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Chapter 68: Ambush at the Bridgehead (Part 2)

The enemy suddenly disappeared without a trace! Causing all the gunmen who were encircling Yun Tu to be at a loss and hollowed.


Scientific explanation couldn’t explain everything that happened in the Apocalypse. But they could guess that this was certainly a powerful technique obtained from a kind of occupation!

An indescribable fear suddenly surged up inside the mission leader—Wang Qiang’s heart upon seeing that the enemy suddenly disappeared.


More than a dozen men were brought to carry out this mission. The reason as to why he was picked as the leader, was because he knew Yun Tu the most; Duan Hongyu thought that he wouldn’t underestimate the enemy.


It’s true that he also participated in the previous campaign led by Duan Hongshan against Yun Tu in the Eastern District. He knew that Yun Tu was powerful and it wasn’t because he only heard about it, he saw it personally. And few days later, he was entrusted the leadership for this mission, ensuring that he would clash again with him. But the enemy was able to disappear without a trace even under the gaze of a dozen pairs of eyes, causing the fear he had toward him deepen a layer.


A man under him was at a loss and asked with an anxious expression, “The enemy has a stealth technique, what should we do now?”


“It’s absolutely impossible for the enemy to disappear out of thin air and don’t be seen completely. Even if it’s an occupational skill, it would only give him temporary ability to fool our vision to hide himself. Summon the other brothers and rush with me downstairs!”


Wang Qiang actually had the intention to withdraw. Although the enemy’s stealth ability could be the reason for the failure of his mission, but if he only hid in the building without going out to find him, he would have no way to explain himself to the Guild Master.


“We can’t see him. Why should we rush out?”


Everyone was also inflicted by fear since they had to face an invisible opponent.


“Hey! There are so many of us, we need not be afraid since he’s alone!”


Wang Qiang shouted and then took the lead as he ran out of the building. However, when his comrades followed and rushed out along with him, he slowed down his pace and eventually placed himself behind them.


His loyalty toward the Jiangnan Family Guild was unquestionable, but it didn’t mean that he would willingly rush to the frontline and face the danger; he would draw back to the rear behind everybody else in the crucial moment.

Upon seeing that their comrades in the eastern side building came out under Wang Qiang’s lead, the other team’s gunmen in the northern side building also rushed out all at once toward the bridge. Quickly after, the two groups converged, amounting a total of at least fifteen or sixteen men in the team.

Yun Tu was at the floor under the bridge – he didn’t need to use his stealth skill. But when he climbed up to the tower at the eastern side of the bridge, he used his stealth skill again.


If Wang Qiang and his team members stayed together in the same place, perhaps Yun Tu wouldn’t dare to force himself, trying to kill him with his dozen of his men. But it just happened that Wang Qiang was alone whilst holding a sniper rifle, for he drew back about tens of meters away from his team.

“That sniper rifle is a good stuff; it should be mine!”

Along with his rising killing intent, Yun Tu appeared. Wang Qiang’s response couldn’t be said to be slow, but since a man suddenly appeared at his side, he hastily drew back for half a step in an instant as a dagger with a glimmering blue light slashed across toward his neck.




After Yun Tu appeared, some of the gunmen immediately noticed him as all of their gun muzzles were suddenly all pointed at him.


Yun Tu quickly put the sniper rifle into his interspatial ring as he also executed his stealth skill for the third time and disappeared from everyone’s vision once again.


Using the stealth skill for three consecutive times within a short time was definitely not what an ordinary Shadow Assassin could do. Even if Yun Tu had the experiences from his past incarnation, it was also his current limit.

The enemy had disappeared, but once he showed himself again in a short frame of one or two seconds, he claimed the team leader—Wang Qiang’s life. All the gunmen from the Jiangnan Family Guild who were involved in the mission shuddered in fear. The team leader was no longer alive, and the chain of command was gone, so they chaotically burst-fired their guns as those dozen men hastily retreated toward the Northern District in panic.

The Stealth Movement skill consumed a huge physical strength and stamina, rendering Yun Tu unable to continue fighting zealously. Still under his stealth state, he quickly escaped for a few hundreds of meters to the other direction and quietly hid inside a building.

Small Blood Crystals were no longer useful for a Second Level Awakened like Yun Tu; it was even too weak to supplement the energy his body had spent. So, he directly threw a large Blood Crystal into his mouth and began to control his breathing to restore his physical strength.


