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Chapter 75: Transaction (Part 4)

“I do know someone with a Priest occupation. But the said person is quite far in the Northern District, and it would take about one or two hours travelling there and coming back. But I can’t ensure whether she’d be at home or not. Anyways, is there no other Pharmacist in the Southern District aside the one from the Jiangnan Family Guild?” Yun Tu asked.

“Aside from the one of the Jiangnan Family Guild? I haven’t heard about another Pharmacist in existence!”

Wang Peng revealed a difficult look. His little brother was on the verge of death. However, the Dragon Slayer Guild and the Jiangnan Family Guild were hostile with each other. The zombie tide that happened just now was the scheme plotted by their men. It was obvious that it would be highly unlikely that they would lend him their Pharmacist.


“Well, how about I rush to the Northern District, while you tend to Wang Yang’s wounds. We still need to carefully tend to his wounds in case the bleeding acts up again. Just make sure not to move those claws.”


Wang Yang was a worth-trusting friend. They had been through the life and death experiences together. And he was also worried about him as finally stood after he spoke.


“We don’t have the slightest experience in dealing with this kind of injury. How about we trade places? You tell me the address, write a note and we’ll immediately send some people to fetch this Priestess of yours?!”


From Yun Tu’s expression and tone, Wang Peng was sure that this Priestess should be his people. Otherwise, judging from his character, he wouldn’t be telling it as empty promises only.


“Even if I write a note, I’m not sure she can recognize my handwriting. So be it then. When you meet her, show this to her. I’m sure she won’t refuse!”


Yun Tu was also afraid that if he left Wang Yang and let others tend to his wounds, his condition would turn bad. When he was writing the note, he also recalled something and put out an umbrella from his interspatial ring. He believed that if Qing Yi and Feng Ling saw this umbrella, they would certainly come even though they didn’t recognize his handwriting.




Wang Peng took the note and the umbrella from Yun Tu with a solemn expression. Then, he immediately arranged the two most powerful members in his guild to immediately go with motorcycles to the Northern District to invite these people.


At this time, the sky had completely gone black!


In the temporary base of Dark Night Guild in the Northern District…

Qing Yi, Feng Ling and the food sweeping team had returned. Not only had they failed to obtain any harvest, they were even got injured. Certainly, Qing Yi cured the others while she had to endure the pain of having been injured herself. However, even as a Priestess, she was unable to heal herself as it was a restriction of her occupation. Due to having treated the others, not only her wounds didn’t turn for the better, but instead, it became more serious. Medicines were scarce after the advent of the Apocalypse; she could only wrap her own wounds with bandages and simply waited for the wounds to heal by itself naturally.

Another day passed by and Yun Tu had yet to come back. As to how they would manage tomorrow, they still had no good arrangements. When everyone was having dinner quietly, some people were gently knocking at the door.


“You are?”


Although it was the Apocalypse era, under normal circumstances, nobody would open the door if someone was knocking at their doors. However, the knocking was gentle and politely done for a few times, causing Feng Ling to open the door cautiously.

“We are from Southern District, members of Dragon Slayer Guild. My name is Meng Da and this one is my little brother, Meng Cheng. We are under the Guild Master Wang Peng and Eldest Brother Yun Tu’s command to come to invite the Priestess Qing Yi to go to the Southern District to save someone!”


Meng Da and Meng Cheng from the Dragon Slayer Guild didn’t rashly walk through the door. They stood outside in front of the door with a polite gesture and explained their purpose. They also handed over the note with Yun Tu’s handwriting on it.


“Qing Yi, hurry and come! Take a look at this! An old friend from the Dragon Slayer Guild is seriously injured. Hey… come here fast! It’s a note from Yun Tu, we need to hurry up to the Dragon Slayer Guild to treat someone!!”


Although she had only seen Yun Tu’s handwriting once from the note he gave to Qing Yi before, albeit roughly. Feng Ling was able to see the similarities of Yun Tu’s handwriting style on the note.


Upon hearing from Feng Ling that Yun Tu sent a note, Qing Yi struggled to come over. After having carefully verified it, she was also sure that it was Yun Tu’s handwriting!


“Yun Tu is in the Dragon Slayer Guild of the Southern District? And he wants Qing Yi to go there to treat and save someone from your Guild, right? Care to explain in more details?”

