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Chapter 83: Borrowing Soldiers

“Wait! Don’t kill him!”

When everyone thought that everything had been clear enough, however, when Yun heard the young man’s words, he thought that he was indeed the source of the issue.

It was just he didn’t expect from the beginning that his youngster called Xi Jie would be Xi Ke’s younger brother. When he said that his sister was being controlled and threatened by Yun Tu, he quickly noticed it and immediately associated his words with the event yesterday when he inadvertently sent her to Jiangnan Family Guild. It was obvious that Xi Ke had successfully joined Jiangnan Family Guild, following his request. And since Yun Tu had arranged matters for her, Xi Ke didn’t even reveal the meat of the matter to her younger brother, which led this youngster Xi Jie become a laughingstock here.

Not to mention that besides the sibling’s name being the same, their faces also had somewhat similar features. From this, Yun Tu undoubtedly confirmed his guess.

Yun Tu had never thought that such circumstances like yesterday would now play the role leading to the situation right now. But since the source of the message was Xi Ke, then, it’s reliability was extremely high.

Yun Tu himself didn’t specifically instruct her to do anything when he suggested her to join Jiangnan Family Guild. However, as long as she entered the Southern District’s circle, she would naturally hear that Yun Tu was not in good terms with Jiangnan Family Guild. Therefore, when she caught the news that the Duans were about to send a troop to the Northern District to capture Yun Tu’s people, naturally, she thought that this could bring disadvantage to Yun Tu.

As to why she herself didn’t come find him or Wang Peng in Dragon Slayer Guild, it was perhaps because she thought Yun Tu was just only a guest and was uncertain whether he would still be here. As she was unsure where to find him, then it was better to send Xi Jie to find Wang Peng since he was Yun Tu’s friend, believing that this news would also fall into Yun Tu’s ears.

Certainly, this was only his deductions. However, it was no longer important. Since Xi Jie was Xi Ke’s brother, then he certainly couldn’t see him be killed by Dragon Slayer Guild.

“Huh? What is it, brother?”

As Yun Tu prevented the execution of his order, Wang Peng could somehow could guess. He also suddenly thought that since it was the machination of Jiangnan Family Guild, why couldn’t they pretend not to know it?

However, some things tend to be easy to head to a wrong direction and led to mistakes. But as a seasoned and experienced person, Wang Peng also started to join the gamble!

“Your message is very valuable. In fact, Guild Master Wang is very happy. Later on, if you have any news again, continue providing them to us!” As he took a knife and cut open the rope that tied Xi Jie, Yun Tu gave him a small-sized Blood Crystal.

“Brother, you’re a genius!”


Since he also had a guess of his own, Wang Peng raised his thumb up to add sugar to Yun Tu’s action.

On the other hand, it was inconvenient for Yun Tu to explain the real situation. If Wang Peng knew that Xi Ke had become his underling and he was also the one who planted her in Jiangnan Family Guild, then perhaps, the oversensitive Wang Peng would also suspect him of planting someone in his Dragon Slayer Guild. Although at present everyone was treating each other sincerely, but should the circumstances change in the future, they may become rivals at some point.

“Since Liu Wei has been caught, he’s very likely to submit to them. And our new base also has likely been compromised. So now, we must prevent the attack from Jiangnan Family Guild to our new base.”

As seemingly unrelated with the things that happened yesterday, Yun Tu concealed everything from the beginning to end as he diverted the focus and began to speak out about returning to the base.

“No, Liu Wei won’t betray us! We saved his life, he even became an Awakened because of the Blood Crystals I gave him. He has been very brave ever since!” Feng Ling was reluctant to believe and refuted Yun Tu.

In fact, when Xi Jie told this important news that Jiangnan Family Guild was about to send a force to Northern District, he had a solid conclusion inside his mind that he had two choices in front of him. It was either return to the new base or inform everyone there to flee.


“Only a few can stay firm once they fall to the Duans of Jiangnan Family Guild. We mustn’t act based on our feelings in any way!” Yun Tu directly rejected Feng Ling’s opinion.

Upon seeing their differing opinions, Wang Peng suggested, “Both of your guesses are possible, I think. But nonetheless, there are still no signs that this will happen so immediately. Besides, you can look for another base again as you only have a few people, making it easy for you to hide!”

Wang Peng’s suggestion certainly was reasonable, but Yun Tu couldn’t take it into account. For him, the attack from Jiangnan Family Guild to his Dark Night Guild’s base was about to set in motion. If he were to hide and act too passive, while Jiangnan Family Guild had decided to act, added with his prior experience and knowledge, he saw a good opportunity to machinate a counter ambush. And this time, he wanted to devour this big fish.

At this time, he was certain that Duan Hongyu would be in command personally, and would take along with him quite a lot of powerful elites. Yun Tu might know a little about it, but since Liu Wei had betrayed them, the whereabouts of him and Qing Yi were no longer a secret, while Dark Night Guild only had a handful of members. He estimated that the enemy would only send twenty to thirty people at the most.

