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Chapter 74: Transaction (Part 3)

It was all for the Blood Crystal!

Just in order to get it, this woman—Xi Ke, steeled her heart, giving her all as though it was her greatest endeavor. But still, her senior alumnus wasn’t even moved by it. She closed her eyes as she led his hand to stroke her chest gently. However, Yun Tu stood and silently wore his clothes back.


At this time, her tears were as though a broken necklace pearl that continued dripping down. If Yun Tu were bent on forcing her and tried to wrestle her body down, she wouldn’t have felt this sad, but she had never thought that even though she literally had laid down and give her everything to him on her own initiative and cast aside her dignity, he still refused her. Such a treatment gave her an extremely uncomfortable feeling, much more difficult to stomach than being a sl*t herself.


With such a thought, her tears simply couldn’t be stopped, as the feeling of humiliation and shame were brought along with it!


“You shouldn’t be that sad. You’re a very brave woman. Besides, I’ve made up my mind!” After getting dressed, Yun Tu took the initiative to hug the beauty in tears—Xi Ke.


“What do you mean?”

Without hesitation and quite incensed, she looked at him. He had just ruthlessly refused her. And now, he wanted to comfort her. Was every powerful person in the Apocalypse always playing the small and weak people like this?


“Take these and leave. Think of a way to enter the Jiangnan Family Guild. Bear in mind the words you have said yourself. No one can rely on the sympathy given by others to be alive and survive. One have to fight until their last drop of blood to become an Awakened!”

Since he had decided to help, then he’d help to the fullest. Xi Ke mentioned that she had an injured little brother, so Yun Tu pulled out two large Blood Crystals for her.


Upon looking at the two bright crimson prism-shaped crystals, even though she had never seen it, Xi Ke knew the great significance of these two crystals for her. She was successful, unexpectedly. Her tears began to drip down again, albeit it was because she was too happy now.


She carved Yun Tu’s words deep down her heart. He gave her two messages. One of which was to Xi Ke to leave his room, pretending that she had been wronged and then quickly leaving the Dragon Slayer Guild.


Yun Tu didn’t know whether she would understand the meaning behind his messages or not. But as long as she was able to join the Jiangnan Family Guild, by her intelligence, she would be able to understand his ideas. This was also Yun Tu’s way to probe her character.

If it were in the age of peace, Yun Tu would have despised such a woman who would drill herself into another man’s lap for money. But in this chaotic era of the Apocalypse, he didn’t look down on Xi Ke due to her behavior. It was, all in all, her struggle to survive. But as for her character, he was unable to judge it for the time being.

Whether this pawn could play its role, becoming an important character or even a traitor, he didn’t dare to guess for now. But in short, he definitely wouldn’t give Blood Crystals to be wasted. He just needed to find a way to figure out the solution and see the impact of his decision. It might work out, or not. Perhaps they would become comrades the next time they met, as there was also the possibility that they would become enemies in the next meeting.



After Wang Peng arranged the beauties to accompany Yun Tu, he immediately sent a few people to fetch the important members of the Guild back. Shortly after, in the conference room of the Dragon Slayer Guild, some of the important members gathered.


It was the exchange for Job Scrolls!


This was the first major trade for the Dragon Slayer Guild ever since the guild had been established. It was guaranteed that it would be a win-win trade for the both sides. However, some people in the guild thought that Yun Tu would get a cheap trade and some others were having evil intentions toward Yun Tu.


The Awakeneds had no idea as to how and when they would die in the Apocalypse. The Wang Brothers—Wang Peng and Wang Yang—might be linked by fate with Yun Tu. But the other members of the guild didn’t have any relationship whatsoever with him. So it wasn’t surprising that some of them had these ideas to solve the problem. Thus, this prolonged the meeting, but Wang Peng eventually suppressed the evil thoughts down in the end.


