MOTDN – Ch 7

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Chapter 007: Lightfoot’s Family

Evolution was not something that had an absolute certainty in developing toward the direction one wanted. Such as in Yun Tu’s case; he didn’t know that some people had artificially fostered Second-Order mutated zombies. He also didn’t know that Qing Yi only swallowed 3 red pearls, and the energy inside the pearls only changed her body slightly and had yet to fully complete her evolution.

The second person who became an Awakened after Yun Tu was not Feng Ling. Before her was the extremely bold local boss, Huang Guohao, who had already successfully become an Awakened and even had obtained very good points.


Humans could only strive, as everything would rely on their fate!


Yun Tu neither wanted to think about it nor did he care about the result. At present, Qing Yi and Feng Ling were just sojourners for him.


But he did have someone who he regarded as not just a mere sojourner. He was his life and death brother in his past life— Gui Jiaosan.


Gui Jiaosan in his past incarnation only survived for 9 weeks after the advent of the apocalypse. However, he died exactly because he shielded Yun Tu from a Black Zombie’s fatal attack. Because of this, Yun Tu had the ultimate opportunity to attack the Black Zombie with his ordinary strength. He succeeded in killing the thing that was several folds stronger than him and obtained his first Blood Crystal.


Gui Jiaosan was only an ordinary person, but he was able to survive for 9 weeks in the apocalypse. And now Yun Tu had returned, if he didn’t help his brother who had been through the blaze of flames and the tides of water together with him, could he still be called human?

He must find this person! And Yun Tu was even planning to prepare a Blood Crystal for him.


When he took a cab to the Southern District, the night had approached. It was the second day of the apocalypse and dozens of zombies had started to appear, causing the situation to begin to turn upside down. Everywhere in the city was quite different from before. Apart from street thugs, there were only a few pedestrians on the street.

However, Gui Jiaosan was also a hoodlum himself!


“Do you know Gui Jiaosan?”

“Who the fuck is Gui Jiaosan? I’ve never heard of him!”

“He often hangs around here. He’s crippled and very famous!”

“Hey, I have fucking told you that I’ve never heard of Gui Jiaosan, ‘kay? And this is Niu Gezhao’s turf!”




There were some bars and nightclubs in the vicinity, as a few waves of street thugs were there. He asked around, but still nobody knew who this Gui Jiaosan was.


Yun Tu only knew Gui Jiaosan during the third week after the advent of the apocalypse in his previous incarnation. Since the both of them had a crippled leg, as fellow sufferers, they empathized with each other and became brothers. Gui Jiaosan told him that before the apocalypse he was a thug who strolled around in the Southern District, and was quite famous. But now, the majority of his words seemed like bullshit and boasts only.

The Southern District was quite big. And if Gui Jiaosan was only an ordinary thug, it would not be easy to find him in a short time. But Yun Tu didn’t care about it. Even if that fellow had nobody to aid him, in his past incarnation, he still could survive after the ninth week of the apocalypse. Therefore, he wouldn’t die for quite a while.

Yun Tu had become the first Awakened in the entire city. But at this time, society had yet to collapse and had not fallen into complete chaos. Money was still playing a major role for now; but a few days later, when money only became useless paper, Yun Tu believed that with a few packs of instant noodles, dozens of people would rush to find Gui Jiaosan for him. So he didn’t worry about not finding that guy.

He specially came here to find Gui Jiaosan, even though he failed to find him. Then, he stood at a deserted intersection, waiting for a cab to take him back home. He had yet to see a cab when suddenly a red Whirlwind Ferrari suddenly roared, abruptly braking before it finally stopped in front of him.

After he transmigrated, Yun Tu thought he wouldn’t have hatred toward anyone in his heart. But when the red Ferrari’s glass window was rolled down, Yun Tu’s brows were wrinkled as his murderous intent suddenly surged in an instant.


“Eh? Who’s this, the old punk classmate! Man, you’ve gotta accept your fate! Some things are not for a poor man like you to have. Just give it up! And I gotta tell you that some women are not something low lives like you can ever afford, so you’ve gotta put it down. If you wanna have a life, just get the hell out of Jiangnan City and never show your face in front of Bingbing again. But since I’m a good man, take this card with 100,000 yuan in it and get out from the city!”

Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to sense murderous intent; this young man was also no exception. Duan Minghui held the steering wheel whilst his other hand was clamped onto a cigar. He didn’t feel the menacing aura and still spoke with a condescending tone as he put on his usual arrogant manner. He seemed to want to show off his literature and philosophical talent toward Yun Tu.


“Fate will sometimes change and perhaps, in the next second, Wang Nuobing will dump you too!”

Yun Tu’s eyes only fell for a second on Duan Minghui’s face and quickly shifted at the beauty, Wang Nuobing, who sat on the front passenger seat. He recalled that she rarely put on make-up. It was only after she participated in that Pop Song Competition did she learn to put on make-up. But today, her face was masked with such thick make-up.