Laying an ambush at the bridgehead?!

It couldn’t be said that the tactic was a brilliant one. Even Duan Hongyu who set up this strategy didn’t have much hope that Yun Tu would go back to the Northern District through this bridge. However, Yun Tu’s line of thought didn’t include this aspect. And today, had he not learnt the Shadow Assassin occupation and used a very special stealth skill from his Main Job, he would have gone to the netherworld at once.

No one was able to guarantee that they would still be able to survive in the Apocalypse. But dying because of one’s own negligence was something he couldn’t forgive. Yun Tu knew that not even once must he allow himself repeat this kind of mistake in the future; otherwise, such a good luck wouldn’t come to him again the next time.


As grandfather Mao had said, “we could despise the enemy strategically, but we must seriously take them on tactically”. For this one, he unexpectedly overlooked this very important principle in the crucial time. It was unimaginably far away and out of question for him to fall into this situation again!


And since the enemy had taken the initiative to kill him, he certainly must also take the initiative to pay them back!


A bullet had pierced his shoulder from the back. It was really inconvenient for him to take on Wang Qiang backhandedly in this state and position. However, if he didn’t take the bullet out, the wound might be healed on the surface, but it couldn’t be said it was fully healed. So he finally cut the wound open.

Had Qing Yi been here, he would have been fine. As long as he removed the bullet, the Priest’s healing technique would be able to accelerate the recovery of his wound. However, he was in the Eastern District now, and he didn’t dare to cross this bridge to go back to the Northern District.

Thinking about Qing Yi and Feng Ling, perhaps they had cooked some fine hot meal, waiting for him to go back. However, it was very obvious that his stamina and physical strength had already been seriously overdraft. So he couldn’t go back tonight.


A moment after, he heard footsteps coming from the outside. As it turned out, it was Jiang Xiaoya with her comrade, Wang Ze.


When she was saved by Yun Tu, Jiang Xiaoya didn’t have a chance to ask his name as she had to rush to the opposite building to join Wang Ze and fight together. After both of them had solved the zombies and came out, Yun Tu had already cleaned up the scene and left.


Jiang Xiaoya felt it was somewhat strange, for it was quite unexpected of her savior leaving without saying goodbye, causing her to have some strange feeling inside.


Their bodies were full of injuries, and after they cleaned up and wrapped their injuries, they slightly tidied up the scene. She immediately thought that she had to retrieve her ring back, but she was too negligent when throwing the ring out, for she never thought that she could survive. And since she had gone back, the first thing she did was to find the ring. She spent some time searching without any clues and spent most of the day only to find her efforts in vain. Much less that some zombies were still wandering nearby, so Jiang Xiaoya was forced to give up in distress after trying to find it for quite a long time.


The night was soon to come. Although they were quite powerful; however, they were wounded, and the Eastern District was a dangerous place, while this place also reeked with a quite heavy smell of blood. Worrying about their own safety, they decided to find a much safer place to spend the night as they passed and entered the exact same building where Yun Tu was hiding.


Previously, although what Yun Tu did in snatching their belongings couldn’t be said to be in the wrong; however, he still didn’t want to see them, and directly left without informing them after he picked up the interspatial ring.

However, the situation was a bit different now. He had been shot, and the bullet was stuck in a position which was very difficult for him to take out. So he basically need their help.


“Skillful and amazing!”


Yun Tu came out of the balcony and greeted them on his own initiative. An act he rarely did before.

“Huh? How are you here?!”


Meeting Yun Tu once again made Jiang Xiaoya quite surprised.


People’s intention and will were unpredictable in the age of Apocalypse. Even though their present relationship was far from forming any trust; however, for whatever it was, Yun Tu was their savior. Therefore, upon seeing that Yun Tu was injured, Jiang Xiaoya and Wang Ze immediately helped him, taking out the bullet and helping him cure his wound.

As Jiang Menghua’s most trusted aide, Wang Ze was not only an Awakened with a Main Job, he also had an interspatial ring in which not only had he stored some valuable things, but also some military medical supplies.


Although the both of them were not professional medics, but as the Captain of the Special Force squad, Jiang Xiaoya also had learnt to deal with gunshot wounds, although she had never practiced it before.


However, she couldn’t care less as it was the age of the Apocalypse, after all. With the aid from Wang Ze, it didn’t take long to help Yun Tu in taking out the bullet. They carefully disinfected his wound with disinfectant and medicines as she also tightly stretched it with bandages.


