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Chapter 73: Transaction (Part 2)

Yun Tu wasn’t quite used with the other party’s arrangements. However, he also didn’t want Wang Peng to misunderstand that he had no ability with that “part” if he refused such beauties for free.

However, as the saying goes: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Therefore, he smiled and let the two beauties to sit at both of his sides.


“Give the best hospitality to our honorable guest, Mr. Yun Tu. He’s always a gentleman, but you have to treat him as a Big Boss. Entertain him well, as we won’t be missing out if we lose you!”

Wang Peng left some reminders with profound meanings to them as he directly headed out.


Wang Peng’s act in calling these two beauties was seemingly random. However, the girls he brought here were the ones Yun Tu was staring at more than the other ones. From this, it could be seen that Wang Peng was a person who payed attention to the details of things as he also put special thought for the people he had to deal with.


As of present, everyone knew that the peaceful age would never return after the advent of this Apocalypse. Ordinary people’s life, was just like the candlelight in the night wind. As it would go out anytime, and anywhere.

The most fearful thing now was not dying, but the lack of food. And these two beautiful women only had their bodies as their capital. Becoming such “sales promotion girls” and standing in front of the Dragon Slayer Guild’s front gate yesterday, was but only a temporary work. For which, they only got half a pound of food as payment. Although it was called “temporary promotion work”, but they too were very aware about the nature of the job.


“This little girl is named Li Ding. It’s a great honor for me to serve Boss Yun Tu!”


After Wang Peng left, one of the beauties clung to Yun Tu’s arm as she acted as though she was a spoiled brat whilst the meat bulbs on her chest rubbed against his body. However, her eyes were fixated on the small dishes of red dates and raisins on the tea table. It was very obvious that they didn’t dare to take the food without Yun Tu’s consent.


The other girl was quite reserved. Upon seeing that her companion was very bold and active, she was just blushing out of instinct as she came over and sat down next to Yun Tu.


In the peace age, Yun Tu was but only a pure, fresh graduate from college. He had little experience interacting within the society. However, after diving for so many years in the Apocalypse, he had seen a lot of things and experienced many others afterwards.

With such intake of experience, Yun Tu also didn’t want to disappoint Wang Peng’s good intention in sending him two beauties. While his hands groped the two beauties’ buttocks, he said, “If you wanna eat those snacks on the table, you can have it. But I’m a bit tired so just give me some massages!”


The two beauties were wearing thin clothes as though it was cicada’s wings. It faintly showed the silhouettes of their figures. Such sensual and romantic flavors nearly made Yun Tu unable to hold his urge. However, since this place was, after all, the turf of the Dragon Slayer Guild and not his own, he also didn’t want to act outrageously. He didn’t want the Wang Brothers to see him as a hungry ghost friend.


“Thanks a lot, Boss!”


Upon hearing Yun Tu’s condition and permission, the bold beauty directly kissed his face and immediately picked the biggest red dates on the plate.


“Thanks, Senior Brother!”


The other beauty who was acting with constraint, also kissed Yun Tu in the face- albeit still blushing- as she saw that her companion was bold and loose.

“Huh? What did you call me?”


Whilst his arm hugged her on the waist, Yun Tu asked. He also felt that the woman was a tad bit familiar when he saw her at the front gate before.


“Senior Brother Yun Tu. I’m Xi Ke, I was just graduated from the Central Music Academy. There was a birthday party for my classmate last year and we had a feast there, and we drank a few glasses of wine together. You may have forgotten, but I still remember it!”


This beauty called Xi Ke answered with a low voice as she also felt that Yun Tu must also know her. However, only things and appearances that remained the same, but people, all in all, had changed. She previously thought that Yun Tu deliberately pretended not knowing her out of awkwardness due to the circumstances. But she had never thought that Yun Tu really didn’t remember her.


However, this was not surprising at all!

Because he had been rebirthed and was back to his past life, everything in Yun Tu’s memory for his ordinary years in this life was seemingly very remote. Xi Ke said that it was a year ago, but in Yun Tu’s memory, it was already many years ago. In this case, being unable to remember a lot of things was completely normal.


The world was sometimes really small. He didn’t expect that he would come across a female junior who served him here. Yun Tu extended his hand and grabbed a lot of raisins and placed it onto her hands.


“Senior Brother, thank you!”

Xi Ke indeed hadn’t eaten for these few days. Yun Tu also just groped her buttock a few times just now, while now was also the age of the Apocalypse, so she didn’t maintain her face-saving act anymore and ate the fruits without restraint.

Li Ding, on the other hand, didn’t expect that Xi Ke would be the alumnus from the same college as Yun Tu. The rest of the food on the table was already quite few; and if Yun Tu gave all of them to Xi Ke, then her losses would be quite big, so she had to give her everything. After having eaten the red dates, she took another one as she pasted her body and rubbed against Yun Tu’s just like before.


“Take some red dates and go wait outside. I won’t talk bad about you when your Guild Master comes back. It’s fine with only Xi Ke to accompany me!”

Such an act of hers, was really unbearable. The “evil fire” that had quite died down inside Yun Tu, blazed up again. If she were to continue, Yun Tu knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer as he must vent the fire and “bone her in”. So he had no choice but to send her out.

Even though Li Ding was quite worried that the Guild Master would blame and punish her about her bad hospitality and being unable to entertain the guest; however, she also didn’t dare to go against the guest’s request on the surface. Much less that Yun Tu also allowed her to take some more red dates before she left, as she swept over more than half of the fruits.


After Li Ding was gone, only Yun Tu and Xi Ke were left inside the room. Xi Ke thought that Yun Tu kicked out Li Ding because he needed to do “that”, causing her face to suddenly turn crimson to the neck.