Wang Yang had yet to come back. He was also one of the important figures in the guild. However, as a Guild Master, Wang Peng finally decided not to wait for him. After having an unanimous decision, Wang Peng along with one of the leaders of the guild came over to Yun Tu’s room.


“Brother, are you satisfied with the arrangement?”


Although one beauty had left, Wang Peng didn’t care about it. The woman was but only a temporary recruit as their “sales promotion girl”. She was not even their periphery staff either.


“Ah, Guild Master Wang, you learned from the Jiangnan Family Guild, it seems!”


Yun Tu responded with a smile. If Wang Peng were to ask him about the matter with Xi Ke, he naturally would explain it. However, since the man didn’t even mention about it, he also didn’t raise the topic.


Wang Peng said, “Frankly speaking, the Jiangnan Family Guild is but only the extension of the Duan Family. Although I hate them, but their methods of employing people are truly made to deal with such a situation just like the Apocalypse!”


It was an undeniable fact. Wang Peng’s opinion was something that Yun Tu couldn’t deny. If it weren’t for his rebirth, he was also aware that people like him were simply unable to enter the Duan Family’s eyes even a bit.


“It’s a pity that Duan Hongyu fucked up big time recently. Upon the disbanding of the army, he killed the Regimental Commander—Jiang Menghua. I’m still clueless as to why he did that stupid move!” Wang Peng knew that Yun Tu would never have any relationship whatsoever with the Jiangnan Family Guild, so he changed the topic.


“The Regimental Commander Jiang died? You wouldn’t be fooling me, would you?”


Upon hearing the news from Wang Peng, Yun Tu was startled. He didn’t know about it as it far strayed from the memories of his past incarnation.


Wang Peng’s comrade answered him, “We also just learned about it this morning. No wind, waves and storms, but the Regimental Commander Jiang was dead. Although his dead body was just found and Duan Hongyu didn’t admit it, yet, obviously everyone knew that it was his doing!”


It turned out that the Political Commissar of the Garrison Army—Duan Hongyu killed the Regimental Commander Jiang Menghua. Yun Tu didn’t know as to what kind of impact this incident would create. However, since the fact strayed out far from the event in his memory from his past incarnation, he must think about it seriously.


However, with guts alone, it definitely wouldn’t be a good thing for the Jiangnan Family Guild. After all, more than half of Jiangnan Family Guild’s main force comprised of soldiers. The Regimental Commander Jiang Menghua was, after all, the previous leader of these people. It would be inevitable that suspicions would grow from these retired servicemen toward the Duan Family as to how they would be treated afterward.


“Heck, bad news for the enemy means good news for us. This is great news!” After thinking about it for a moment, Yun Tu responded with a smile.


After having some idle talk, the three of them changed to the main topic. The exchange for the Job Scrolls. The scrolls quickly changed owners. The transaction was also the turning point for the both sides as they also agreed to exchange information and intelligence. Exchanging information was much more important, otherwise they would only be able to see tail without being able to see the head of the dragon. So the next time, the Dragon Slayer Guild needed to find him if they had some good stuff in hand, they would also be able to find him.


“Well, the last time I came here, I asked for your help to find my brother—Gui Jiaosan. Anyways, he’s in the Northern District now, in the building near the plaza. If you are not able to find me, just find him. He would be easy to find since one of his legs is lame.”


Yun Tu didn’t tell them that he also had set up his own Dark Night Guild. However, even if he didn’t say it, everyone knew that he was also developing his own force.


The transaction was particularly simple. Both sides shook hands and exchanged the scrolls afterward. Wang Peng intentionally opened a bottle of red wine. As they had a toast and exchanged some pleasantries, some people anxiously rushed inside from the outside.


“Guild Master, bad news! Brother Wang Yang and several other brothers had fallen into the Jiangnan Family Guild’s trap. They were caught up in a zombie tide and surrounded and I don’t know if they are still alive or not!”

With a desperate expression and body covered with blood, one member of the Dragon Slayer Guild was too tense to even care about etiquettes and courtesy as he rushed into the conference room for the high-level members of the guild in panic.


