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Chapter 79: Breaking Through

Yun Tu’s original intention in going to the Eastern District was to find Jiang Xiaoya and Wang Ze.

However, finding an army of thousands of people was easy, but it was difficult to find one!

It was obvious for him that at this stage, the Dark Night Guild was lacking talented personnel to manage the guild. In this Apocalypse, the pure managerial talent could be said as meaningless. Saying something and wanting one’s words to be heard and convince others, personal strength was an aspect of the utmost importance. Those two were quite powerful, and they were also experienced in managing the army. With the three of them cooperating, as well as synthesizing all sort of conditions, Jiang Xiaoya and Wang Ze would definitely be the best candidates to improve the current state of the Dark Night Guild’s management.

However, things didn’t go as he wished, and he wasn’t able to find them, causing him to end up hunting Green Zombies in the Eastern District.


The Second Order Green Zombies’ Blood Crystals had now become precisely the most sought strategic resource for major guilds. Along with the rising number of the Green Zombies, the probability of a zombie tide to occur was also rising. Everyone knew that the human population had sharply declined along with the rapid growth of the zombies’ strength. At this time, the guilds that could kill Green Zombies and had Second Level Awakeneds in their ranks would undoubtedly take the lead in the future.


In the Southern District, following the Jiangnan Family Guild’s President—Duan Hongyu, the Executive Director—Duan Hongshan and the Battalion Commander Ding from the army had risen to the Second Level in succession. The Guild Master of the Dragon Slayer Guild—Wang Peng also had become a Second Level while Wang Yang and another core superintendent of the guild also only needed one Second Order Blood Crystal to break through to the Second Level.


As for the situation with the Western District, it was currently unknown. But the situation in the Western District was much more complicated than the Southern District. There were also some large and medium-sized guilds there with Second Level experts. Otherwise, there should’ve been a phenomenon of large refugees fleeing to the Northern and Southern Districts from there. And from the Northern District, it was also heard that there were two Second Level experts in the Heavenly Seal Guild.


For the time being, Yun Tu didn’t care about how many members his Dark Night Guild had. However, about the number of Second Level members, he also didn’t want to lose to the opponents. As long as his core members could keep up with the moves of the guild, recruiting or creating new ordinary members could be done at any time.


Harboring such idea in mind, Yun Tu didn’t immediately return to the Southern District after successfully obtaining one Second Order Blood Crystal. He already had one Second Order Blood Crystal before, and as long as he got another one, then he could make one member of his guild breakthrough to the Second Level Awakened. Therefore, he intended to take advantage of his good luck and look for Green Zombie in other places.


He never expected for his luck to be so good today. After a little more than an hour, he ran across one Green Zombie again with similarly a few ordinary zombies around it. Without spending much effort, he got yet another Second Order Blood Crystal.


Since it was easy to obtain Second Order Blood Crystals, it made Yun Tu’s greed rear its head as decided to continue hunting to get the third one. After roaming the Eastern District from the early morning until dark, his wish was finally achieved.

He thought that after Qing Yi had finished treating Wang Yang, she certainly would worry about his safety. So before the sky turned dark, he dragged his exhausted body and rushed toward the Southern District.


Perhaps since his good luck was too excessive previously, on his fast travel way back to the Southern District, he finally came across a large tide of zombies. Not only did the zombie’s numbers reached up to hundreds to almost a thousand, the horde was even led by three Green Zombies.

“Damn! This is terrible!”


He had spent all day long hunting and killing. Although all of them were done with sneak attacks, however, he had launched his occupational skills, the “Stealth Step” and the “Backstab” repeatedly. Yun Tu had his physical strength spent already, and small Blood Crystals were too weak to supplement and restore his physical strength. Even though he also had successfully harvested five Second Order Blood Crystals today, however, in order to continue hunting he had used up four First Order Blood Crystals respectively.

This time, he happened to encounter a zombie tide, and he didn’t want to spend another large Blood Crystal again. Finally, he decided to turn round and ran back to the Eastern District.


