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Here it is. Last chapter from last week. Enjoy!

Chapter 76: Healing Injuries

The injuries Qing Yi had were not overly serious. However, the main problem was that she overdraft her mental energy. After having a hot bath and a good rest, 70% of her strength was restored. When she opened her eyes, she saw Feng Ling sitting next to her on the bed with an unusual look on her face.

“Is it dawn already? Where’s Yun Tu?” She asked.


Feng Ling pinched her nose and teased, “He’s in the living room. It’s just a wow… you even ignore your friend for him!”


Qing Yi got up from the bed. The people from the Dragon Slayer Guild quickly sent water to wash and a fine breakfast. While having breakfast, the Guild Master—Wang Peng personally came over.


Knowing that Wang Peng was quite impatient because his little brother was injured, the three of them quickly went together with him. After having rested for a night, Wang Yang also had woken up. However, the five pitch-black claws that were inserted in his chest began to abrade after a night, causing the people who saw it to feel alarmed.


The wounds were really severe as it pierced through the chest and lungs. Bad treatment would cause death- Qing Yi didn’t dare to be careless. She decided to start from the pinky nail that was the shallowest. Under her signal, Wang Peng who coordinated with her, pulled out the nails from Wang Yang’s chest with a lightning speed and without hesitation.


The wound was reopened as blood spurted out all of sudden, dyeing the bedsheet red with it.


Qing Yi quickly moved the Willow Staff in her hand as mysterious runes shone in the air. A shimmering light submerged into Wang Yang’s wounds and stopped the bleeding. Then, Wang Peng carefully cleaned up the clays on it and on the next wound. Everyone around could see that the wound was closing up and healed rapidly with a speed that could be seen with naked eyes.


The Priest’s skill was truly mysterious, far more that everyone had thought of before;  they could see the immediate effect of it on the surface. At the same time, Wang Yang’s injured internal organs were also being healed in a fast rate.


Although they had already seen this Healing skill last night; however, it was done when Qing Yi was injured and had her mental energy spent. The effect that time couldn’t be compared with today.


And now, a miracle happened. Wang Peng and the other people from the Dragon Slayer Guild could see that Yun Tu was telling the truth. As long as someone with a Priest occupation was present, Wang Yang’s life could really be saved.


“Thank you, young lady Qing Yi. Thanks a lot, Eldest Brother Yun!”


The first claw in his chest had been removed. Upon seeing it, Wang Yang was finally able to speak since his pain had reduced quite a bit even though he lost some blood again.


“Speak no more- save your strength. Your injury is way too severe. Although it’s only a treatment, Qing Yi also spent quite some energy. We must all take a break now!”


Yun Tu, seeing that beads of sweat were seeping out from Qing Yi’s forehead, he immediately stopped the treatment for now.


Qing Yi panted and tried to catch her breath as she nodded. Treating ten small wounds would only consume less energy than treating such a severe and serious injury. It seemed like it was only a simple and trivial action. But in fact, it was no different than fighting a battle.


Ten minutes later, the wound from which the first claw was pulled out, basically had been closed up. Qing Yi also slowed her pace and began to treat the next one. The next claw had pierced deeper into the chest than the previous one. Then, Qing Yi cast her Healing skill twice in succession. One was specifically targeted to heal the internal organs, and another one was to heal the wound on the flesh. After which she would only need to control the state of the injuries. Certainly, the energy consumption was even bigger than the previous treatment. But the entire effect had turned for the better.


“Each one of the next claws has caused more serious damage than the previous ones. My energy consumption is way too big and I also need longer time to restore my strength. The entire course of treatment may have to to be extended to the whole day. Just leave some people here with me and I’ll be fine. But the rest don’t need to be here all day!” After having cast the Healing skill one more time, the fatigue was clearly drawn on Qing Yi’s face.


Everyone was worried about Wang Yang’s injuries. In addition, some of the Dragon Slayer Guild’s leaders also wanted to see the Priest’s magic. So the room was indeed crowded with people. Upon hearing the request from Qing Yi, Wang Peng immediately arranged some people to stay and the rest to do their chores.


At present, the daily chores of the Guild of the utmost importance were obtaining food through food levies, hunting and recruiting new members.

Hunting and killing zombies needn’t to be explained much as it was to collect Blood Crystals. The crystals were not only used to evolve a person to become an Awakened, but it also could be used to supplement physical strength in combat. These uses were needless to say more, but at the same time, it was also quite dangerous.


The food levies, on the other hand, were basically robbing foodstuffs from the populace. Either it was the Dragon Slayer Guild or the Jiangnan Family Guild, although the means were different; however, it was basically the same in essence. Everyone was very well aware about the fact.

Recruiting new members was not difficult had it not been for the consideration of having a family which often turned out to be a burden. Most of the guilds didn’t want to recruit Awakeneds with family, as food had become scarcer, to begin with.


After the army had been disbanded, a few thousand Awakeneds suddenly emerged in the Northern District. So Wang Peng instructed the Dragon Slayer Guild’s recruitment team to change their approach and strategy temporarily. The recruitment would still be continued in the Southern District, but he also sent a recruitment team directly to the Northern District.


Feng Ling was also interested in this recruitment work. Liu Wei did quite the massive advertising yesterday, and it also brought no small troubles. She also had talked about it with Yun Tu, but he didn’t give any comments on the matter.


Yun Tu had a different thought. For him, the loyalty of the team member was of the utmost importance, while the number was the next. He had hundreds of large-sized Blood Crystals, and he could make several hundreds of Awakeneds at any time, if necessary. However, with hundreds of people the problems with rations would also arise. Thus, everything must be carefully considered and well-thought of.


