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Chapter 82: Spy

Yun Tu started his journey back before dawn. And when he just arrived at the Dragon Slayer Guild in the Southern District, the dawn had just opened the day. Most people hadn’t yet woken up at this time, however, the members of Dragon Slayer Guild who were on night watch were able to recognize him with one glance.

The members on night watch ran inside to report that Yun Tu had come back, even reporting that he brought a baby with him.

Carrying a baby around was perhaps an extremely dangerous act. However, he still brought it back for various of reasons.

“You finally came back. But, how come you’re carrying a child along with you?” Wang Peng’s face was full of astonishment.

Because he was an honorable guest, the sentry in the main gate didn’t stop him as he directly entered the Dragon Slayer Guild’s base. Yun Tu hadn’t yet entered the suite which was provided for him and Qing Yi, as Wang Peng himself personally greeted him. When they looked at each other’s face, he was certain that something big had happened!

“It’s a long story. Something happened, yes?” Yun Tu directly asked.

“Trouble. And it’s not a small one!” Wang Peng also directly gave the answer.


He didn’t let Yun Tu go to the suite to rest and instead, directly led him to the Guild Master’s office. Wang Peng told him everything that he put on hold and didn’t tend to Wang Yang who was still injured. Moreover, the Dark Night Guild’s foothold in the Northern District was raided by Jiangnan Family Guild, and Liu Wei and Bao Zi’s whereabouts was currently unknown.

Everyone knew perfectly well that since the whereabouts of Liu Wei and Bao Zi was unknown, then it was certain that they had fallen to the hands of Jiangnan Family Guild. And since he received the news, not only had Wang Peng sent additional manpower to do a surveillance around the station, he even had sent manpower to secret sentry posts around Jiangnan Family Guild’s base. It was to guard against attacks from Jiangnan Family Guild in the same night toward them, for which he nearly didn’t sleep all night.

“This is really quite the trouble!” Yun Tu frowned after hearing the news.

Since Wang Peng was just an outsider, he also wanted to discuss this with Yun Tu regarding his own people. So he asked, “Qing Yi and Feng Ling shut the candle off by 2:00 AM last night, so I think they haven’t woken up by now. But if you need them, I’ll call them to get up!”

“Brother Wang, from your explanation, I don’t believe that these two girls would know what to do!”

Since Wang Peng told him the present situation, Yun Tu knew that they didn’t take any decisions or actions. So even if he woke them up, they wouldn’t be of much help. Therefore, Yun Tu didn’t have the intention to wake them up immediately.

However, when Yun Tu and Wang Peng were discussing about the countermeasures, the two women rushed in a hurry to the office. They probably had left a message to the service members of the Dragon Slayer Guild last night.

“Boss, you’re finally back! I’m extremely worried!” Feng Ling and Qing Yi looked as though they found their pillar upon seeing Yun Tu.

“I already know about the approximate situation. We shouldn’t be impatient facing difficult situations. The more urgent the situation, the more we have to calm ourselves. It’s already very good you didn’t fall to your impulse to storm over the Jiangnan Family Guild!” Yun Tu praised.

“So, what should we do next? You wouldn’t abandon Liu Wei and Bao Zi, would you?” Upon listening to Yun Tu’s tone, the women inquired with a bit of worry.

“Everyone should know that we could die at any time in the Apocalypse. The apocalypse itself is no longer an important matter, so your worries are unnecessary. Although they are not core members of our Dark Night Guild, but as the first batch members of the guild, I never had the thought to abandon them. Anyways, I’ll leave this child for the two of you to take care of temporarily. And be careful! It’s very likely that he’ll bite you!”

Yun Tu replied to them as at the same time, pointed at the child who was wrapped with a blanket on the sofa.

Yun Tu had just only been out for a day and now he returned back with a child. Such unexpected act made Wang Peng surprised. And now it was Qing Yi and Feng Ling’s turn to be surprised.

“Be careful. He might bite you!”

Yun Tu ignored their surprise and repeated saying the risk.

“Whoah, so plump and fair, such delicate baby! He’s so cute! Huh? How come he bites? His teeth haven’t grown long?”

“Ah, whose family’s child is he? What’s his name?”

“Where are his parents?”

The two women asked a series of questions in succession. But Yun Tu had no time to answer them. He and Wang Peng were still thinking about how to deal with the next possible moves of the Jiangnan Family Guild. As well as trying to find the means to save others from them. A minor concern such as this child naturally would be given to these two women as he couldn’t pay attention to him now right.

