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Chapter 67: Ambush at the Bridgehead (Part 1)

After advancing to the Second Level, his strength had also increased. As long as he didn’t bump into a large-scale zombie tide, Yun Tu would be able to roam freely anywhere in the entire Eastern District. In addition, he also had practiced and learned more advanced skills in the skill tree of the Shadow Assassin in his past incarnation; he was now itching to finally find an opponent to try the skills!

The formation of the large-scale zombie tide generally had two essential factors. First, one must have enough blood, as it was the food that would attract them. Second, Second Order zombies or the like, as the Green Zombies, should be present to drive the other zombies.


Now, as Yun Tu was roaming alone in the Eastern District, the chance of him being targeted was small, much less that his speed was also very fast. If he wasn’t taking the initiative to actively drive and lure the zombies, it wouldn’t be easy to cause a zombie tide under normal circumstances.


In this kind of environment, in the case that he bumped into a Green Zombie without a large number of low-level zombies around it, Yun Tu was confident that he would be able to kill it in a short time and then successfully escape.


Since he was still in the Eastern District, by killing another one or two Green Zombies and then returning to the Northern District, he would also be able to help enhance the other important member’s strength of the Dark Night Guild. He even considered collecting three more Second Order Blood Crystals, as to help another person next to him advance into the next level.


His guild had just been established last night, and more than ten people were staying in a large suite room. Although Yun Tu monopolized the main bedroom upstairs, however, because there were a lot of people and coupled with the thin face Qing Yi had, she could only look at him and didn’t dare to do just like that lovely occasion when she entered his room previously.


Even as unwilling to admit as he was, Qing Yi was a person who took the softest seat in the bottom of his heart. But, considering Qing Yi’s stats, he estimated that it wouldn’t be enough to make her advance to the Second Level with only five Blood Crystals.


Analyzing each member from a personal stats’ point of view, the pock face—Zhang Feng—was the most appropriate candidate to advance to the Second Level. However, he also had to look over at each and everyone’s performance. The resources as always, were limited. And he also had to consider the loyalty aspect of his team with a reasonable allocation and distribution of the resources according to each member’s contribution.


One’s imagination surely would portray beautiful pictures, but reality oftentimes was against what people wished for. When Yun Tu was roaming, trying to find Green Zombies to fight, not even one of them could he find.


After roaming back and forth for a few turns in the streets of the Eastern District, Yun Tu was even surrounded by some First Order Black Zombies and ordinary zombies, which led to a one-sided massacre. It might look very cool, but it quickly killed Yun Tu’s mood and interest.


The time passed by in silence…


Shortly, the sky would turn dark as another day passed through!


Return back home!


Saying it like this could be said that it was inaccurate. He had eaten two hot meals today, but at noon, he felt hungry and then ate an instant noodle as snack, for which he thought that the taste was appalling, causing him to miss Qing Yi’s cooked food.

Coming out from the deepest parts of the Eastern District, it was an easy and effortless travel as he quickly arrived at the bridgehead of the eastern part of the bridge.


After the rain of blood, the river water was once incarnadine red by the blood rain. A week had passed since the last rain of blood and the river was no longer red. However, countless floating corpses and debris with a staunching pungent smell rose to the sky, causing Yun Tu to have no choice but to pinch his nose.


It looked like there wouldn’t be any looming danger… when Yun Tu’s eyelids suddenly jumped!


The East Bridge was about five hundred meters long, and the end point could be seen from his field vision. He couldn’t see anything that could be dangerous, but the foreboding, ominous feeling was evoked inside his heart. However, at this time he was in the middle of this five hundred meters long bridge!


As early as Yun Tu set his feet on this East Bridge, the gunmen from the Jiangnan Family Guild who were here to ambush him, were tightly tensed up at the end point of the bridge.


The effective range of assault rifles was four hundred meters, but that was the relative standard to ordinary people. Awakeneds had a far superior physical strength and response rate compared to ordinary people, and shooting Yun Tu was simply untenable at this distance.


Duan Hongyu wasn’t personally commanding the battle. The plan he had arranged, actually was a perfect one; as the gunmen had to wait until Yun Tu arrived in the middle of the bridge before they opened fire at him from the both ends of the bridge, which were the best shooting position. Even if Yun Tu had used those two Blood Crystals and successfully advanced in rank into the Second Level; however, with a dozen gunmen and assault rifles, coupled with two more men and their devastatingly lethal sniper rifles, he would be done for right on the scene.


With a group of people working on something together, a leader must be appointed amongst them, otherwise everyone wouldn’t be able to perform the tasks effectively. And Duan Hongyu entrusted this ambush to Wang Qiang this time. At present, Wang Qiang, with a sniper rifle in his hand, would commence the operation with the sound of his sniper rifle, which would be the sign for the other men to open fire immediately.


As the matter stands, nearly all the guns would all fire from Yun Tu’s back. As long as he was not a Deity who descended to Earth, it would be nearly impossible for him to escape death.