Certainly, the other important point was that the a loyal management team had to be established first. This team would be the backbone of the guild. Only after it was set up would a large number of ordinary members play their roles. Otherwise, recruiting new members would basically increase the consumption of food and at the same time provoke and create new troubles.

However, seeing that the Dragon Slayer Guild had more than 60 Awakeneds and then hearing that the Jiangnan Family Guild had more than 400 Awakeneds, Feng Ling was quite worried and anxious. She immediately asked Yun Tu if she could go back to the Northern District along with the Dragon Slayer Guild’s team.


“We don’t need to be anxious for the recruitment since you can recruit people at any time later. For now, you go back and do me a favor!” Yun Tu said while taking a piece of paper and then writing a name street and the building’s number.


“This will be the next base of our Dark Night Guild in the Northern District. Go there and clear the place out!” Yun Tu said.


“Huh? Including kicking out the residents forcefully and occupy it?”

“Yep! You got that right. Some diehard chaps might be there so you can give a small amount of food and avoid vicious bloody conflicts. But if it doesn’t work, you may use force to solve it if you see that it won’t be dangerous. Needless to say, be as frugal as possible!”


“But if we recruit ten more people, how long would our food stockpile last?!”


“I’ll think of a way to solve the food problems and arrange a plan for it. For now, you do that for me, and send some idle people over to the East Bridge and head to the Eastern District, but don’t venture too deep there, so you can make sure you can withdraw quickly if you need to. This will be a training to improve teamwork in fights and also to hunt and kill zombies with coordination!”


The two didn’t cover their dialogue or avoid to be heard by anyone. This made Wang Peng confused as to why Yun Tu didn’t worry much about food.


After Feng Ling left, Yun Tu also got up immediately.


He calculated the time in his mind. The Third Order Purple Zombie would emerge in the next two days, so the Dragon Slayer Guild would still be safe- he didn’t need to stay beside Qing Yi to protect her. His injuries also had turned for the better so he decided to go to the Eastern District again and try his luck.

Jiang Menghua had died. If Jiang Xiaoya and Wang Ze still didn’t leave from their original safe house and he could recruit these two battle-hardened fighters, it would be for the best. These two people were originally from the army. Jiang Xiaoya was a special forces’ team leader, and her experience in managing a team was much better than his. It was imperative that managing a Guild would need a strict military standard code. And certainly, the people who had military background would be the most appropriate to the job.


“Well, your injuries have yet to convalesce. Anyway, I also still have to wait here to tend to Brother Wang Yang. So I’ll give you the buff once!”


Having recuperated thoroughly from injuries and only just getting better was different. Nobody could hide this point from the eyes of someone with the Priest occupation.


Feng Ling left. And now, Yun Tu was also going out. Qing Yi was quite unwilling, but she also realized that she couldn’t stop it. Everyone must go on living in the Apocalypse and they also had to race against time, because the number and level of the zombies would keep increasing. The environment would be much more dangerous for anyone to survive.


Yun Tu’s injuries had nearly convalesced, and healing it wouldn’t consume much energy, so Qing Yi also cast her Rejuvenation skill on him.


After leaving the Dragon Slayer Guild, Yun Tu didn’t continue his harassing attack toward the Jiangnan Family Guild. The Rejuvenation skill effect would last for half an hour only, so he didn’t want to waste it. Right now he would use his time to directly head to the Eastern District.


With 22 points of basic stats and a Rejuvenation buff from Qing Yi that gave him a 10% bonus to all stats, Yun Tu could directly ignore all group of zombies that blocked his path and directly rush out. His speed alone reached up to 120km/h.


Unfortunately, when he rushed into the building where Jiang Xiaoya and Wang Ze were hiding, the two had left already. There were only some traces of blood and a few leftover food on the floor.

Yun Tu’s luck on finding someone, as always, was really bad!

However, since he had come to the Eastern District, then it would be the best time to hunt and kill Green Zombies. The higher level Purple Zombies hadn’t yet appeared. And now, the Second Order zombies basically posed no threat to him.

Roaming around in the Eastern District with him in his peak state meant that dealing with ordinary zombies and Black Zombies would only be wasting his time. So he wholeheartedly looked for the Green Zombies. His efforts paid off. After spending more than two hours, he finally found a Green Zombie.


Without a large number of prey and blood around, there were only a few ordinary zombies around the Green Zombie.


Yun Tu executed his “Stealth Step” and approached them without being seen. Then, he suddenly appeared behind the Green Zombie. Just before the Green Zombie reacted, Yun Tu released another skill of his occupation, the “Backstab”.


With 22 points of Strength, a 100+ of total attack power of his dagger, and coupled with his “Backstab” job skill which gave 20% of penetrating power bonus, one sneak hit from his dagger deeply pierced into the Green Zombie’s back even though its cortex was extremely tough.


His dagger was nearly a foot long, and most of its blade pierced deep into its back. Such a strike would have killed a human in an instant, but the Green Zombie was much taller than average people, and its vitality was also much stronger. Even under such severe injury it didn’t fall immediately, as it roared and dashed to have close fight with Yun Tu for more than ten rounds. After it couldn’t hurt Yun Tu effectively and even got stabbed one more time, it finally lost its strength and fell down.


The fight only lasted two minutes. The Green Zombie also issued a call a few times and attracted more than ten Black Zombies. However, along with the death of the Second Order Green Zombie, the First Order Black Zombies had yet able to form a formation to encircle him. So Yun Tu quickly used his dagger and began his mass slaughter.

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