Even though twenty to thirty people might be not too many. But to sweep all of them in one fell swoop would be very difficult. Much less that Duan Hongyu was a Second Level Awakened. With Dark Night Guild’s present strength, even if they were to prepare in advance, it didn’t mean that their safety would be guaranteed.

At present, Yun Tu had no one around him. But the Dragon Slayer Guild had more than seventy Awakeneds, with some of them with occupations. Thinking up to this point, a smile was revealed on his face.

“Brother Wang, since my Dark Night Guild is facing a crisis now, could I borrow some of your men?!

“Ah, you couldn’t be wanting to go to open war with Jiangnan Family Guild, could you?”

Wang Peng couldn’t figure out his intention upon hearing Yun Tu’s request. The attack Jiangnan Family Guild was about to set upon Dark Night Guild had yet to begin. Even if he prepared to avoid this predicament, but the enemy was a big Guild with hundreds of people.

Yun Tu said with a smile, “You don’t need to worry. You can choose any members for the job at the shortest of one day, or at the latest, no more than three days. Ah, right. I’m not going to borrow them, I’ll rent them!”

“Brother, you’ve helped so much. You need not speak so straightforward about paying us. Take some men as you want!” Yun Tu did help Dragon Slayer Guild a lot. He had even helped the Brothers a few times. And now, Wang Yang was also being treated by Qing Yi, so Wang Peng had no alternative but to comply.

“Well, a promise is a promise. This time I’ll pay you to hire them. I’ll take ten people with occupations. For each person who joins in the fight and fall, I’ll pay a compensation of five large Blood Crystals. As for the wounded, it won’t be a problem since Qing Yi would be able to treat them. I will also pay two large Blood Crystals for their daily pay!” In the later period of the Apocalypse, hiring manpower was actually very common for major guilds. However, it had yet to become a custom at present, so Yun Tu took the initiative to propose the price.

“If the Jiangnan Family Guild really attacks you, are you really going to use the borrowed soldiers and choose not to fall back?!” Wang Peng asked in confirmation. Yun Tu’s price offer was not low, moving his heart.

“Yes, I mean it. And I want to do this fast!” Yun Tu replied with a definite answer.

The war between the Dark Night Guild and Jiangnan Family Guild in the Northern District could be said as harmless to the Dragon Slayer Guild. It could even be said as giving them hundreds of advantages. Even the pay offered by Yun Tu was enough to convince the other managers in his Guild, so Wang Peng quickly agreed on the spot.

Yesterday, ten people of this Guild, along with Feng Ling and Gui Jiaosan also had cooperated. And the results could be seen that they cooperated well! Although their strength couldn’t be said as the strongest in the Dragon Slayer Guild, however, Yun Tu didn’t have clear knowledge about the situation in Dragon Slayer Guild. So he couldn’t pick up a good roster. But since it was better than nothing, he directly chose the people from yesterday.

“Should we go now? What about the treatment of Brother Wang Yang’s injuries?” Qing Yi asked.

“Let him rest for a few days. In any case, his injury is under control now. Use these few days to restore your own energy, as it will also be more beneficial for your treatment to him!” Yun Tu calmly answered. In fact, his remarks were unfounded. Even now Qing Yi actually was able to carry out the last phase of treatment for Wang Yang. However, since the Dark Night Guild might be facing a tough battle soon, Qing Yi’s Rejuvenation spell would be playing its important role in the battle. Not to mention that there was also a possibility of having cases of injuries and casualties in the fight. So she could still treat them at that crucial time. Thus, at this point, it was inevitable to delay Wang Yang’s treatment.

“It’s alright. Since you have something to do, just go. I’ll send someone to pick Miss Qing Yi a few days later!”

Wang Peng knew Yun Tu’s intentions. In order to allow the members of Dragon Slayer Guild being able to do the job to the best of their abilities, Yun Tu deliberately took Qing Yi who was a healer. But he didn’t say it out loud. Wang Yang was still alive due to Qing Yi, to begin with. So, whatever she wanted to do, he had nothing to say.

Before the team left, in particular, he also commanded that each member must listen wholeheartedly to Yun Tu and manage the problems in the Dark Night Guild just like they did with their own Guild.

As to avoid their move from being sniffed at by Jiangnan Family Guild’s men, the team was divided into five groups. Yun Tu knew that he and Qing Yi were the key focus of surveillance by Jiangnan Family Guild. And their movements were only temporarily known by Wang Peng and the ten people who would help them. So he and Qing Yi were the last groups to leave. Even if Jiangnan Family’s Guild informers knew about it, they would only figure it out late.

After leaving Dragon Slayer Guild, Qing Yi reminded on the way, “Anyways, when we were talking about delaying the treatment for Wang Yang, Guild Master Wang seemed to have something in mind, but he didn’t speak about it.”

“I know. But the outcome of this matter will quickly come out. By that time, he will understand what I’ve thought and done!” Yun Tu replied.

“Also, why are you so sure that Jiangnan Family Guild will certainly attack us in the next few days? If Jiangnan Family Guild turns out to not attack us, wouldn’t those many Blood Crystals be wasted for nothing?” Qing Yi asked.

“Well, let’s just say I have a premonition!” Yun Tu answered lightly.

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