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Guys, in the last few chapters a few of Yun Tu’s stats were said to be 21, but were wrong in the raws. In chapter 66, when he advanced to the Second Level, all his stats became 22, with only Hearing being 31. The previous chapters are already corrected. Enjoy!

Chapter 78: Reversing the situation

She had left the temporary base for only a few hours, but such big accident happened when she came back! Feng Ling had never thought that such a situation would arise.

Going to the rescue head-on definitely wouldn’t work. But leaving like this was also not good. Gui Jiaosan and the others would come back soon. And although they were lucky not to be ambushed by the enemy; however, Gui Jiaosan’s team had undergone a day-long battle. It would be very difficult for them to maintain their heads cool and stay vigilant after coming back.

Since she had showed herself toward the Jiangnan Family Guild’s men, it would be very inconvenient for her to wait at the mouth of the alley to wait and intercept Gui Jiaosan and his team. Thus, she had to find some help from others.


Fortunately, the members from the Dragon Slayer Guild were still in the plaza in their task to recruit new members, led by the Meng Da and Meng Cheng Brothers. They were precisely the people who came to invite her and Qing Yi last night. And today they also went together with the bus toward the Northern District. The three of them were already familiar with each other, so Feng Ling decided to ask for their help.


“Those bastards from the Jiangnan Family Guild have occupied your Dark Night Guild’s base? By now, they must have set up an ambush there. Okay, we’ll lead our brothers there and prepare the shovels to bury them!”


After Feng Ling rushed to find the Meng Da and Meng Cheng Brothers, she quickly told them about the situation as the two brothers immediately blazed with fire.


In the Southern District, the Dragon Slayer Guild and the Jiangnan Family Guild were hostile to each other. Even yesterday’s accident was intentional, as the men from Jiangnan Family Guild created a zombie tide and lured Wang Yang, who was leading his hunting squad, to run in on the horde. Not only did two members of the Dragon Slayer Guild died in the battle, even the surviving ones got seriously injured. If it weren’t for Qing Yi who used her Priest occupation skill to treat them, even Wang Yang—who was a very popular figure among the guild’s members, would have died because of them.


The hostile relationship between the two Guilds had already been brought to light. The Jiangnan Family Guild was much more powerful than the Dragon Slayer Guild, causing the Guild Master—Wang Peng to suppress the urge of the guild’s members who wanted to avenge their brothers.


But now they were in the Northern District, where there were only a few members of Jiangnan Family Guild. If they could shove them to the pit and were able to avenge their dead brothers and seek revenge for the injured Wang Yang, they could at least vent out the foul taste that filled their mouth and head.


“There’s only a few of you they can recognize since they already knew my face. And now, the most important thing is that you must immediately send a few of your brothers to wait at the both ends of the alley, to wait and intercept Gui Jiaosan from our guild. We need to discuss the plan with his team!”

The Jiangnan Family Guild had set up an ambush in the building. And they didn’t know the number of people they had. Rashly rushing to face the enemy now would only give them heavy losses. Even though she was also worried for Liu Wei and the children’s safety; however, Feng Ling was now an ad-interim head of the Dark Night Guild, so she had no choice but to act carefully.

“OK! Three of our brothers will stay here for the recruitment, while the others will go with me. We’ll also send one of our new blood to drill in to find out about the situation!”


They assigned three people to set the plan into motion. Two people would wait at both ends of the alley to intercept Gui Jiaosan and warn him about the enemy’s ambush, and the other one would immediately head to the building to find some information and scout the situation.


At this time, the Dragon Slayer Guild’s member who scouted didn’t shout from the street like Feng Ling. He directly headed to the second floor and knocked on the door. After waiting for a while and seeing there were no movements or sounds at all, he shouted to apply for the recruitment.


As expected, as soon as he spoke, he got the same response Feng Ling got before. However, since this time he went directly to the door, knocking it and stated his identity, the Jiangnan Family Guild’s men who were thinking that the Dark Night Guild’s people had come, were slightly excited and made some movements, causing their ambushing position to be exposed a bit.


“The front door is unlatched, even though I only slightly pushed and opened it a bit, I can tell that the voice that replied to me came from another room. So that means there should be no one in the living room but in the balcony and the other rooms. The enemy possibly has planned to let our people enter the living room and then ambush us there.”


After the scouting man came back, he made a simple analysis and reasoning on everything he heard and saw there.


