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Chapter 72: Transaction (Part 1)

Soldiers were shaped with the impermanence of laws and procedures, but the waters had never been fixated with only one shape!

At this time, Yun Tu took off his smelly and sweaty black suit and then put back his own clothes on!

In order to ensure his safety to be absolutely secured, he first determined that this team of the Jiangnan Family had moved to return back. And then, he accelerated his pace and quietly waited at the side of a small alley. Moving in advance to prepare the ambush at the only way back they had to take.


As expected, the Jiangnan Family’s team with three injured members shortly arrived. They went back through the intersection where Yun Tu had laid his ambush.

The sniper rifle was too long; it was inconvenient using it whilst hiding in the corner and to suddenly appear and aim at them. Therefore, Yun Tu directly chose the military pistol. As long as it was close enough, the first target he would shot was as sure as dead. Let alone that he also needed to preserve the valuable sniper rifle’s bullets and not waste it.

One hundred meters,


Fifty meters,


Thirty meters,


Twenty meters…

Still, Yun Tu didn’t appear and hid in the side. Using his hearing ability only, he could hear that the members of the Jiangnan Family were approaching. He suddenly rushed out when they were only twenty meters away.


Although the enemy boasted quite the number of people, but his target was but only Duan Huarong!


An evil star suddenly appeared, causing the opponents to turn chaotic and panicked. It only took Yun Tu a few seconds to lock on the target and shot as Duan Huarong crashed down afterward.

This woman might be smart and competent, but the Apocalypse had only just begun for these ten days, after all; her experience in facing life and death situations was far too distant compared to Yun Tu’s. Had it not been for Yun Tu’s rebirth, she would eventually become one of the fearful powerhouses if she were given time. However, everything was over now.


In this rebirth, it was the first time Yun Tu killed one of the Ninth Level powerhouses from his past incarnation’s memory. He believed that this would be a heavy loss for the Jiangnan Family. And at the very least, one of their heavyweight, core members was gone now.


With the sound of the gunshot, dozens of people from the opposite party immediately responded as they drew their pistols and fired back. Since he was still injured, it was simply impossible for Yun Tu to have a close fight with them. Therefore, without looking at the result of his shot, he quickly released his Stealth Step skill.

Since there was no Archer’s Mark on him, he was able to run away from the scene easily.

Duan Huarong had died!


When her dead body was brought to the Jiangnan Family’s station, Duan Hongyu and Duan Hongshan finally raged due to anger.

The Uncle might still be able to tolerate it, but the Aunt couldn’t bear any longer!

Since Yun Tu appeared, their common son—Duan Minghui died. Followed by a series of accidents, it resulted in the death of 50 members of their Jiangnan Family Guild. Added with the wrong judgement Duan Hongyu committed in killing Jiang Menghua, some of the military of the Jiangnan Family Guild obviously had some suspicions toward them. Even though they didn’t speak about it openly.


After having calmed down and analyzed it, Duan Hongyu—as an intelligent man, also realized that he made a mistake. And the impact of this mistake was very difficult to repair. He could only swallow the teeth he had broken and stomach it; whilst insisting in his words that Yun Tu was one of Jiang Menghua’s men.


And now, his younger sister—Duan Huarong died a violent death. The only one who was able to completely restrain their enemy had been killed.


An invisible fear, at the same time, grew inside the Brothers’ hearts. It was obvious that Yun Tu had reached the Second Level. If the both of them weren’t able to advance to a higher level, only God knew when this deity with a stealth technique would appear in front of them and harvest their lives.


It was imperative that Yun Tu be exterminated. Eliminating him without having to lose everything!


However, they had no room to even speak about it to the other guild members in the guild meeting, because the friction between the Duan Family and the members that originated from the army had just begun.


After a discussion, the brothers finally decided to use their Duan Family’s force to deal with it. They inquired all the news about Yun Tu, endeavouring all they could muster, for they didn’t believe that he was all alone. If he had either a team, friends or family members, then it would become his weaknesses. And utilizing these weaknesses, he could be lured into their turf afterward. Even if he could fly, he would still be eventually eliminated.


From the last fight with Yun Tu in the East Bridge, they knew that Yun Tu was originally planning to return to the Northern District from the East Bridge. Then, his base should be highly likely to be in the Northern District!


With his superior personal ability alone as a variable, even if the Jiangnan Family had a powerful force, they also didn’t know when and how would they act. Finally, the two brothers took a decision as they formed a team of twenty people consisted of their own men to leave the Southern District and headed straight toward the Northern District once again.

This team would focus on investigating the relationships small and medium-sized guilds that had connections with Yun Tu. As long as they got a small clue and found a few traces, the Jiangnan Family would strike with full strength, regardless of who the opponents would be.