After having experienced the things that happened yesterday, although the two brothers looked polite, gentle and also brought along the note which had similar handwriting style with Yun Tu’s, Gui Jiaosan didn’t put his vigilance down even though the two women had affirmed that the note was indeed written by Yun Tu.


It was as expected. Since the note didn’t seem to convince these people, the Meng Da and Meng Cheng siblings then took out the umbrella keepsake from Yun Tu.


It was the umbrella for which Feng Ling and Qing Yi met Yun Tu and survived the first day of the Apocalypse. Upon seeing this umbrella, both of them knew that the note was truly written by Yun Tu, without a doubt. But Qing Yi had quite the serious injuries presently. She was even barely able to walk, much less still having the energy to heal others. However, since she was sure that it was Yun Tu’s arrangement, she insisted on going there.


Upon seeing that the Priestess had injuries, the Meng Da and Meng Cheng siblings had some doubts whether this Priestess would be able to heal someone. However, Wang Peng had solemnly reminded them to treat this matter seriously and be more prudent. They were not rash people, to begin with; so they didn’t say anything about their thoughts.


Although Yun Tu wrote that Qing Yi alone needed to go, everyone didn’t feel relieved. And for safety reasons, someone had to protect her, as Gui Jiaosan finally decided that Feng Ling should also accompany her.


At about 10PM, the injured Qing Yi finally arrived at Dragon Slayer Guild accompanied by Feng Ling. Yun Tu almost raged upon seeing that Qing Yi was injured. However, since the place was not his base, he finally didn’t say anything. But Feng Ling was really scared upon seeing the silent anger within Yun Tu’s gaze toward her.


She briefly explained about what had happened to Yun Tu, but the latter didn’t investigate further and immediately took Qing Yi to check Wang Yang’s injuries.


The Priest occupation had some kind of particular sensing ability on checking the state of injuries. Qing Yi frowned upon seeing Wang Yang’s condition. Even if she was in full health and spirited condition, such severe injuries were not the kind that could be healed even after being treated a few times.


However, since she had come here, she took a rest for a while and then drank a mouthful of syrup to restore her physical strength. After which, she finally cast her healing technique on Wang Yang for the first time, albeit being barely able to do it. However, this already made Wang Yang’s inner condition to be stabilized as well as preserving his vitality. Then, she healed other small wounds on his arms, leaving the claws on his chest alone due to having no confidence in doing that with her present condition.


Upon seeing the effect done with Priest’s skill and then listened to Qing Yi’s explanation, Wang Peng also knew that she wasn’t at her prime condition, and the risks would be too high if she forced herself to treat Wang Yang due to serious overdraft on her energy and condition. So, he was not also anxious about it.

However, after having given her treatment, Qing Yi also assured that Wang Yang’s condition wouldn’t worsen for the time being. It made Wang Peng feel at ease as he then immediately arranged a dinner for the three of them. He also provided the best room for them to rest.


The three of them now became the honorable VIPs of the Dragon Slayer Guild. A five-star treatment was given to them as two beautiful waitresses also boiled water for their baths.

After the advent of the Apocalypse, the only edible water to drink could only be found in bottled water. However, the rain of blood had stopped for quite a long while. The human body also had gradually adapted to the changes in the new environment of the Apocalypse. The common surface water now also could be consumed after boiling it and only brought small problems.


A safe environment and unexpectedly able to have a bath. Even though Qing Yi was still in pain due to her injuries, she was also excited of having such a prospect. Feng Ling’s reaction was even more exaggerated as she almost jumped out of excitement.


Although the water was the usual surface water that had been boiled; however, humanity had lost all the production lines for nearly everything. Boiling three pots of water already consumed quite some energy, and it was considered as a luxury.

Medicines were scarce resources, but Yun Tu had some military-grade drugs to heal wounds which he got from Jiang Xiaoya and Wang Ze when he gave them some food and they gave some of the drugs as the exchange. The effect of these military supplies were much better than the usual medicinal drugs. When the three of them had finished their bathing, Yun Tu came to Qing Yi’s room to apply the medicines for her.