Supplementing physical strength with Blood Crystals in a fight indeed could restore physical strength. However, the strength recovery this kind of supplement brought, was different from normal rest. It was not different with sex stimulating drugs. The first effect from using the drugs was obvious, but after the efficacy worn out, the person who used it would turn weak again and had to increase the dose for the next uses, or else the effect would drop sharply.


And now, even if Yun Tu swallowed a large Blood Crystal, he could only exert his speed up to 60-70% of his normal state.

Upon seeing that he was turning around to escape, the three Green Zombies certainly didn’t want to let him go as they chased him over and closely tailed behind.


Yun Tu clenched his teeth. Regardless of his serious physical overdraft, he used his “Stealth Step” once again. Although it was a critical moment of life and death, he knew perfectly well that it would have a serious impact and damage on his body. However, he had no better options left.

Upon seeing that Yun Tu disappeared all of a sudden, the three Green Zombies that were tailing him instinctively paused and startled for a moment. But Yun Tu then appeared again tens of meters in front of them.


Since he forcefully activated his job skill, he could only vanish from sight for only one second. His stealth state was automatically expired as the various stats of his body don’t maintaining their state much longer.


After his figure appeared again, Yun Tu apparently had no hesitation to forcefully continue running, and it looked like the automatic collapse of his job skill didn’t have much effect on him. But in fact, even if his skill was activated for only a second, it caused the blood inside his chest to boil up to his mouth, as he could taste a trace of its salty flavor with his tongue.


However, now was not the time for him to rest and heal himself. No matter how difficult it was, he had to brace it and couldn’t slow down even a bit.


The Green Zombies were almost on him. Yun Tu had passed several alleys, and he couldn’t shake them off still. Upon seeing that these things were almost catching up, he desperately turned and crashed into a building.

Using layer upon layer of corridors and setting up an ambush looked like that it was a good plan just like the previous time. However, today this method was actually impracticable. Yun Tu rushed into a tall building, followed closely by the Green Zombies that furiously chased after him. But then, the majority of Black and ordinary zombies that were previously left far behind, finally caught up with them. And since Yun Tu had entered the building, the three Green Zombies summoned hundreds of Black and ordinary zombies to gradually surround the building. And now he had truly fallen into the tight encirclement of this zombie tide.

And this time, there were no men from Jiangnan Family Guild whom he could use to attract and fight these zombies. Those several hundreds of zombies under these three Green Zombies only had him as a target, and only had one goal, which was to shred him to pieces.

After rushing into the building, Yun Tu rapidly climbed upstairs. Whilst running, he used all the debris and objects he could get to create barriers and obstacles for the three Green Zombies that were in furious hot pursuit behind him. After he rushed to the seventh floor, he was finally able to distance himself from those three Green Zombies by a floor. At this time, he took a piece of large Blood Crystal and swallowed it to restore his severe overdraft of physical strength. The Blood Crystal melted quickly inside his overly exhausted body. But even so, his physical strength still faced depletion.

Finally, the distance now was suitable for him to aim them with a gun. He was quite reluctant and unwilling to do it, but in order to survive, he must do everything necessary.

Despite being reluctant, he finally took the hard-to-get Second Order Blood Crystal and put it into his mouth. The energy contained in this Blood Crystal far exceeded the large-sized First Order Blood Crystal. If he were under his normal state it would have restored his condition to the peak, but since he had used five First Order Blood Crystals before, the effect of this Second Order Blood Crystal was greatly reduced, and could only barely restore his physical fitness up to 80% of his normal state.


However, it was enough! As long as he had the strength, he could fight back. At the same time when he took the Second Order Blood Crystal, he raised his precious sniper rifle.



A gunshot sounded as one Green Zombie that had just turned at the stairs from the sixth floor to the seventh floor, was accurately shot on its tendon a bit under its knee bone, causing it to kneel on the corridor.