When the three people were having discussion about it, a member of Dragon Slayer Guild had intercepted Gui Jiaosan, the Pock Face- Zhang Feng and the others.


Yesterday’s food sweeping was a failure, but today’s hunting and food sweeping tour to the Eastern District could be said as a fairly smooth endeavor. Not only were they able to harvest a dozen of small and large size Blood Crystals, but they also found fifty to sixty pounds of foodstuffs, seasonings, salt, cooking oils, vinegar and some other spices.


While they were returning back home with a happy mood, they didn’t expect that when they even hadn’t yet arrived at the base’s door, someone stopped them, telling them that their base had been occupied by the Jiangnan Family Guild’s men. He even told them that the enemy had set an ambush for them in their very home.


Although they didn’t recognize the man who stopped them; however, since the man mentioned about the Dragon Slayer Guild, as well as told them that Feng Ling and his leader were waiting for them in the square, Gui Jiaosan finally decided to follow him as he thought that nobody would set up an ambush in such a large plaza.


After he met again with Feng Ling and the latter told him everything about the situation, Gui Jiaosan finally knew that the report was true.

The number of people they could gather was limited. The new recruited members of the Dragon Slayer Guild weren’t yet ready for battle, while there were only ten old members amongst them. Added with Feng Ling, Gui Jiaosan, Pock Face and Xiao Bao, they only had fourteen people. And it was obvious that they wouldn’t gain the advantage with numbers.


However, since they had seen through the enemy’s ambush and could be said that they were in the dark and the enemy was in the light, the situation had been reversed. For a while, Gui Jiaosan took his time to brew up a strategy for a counter-ambush battle.

Some residents also lived in the building, and the corridor was also often used for people to enter in and out of the building. They firstly sent out three men disguised themselves as ordinary people to head upstairs directly, and setting up an ambush point at the stairs’ bend to the third floor.


A few minutes later, Pock Face Zhang Feng and Meng Da disguised themselves and pretended to be applicants as they headed directly to the flat at the second floor and knocked on the door!


“Get lost! The recruitment has been filled!”

Everything was as reported. The door was unlatched and the voice didn’t come from the living room. The man’s voice came out from the inner room.


The two people glanced at each other as Meng Da spoke again, “Hey, your Guild is way too unreasonable! You don’t even greet and see us at all! This is ridiculous!”


“I said get lost! We’re not recruiting anymore. It’s useless for you to remain here!”


This time, it was another man who spoke even though there was no intimidation or threatening tone at them.

“We brothers had been putting our hope on coming here and apply. But you—you’re intentionally deceiving us! This Big Daddy and my Big Brother have traveled far to apply here and we’re so damn hungry right now, only to get rejected by you people! You’re just wasting our time. At least you must pay compensation to us, and serve us a meal, or give us some food. Otherwise…”


Meng Da finally pretended to play rogue, but yet, they didn’t push the door open.


“The door isn’t locked! If you got the balls, you can come in and throw your shit at me!”


“You bastards have no sincerity in recruiting it seems. I’m really sick by your disgusting shit!”

“You punk…”


Both sides from the inside and outside chatted for awhile and finally, the opposite party got incensed. And judging from the sound of footsteps, two men came out from the inner room.

They were carrying guns and had the door unlocked and slightly opened in order to ambush the people from the Dark Night Guild. And now they used the guns to scare the two rogues outside the door. They thought that as long as those rascals saw real guns, they would become obedient and leave. But, they naturally wouldn’t hesitate to use it if necessary.

They had occupied the foothold of the Dark Night Guild since morning and had taken two hostages to their general HQ for interrogation. A dozen of people remained here and then laid an ambush, and had been waiting for several hours inside. They had been harassed more than ten by applicants, causing their vigilance toward the so-called applicants to disappear.

The Jiangnan Family Guild’s men inside the room were about to go out to scare people, but the people outside—Zhang Feng and Meng Da had long had the intention to kill them as they prepared their blades upon hearing the approaching footsteps.


“If you don’t roll now, I—this Father will make you fucking dead!”


After the door was pulled open, the two men from inside—wearing their fierce and ferocious expressions—were struck dumb as they didn’t expect that they would be greeted by cold and shining long blades.


Posing to be unintentional and then striking, this was the best sneak attack method. Although the enemies were wearing protective gears; however, the people outside had long been prepared to kill them. And at this very second, two long blades straightly cut their necks.