Perhaps Qing Yi was really too tired. With Yun Tu and Feng Ling, she instinctively felt safe as the two gave her a safe feeling. When she laid down on the bed, Yun Tu and Feng Ling applied the salve on her wounds and bandaged them. She then fell asleep with a happy smile hung on her face.


“What silly girl. You seem to have yourselves overworked and tired!”

Overdrafting spiritual energy while injured was extremely disadvantageous for the later development of the Priest’s occupation. And now, seeing her asleep with a sound and sweet looks, warmness filled his heart. Yun Tu didn’t even care that Feng Ling was at the side as he bent down and gently kissed her face.


The suite arranged by the Dragon Slayer Guild had three bedrooms, with each one of them occupying one. The security wasn’t a problem here. Although Yun Tu knew that Qing Yi wouldn’t mind if he slept next to her; however, Yun Tu actually felt awkward if he had to sleep beside her as he went out of the room after gently kissing her.


“Stealing a kiss, you’re a sexual harasser!”

After seeing Yun Tu stealing a kiss from Qing Yi in front of her, Feng Ling blew the candle out as she followed him out from the room quietly and whispered behind him.


“Huh? You are jealous!”


“What? I’m not afraid of you!”


The electricity had ceased working after the Apocalypse, and the living room was dark. So, Feng Ling wasn’t afraid that her expression could be seen.


She didn’t know that Yun Tu had been through a stimulating experience with two beauties in a thin cicada wing’s clothes and made his “little brother” incensed. And now, she really hit the edge of the knife.


Hugging Feng Ling’s waist at this moment, Yun Tu didn’t grope her lower and upper body parts all of a sudden like the last time, but gently hug her in his arms.


Perhaps because Yun Tu didn’t forcefully hug her and took advantages like the previous time, Feng Ling didn’t break free or run away and even let his hands gently hug her.


Their breaths were clashing with each other in the darkness. Yun Tu’s hand didn’t make any movements as it was Feng Ling who moved first as she actively clung her hands around his back and gently stroked it.


“Stealing a man of your boudoir friend is very exciting, isn’t it?”


Yun Tu asked. Meanwhile, his hands finally did their work and slipped down toward her buttocks.


“You dare say that while you are just the same!”


Although the words that came out from her mouth were like this, but Feng Ling’s face suddenly turned crimson to the ears. A woman had an inborn tendency to fall for powerful men. And without even realizing it, she had deeply fallen in love with Yun Tu.


“But still, Qing Yi is the one I love the most, you know!”


Although the impulse inside Yun Tu had reached its zenith and was about to erupt; however, he too understood that he had to explain something. Otherwise, Feng Ling would misunderstand it and feel that she could replace Qing Yi’s position in his heart. Regardless of who it was, it wouldn’t be fair for the both of them.

“I know that. She’s my boudoir friend and I won’t fight with her over you. She’s the Heaven’s blessed child. And like you, I also wanna protect her!”


Feng Ling was also well aware that Yun Tu’s feelings toward Qing Yi couldn’t be compared to what he had toward her. No matter how good Yun Tu treated her, Qing Yi’s position in his heart was much higher than to hers. The first impression was always been something that lasted longer when men saw women.


“You sure you won’t regret it?”

Yun Tu’s “little brother” was really burning up. This girl really had a very good curves with her pants stretched. His hands quietly moved, while Feng Ling wasn’t even paying attention to his hands that quietly moved along her trousers and entered her underpants. When his hands curled up and touched a specific spot, the desire became more intense, causing his breathing to speed up.


Feng Ling also could feel that real danger was looming over her. Although she also had the desire; however, she still thought about her boudoir friend, so she still had a trace of reason and self-control.


“Please stop now. I don’t wanna make you and Qing Yi fight and become enemies!”

She took Yun Tu’s hand and restricted its movements as not to let it moved heedlessly. When she looked up and saw Yun Tu’s face, she gently kissed him and then ran back into the room.


Women in love truly could lose their intelligence and reason. Feng Ling wanted to convince Qing Yi that everything was fine even though she also had something with Yun Tu. But regardless of how good their relationship was, theoretically speaking, this was nearly impossible.


Yun Tu really wanted to chase her, catching the offender who had lightened up his “flame” and punish her on the spot. But Feng Ling had directly run away to Qing Yi’s room, so Yun Tu could only helplessly take a deep breath and a long sigh.

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