MOTDN – Ch 8

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Chapter 008: Duan Family’s Customs


“Pa- pa!”

One left and one right. 2 clear slapping sounds sounded as Wang Nuobing’s right and left cheek were slapped. The thick makeup on her face was now added with 10 vivid fingerprints. But she didn’t dare to cry loudly. She could only hold back her tears as she stood motionlessly as though a silly wooden statue in the middle of the living room.

“YOU CHEAP SLUT!! Act like a man’s mistress; you must keep your man’s honor and dignity. You stroll outside and only stir up trouble. You even had the delusion to enter our Duan Family? PUI! Your first love bastard ripped off Minghui’s ear, and you still wanna protect him and is afraid to tell me that bastard’s address? It seems like you really want to be on the newspaper headlines tomorrow, hah?!” Duan Minghui’s mother completely beat her, and then she hit Wang Nuobing’s face with her ramblings and rain of curses.

The slap on the face was painful, but these words hurt her self-esteem even more!


For a long time, Wang Nuobing had always believed that she was not in the wrong in betraying Yun Tu and throwing herself into Duan Minghui’s embrace. Even if she wasn’t officially married to him, but at least she would get the minimum respect. No matter what, the Duan Family had spent quite a fortune to help her become the champion of the Pop Song Competition, and she could be considered as a small star after the event. But now, Madam Duan’s words had pushed her into an ice hole. Only now did she realize that under this respected family’s eyes, she was just only a plaything.

She perfectly understood the meaning behind the “headlines” Madam Duan spoke of. There was no way for a small star to enter the newspaper headlines unless her dead body was found on a street corner.


Today, she bumped into Yun Tu in the streets by chance and ridiculed him. She didn’t have a plan to have a longstanding relationship with this playboy Duan Minghui, and neither did she have a deep relationship with him. But since Duan Minghui was with her, she was afraid seeing Yun Tu and provoked him on her own initiative.


But at present, Madam Duan suddenly vented her anger on her after seeing her injured son. She didn’t dare to defend herself nor did she dare to protect Yun Tu. But she had broken up with him for more than a year and she didn’t know where he lived. She only knew from her other classmates that he seemed to occasionally sing on the street corner at Eastern District.

With sobs and tears, she told everything that had happened to the family’s head— Duan Hongshan. She looked like an injured bird, waiting helplessly for all the judgments and verdicts that would be imposed on her by the family’s highest decree maker.

Although she was Duan Minghui’s girlfriend on the surface, but she had participated in several events held by Duan Entertainment’s President, Duan Hongshan, to help “stimulate” business moves. She basically became a companion for feasting, as well as ‘sleeping’, either for him or his guests. She was now hoping that this 50-years-old man would have a trace of sympathy for her.


But in a matter of seconds, her illusion had broken apart!

“You’re the one who courted this trouble, causing Minghui to suffer such a heavy wound. If I don’t give you the proper punishment, the Duan Family will be a laughing stock. Others will say that our family has no family custom to discipline people!” Duan Hongshan slowly lit a cigarette.


“What family custom…”


Wang Nuobing had been associated to the Duan Family for only a year. She had heard about Duan Family’s custom many times, but never once had she ever seen nor tasted it. But, hearing such a remark, it made her heart shiver.


“Each and every woman who has been with our family, and made mistakes, I would teach her to know that wherever she goes, as long as she opens her clothes, everyone will know that she is the Duan Family’s!”

“I still don’t understand what it means, President!”

“It doesn’t matter whether you understand it or not. You’re about to taste it, after all!” A devilish smile surfaced on Duan Hongshan as he looked at Wang Nuobing.


‘Does he wanna do it in front of his wife…’ Wang Nuobing’s complexion blushed. Although she was not a good woman and was far from being pure and chaste, but she didn’t even dare to have such a disgusting thought.


“A slut will always be a slut. Just look at her damn face! At this time she still wants a man?! What other words could be said other than slut!?” Madam Duan at the side reprimanded as an extreme disgust was revealed on her face whilst she motioned to the bodyguard at the side.


Then, a bodyguard stepped forward without a word. He quickly pinched Wang Nuobing’s neck from behind and roughly pressed her down on the marble coffee table and quickly opened her skirt.


“Everyone wants to look pretty, but not everyone knows that they must act with dignity. After you taste this Duan Family’s custom, later on you must have enough brain to learn from your mistake. As long as you’re loyal to the Duan Family, you will still have a good life.” In front of his wife, Duan Hongshan stroke Wang Nuobing’s sexy and curvaceous buttock back and forth a few times as he then tightly pressed down the lit cigarette on top of it.

To burn a woman’s ass with a cigarette, so they would forever remember his cruelness and viciousness. This was Duan Hongshan’s family custom, the custom of the seemingly gentle big shot in the entertainment business.


The greenish black fire smoke from the cigarette burned Wang Nuobing’s tender buttock meat as it emitted a burnt smell. Wang Nuobing’s heart was scorched with pain. She recalled the time when she was still with Yun Tu. Although they had always been in financially tight circumstances, but they did truly respect each other. She might be a small star now, but such an inhuman insult was now the fate she had. Thinking back as how she had always been determined and strong enough to face everything, she couldn’t hold back anymore, as teardrops the size of beads dripped down from her eyes.


Having ‘tasted’ the family custom, she left the Duan Family mansion, and opened the used BMW car that was gifted by them half a year ago. Wang Nuobing didn’t dare to go to the hospital as she only bought a few medicinal plasters and ointment from a small drugstore at the district’s entrance. Alone, she drove on the street along the river, with not even an idea as to where she’d to go.