“What’s going on? Where are they now? Everyone, gather here NOW!” In desperation, Wang Peng rushed out and followed the reporting man as Yun Tu also joined him.


Marching through the streets and braving the fights full of dangers, Wang Peng led his thirty comrades in a rush. And shortly after, they arrived at the fighting scene.


The zombie tide was a small one. With more than thirty people joining the battle, the zombie tide was routed. However, some people who were with Wang Yang had died. If the reinforcement was for half a second, they would have already been annihilated.


The survivors were seriously injured. The two with the lightest wounds were nearly unable to stand anymore. The team leader—Wang Yang had his chest pierced by the five claws of a Black Zombie. Although his sword forcefully pierced through the palm of the Black Zombie; however, five of its claws had already pierced through his chest and stayed inside his chest and lungs. His blood was gurgling out and the injuries were extremely severe.


“Brother, hold on! You must hold on!”

Tears welled up in Wang Peng’s eyes as he unceasingly applied some medicine and bleeding stopper drugs white powder onto his blood brother’s severe injuries.


This kind of injury was not something they were able to cure even with the physical strength of the Awakeneds. Under normal circumstances, it would directly send them to the heavens. And now, the Black Zombie’s claws were still inserted inside his chest and not yet pulled out. Wang Yang would soon be unable to hold much longer. And once the claws inside his body were pulled out, he would die within seconds.


“D-Do… not—Do not waste – the precious drugs – on me… l – leave… that… to… other… brothers… R-remember… Avenge… me… …” Wang Yang’s breath was getting weaker as it was becoming more difficult for him to speak.


“Hold on! Let me deal with it!”


Yun Tu’s wrist turned as a large chunk of children playing clay suddenly appeared in his hands.


Aside from Yun Tu who was a veteran of the Apocalypse, no one knew that clay would become a magical treasure that could be used to save lives. The Awakened’s physique was much more powerful than an ordinary person’s. Even if their lungs were pierced, as long as the bleeding wounds could be stopped and maintained the pressure in the lungs, it would enable Wang Yang to breathe properly and also leave a chance for him to survive. The last time Yun Tu was sweeping the shops along the street, he happened to see the playing clays in a toy store and collected it.


The five nails of the Black Zombie penetrated deeply, even piercing through the back. Yun Tu took a large chunk of clay and applied them to both of Wang Yang’s chest and back and blocked all of his wounds. Then, he made Wang Yang follow his breathing method to adjust his breath. After a few minutes, with his willpower, Wang Yang was finally able to close the bleeding blood vessels and his injuries were barely stabilized.

However, for such heavy injuries, this was only a light pre-treatment. The root of the problem was still there. The five claws of the Black Zombie were still in his chest and it shouldn’t be pulled out now. With his self-healing ability alone, Wang Yang obviously couldn’t survive.

However, since they were still in the field, it was the only means available. A group of men immediately made a temporary stretcher to carry Wang Yang and some of the wounded people back to the base.


“Do you still have the means to save him?”


Standing beside Wang Yang’s stretcher with a confused, tense and anxious expression, Wang Peng looked at Yun Tu. He had seen how skillful Yun Tu was; it was as if he was nearly omnipotent.


Dealing with critical moments of life and death, Yun Tu also didn’t have the intention to hide it, “As long as a Pharmacist or a Priest is here; the person with these two occupational lines can figure out a way to pull out these Black Zombie’s claws one by one. If not, not even the Gods can save him! However, we need to act fast! It’s hard to say for how long Brother Wang Yang would still be able to hold on!”


“The only Pharmacist I know of is a member of the Jiangnan Family Guild. But what’s this Priest you speak about? I haven’t heard about it!”


Wang Peng looked at Yun Tu with a pleading expression. He could tell that Yun Tu certainly knew the person with this Priest occupation. Or, a member of his team was the one with this job.

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