“Help me press my back, will you?”


Yun Tu crawled down on the couch. He was always in constant and high-tension battles ever since his rebirth. He was really strained and tired.


Xi Ke’s parents died the moment the Apocalypse arrived. Since she still had fifty pounds of foods and some cured bacons, she was still able to last for some time. However, after the food tax drafted by the Jiangnan Family three days ago, everything was taken by them; while her eighteen-years-old little brother was severely injured due to the resistance he gave toward the Awakened person in the tax levying team.

Originally, she almost cut her wrists and committed suicide yesterday. However, after seeing that her little brother was wounded and bedridden on the bed, she steeled her heart and suppressed the urge. Upon seeing the news about becoming “the sales promotion girl” from the Dragon Slayers Guild, with the message written in a plain and clear words that these “sales promotion girl” would also become the “mounted horse” and should be able to accompany someone to bed, if necessary.

Under such desperate circumstances, the originally pure and chaste woman finally registered herself.


Only ordinary people with strong wills survive in the Apocalypse. Thus, using her young and beautiful body as the capital, she finally found a decent but rare work, albeit she had to cast aside her dignity. She too was aware that quite a number of people were jealous, for the job was being coveted and eyed by many, and once anyone failed to accomplish the task, even making the slightest mistake, then being fired would be their fate.


Although she had never learnt how to massage, since Yun Tu had laid on the couch, she began to massage him carefully for fear that her service would be bad and he would blame her.


Although she was an alumnus from the same college, but such a relationship meant nothing in the Apocalypse. Her identity and Yun Tu’s were worlds apart, and the slightest mistake could make her lose her current job.


Fortunately, Yun Tu didn’t make any other request as he only moved a bit and crawled quietly. Each and every person had their own stories to tell in the Apocalypse, she only came across him and it was purely accidental. She didn’t know what to say, and telling her own stories would only result in more tears and deepen the sadness that was already deep enough.


However, she had suppressed everything in her heart for far too long. Yun Tu was her alumni. She had a good impression of him so she eventually told her own story since the advent of the Apocalypse whilst massaging beside him.


“Are you asleep?” Upon seeing that Yun Tu didn’t respond for a long time, Xi Ke bent down, her body pressed to his as she spoke near his ear.


“Ah, I’m a bit tired and I really need the rest. Your massage is very comfortable, truly. Don’t worry, continue adding strength in your massage. Awakeneds’ bodies can afford quite the stress so you don’t need to worry hurting me!” Yun Tu replied with a friendly tone.


“I’m really sorry, I’m very week and unfortunately, I’m not an Awakened either. Otherwise, I would have been much better in serving you!”


Although Yun Tu said that her massage was very comfortable, but she was still anxious since he also pointed the aspect she lacked.


“Senior Brother, you’re the Guild Master’s friend, so you must be a very powerful Awakened. I heard that all the people who become Awakened had swallowed Blood Crystals to become one, is that true?”


Suddenly speaking about Awakened, an idea suddenly struck her mind. Yun Tu appeared to be very easy and in a good mood to speak to, but she also knew that if she wasn’t careful and spoke some inappropriate words, Yun Tu would possibly be angry at her, so she quietly attached her own body to his as her voice also slightly trembled when she said the words.


From the very beginning, what Xi Ke thought of, was correct. Yun Tu didn’t respond to her words because of the circumstance. Yun Tu was well aware that each and every ordinary person dreamt becoming an Awakened. Blood Crystals were nothing to him. And if he met such an old acquaintance in some other place, he would perhaps be tenderhearted and help her. However, this place was, after all, the Dragon Slayer Guild’s turf while she, was a temporary worker here. If he really did that, Wang Peng possibly wouldn’t say anything on the surface but he didn’t know what thoughts would grow in his mind afterward.


Although Yun Tu didn’t respond to her, but he also didn’t blame her, causing Xi Ke to be more focused in making her own idea turn real.


“Please take your clothes off. Massaging with them on is quite stressing for me!” After a while, Xi Ke spoke and held Yun Tu to sit up.


Yun Tu was clueless about her other intentions as he obediently sat up from the sofa. Then, Xi Ke helped him take off his coat.


She was ready to make all the necessary sacrifices!


After Yun Tu took off his coat and laid down again, she suddenly pasted her whole body as she crawled on top Yun Tu’s body.


Such a beautiful woman wearing such thin clothes suddenly crawling on top of his body, regardless of how strong Yun Tu could restrain himself, the fire was still blazing up inside him. Feeling that the atmosphere was different, Yun Tu turned his body. As the two’s faces were facing at each other, Yun Tu immediately felt the rapid breathing and the woman’s intense feelings.


“Please help me out! I really don’t wanna die, and my little brother is injured and bedridden at home. Senior Brother, I’m really begging you… Senior…”

Xi Ke meeting Yun Tu here and seeing the way the Guild Master treated him, he was definitely not ordinary character. If she wasn’t able to seize this opportunity, perhaps she would have no other for the rest of her life. Therefore, no matter if it was begging or even selling herself into servitude, she was resolved. And it was a point of no return for her. No matter how Yun Tu saw her, to all the people in this time, dignity was no longer a sacred thing.

Yun Tu didn’t dare to look at her face as he closed his eyes as though he was pondering about the gains and the losses he would get if he gave her a Blood Crystal.

Yun Tu was silent. But Xi Ke was sure that as long as he was willing, it would be very easy for him to give out a large Blood Crystal.


“As long as you can help me, I’ll be your woman for the rest of my life. You can have my everything!”


She forcefully pushed Yun Tu’s body. Regardless of how he thought, she directly grabbed his hands onto her own proud, fine-towering chest.

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