears were not omnipotent for defense. Every joint had to have space, otherwise, it would hinder the wearer. Since he knew that the opponent was fully protected, Yun Tu carefully aimed his attack toward such places.

With his knee ligament cut off, even if he had swallowed a violent drug that made him nearly as powerful as a Third Level Awakened, Duan Hongyu was still forced to kneel down.

And at the street outside, the few injured people who were trying to escape from their demise fell into the machinations that had long been prepared by Yun Tu. They could only run for a hundred paces before some people who were disguised as refugees earlier suddenly launched a burst of attacks and killed them.

When everyone of the Dark Night Guild and the Dragon Slayer Guild’s people converged again, the battle no longer had any thrilling atmosphere anymore.

“Cut his head off and enjoy your Blood Crystals!”

Yun Tu didn’t want to waste more of his energy. He pulled back directly and let everyone train themselves with the injured tiger. His team and the other people would still have to face countless tough fights in the future. Aside from Zhang Feng, the others were just ordinary people in the peace era. Although they did experience some fights these days, they still had much room for improvement.

Upon hearing the Blood Crystals reward, while they were also in an absolute superior situation, the Dark Night Guild and Dragon Slayer Guild’s members rushed to surround the targets.

A victory was still a victory. Perhaps Yun Tu would want to kill him personally if the enemy was Duan Hongshan. However, Duan Hongyu, for him, was in fact an unfamiliar person. If not because he was a member of the Duan Family, there was not much hatred between them.

However, all of these were no longer important.

Duan Hongyu knew he had lost. He was defeated so badly. But to go as far as being disregarded by his enemy who didn’t want to deal with him personally, was not something he had ever thought. He even couldn’t go all out to try to escape from the encirclement as such psychological attack gave him a heart attack. He finally spurted out a mouthful of blood and dropped down.

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