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Chapter 77: Ambush

When Yun Tu was fighting in the Eastern District, Feng Ling and some people from the Dragon Slayer Guild were headed to the Northern District. Now she finally understood as to why Yun Tu had such an impulse last night. Certainly, those people from the Dragon Slayer Guild had used these courtesy ladies to pull him up.

Since she was also a girl, it was easy for her to chat with these ad girls. Only then Feng Ling knew what these girls did in their line of work. If it were in the peace age, she certainly would avoid such women. But she was well aware that with the present situation, they were forced by the circumstances.


Having no food and starving, asking these women to stay reserved and hold onto the moral or ethical codes to keep their dignity and chastity, was but only hypocritical.


Women’s fate in the Apocalypse was truly bitter and cruel. Feng Ling secretly rejoiced that she had her boudoir friend—Qing Yi, whom she thought was a fortune bringer.


Otherwise, she couldn’t have become an Awakened in the first day of the Apocalypse. She might have died back then. And even if she lived, she could have fallen and degenerated and become such an ad girl she met today; whom in fact, was equal as the “fresh meat” seller. Certainly, she wouldn’t be able to become an Awakened and much less able to follow such an expert powerhouse like Yun Tu. More so, she couldn’t become any higher than a First Level Awakened with a profession.


The streets were full of debris and garbage. Nobody cleaned the roads in the Apocalypse. The gasoline was also very scarce and there were only a handful of cars on the road. But this time, since there were nearly twenty ad personnel, the Dragon Slayer Guild prepared a bus to send them out, and it took only a short while for them to arrive at the public—government plaza in the Northern District.


After having arrived at home, Gui Jiaosan along with the pock face—Zhang Feng and Xiao Bao had gone out. Their plan and Yun Tu’s was pretty much similar. Yesterday, their plan to sweep for food in the suburb of the Eastern District had failed. Today they changed the route as they passed through the East Bridge all the way through the Eastern District and began hunting. They also brought Li Xin’s ring in the hope that they would find some surplus food in some empty lots in the Eastern District.


Feng Ling came back and brought along with her the working plan Yun Tu had arranged for them. Upon hearing that the Jiangnan Family Guild had hundreds of Awakened members, while there was also a large number of Awakeneds gathered under the Dragon Slayer Guild, and now Yun Tu also asking them to clean up a new site, they estimated that the Dark Night Guild would also go all out. Their worries that Yun Tu would harshly criticized them about their work, disappeared. Even Liu Wei who was worrying the most came back spirited.


“The recruitment will be your responsibility. Boss Yun Tu also has the arrangement to recruit ten people in this first batch. He wants the new recruits to be adults and have no burdens such as family. So put that on the message in the ad for the recruitment and choose the best applicants!” Since Feng Ling was the only core member among them at present, it was natural that she took the leadership.


“I will handle it!”

Liu Wei had always followed what Feng Ling arranged since long ago, so he complied immediately.


Don’t rob food when driving away the ordinary people. And from Yun Tu’s tone, if possible give them some food. Looking at the address, Feng Ling could tell that Yun Tu had marked this place for a long while, and she thought that it wouldn’t be too difficult a task.


After discussing with Li Xin, she then decided to leave Liu Wei with half of the teenagers at the base to recruit new members. Then, they led the rest of the teenagers out. Otherwise, if anyone knew that there was nobody in the base, some refugees would come and occupy it. And it would be troublesome to clean up the base again at that time.


The three of them were locals and not familiar with the Northern District. However, Yun Tu said that it was near, just about two kilometers away from the base. Feng Ling and Li Xin, along with the teenagers, asked about the place from some people and quickly found the said place.

The address pointed at the building near a small plaza. It turned out to be a dilapidated old-styled building with a yard with a four-storied main building. The front yard was ten meters square wide and it was full of weed. There was also another ten-meter square wide backyard with an old locust tree, full of weed and debris.


It could be seen that the owner didn’t live in this place for many years. There was also a big white-lime “To Be Demolished” word on the wall. It seemed that in the peace age, the owner resisted to move over and insisted to stay to defend this place.


However, at present, the owner’s whereabouts was unknown as whether he was still alive or already died. There were also twenty people from other districts who currently occupied the place.


“How come he chose such a broken place?”

The both of them didn’t understand Yun Tu’s intention. The Dark Night Guild was about to recruit ten more people. And judging from the number only, they would fully occupy the courtyard.


Actually, when Yun Tu told her about this issue, Feng Ling didn’t accurately listen to his explanation. Yun Tu said that this would be another station for the Dark Night Guild in the Northern District. Setting up a residence and a station was, all in all, two different concepts.


In Yun Tu’s major plan, the residential base for the Dark Night Guild was not in this place, as the place would serve as a sub-transit point for the Dark Night Guild in the Northern District.


Although it was only a sub-transit point, there was a reason as to why he chose this place. Certainly, he didn’t tell the reason to anyone in advance because it wasn’t necessary.


The small plaza was called Bright Street Plaza. A few days ago this place was very lively, because a light pillar from the shattered rainbow fell on the center of the square. However, nobody was able to even trigger the Secret Area in this place. Hundreds of Awakeneds had come to the plaza, trying to trigger the Secret Area to no avail, and slowly gave up trying eventually in the last two days.