At this point, if Yun Tu took his second shot, he would be able to kill it. However, he only had six sniper bullets left and each was extremely precious. This time, Yun Tu didn’t intend to kill the Green Zombie to obtain its Second Order Blood Crystal. Even if he insisted in forcefully killing it, he didn’t have the time, for he didn’t have the ability to sweep the zombie tide and take away the fruit of his victory.


Swallowing the Blood Crystal would only temporarily boost his physical state. And doing that would take too much time. The absorption efficiency for the Second Order Blood Crystal was also very low, and he was perfectly aware that in the next ten minutes the effects would worn down and he would become weak again. Let alone killing this Green Zombie, he would even have trouble escaping. Therefore, he could only choose to injure and not to kill it.

After the first Green Zombie knelt down for two or three seconds, only then did the second Green Zombie came over as it learned from the first Green Zombie’s mistake. Yun Tu had no choice but stand from his spot, because using the same old trick was unlikely to succeed. The Green Zombies were different from the Black and ordinary zombies that weren’t afraid to die. These Second Order zombies had begun to develop their own wisdom and wouldn’t blindly rush forward.


Yun Tu didn’t underestimate the opponent. The moment the Green Zombie dashed toward him, he turned around again to escape to the next floor. He replaced the sniper rifle with his pistol and shot a few rounds to the back.

When he arrived at the twelfth floor, the two Green Zombies behind him had already issued a command for tens of Black Zombies to rush upstairs, as they had arrived to the tenth floor by now.


Now, everything was within Yun Tu’s calculation. This building he chose to escape to had a total of twenty floors, with no other buildings adjacent to it. It looked like a dead-end, but in fact, he had a good escape route earlier.

By the time he arrived at the twelfth floor, Yun Tu quickly replaced the pistol in his hand for his Second Tier dagger and quickly cut a hole on the emergency door to the elevator that had long been cut off from power.

This elevator shaft end-stop point was the B1 basement parking lot. However, there was a line of steel wire in the middle of this empty elevator shaft all the way down there. After he forcefully opened the elevator shaft chamber, Yun Tu finally arrived and came out at the B1 underground parking lot.

Although the ground was also jam-packed with a massive number of ordinary zombies that were already catching up, but it wouldn’t be much of a problem for him. The only things that could constitute immediate danger to him were the Green Zombies that were still inside the building, leading a large number Black Zombies on the tenth floor.

Although some cars should be parked in the basement parking lot and still had a lot fuel in their tanks, however, Yun Tu couldn’t take a car and drive it at all. Driving a car at night in the Eastern District would only bring numerous zombies to come besieging him, as the sound of the engine would attract them.


After having come out silently from the underground parking garage’s exit and killed dozens of zombies, he was finally able to break through the encirclement of the zombies. The sky had gone dark by now. After running at his speed limit for about a kilometer and convinced that the two Green Zombies were unable to find him for a while, he spat out the Second Order Blood Crystal from inside his mouth that had almost melted. After putting it out carefully, he took a First Order Blood Crystal and put it into his mouth.


Having several hundreds of Blood Crystals, although it looked like it was quite abundant, but in fact, he had to them carefully. He couldn’t wantonly waste it in this Apocalypse.


But the Second Order Blood Crystal was nothing but a treasure. Not only it had a total amount of energy that far surpassed the First Order Blood Crystal, the most important thing was that its energy was much purer. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was facing a critical moment of life and death, he would absolutely be unwilling to use these hard-to-get treasures as energy supplement.


Although only half of that Second Order Blood Crystal remained, but if he gave it to a First Level Awakened such as Feng Ling or Qing Yi, it was still able to increase their basic stats a bit. Rather than spending it on him to temporarily add to his physical strength, it was much more useful and cost-effective giving it to them.

Feeling that he would soon enter a weakened state again, Yun Tu finally had no choice but give up his idea to head straight to the Southern District, and decided to find another hiding place in the Eastern District.

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