Tightly clutching the sniper rifle in his hands, Wang Qiang’s finger was a little pale. But still, he waited; Yun Tu’s current position was relatively close to him, but it was quite relatively far from the opposite side where his comrades were hiding. To guarantee this mission to be safely executed, he must still wait for Yun Tu to arrive at the middle position from both of the banks.


Wang Qiang actually felt a trace of danger; however, Yun Tu was still moving forward and seemed that he would quickly enter the target position. As long as he took his shot and was killed Yun Tu, Duan Hongyu had promised that not only would he get a complete set of protective gears, he would also be able to participate in the next meeting for the core member’s conference.


“Huh? Not good!!”

Upon seeing that Yun Tu suddenly stopped advancing on the bridge, Wang Qiang decisively pulled the trigger, even though Yun Tu was still several tens of meters away from the best target location.

By now, Yun Tu realized that the danger was looming after him and immediately reacted as his body moved to the side, toward the bridge railway.


The initial speed of the sniper rifle’s bullet surpassed the speed of sound, much more than the velocity of an assault rifle’s bullet, which was nearly equal with the sonic speed. Although the speed after it moved in the air might be possibly lower than the speed of sound and one was still able to avoid the bullet by depending on his hearing ability theoretically; however, in reality, the theory was nearly impossible to be proved as the time gap between the sounds was too small; and there had never been anyone able to avoid bullets by relying on hearing only. Even if it was Yun Tu, he was no exception.


His sudden dash was triggered by his ultra-premonition in sensing dangers after having tempered himself for many years. At the same time as Wang Qiang pulled the trigger, his mind was as though being pricked by a needle as he subconsciously dashed to the side.


Although Wang Qiang’s first shot missed, but under normal circumstances, the outcome wouldn’t change, because within a second after, more than ten guns opened fire from the both ends of the bridge.


The distance was more than two hundred meters away, and it would take 0.3 seconds for high-speed bullets to hit. After having successfully evaded the first bullet from Wang Qiang, Yun Tu turned his head and subconsciously dashed to the reverse side once again. Although it could be said that his reaction speed was fast enough and the majority of the bullets from those dozen guns failed to hit him, but another sniper bullet from the direction of the Northern District separately shot him with its bullet that was much faster than those bullets from ordinary rifles. Even though it didn’t hit Yun Tu in the head, but it pierced deep into his shoulder bones.


The mission was deemed as extremely important, and Duan Hongyu certainly didn’t forbid the mission executors to save their bullets. The first wave burst of shooting failed to kill the enemy, causing Wang Qiang’s lips to darken. He pulled the trigger once again as the second burst wave of bullets flew out following his lead.


In this critical moment of life and death, Yun Tu quickly activated his occupational skill as his body suddenly disappeared under the stare of more than ten pairs of eyes.


All of a sudden, all of his enemies were stunned and scared!


“Stealth Movement”!


This was the symbolic skill of a Shadow Assassin.


Certainly, this Stealth Movement did not allow him to disappear without a trace in the truest sense, as people with extraordinary keen sense could still sense a trace of aura fluctuation with a calm and careful observation.

However, people who could keep their extraordinary sense in the middle of the battle were after all, very few. Much less that in a battle, there wouldn’t be much time and chance given to the enemies to carefully identify each and every detail from the fluctuations in the atmosphere. Therefore, the Shadow Assassin occupation was one of the most frightening occupations in the Apocalypse.


However, as amazing as this Stealth Movement was, the requirement and conditions to launch this skill were also quite harsh. Firstly, the move consumed a huge physical strength and stamina, and it also had a short time limit as the skill could only last for only one minute at the most.


Moreover, the stalker was unable to attack under the Stealth Movement state, as the essential requirement to release this skill was the instant vanishing of killing intent; while releasing one’s killing intent would break it.

Now, as Yun Tu’s figure had suddenly disappeared, a few seconds later he appeared again—he had jumped over the bridge’s guardrail. He then turned toward the floor under the bridge.


A modern designed bridge in itself was a complex project as the bridge had its own tower, suspension cables, and bridge floor made of reinforced concrete; for which everyone would pay attention to.


In fact, there were also various communication cables, power cables, drainage pipes and other auxiliary works under the bridge floor. With the wound on his shoulder, Yun Tu now clung onto a pipeline and climbed up under the bridge. His state as a Second Level Awakened gave him the freedom freely to come and go.


But now, Yun Tu was pondering, should he continue to cross the bridge, or should he return back to the Eastern District?

After thinking about it, Yun Tu finally decided to go back to the Eastern District. The first shot a moment ago came from the direction of a building in the Eastern District. The enemy came fully prepared and they also had the advantage in number. Yun Tu didn’t think that he had wipe all of them out. However, if he didn’t kill the leader of this ambush mission, it would leave a foul taste in his mouth.

After he made the decision, Yun Tu moved fast as he quickly closed his wound, which luckily also stopped bleeding. Then, he dashed forward quickly to the eastern bridgehead, toward the building from where the first shot targeted him from…

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