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Hmm, don’t if we can release all 5 chapters this week (2 owned from last week and 3 from this one), we’ll have to see. Enjoy!

Chapter 81: Half Zombie’s Baby

The half zombie female had died. Naturally, the baby that wasn’t yet able to stand, was also not a threat. Although starving to death might be the fate he faced, but before he died, the baby still babbled as he also crawled over his mother’s dead body. This scene suddenly struck Yun Tu with sadness.

The baby was still too small. He didn’t know that his mother had passed away while he was trying to look for the warmness from the dead body that would soon lose its temperature.

Whilst dragging his fatigued body, Yun Tu hugged the baby and went back to the fourth floor. He put the baby on top of the bed with a good quilt as he carefully rested beside him. The reason as to why Yun Tu brought him, was caused by the pity he had toward the baby. As he also could prevent the danger, just in case the baby would cry in the middle of the night.

Since he didn’t want to erase this small life, then tonight, Yun Tu was destined to have a restless night.

Similarly, in the member’s residential area of the Jiangnan Family Guild, Liu Wei and the thirteen years old orphan called Bao Zi were being kept and interrogated in the interrogation room.

The Jiangnan Family Guild truly worked fast and efficiently. When Yun Tu arrived in the Northern District from the Southern District, one of their teams also stayed in the Northern District. After having spent a day or two, they were able to sniff two big news about him. One was about the elimination of Overlord Gang, and the other was the massive robbing of a large number of Blood Crystals in the government square. After Yun Tu fled to the Eastern District, the time window between the events could be said to be very short, and his small actions amidst the chaos in the Northern District couldn’t be said to have negligible influence. But more than twenty people sent by the Jiangnan Family Guild to the Northern District were able to secretly investigate it thoroughly, and quickly fixated their focus on the recruitment advertisement of his small guild.

From morning, the Jiangnan Family Guild’s people had found their foothold. They weren’t sure that Liu Wei was Yun Tu’s people, however, the spy quickly eavesdropped their dialogue inside the house and finally found the hints about them.

It was unknown whether Feng Ling’s luck was good or not. But when she had just returned, the spy sent by the Jiangnan Family Guild had just left. When she assigned the work arranged by Yun Tu to the other members and then left, the men of Jiangnan Family Guild came over and encircled their station. They originally believed that they would be able to catch all the fish in the dragnet, but they didn’t expect that eight people—either the adults and the younger ones had already left, leaving only Liu Wei and Bao Zi in the house.

With twenty against two, while Liu Wei was caught unprepared, the two could only desperately resist in haste, as within a few rounds they were already captured alive by the interlopers.

Jiangnan Family Guild, on the other hand, also had snitches planted in Dragon Slayer Guild. So, the sneak attack executed by Duan Huarong toward Yun Tu, was already planned as Jiangnan Family Guild perfectly knew that Yun Tu had yet to leave Southern District.

As they brought back the two new prisoners of war to their station for the interrogation, naturally, the next thing they did was lay an ambush to apprehend Yun Tu’s other underlings.

Upon knowing that Yun Tu established a guild with members who had family, Jiangnan Family Guild thought that Yun Tu should also have important family members. As long as they were able to seize his loved ones, they thought of every means possible to lay an ambush to settle the score with Yun Tu. As having hostages in their hands was equal to having a tool that could deter him. This would make him don’t dare to strike and kill their people unlike before when he killed Duan Family’s members.

However, as they performed the interrogation from morning till afternoon with various means, either soft, hard, cold or warm, Bao Zi—the orphan teenager, didn’t chill out even a sound as he was a mute. Liu Wei, on the other hand, was afraid of pain and couldn’t withstand the hits. But the information that came out of his mouth was but only nonsensical things and nothing could be taken as truth after scrutiny.

They had never thought that these two would be so hard to deal with. As they waited for the ambush team to seize the other members and also interrogated them; at 5:00 PM, the ten in the ambush team was crushed by the enemy’s beautifully crafted counter-ambush. Only two men were able to escape and come back, albeit injured severely, as the rest were completely killed.

When this bad news reached Duan Hongyu and Duan Hongshan, it almost caused them to faint. This time, the vice-captain of the ambush team also died along with two important younger generation members of the Duan Family. Not only were they Awakeneds with valuable occupations, they also wore the guild’s most sophisticated protective gears.

Since the second day of the Apocalypse after Duan Minghui met Yun Tu, this devil had harvested more than sixty lives of their people. If this damned existence were to be left alone, even if the Jiangnan Family Guild was as solid as a huge combat tank, it would eventually break apart and disintegrate.

As such, they must allocate the entire strength of the Guild to sweep clean Yun Tu and the others, regardless of the cost! Even if the Dragon Slayer Guild refused to hand Yun Tu over, they didn’t hesitate to declare war and destroy them together.

“I strongly disagree going to war with those seventy Awakeneds of the Dragon Slayer Guild just to deal with Yun Tu alone!”

In the top brass’ temporary meeting, when Duan Hongshan and Duan Hongyu proposed this action bill, the representatives from the military faction from the former Jiangnan Garrison Army—Battalion Commander Ding Junlong, strongly opposed their proposal.