With the death of Duan Huarong, Yun Tu also guessed how the Duan Brothers would act afterward. However, he didn’t put the thought into his priority list. He thought that he could come and go alone and need not worry about any of the follow-up motions they would do. The Dark Night Guild only had a few people, and they were hiding in a set of safe houses. As long as they didn’t do any ostentatious acts anywhere, the enemy certainly wouldn’t be able to discover them for quite a while.

He was quite in a good mood after having killed Duan Huarong. The woman was the would-be Ninth Level expert in his memory, and he didn’t even waste a bullet of his sniper rifle. The thousands of mile-sized nests would eventually collapse. And even if the Jiangnan Family Guild was the overlord and dominated this place in his past incarnation, but since they had taken the initiative to provoke him, they would eventually collapse due to his repeated attacks over and over again.

Yun Tu actually wanted to go back directly to the Northern District after having killed Duan Huarong. That place was only a temporary foothold for his Dark Night Guild. However, he suddenly thought that there were two Job Scrolls inside the ring he had picked up from Jiang Xiaoya. One of which was quite a powerful one, the Berserker Swordsman. And the other one was a Secondary Job Scroll, the Alchemist occupation.

It was in the bests interests of a guild to have members with various occupations. Aside from the battle-oriented Main Jobs, it was best not to have more than one member with the same Secondary Jobs. The top-tier materials would be very difficult to get in the late period, and advancing in rank for the Secondary Job’s members would also become more difficult. When a small-sized guild had members with the same occupational lines, their advancement speed would be affected and hindered. If he could find someone else to exchange these scrolls with to other types of Job Scrolls, it would be for the best.

Although he didn’t have much hope about the possibility, but he held back his idea of trying such people. Therefore, Yun Tu went to the Dragon Slayer Guild to find Wang Yang and Wang Peng.


Although it was only two days ago, the changes that occurred in the Apocalypse were extremely fast. The Dragon Slayer Guild had undergone great changes as the advertisement in front of the gate of their HQ also became more conspicuous.


In order to attract attention and people’s eyes, a row of more than a dozen beauties with sexy attires were standing on both sides. Their clothes faintly revealing the convex and concave of their bodies, the visual impact of their presence was really big as Yun Tu couldn’t help but recall his memories of seeing an auto show filled with beauties in the peace era.

As a man, Yun Tu couldn’t help but take it as a feast for his eyes. Although he didn’t have the intention of doing the same, but still, he admitted that with the bloody circumstances everyone had to face in the Apocalypse, attracting new Awakeneds to join the guild with beauties was a kind of inexpensive way. The cost was low, and no one knew when and how they would die whilst being faced with the never ending, high-intensity battles to survive the Apocalypse. There was only a handful of entertainments left everyone could have, and this type of pleasure was the only choice they could have. Violence and sex, as had always been, were the driving force behind the survival of mankind since time immemorial.

A few of the beauties apparently had seen Yun Tu before, although at the moment they couldn’t remember his name, they guessed that he at least was a famous person, a small star or even a net celebrity in the peace age.

After having told his name and his purpose to find Wang Yang, the security guard quickly went inside to convey his message. Shortly after, it was not Wang Yang who came out, as the Guild Master—Wang Peng himself who personally greeted him at the gate.

“Brother Yun Tu, you came! You’re always an honorable guest, please come in!”

Although the warm and honest Wang Yang was not the one who greeted him now, but his Brother—Wang Peng, who was the Guild Master—personally came out to receive him. This alone gave a warm feeling to Yun Tu.

The last time he was here, he made a transaction with the Dragon Slayer Guild, increasing the guild’s strength, as they recruited new members two days after. With this, the tempered blades they had were not enough, as many of their members still used the machetes from the peace age.

After eating and dining, with quite an embarrassed expression, Wang Peng ordered someone to bring out a bundle of swords. But this time, he also provided all the materials needed for the tempering process.

“Brother, I’m really sorry for troubling you more with this. It’s just we have more people right now, our consumption in every field is also increasing. But, well, you can take anything you like in my Dragon Slayer Guild- whatever it is. But I’d have to trouble you to temper these weapons!”


In the peace age, Wang Peng was not a man who easily asked others for help. But since he had become a Guild Master in the Apocalypse and had taken a large number of people under him, he had the responsibilities to make his guild stronger.


“We are helping each other for the supplies as well as having mutual benefit from it. So Brother Wang Peng, you don’t need to be polite. For now, I’m thankful that I could still be of any help. But as a big guild you too need an Alchemist Refiner within your ranks. I heard that the Jiangnan Family Guild has an Armor Crafter, an Alchemist Refiner and even a Pharmacist now. The visible strength to charge into battles are those of the battle-oriented Main Jobs, but these Secondary Jobs are the soft force that support them!”