Even though there was no Priest or Pharmacist around, considering the Awakened’s body, the wound should also be able to recover within one or two days.


After having conversed with them, Yun Tu also had a much deeper impression about Jiang Xiaoya and Wang Ze.


Part of Jiang Xiaoya’s personality was somewhat quite similar with Feng Ling. Loyal, brave and heroic. However, her way of thinking was much more flexible than Feng Ling. In addition, she was also a member of the Army Special Force, for which she definitely had some martial arts background. If she wasn’t in an injured state now, she was likely much stronger than Feng Ling.

Wang Ze was also a loyal person. He was not a man with many words, and once he spoke, he would talk straight to the point. It was the habit he had cultivated after being taken as a subordinate for years. Although he was just only an ordinary communication officer and had yet to get promoted, but in fact, he was a real talent. If it weren’t because Jiang Menghua didn’t want to put him into the army regiment, his rank could have long been a company-level military officer.

The night was without words. There was only one occasion where Yun Tu acted to solve some ordinary zombies. But he didn’t exterminate them with his gun, and instead with his dagger. So it didn’t cause any noises. Thus, the night was thoroughly peacefully.


The news about the death of Jiang Menghua had yet to pass to Jiang Xiaoya and Wang Ze. So their temporary plan was just to wait and hide in the Eastern District to recuperate from their wounds. After the storming news about the disbanding of the army had subsided, only then would they go see Jiang Menghua again.


As long as the elite troops Jiang Menghua had sent to find some grains and foodstuffs came back, they would continue the plan to formally establish their guild and develop their own forces.


“Where will you go next?”


After dawn and having a light meal, Jiang Xiaoya asked with a lost expression upon seeing that Yun Tu was about to leave.

The three of them shared the same enemy, they even also had fought together. After having spent the night in the Eastern District rampant with zombies, it could be said that there was a sense of camaraderie amongst them.


“To the Southern District, to wait for the opportunity to strike back at those Duans. And then I’ll go back to the Northern District!”


The Duan Family was their common enemy, so Yun Tu felt no need to hide it from them, as he directly told them his plan.

“Why not wait until our injuries have recovered and then leave this place? I can see that you’re recovering faster than the two of us. Would it be a problem if we hide in the Eastern District for one more day?”


Yun Tu had already thought about what Jiang Xiaoya suggested. However, time was of the essence and the most important aspect in the Apocalypse, so he didn’t want to wait and delay much longer. Much less that he was also a Second Level Awakened and had a sniper rifle. So the risk wouldn’t be too great for him to attack the Jiangnan Family Guild.


“I have never been a person who liked to delay things. Anyway, thanks for today!”


After he took out some foodstuffs from his interspatial ring and gave it to them, Yun Tu no longer delayed and quickly left.


Although the three of them had become friends and trusted each other; however, he thought that they were Jiang Menghua’s men. So he wouldn’t have the opportunity to recruit them to enter his Dark Night Guild. So there was no need for him to wait for them and get delayed in the Eastern District.

From his memory in his past incarnation, Jiang Menghua finally established his own guild in the early days of the Apocalypse. Although the guild went into a major decline a few months after a major campaign battle, but he was also considered as a hero.

Yun Tu didn’t know that the course of events in this incarnation turned into a different direction compared to his previous one. It was because he himself became the variable of changes, causing Duan Hongyu to fail to kill Jiang Xiaoya in the Eastern District; he almost even got himself killed. It also caused Duan Hongyu to rage and put all the blame in Jiang Menghua. Due to that, he ignored the long years comradeship and directly killed Jiang Menghua.

Jiang Menghua was already dead. Even if the elite troops he sent returned and the leadership was taken by Jiang Xiaoya and Wang Ze, they wouldn’t follow Jiang Menghua’s original plan. So at present, he actually had the chance to recruit these two under his command.


However, Yun Tu didn’t know all of these. This time, the memory of his past incarnation had played a counter-effect on him, causing him to directly give up on recruiting them.


With a thought that was somewhat similar to Yun Tu, Jiang Xiaoya also wanted to recruit him for her older brother. However, she already heard from Yun Tu that he had already established his own Dark Night Guild, and the guild also already had several members. So, she thought that the chance to recruit him was already gone.


Jiang Xiaoya stood on the balcony whilst watching Yun Tu leaving while feeling somewhat at a loss inside.

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