In Yun Tu’s past incarnation, the Jiangnan Family Guild was basically under the words of Duan Family. However, in this life, it was very different. Because of Yun Tu’s multiple blows, along with the price they had to pay, the Duan Brothers, even though they assumed the two highest positions as President and Executive Director of the Guild, however, their Duan Family’s direct force had been reduced to less than half of the entire force Jiangnan Family Guild had.

Not to mention they had wrongly killed the Regimental Commander Jiang Menghua. This made the servicemen who joined the guild for various reasons, begin questioning the means and ideas the Duan Family had. This was then continued the questioning at treatment toward their military members. Thus, the military faction’s attitude posed a serious challenge toward Duan Family.

If it were someone else who opposed them, the Duan Brothers would’ve flew into a rage at the scene. However, the one who opposed them was but the Battalion Commander Ding Junlong. His force and the number of men under him, was comparable to Duan Family’s. Even if they were to be independent and split from Jiangnan Family Guild, they wouldn’t be inferior than the present Dragon Slayer Guild.

“The hatred between your Duan Family and this Yun Tu is the cause of this disaster. You should’ve left this behind in the peace era. I’m not against you if you want to use the Guild’s forces to exterminate him. But if you also want to wage a war with Dragon Slayer Guild, I think the President and the Executive Director didn’t put our brothers’ life and safety into account. Since this meeting is being held right now, I have to speak my part, and if I’m mistaken, I hope everyone doesn’t take offense. So now henceforth, I propose that Battalion Commander Ding should be appointed as the Executive Director!”

Upon seeing Battalion Commander Ding’s opposition, not only did Platoon Leader Zhang support him immediately, he even pushed it further by proposing Ding Junlong to assume higher position. It was obvious that the military faction and the others had been quite dissatisfied with how Duan Family managed the Guild.

The faction division within Jiangnan Family Guild had begun to take shape, and it made the Duan Brothers’ faces blacken. Then, they diverted the topic into some other insignificant issues. And eventually, the meeting ended in quite bad terms.

Since at present the issue with Yun Tu was very urgent to deal with, the Guild was forced to find ways to make up with each other, but they found that it was difficult to satisfy both sides. Under desperation, the two Brothers went over toward the interrogation room where Liu Wei and Bao Zi were being kept.

They had to win this man! So, as they shifted their focus, the two brothers took the lead personally and the approach began to change. Liu Wei and Bao Zi were interrogated separately. Since the teenager was assumed to know nothing, the two brothers locked Liu Wei and carried on their attacks at him. At first, they sent a Pharmacist to heal Liu Wei’s wounds and then followed by sending two beautiful women to go on stage!

Humans, as always, had weaknesses. Liu Wei himself was a flexible person, and he was also loyal. But his obvious weakness was, he was lustful and quite lascivious. Originally, he could have left after becoming an Awakened, however, the biggest reason as to why he still joined was largely because of the existence of the belles, Feng Ling and Qing Yi.

Certainly, it couldn’t be said that men with lustful nature were bad, but such a nature was also a weakness one could strike at.

He was able to withstand repeated the tortures from the Jiangnan Family Guild. From this only, it was already a sufficient proof that he didn’t covet life and fear death.

However, the Duan Brothers also knew what kind of man he was. And breaking through people’s mental barrier was their Duan Family’s craftsmanship since the peace era, to begin with.

Thus the torture began. If he told a person’s name, then he could touch and even grope the beauties’ chests. If he told them the person’s occupations, he would be able to kiss the beauties’ lips and have lustful tongue kisses.

These two beauties were celebrities in the peace era. They were beautiful women whom such a nobody like Liu Wei wouldn’t dare to ever think about. Liu Wei knew that it was a soft attack, but even so, he quickly fell to the enemy’s hand. Everything was difficult at the beginning, but after having gone through the storming wind and rain, Liu Wei knew that he had been emptied clean by the enemy.

The number of people who joined the guild, the names, the skills of their occupations, and how to join the guild. He told them everything.

Fortunately, Liu Wei didn’t know the specific location of the Dark Night Guild’s new foothold in the Northern District. At that time, when Feng Ling was showing him the address, he only glanced at it when she asked him whether he knew the location. He also wasn’t familiar with the Northern District and didn’t pay much attention to it. But he still remembered the street name roughly, though he didn’t know the number of the building.

This information was enough to make his comrades lose their lives, as Liu Wei also didn’t want to say it. However, under the influence of drugs prepared by Duan Hongshan, along with the stimulation from two naked beauties added with the thought that Yun Tu would still kill him even though he returned back to the Dark Night Guild later, Liu Wei finally gave in. He chose the romantic thought that he might as well become a dead devil after playing with the roses.

The torture spent most of the night. Even if they didn’t know the exact building number of the Dark Night Guild’s new base, however, would it be difficult to find it if they knew the street’s name?

Yun Tu had caused them to swallow many losses already. Not to mention that yesterday, their plan to exterminate Yun Tu as well as storming the Dragon Slayer Guild was vetoed by Ding Junlong. If this time they came back empty handed again, then, the collapse of Jiangnan Family Guild was imminent.