When Yun Tu and Wang Peng were carefully scrutinizing every detail of yesterday’s event, as well as analyzing how would the next situation develop, at the outside, a young man under twenty-years-old came knocking at the Guild’s front door.

“What are you doing sneakily here?” The gatekeeper shouted!

“Big Brother, sorry. I’m also an Awakened. I have something I need to tell you Guild Master!” The young man smiled.

Upon hearing that he was also an Awakened, the gatekeeper turned a bit polite and asked, “The registration will open at 9 AM. If you will sign for the special recruitment group, after your registration has been verified, the Guild Master will naturally see you!”

“No, no. I’m not going to sign up. Someone asked me to tell you a crucial information!” The young man explained.

“You can tell the information to me!”

“I’m really sorry, before I can see your Guild Master, I can’t say it.”

What crucial information would it be? Which only the Guild Master could receive it?! The guards at the gate discussed about this a bit. Since there should be no one who dared to come here play prank at the Dragon Slayer Guild, perhaps it was really important. Since they had just brought Yun Tu in a moment ago and the Guild Master was also now in the office with him, so the two members at the gate took the young man in.

“Guild Master Wang, my name is Xi Jie. I’ve received vital information about Jiangnan Family Guild that would be very important for your Dragon Slayer Guild. So I came to you to talk about this information business!”

As he saw there were a few people along with Wang Peng and Yun Tu, the young man called Xi Jie obviously turned timid, but after he deeply breathed, he pretended to be honest and experienced.

“What news? You wouldn’t be blackmailing for Blood Crystals, would you?!”

Wang Peng stared at his large eyes and pretended to ask. In fact, he had long had suspicions toward people who said they wanted to sell information to him in these troubled times. The first thought that came to his mind was that- this man was a spy deliberately sent by Jiangnan Family Guild.

“I can tell you the news first. A large-sized Blood Crystal as the price should be enough. I’m sure the value is worth the price, and Guild Master Wang can decide it afterward!”

“You aren’t afraid that you could lose your reward doing business like this?”

“I just became an Awakened yesterday. So today, after I woke up and particularly prepared myself to go hunting outside, I happened to overhear some people from Jiangnan Family Guild in the street. They said that their Guild Master is on a big move. He’s about to send twenty people to the Northern District to do some big things. What I know is only this much. Guild Master, you can decide whether this news is worth one Blood Crystal or not!”

The young man turned a lot more timid upon seeing the sharp and fierce gaze from Wang Peng, even his voice shook a bit. But his expression was quite obvious. As he had obviously achieved his goal to convey the message, while the point of selling the news was a fake.


Looking at his expression, Wang Peng knew that he was lying with only one look. His tone then suddenly turned severe as he said, “The Jiangnan Family Guild has already moved to cross paths with the Dragon Slayer Guild. With such a trifling news do you think this news can be used to sell for money? Someone has instructed you to say this news, didn’t it?”


“Uh, what…”


The young man clearly didn’t expect that the other side would be able to guess the truth. This youngster called Xi Jie was clearly inexperienced as he immediately exclaimed without himself realizing.

What he said a moment ago, that someone had instructed him to say that, was true. He was just an ordinary high schooler in the peace era and had yet to gain any social experience to do any deceiving.

After the Apocalypse came, after their parents died, he and his sister only had each other. They also had some food stockpiled that was possible to last for at least a month. However, a few days ago, their food stockpile had been emptied, taken away by the food levying team from Jiangnan Family Guild. The siblings were forced to the edge of life and death.


However, his sister brought back two Blood Crystals, of which he didn’t know where she obtained from. So the siblings succeeded in evolving and became Awakeneds. But what made him clueless was that, after his sister succeeded on becoming an Awakened, she immediately joined the people who originally robbed their food, the Jiangnan Family Guild. For which, the reason as to why he also quarreled with her.

And today, right before dawn, his sister came back and then told him this news. She asked him to go to the Dragon Slayer Guild and sell this information. Then, he suspected that his sister took a liking to someone in Jiangnan Family Guild. And since Dragon Slayer Guild was the enemy of Jiangnan Family Guild, she intentionally joined them. Later on, they could join hands as one would stay inside and the other would be at the outside as they would begin to sell information for money. Upon thinking to there, the youngster quickly agreed to his sister’s plan.

His thinking was very simple. As long the news had a real value, even if Dragon Slayer Guild wouldn’t pay him the first time, they wouldn’t treat the siblings wrongly in the future. But he didn’t expect that the latter would correctly guess the truth.