No matter how good martial arts one had, a brick could still knock them down!


It was the best sentence to explain the effect of this sneak attack. All of them were First Level Awakeneds, and none of them had achieved the level of making their body stronger than metal that could make themselves impervious to swords and bullets.

It was only less than a second after the door had been opened, but two enemy men screamed at the door and died. After having picked up their guns, Zhang Feng and Meng Da stood in the doorway and didn’t rush inside, looking as though Grim Reapers standing motionless at the door.


Upon hearing that something not right was happening at the door, a few men came out from the inner room again. Pock Face Zhang Feng and Meng Da quickly pulled the triggers simultaneously as gunshot sounds reverberated. They directly made attempt to headshot the opponents as to avoid the bullets to be blocked by the enemies’ protective equipment.


First Level Awakeneds might have fast reaction speed, but they were still unable to dodge bullets from three meters’ distance. Two enemy men quickly fell, and the remaining people also drew their guns to fight back upon seeing the situation. Pock Face Zhang Feng and Meng Da quickly turned around and ran toward downstairs.


The door was narrow, and the number of people who could pass through at the same time was at most only two people. Zhang Feng and Meng Da didn’t directly leave the corridor but headed straight toward the stairs and stopped there. And then, after six enemy men rushed out of the door, Pock Face Zhang Feng and Meng Da who had turned around, fired again. While at the same time, the three men who had long been waiting to ambush at the stairs’ bend to the third floor suddenly rushed down and attacked the enemies from both sides, catching them unprepared. Three men out of six died on the spot as the remaining three quickly drew back into the room.


In just less than a minute, the Jiangnan Family Guild had lost seven men, while three others were injured. The leader of the team also died, causing the remaining seven or eight men to fall into panic as they ran back to hide inside the flat and didn’t dare come out again.


Pock Face quickly took out a bundle of paper which had been poured with gasoline and lit it with a lighter, then threw it into the living room.


All of a sudden, pungent and irritating smoke filled the whole room, causing all the people inside to cough unceasingly!


“They’re laying an ambush in the corridor for us. Rushing out of the room now will only make us get killed. Everyone, head to the balcony! We’ll escape from there!”

However, their move was already within Gui Jiaosan’s expectation. After having gone through three waves of attacks and suffering losses one after another, the enemies didn’t dare to rush out to the corridor and quickly destroyed the aluminum alloy barricade to the balcony as they scrambled to jump out one by one. But Feng Ling, Gui Jiaosan and the others were waiting for them downstairs to the street and surrounded them. In the chaotic fight, the first three men who had jumped, immediately met their maker in a flash.


The last four men who had no time to jump down realized that the situation was against them. But they didn’t rush back into the flat, and instead destroyed the other windows in the bedroom that faced toward the back of the building and jumped outside.


This point was out of Gui Jiaosan’s calculation. But then, the ambushing team in the staircase and the corridor along with Pock Face forcefully rushed to the room at the time when the last four men had just gone back inside. Three men escaped while the last one who had been injured was trying to drag his body and stood by above the broken window. Pock Face rushed and directly thrust his blade at his back, sending him downstairs, delivering him to the king of hell!


The fight ended. After stamping on the smoke bomb paper bundle and extinguishing it, they searched every room but didn’t find Liu Wei and the child’s dead bodies.

The counter-ambush was perfectly executed. However, they couldn’t rescue Liu Wei and the child. And judging from the situation, the two had already been captured alive and taken away by the enemies.


The sky had gone dark. They were now thinking about the next moves. They were in the Southern District, and preparing a joint ambush with the Dragon Slayer Guild to hit the Jiangnan Family Guild was entirely possible. However, Feng Ling and Gui Jiaosan were out of ideas as to how they could rescue their teammates who had been captured by the enemies.


This temporary base had already been exposed. But the enemies didn’t know that they had another foothold. So that place would be safe, at least for the time being. Feng Ling, along with Gui Jiaosan, Pock Face and the others then headed to the new foothold; after which they decided to go along with the members of the Dragon Slayer Guild to the Southern District to look for Yun Tu to make a decision.


However, she didn’t know that Yun Tu was not in the Dragon Slayer Guild at this time. After he left the Dragon Slayer Guild, Yun Tu had quickly left toward the Eastern District and hadn’t yet returned until now!

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