That was the renewable Secret Area. Only after the second day of the third week of the Apocalypse would it automatically open as it finished gathering energy.

Certainly, there were other buildings around this Bright Street Plaza. The reason as to why Yun Tu chose this old building was because there was a deep well in the backyard that had been unused for ages.


After the advent of the Apocalypse till now, the well water couldn’t be directly drunk up. However, humanity continued to adapt to the new environment, and after ten days and a night, people could drink the well water after it was boiled. Since electricity ceased working, the city’s water supply system was basically out of order. And people would have to drink from bottled water from the peace age, as even some bold people couldn’t withstand the effect of drinking the boiled water from the wells and rivers. Later on, people found out that although they would got diarrhea and became sick after drinking the surface boiled water for the first time, but after they passed through the sickness, drinking it again turned out to be fine. The news that the human body could adapt to the new environment then spread out, and the majority of people began to move and live near the river or other countless surface water sources. By that time, aside from the rivers or other tributaries, either in the Eastern or Northern District, a lot of people in the area near the rivers suffered from that illness.


With that thought in mind, having occupied the deep water well in the area far from the river, which was also near the renewable Secret Area, would naturally give superior advantages in the future.


But certainly, Yun Tu didn’t tell them about these, and the two women couldn’t guess anything.

“The Boss certainly has his plans. We need not to think much, let’s just do the task he gave us!” Li Xin said.


“Bah, he’s always acting mysterious. Believing that he’s the greatest man in the entire world!” Feng Ling cursed. But even so, she still carried out the task and didn’t even slacked in her work.


The whole building was very big. And there was only a handful of people living there. In addition, these refugees were not the owner, to begin with. The two Awakeneds adults and teenager rushed in and shouted at them to leave the house. Some hoodlums tried to revolt as they gave them a lesson and broke one leg of each. After having spent more than an hour, the place was finally cleaned up from the former people who occupied it.


When all of the refugees had been driven out, they closed the door and cleaned up the debris in the backyard. Feng Ling then found a deep water well in the backyard that had been abandoned for years.


“It turned out to be because of this!”


She suddenly realized. She spent a night in a five-star hotel occupied by the Dragon Slayer Guild. And from them, she knew that boiled water could be used for bathing. Naturally, she could figure out that this well would be useful.


Aside from Yun Tu, Feng Ling, and Qing Yi, nobody in the Dark Night Guild had taken a bath for these ten days. Upon hearing from Feng Ling that she could take a bath with boiled water, Li Xin as a woman, suddenly turned excited and almost cried out loud.

However, the gas in the room had been removed by the refugees, so Feng Ling took a bottle of gas from her interspatial ring and connected it with the stove in the kitchen.

To be safe, Li Xin boiled the water twice as they then took a bath after finishing the work. By then the time showed that it already past 3PM.


Liu Wei and nine others should be back by now! Feng Ling left Li Xin and the teenager in this new house and prepared to make dinner. And then, she returned back alone to the base to check on Liu Wei and his recruitment progress.


When she arrived at the building downstairs, she suddenly felt something wrong. Although her hearing ability wasn’t as sensitive as Yun Tu’s, but she could hear Liu Wei’s voice on the second floor even though she was standing downstairs on the street. The ten people didn’t move together as three people, including her, weren’t there while two others were away to recruit people. Under normal circumstances, there should be quite a lot of people moving around the house. Unless they were hiding intentionally or there was nobody inside.

After having gone through several life and death experiences as well as experiencing some battles, coupled with the incident with the Overlord Gang’s ambush, Feng Ling had slowly developed her sense toward danger.

She was sure that something was wrong. And it certainly was a problem!

She looked up at the balcony on the second floor and didn’t go directly to the corridor. Pretending to be an outsider, she then shouted, “Hey, is this the Overlord Gang’s base? Aren’t you recruiting people here?”

If Liu Wei was inside, then normally, he would hear her voice. Even if he couldn’t hear it, he would come out and respond.

“It’s been filled already! Fuck off!”

A bald man’s head came out of the balcony as he stared at her with a fierce expression and headed back inside quickly.

Had an accident really happened?

How could there be such a bald man in the building? Even if the man had been temporarily pulled in by Liu Wei, he shouldn’t be that rude and tense.

Feng Ling was quite startled. She strongly suppressed her shock and then shouted, “Hey, shouldn’t female Awakened be given priority?”


“We recruit Awakeneds to kill zombies in the Apocalypse. You think this is some kind of fucking Miss World event? Get lost! Otherwise we’ll rape you and kill you afterward!”


This time, the bald man directly came and stood out. With a much more vicious and ferocious expression and tone than the last time.


They were the Jiangnan Family’s men!


Since the man was standing, Feng Ling could see his iconic black suit. So she could immediately guess his identity.

If they hadn’t killed Liu Wei, then they should’ve him under their control. The previous time when she was in the Eastern District with Yun Tu, they killed at least thirty people from the Jiangnan Family Guild. And today, they finally knocked on their door.


“What should I do now?”


Feng Ling didn’t fall to her impulse in this critical time. She forcefully suppressed her tense feelings and anxiousness inside as she turned around and left!

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