“Since we can’t do business, I guess it’s of no value for you, then I give it to you for free. Anyways, I’ll take my leave then!” Although his circumstances had been fully guessed correctly by the other party, but Xi Jie still didn’t know that danger was approaching.

“You think I don’t know you’re a bastard from Jiangnan Family Guild? Tie him up!”

Wang Peng sneered as the 65 model revolver appeared in his hand and pressed on the youngster’s chest. He was quite sure that that this youngster had a certain goal in running so early in the morning.

The two guards who followed behind Xi Jie quickly tied up his hands.

“Guild Master Wang, Guild Master Wang, I’m really not someone from Jiangnan Family Guild, I…”

His sister asked him to sell this news. But he didn’t expect that he would suddenly be tied by the others. Everything was beyond this Xi Jie youngster’s expectation. But his big sister also didn’t clearly tell him about this information selling. So for a moment, he didn’t know how to explain more.

As to why would Jiangnan Family Guild send this kind of inexperienced youngster with such poor performance, Yun Tu who stood at the side was also unable to figure it out clearly.

“Three minutes! You have three minutes to think clearly and to tell me who told you to send this messed up news. If you refuse to tell the truth, I’ll directly cut you off!” After having said that, Wang Peng rather intentionally looked to the clock on the wall.

Wang Peng was an experienced man. In the peace age he was a well-known criminal investigator. He was extremely experienced in dealing with simple people such as this youngster. He knew that a simple and crude means was the best way to deal with him.

If there was no any useful information, he also didn’t mind killing such a dumb youngster that could be used easily by others. To him, it was obvious that this youngster was only a periphery staff who only got a little benefit from Jiangnan Family Guild of whom basically had no important value.

The second pointer on the clock turned second by second. Nobody spoke as they only looked at the youngster called Xi Jie.

The invisible pressure increased along with the clock’s needle movements, as the struggle from his heart from this youngster called Xie could be seen clearly on his expression. The one who gave him the information was his sister. And it was painful for him. Since this person from Dragon Slayer Guild was this vicious and cruel, he was naturally unable to spit out the name of his sister.

“Time’s up! Kill him!”

Wang Peng spoke without even turning his head. It seemed like he didn’t want to see him anymore.

“D-Don’t… don’t kill me! I’ll say…”

In the end, Xi Jie finally couldn’t bear it!

“Good! Now tell me, who told you to come here, and what’s their purpose?” Wang Peng smiled, but the murderous intent in his eyes didn’t reduce.

“It’s Yun Tu, Yun Tu!”

Finally, when Xi Jie recalled something from his memories. He remembered that when his sister suddenly got two Blood Crystals and then the both of them became Awakeneds, he asked his big sister from where she got the Blood Crystals. His big sister impatiently answered him that she got them from Yun Tu. Certainly, he didn’t know who Yun Tu was, but if he gave Xi Jie the two Blood Crystals with no reason at all, Xi Jie wanted to get an affirmation from his sister whether she got the crystals with a shameless method or not. That was, whether she sold her body or not. So he didn’t have any good impression toward this Yun Tu.

It was his blood big sister. He didn’t want to sell her out. But now, after being faced with life and death in front him, he could only divert it toward this Yun Tu person.

After saying this name, he then relived his previous suspicion and thought that this Yun Tu must be a top brass in Jiangnan Family Guild. He estimated that this Yun Tu not only had done “something” to his big sister, this man also had forced his sister with shady and shameless means. Otherwise, why would his big sister send him here to sell this information?

“Yun Tu, do you know him?!”

Everyone present knew that this youngster obviously didn’t know him. But now the youngster suddenly said it was Yun Tu who sent him. Then everything was clear. Jiangnan Family Guild knew that Yun Tu was in Dragon Slayer Guild as well as wanted to destroy the relations between them and sent a spy to see their reaction.

“I know Yun Tu! He’s a senior manager from Jiangnan Family Guild. He caught my big sister and forced her to send this information! I’m really not a member of Jiangnan Family Guild. Please, I beg you. Don’t kill me!”

From his mouth, Yun Tu suddenly became a senior manager in Jiangnan Family Guild. When his words came out, everyone present were finally unable to to burst into laughter.

“Pulling some nonsense? Kill him!”

Wang Peng finally issued his final order. The youngster was obviously used by Jiangnan Family Guild and only had a small role. Keeping him any longer was useless.

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