Whilst starting the work to strengthen those ordinary swords from the Dragon Slayer Guild at a moderate pace, Yun Tu didn’t directly revealed that he had a spare Alchemist Scroll, as he first spoke about the importance of it to probe Wang Peng out.


“I know what you mean, Brother. But the Secret Area we can explore is getting scarcer. Besides, obtaining the scrolls types always rely on luck. In fact, I’m also quite anxious right now. If any Guild have a Secondary Job Scroll, I’d even be willing to trade with some Main Job Scrolls we have!” With a helpless sigh, Wang Peng replied.

If it weren’t for the existence of the renewable Secret Areas, let alone exchanging one Secondary Job Scroll with Main Job ones, even if the scroll was to be exchanged with three Main Job Scrolls, no one would be willing to trade it.

However, Yun Tu knew that after the emergence of the renewable Secret Areas, the Secondary Job Scrolls would be more abundant and the battle-oriented Main Job Scrolls would be the thing that the major Guilds would most seek after. Each and every one of the Awakeneds with a Secondary Job was, after all, able to provide services to a lot of people. And having too much people with the same Secondary occupational lines didn’t make sense.


“Ah, I know that Brother Wang Peng can figure out the importance of these things!” A smile was revealed on Yun Tu’s face as he responded.


Wang Peng suddenly moved upon seeing that Yun Tu’s smile brought along with it a different mean. Then, he asked with a pleasantly surprised tone, “Brother Yun, do you happen to have any spare Secondary Job Scrolls?!”


“Hahaha, friendship is friendship; but business is business, though. As long as Brother Wang Peng has some good stuff, it will be easy for you to obtain this Secondary Job Scroll!” Yun Tu answered him, albeit impartially.


“Good buddy, don’t keep me guessing, will you? What kind of good scroll do you have? Lemme take a look at it! You can take anything you like- Blood Crystals, armors and protective gears, beautiful chicks- you choose!” Wang Peng was also a worldly man, after all. Added with the Main Job Scroll he had said previously, he was even adding beauties now.


In the Apocalypse, beautiful women who were considered as ice-star level beauties, now were only as valuable as instant noodles. Moreover, Yun Tu also had two belles at his side. As long as he thickened skin, he could have the chance to get laid if he returned back to the Northern District tonight.


“Haha, Brother Wang Peng really can throw a joke, eh? If you can trade the scrolls with beauties in this Apocalypse, the Jiangnan Family has hundreds of small and big stars too. With this, wouldn’t they have a large number of occupational scrolls by now?!” Yun Tu said with a laugh.


“My bad. It’s misunderstanding, Brother! You can see that those fine girls at the gate, right? Those girls would have been a car model in the peace age! But heck, of course business is business, though. If there’s something you want to trade the scrolls with, please speak to me, I won’t be playing with words and be vague about it!” Wang Peng smiled and explained, for he knew that Yun Tu was not easy to be fooled.

“Aside from exchanging the Job Scroll with another one of the same value, the other items are not valuable enough. Brother Wang Peng should have realized this point too, right? If Brother Wang Peng happens to have some good things in your vault, we’ll discuss about the trade. Otherwise, we’ll talk about it later.”

Since the renewable Secret Areas hadn’t yet opened, the exchange of strategic resources between Guilds had yet to become a common sight nor had yet to become a custom. So, Yun Tu didn’t have to pick the stuffs he would exchange with the spare Alchemist Scroll in his hands. He would only exchange it with some needed and appropriate materials Wang Peng had.

“To be frank, I have some Main Job Scrolls. One of which is a Storm Swordsman Scroll which we recently obtained from the Secret Area. And now the members of my Guild are anxiously waiting and watching us. So I have to discuss with the people in my guild about this!”

Wang Peng was also well aware about the situation at present. Becoming a good friend with Yun Tu was a great thing for him now. However, Yun Tu had made it clear that the occupational scrolls could only be traded with another scroll.


He also realized that the both of them had yet to speak out of their interest toward any objects they would take. But he also could correctly guess that the scroll in Yun Tu’s possession was a spare one, because he already had someone with the same job. For he and his brother—Wang Yang, also had the same reason in not giving the scrolls to the other members. He and Wang Yang were Storm Swordsmen; having more of the same occupation wouldn’t be good for the guild.


“Well, our time is quite tight. So you don’t need to manage me- go quickly discuss about it. I’ll be waiting here for the results!” Since Wang Peng had said the scroll’s name, Yun Tu also took out the Alchemist Refiner Scroll and showed it to him.


“A few of our important members are away right now. So I gotta trouble you to wait here for quite a long while. I’ll send someone to immediately fetch them back. But I won’t make you wait foolishly, though. I’ll make some people to accompany you to chat in case that you get bored!”

After that, Wang Peng left, quickly coming back with two beautiful women walking behind him.

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