By now, only then did she feel that Yun Tu treated her well. But she perfectly knew that some things were meant to be gone forever. Even if she were willing to give up her small celebrity status and return to Yun Tu’s side, Yun Tu would never forgive and accept her again. And she, she didn’t have the face to see him again.


According to her work schedule, there was a fan meeting conference tomorrow afternoon. But since there were zombies’ rampaging in the city, she didn’t know whether the event would be cancelled or not. Besides, she was just a puppet, and everything was decided by the Duan Family’s father and son. She needed only do what she was told.


She stopped the car and walked alone along the river bank as she watched the rolling and billowing waves in the river. She wanted to die and end all her problems, but she didn’t even have a bit of courage to jump down.

It was raining. She smelled a fishy smell from the rain of blood. She knew that if she was to get drenched with this rain of blood, she would get sick, and even die. She might have no courage to jump into the river, but killing herself with this rain didn’t need much courage. Like this, she wildly dashed through the rain until her body was void of any strength.


In the eyes of the Duan Family, Wang Nuobing was but only a tool, a toy, and a plaything. Even if she were to die, nobody would even give a shit about her. Since Wang Nuobing didn’t know about Yun Tu’s living place, bringing her back would be useless. After Wang Nuobing left, Duan Hongshan quickly launched another vicious plan.

Last year, Yun Tu and Duan Family had neither a love nor hate relationship. But he was an excellent singer, and didn’t want to sign a contract with Duan Entertainment. They couldn’t accept and be exposed in the light, so they contacted an underworld gang to send Yun Tu to prison. But today, never once had he ever thought that he, who should be someone that had no place to return to, would even dare to attack and injure his precious son. And Duan Hongshan had always been someone who had always pulled out the root of weeds.


After Wang Nuobing left, a mysterious man who had been dealing with all the black deeds for the Duan Family for years, quickly came to the Duan Family’s mansion. After Duan Hongshan relayed the message in a whisper to him, the man quickly left.

For average people, finding an ordinary person in the large Eastern District might take a lot of time. But for a big organization with a good networking system, it wouldn’t take long.


Yun Tu’s plan today was to find the Brother he had met in his previous incarnation. But never once did he ever expect that he would bump into Duan Minghui and that slut. He was now still in a foul mood as to why he didn’t use his assault rifle to kill them. But since he met such a potential in the new police officer Wang Yang, he felt that his efforts of strolling around the Southern District had been paid.

After having bid farewell to Wang Yang, Yun Tu originally wanted to take a cab. But after having waited for a long time, not even one showed up, so he had to go back to his flat on foot.


Walking also had its own advantages. If he was able to come across some zombies on the way, he could harvest a few ordinary energy crystals conveniently. Although the probability was very low to have First-order mutated zombies on the second day of the apocalypse, there should be a tiny Blood Crystal inside those ordinary zombies’ skulls. However, the volume and energy it contained was far lower than that of the Blood Crystal from a mutated Black Zombie. However, no matter how small the uses were, since he had just been reborn, he had to learn to amass them.

As expected, in just a short while, screams sounded from one of the two storey residential buildings. The house head of the family had turned into a zombie. In fact, according to the government’s announcement, he felt that he had contracted the sickness and then took the initiative to have his family tie him to the bed beforehand. However, after he had mutated and lost his reason, he struggled furiously and then broke the ropes. The entire family got massacred in an instant. The first victim was his daughter who was still a junior high schooler. The grandmother, who shouted to save the 13-years-old granddaughter, braved death and fought with her son zombie before she was bitten to death and killed by her own son who had just mutated into a zombie.

To save her youngest son’s life, the wife braved herself and attacked the husband zombie with a kitchen knife in desperation. But the desperate and weak woman was not the zombie’s opponent. The husband zombie quickly and effortlessly killed her.

The miserable screams spread afar. The neighbors who had long known that the family had sick family members, didn’t dare to come to their rescue and instead hastily escaped from that floor.


In contrast, Yun Tu rushed over. After finding the source of the screams, he quickly kicked the door down.


Upon seeing fresh food suddenly delivered at the door, the zombie that had sucked dry 3 people’s blood hurled over toward Yun Tu in an instant.

Yun Tu chose to use the fire axe. His bullets were limited, and he didn’t want to make any loud noises.


He swayed to the side to avoid the rushing zombie and used his left leg to hook the zombie’s leg. The zombie lost its balance and fell down to the floor. Then, he lifted his windbreaker coat calmly and took the fire axe hidden within. In a swift movement he cut off the zombie’s neck.

A lot of similar occurrences happened along the way. However, Yun Tu tried his best to not intervene with places where the police had come as to avoid inviting troublesome matters. In his 10 km walk and killings along the way, Yun Tu killed 6 zombies and obtained 6 tiny Blood Crystals.

It was midnight, 1 AM. Yun Tu was about to return to his flat. However, when he was about 50 meters downstairs, he suddenly sensed a few faint killing intents that were targeted at him.



[1] Brrr… somebody please put mature and psychological tag on NU. Quite dark novel…  So I’ll give my best to bring along the dark nuances and mood in the novel in my translation. Dark is dark and white is white, and I wanna bring those dark nuances out even though it might be disgusting for many readers.


Man, the author lays the foundation for the story in the future. Judging from the flow and style, the most important allies and enemies are being revealed fast. Maybe it’s a fast paced story.

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  1. “The greenish black fire smoke from the cigarette burned Wang Nuobing’s tender buttock meat as it emitted a burnt smell. Wang Nuobing’s heart was scorched with pain. She recalled the time when she was still with Yun Tu. Although they had always been in financially tight circumstances, but they did truly respect each other. She might be a small star now, but such an inhuman insult was now the fate she had. Thinking back as how she had always been determined and strong enough to face everything, she couldn’t hold back anymore, as teardrops the size of beads dripped down from her eyes.”.



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