“Just accept your fate. People gotta make money in modern society nowadays. And don’t get me wrong. I won’t deny that I did like you once. But it’s all in the past now. Had it been because your heart was too cold and not filled with that pride of yours, you wouldn’t have fallen to this fate today. 100,000 is not a small amount. As long as you never show up in Jiangnan City again, I swear on my moral integrity that I’ll make sure that this 100,000 yuan will not become an imaginary number only.” Feeling an indifferent gaze form Yun Tu, Wang Nuobing took off her sunglasses and looked straight at Yun Tu, as though betraying him was not because she was in the wrong.

“Hmph! Moral integrity, eh? Do you even have it?” Yun Tu sneered coldly.


For years, he was trying to figure out who was the one who framed him and planted those drugs inside his flat before the final competition. But today, seeing this despicable dog couple here, Yun Tu’s heart was finally clear.


“People often said that they would rather sit inside a BMW crying, rather than sitting on a bike laughing. I don’t care what you think or feel about me. But for me, I choose this Ferrari!” Wang Nuobing put on her sunglasses on again and motioned Duan Minghui to raise the glass window.


Wang Nuobing didn’t want to talk with Yun Tu, but Yun Tu was even more loathing to speak with her. Driven by a short fuse, he really wanted to take the assault rifle inside his windbreaker coat and give them a few holes. But two Civil Policemen in their patrol car were seen driving toward this direction.


“I’ve fucking told you that fate sometimes change; your ear will be the best proof!”


Upon seeing the glass window was slowly rising, Yun Tu suddenly leaned his body as his left hand moved and snatched Duan Minghui’s right ear, ripping it.

He didn’t need a knife or scissors to rip off his ear. His hand only sufficed. Average people might be unable to do it, but it was easy for him.


It was not like Yun Tu liked to resort to violence to solve problems. But the apocalypse had come. And violence? This method would be the only effective way to solve problems in this era.


Loud screams sounded from inside the Ferrari car as the police patrol car came by near and immediately rushed over. This evening would be the last moment that law and order was still effective. Yun Tu didn’t want to be troubled with police and quickly escaped through a small alley after he ripped off a part of Duan Minghui’s ear.

One of the two policemen on duty called Wang Yang, a newcomer who just graduated from the Police Academy this year. He was also a record holder of the Academy’s 1,500-meter cross-country, and also an excellent fencing athlete.


“Big Brother Li, protect the scene! I will go after him!”


Seeing that the man in black coat suddenly turned away and escaped, the newly graduated cop’s sense of justice was burning. He naturally would not let such opportunity to render meritorious service pass by. The alley was narrow and it was inconvenient to drive the car there. Wang Yang quickly jumped off the police car and instantly showcased his ability as he hurled over and bolted forward as though an arrow. His speed was not even under Yun Tu’s.


“Huh?… Is he an Awakened?”


Yun Tu looked back and saw the pursuing police and was quite startled. He was slightly unable to believe it. Even though he didn’t use all of his strength, but his speed was at least 2 folds faster than that of an average person’s.


He was itching to confirm his suspicion and intentionally slowed down his pace. Whilst running, he looked up and saw that the alley lights were somewhat dim. For average people, they wouldn’t be able to see someone’s face normally if the distance was more than 100m. But Yun Tu was able to see clearly since an Awakens had a stronger vision than average people’s.


The two lane alley had 7 or 8 turns, and they had ran for 2 or 3 kilometers. After Yun Tu was able to see and confirm Wang Yang’s face as well as having appraised his strength, he knew that his suspicion was wrong.

That cop had extraordinary strength despite being an ordinary person, and this really sparked Yun Tu’s interest. This was because an ordinary person only had 60% the strength of an Awakened. Such kind of a person would be able to be a powerful big shot had they gotten the opportunity to evolve. Yun Tu’s mind spun faster. In his previous incarnation he had met a powerful person from Jiangnan City, and the man now appeared in his mind. He was ranked 17th of the most powerful humans at that time, and his name was the “Lightfoot” Wang Peng. The cop’s appearance that chased him right now was similar to this Wang Peng.

He didn’t have much contact with “Lightfoot” Wang Peng in his past incarnation. And he was associated with a guild that had a certain hostile relation with Yun Tu’s. But since this was his second repertoire, he might be able to change everything.

Thinking that the cop would become a powerful character later, then it would be for the best to mix and give him a favor. With this in mind, Yun Tu slowed down his pace again.

“Hey, running punk! I don’t believe you can beat me in running. You fucking hoodlum, you’ll see that nobody will be able to escape from this Big Daddy!”


Upon seeing that Yun Tu was slowing, Wang Yang took a deep breath once again and sped up as he finally caught Yun Tu’s arm.


“Eh, why did you try so hard to chase me? Have you seen me murder someone or burn a building?” Yun Tu intentionally let him grabbed his arm and then asked slowly.

“What the? You intentionally waited for me, did you?!”