It was a crucial time to gain a perfect victory for the Jiangnan Family Guild, either from the morale aspect or for the consolidation of the guild itself.

With such considerations in mind, Duan Hongyu as the President, personally took command to form the strike team in the morning next day.

Qing Yi was still in Dragon Slayer Guild. As for Yun Tu, he had yet to come back after leaving the Southern District to Eastern District. Since his woman was still in the Dragon Slayer Guild, then Yun Tu still didn’t know about the situation, and he would definitely come back to Southern District first.

As for the Dark Night Guild’s members, there were only three adults in their new foothold. Gui Jiaosan, Zhang Feng and Li Xin, along with three teenagers and two children whom were yet unable to fight. And nobody amongst them had combat-oriented occupations.

With such weak strength, the team with President Duan Hongyu as a Second Level Awakened with other ten people should be enough to deal with them. But he handpicked twenty-five elite members and decided to send scouts to find out the specific location first tomorrow. After which, he planned to storm over lightning fast and lay a tight net to catch all of them.

The predicament the Dark Night Guild would soon be exterminated by the Duan Family, was naturally out of Yun Tu’s knowledge. He woke up with the soreness and aches all over his body gone after yesterday’s campaign. After seeing that his body’s stats had been restored to normal inside his mind, Yun Tu got up from the bed.

The female half zombie’s baby was still sleeping. Its small mouth was twitching from time to time, seemingly reminiscing the sweet taste of his mother’s milk. All in all, he was no different from a human child.

However, Yun Tu quickly realized that something was not right. The baby apparently had grown a lot after a night, and the changes happened to him were quite shocking.

“I wrongly calculated this!” He secretly muttered to himself.

He carefully examined the baby’s clothes. Yesterday, when he held this baby, the clothes were still very loose. But today, the clothes were very tight. Although last night was very late when he hugged the baby from the fifth floor to the fourth floor, and then covered him with the quilt on the bed, Yun Tu was still able to determine and see it clearly.

If this speed of growth was the trait this baby had, it was estimated that this baby had just only born for several days!

Since the advent of the Apocalypse, everything was possible. The principle truth that the growth of myriad things depended on the sun had collapsed. Under this dark red sky, a large number of former living creatures died, while some others had to go through mutation. All the surviving living beings quickly adapted to the environment. As long as there was enough blood as food, the number of zombies would double with no time. And now, those dead trees sprouted new leaves and branches. Even bamboo shoots grew faster than the originals on Earth. The new world was being shaped.

With this line of thought, Yun Tu quickly found the evidence to prove this point, as the baby turned out to be wearing clothes that had a name on it. Along with the phone number of the parents.

Generally, the names on clothes were written by the adults for three or four years old playgroup or kindergarten children, to facilitate the teacher to know and manage the children. As well as it gave a contact means, in case the children went missing.

However, for a baby who had yet able to walk, this set of clothes he was wearing, obviously didn’t belong to him!

The mother obviously looked for clothes casually after she gave birth to him.

But, was this baby boy born after the advent of the Apocalypse?

His growth rate was indeed astonishing. If this growth speed didn’t slow down, Yun Tu estimated that this baby boy would grow into an adult size within one or two months.

His mother definitely was a half zombie. Before his rebirth, Yun Tu also had never heard that the zombies or half zombies could give birth. Thus, the only explanation was that, the mother was in the late period of pregnancy when the Apocalypse came.

If this baby boy really had a human body and was born from the half zombie female, then it meant that he was a rare new breed of species in this world. When he though this, the baby woke up as he was as though smiling when he opened his eyes and looked at Yun Tu.

People of Asian descent had black pupils. While the zombies’ pupils were green. But this baby actually had mysteriously glowing purple pupils.

As Yun Tu exchanged a glance with the baby, he had the feeling as though he was being sucked into the baby’s eyes. Giving him the feeling of the deep and profoundness inside!

How could this be?

In a short instant, a sort of short circuit happened to his brain!


The Apocalypse was filled with mysteries. After his rebirth, Yun Tu’s biggest hope was that he could continue living and untie the riddles all of these mysteries someday. He felt that he had been fighting passively ever since the Apocalypse came. And he didn’t find any opportunities to let him break the bottom of the matters.

He carefully inspected the baby’s entire body. Aside from his pupils, he didn’t find any traces of differences between this baby with a human child. He really looked like an ordinary child.

The baby’s half zombie mother said that her son was a normal human. Regardless of what she said was logical enough, whether she was intentional due to the reason as to prevent Yun Tu from harming her child, however, regardless if it was human, half zombie or zombie, they wouldn’t make a wrong judgement with such appearance. The baby boy was at the least, not half zombie.

Perhaps, he was a mutated human borne from a half zombie. His mother subconsciously hoped that her son would be a pure human. And perhaps, this was also precisely the root of her pain.

Then, would this child be categorized as human also? After he grew up, would he be able to develop powerful abilities later?

Suddenly, Yun Tu truly wanted to know the answer! But at the same time, he also realized that such an endeavor contained risks he would be unable to control!

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