He caught the man. But after grabbing him, only then did Wang Yang immediately feel that something was amiss. It was because he breathed heavily whilst the man still looked calm and composed.


“If you really have the strength, why don’t you kill those zombies? You indiscriminately chased me for a few kilometers. It seems like you don’t know how to use your strength, eh? Police Officer Wang Peng!”


“What the heck? How do you know my big brother?”


Wang Yang was a bit surprised. In fact, although he and his big brother Wang Peng looked alike, but they were not twins. Under normal circumstances, only their friends were able to distinguish the both of them. It was only natural that he certainly didn’t know that Yun Tu himself was actually not really close to his big brother. Besides, Yun Tu only had some impressions about him several years ago, so he mistakenly saw him as his big brother.

“So you’re his brother, eh. It’s been many years since the last time I saw him. But you’re really like your brother, a fast runner! Anyways, has he been good?” Yun Tu spat out some babbling nonsense.


“We brothers do have an inborn gift in running fast. Eh, wait, that’s not right! You’re able to run faster than me!” Wang Yang immediately felt that his tone did not suit. It was a criminal he was chasing and caught after all.


“Anyways, I just couldn’t stand with that second generation nouveau-riche bastard. So I slapped him and then ran!” Yun Tu shrugged his shoulders and took the initiative to explain.


“That’s it?”

“Not really though, but it’s the gist of it. You can find out about it yourself and ask your comrade!”


Having heard Yun Tu’s explanation, Wang Yang was a little embarrassed for a moment. He didn’t know anything about what had happened. Much less he had no relationship with that second generation nouveau-riche whatsoever. And this person in front of him actually knew his big brother. It was very obvious whom he should believe in. In addition, it was not a big case to begin with, so he immediately released his grip off Yun Tu’s arm.

“I heard that hundreds of zombies appeared in the city today. Since you’ve been patrolling all day, have you encountered them?” Yun Tu shifted the topic.


“Of course I did bump into them, I even took down 3 zombies by myself today. I almost got bitten by the last one though.” Speaking about the zombies, a beam of light flashed in Wang Yang’s eyes. It seemed that it was something glorious for him.


“I have heard something from a military forensic. He said that the zombies’ intracranial produces a crystal. It’s possible to avoid getting infected by the zombie’s poison if you swallow the crystal. I don’t know whether it’s true or not. But you’re a cop, and you’re highly likely to rush to the forefront and face a lot of dangers. You’d better avoid get bitten by those zombies and pay attention to your own safety!”

In a structured and logical explanation, Yun Tu disclosed the information. In his past incarnation, most of the information and knowledge about zombies were first discovered by the military and forensics. To avoid his information from being suspected, Yun Tu directly imposed on the military as his source of information. He also thought that having this information come out early would provide greater benefits for the entire humanity.

“How come I have never heard about it?”


“I also came out today to look for zombies to confirm and verify the reliability of this information, so I’m also clueless about this!”

“Zombies are running rampage right now even people are hiding at home. What’s your real identity…”


“Some things are not meant to be blindly guessed at. Anyways, I gotta leave and can’t speak with you any longer. If you see your brother, say hello to him for me!” Yun Tu patted Wang Yang’s shoulder and called dumb fans.


Seeing that Yun Tu seemed to want to leave, Wang Yang quickly asked, “Hey, what’s your name? How would I say it to my big brother?”


“I’m Yun Tu, your big brother’s classmate in primary school. If you have some free time please help me find a youth called Gui Jiaosan. He’s my distant cousin. If you could, please look after him…”


Having said that, Yun Tu turned around to leave and used his fastest speed, instantly disappearing in the alley!


Yun Tu finally fully used his strength all of a sudden. Whilst looking at the direction where Yun Tu disappeared, Wang Yang finally understood the meaning behind the line that there was always a heaven above heaven and there have always been people that were better than someone else.


‘Could he be a member of the special task force from the military?’


Wang Yang truly had such a thought, and now he had 90% trust about Yun Tu’s information that “zombies produced a crystal inside their skull and eating it would make someone immune from the virus infection!”

All these situations with the epidemic where the surviving people turned into zombies were truly too sudden. Whether this information was true or false, it was imperative to make clear about this matter!




[0] As always, a long chapter (almost 4K in raws). But I enjoy it. It’s my first time translating apocalyptic theme with game element. I usually translate some cultivation novel and a modern setting xuanhuan

[1] To clear some confusion in case there are some, the author used red pearl/beads for tiny Blood Crystals. So I also will use it, since Blood Crystal could only be obtained from the Second-Order Zombie above. Black Zombie is a Second-Order zombie.

[2] Wang Peng’s nickname is fast runner—literally translated from the raws. But I prefer 1 word so I chose Lightfoot.

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  1. WAIT! so he was in a guild… so thats means he had perhaps friends or he knows about certain strong people…. but he hasnt secured relationships early on? I mean this guy… I would try to find the people i have the most info on and build an early relationship if i can. OR kill future ‘villains’ now that im stronger..

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