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Chapter 66: Variables and Advancement

Humans, as they always had been, would encounter some happy and grieving times!


As a Guild Master, Duan Hongyu led more than twenty men to chase down and kill Jiang Xiaoya. But he didn’t expect that the result would be that they were nearly completely annihilated! And it was mainly because of the graciousness of Yun Tu for whom he naturally hated and gnashed his teeth to!

For this plan to forcefully make Jiang Menghua abdicate from his position, he had brought more than a hundred men from the Eastern District. And now, not only had he failed to snatch those Blood Crystals, he even got severe injuries, while more than twenty people under him had been killed. His foul mood had yet to be vented.


As a result, Jiang Menghua was about to be struck by bad luck. He believed that Jiang Xiaoya had successfully fled and escaped with the Blood Crystals and some other important materials. It wouldn’t be good for him to be killed here. And shortly after seeing the company commanders leaving the army storehouse in the Junma Area, he thought that the time had come for him to leave as he took a few of his subordinates and calmly left the area.

Certainly, he didn’t have the intention to go back there whatsoever. The moment the public heard the news that the army was disbanded, the area would soon be stormed over and attacked by those refugees from the City Hall area. He went out and intended to find a safehouse for him to hide himself while waiting for his troops that were scouting the granary; after which he planned to establish his own powerful guild and quickly come back on the stage.


Unfortunately, everything he had thought of was wrong. After having been defeated and returned from the Eastern District, Duan Hongyu immediately sent the order to tie him up!


He believed that he had no fundamental conflict of interest with him even though they had long been accumulating grudges for years. But Jiang Menghua thought that Duan Hongyu would yield no benefits by killing him, for it would only create hatred from Jiang Xiaoya as well as also raising questions from other former cadres from the army. Those people would question his conduct and moral behavior, causing the gain to not make up for the losses Duan Hongyu would get. Due to this thought, Jiang Menghua was very calm and didn’t even resist. He thought that Duan Hongyu at the most would only make him as an example, in order to scare him and then wanting to inquire the whereabouts of Jiang Xiaoya.


However, things didn’t move toward the direction Jiang Menghua had imagined. When he saw Duan Hongyu once again, he was severely injured. However, after being an officer for so many years, he didn’t show his emotions on the surface despite feeling surprised by it.


With a sneer, Duan Hongyu said, “Well, well, Brother Jiang is really calm, eh?!”


Jiang Menghua calmly replied, “I’ve long disregarded my own life and death, and being imprisoned under your order, why should I not be calm?!

“We’ve been colleagues for years. Now, we are being turned into a corner. I won’t talk much, but I wanna ask you one thing!” Duan Hongyu knew that Jiang Menghua would be hard to deal with, but still he asked even if he had the suspicion in his heart.


Believing that Duan Hongyu was asking about the matter with Jiang Xiaoya, Jiang Menghua didn’t wait for him to ask more and directly answered, “I admit that Xiaoya does have some Blood Crystals despite being only a few of them. Clinging onto this batch of Blood Crystals won’t hold much significance for you. I also admit that I’m the one who arranged her to run away, but I must tell you that I know nothing of the exact direction where she would run to.”

“I already guessed it. I won’t force you to the death about the rest of those few Blood Crystals. But don’t ever think that I’ll be benevolent to you for other matter. Since you! You actually have arranged a person called Yun Tu from the beginning of the Apocalypse to mess with my Duan Family’s members everywhere! It seems that I only knew a little about you all this time eh?!”


In fact, it was quite understandable that Yun Tu would be one of Jiang Menghua’s men. From many aspects it could be said that it wasn’t without reason. Otherwise, what could explain the matter of Yun Tu, who had been pinched in the peaceful age by the Duan Family, would turn into an amazing and formidable person after the advent of the Apocalypse? Duan Hongyu would even kill for it, for he believed that there should be a big shot behind him.


“Who’s Yun Tu? Who are you talking about?”


Suddenly, Jiang Menghua felt that it was an extremely wrong decision for him to be calm and let these people tie him up. The both of them were too familiar with each other and he could see the glint of murderous intent from Duan Hongyu’s eyes.


And in this very time, Duan Hongyu had truly been blinded by hatred. He was acutely aware that killing Jiang Menghua at this time would bring no benefits to him. It would even make some officers who he would be able to recruit, turn him away. But, he mistakenly put the blame regarding Yun Tu toward Jiang Menghua. With his personal enemy now tied up in front of him, how could he not kill him out of the hatred to avenge his killed son?


With that, Jiang Menghua died, in a way inexplicable to him!


Everything was seemingly in his calculations. But because the appearance of a variable called Yun Tu, the direction of the scenario strayed out of his script. Granted, if he resisted before, he would still have ten men to help him fight. Even though Duan Hongyu wanted to kill him, he would also have to pay with his life. But he eventually died an unjust death due to his own calculations.


The army had been disbanded, and Jiang Menghua’s death might look was nothing much. But in fact, it would affect the later choices and decisions of all the servicemen in Jiangnan City. It also affected the pattern of the Awakened force in the entirety of Jiangnan City, albeit indirectly.


After having killed Jiang Menghua, half of Duan Hongyu’s anger was dissipated, as his mind slowly calmed down.


Jiang Menghua had died. But it wasn’t much to pay Yun Tu’s crime. When he led his men to the Eastern District before, he made the last arrangement and ordered a dozen people to quietly hide in the two buildings at the end point of the East Bridge.


Although it was said that it wouldn’t be too late for a gentleman to have his revenge even after tens of years, but Duan Hongyu didn’t want to wait even for a minute!


He didn’t know whether Yun Tu would return to the Northern District from this bridge or not. He was also quite busy and couldn’t personally take care of the problem, so he quietly laid down a big net for him. If Yun Tu didn’t come back to the Northern District from this place, then it was his luck. He also paused and thought for a moment. With two men with sniper rifles, plus dozens of other men with assault rifles; there was no way for Yun Tu to cross through, even if he was stupid and reckless enough to return from the Eastern District to the Northern District from this bridge. Unless Yun Tu was possessed by a Deity or spirit beings, otherwise, this place would be the place for him to get reincarnated.


Certainly, Yun Tu knew nothing what his enemies had laid in font for him, as he currently was sitting cross-legged in the topmost floor of the tallest building in the Eastern District, in order to prepare himself to advance in level.

Each level of the advancement process would take about half an hour or so. And in order to provide himself a quiet and safe environment, Yun Tu chose the tallest building in the district and also cleaned up the zombies around the building carefully before he finally opened the road to his advancement in rank.

The Second Order Blood Crystals from the Green Zombies had been swallowed, as a hot stream of energy flowed and raged inside his body. The effect from the transformation of the body was huge, but the process was so painful that no ordinary man would be able to endure. But Yun Tu was no ordinary man, and he also hadn’t gotten severe injuries after the advent of the Apocalypse.

For others, enduring acute pains for half an hour would feel like centuries, but it was not much trouble for Yun Tu. With the passage of time, half an hour quickly passed. After he came out of his meditating state, the parameters of his body once again had undergone earthshaking changes.


Strength 22
Spirit 22
Agility 22
Vision 22
Hearing 31
Chemoreception 22

His stats had been substantially enhanced, causing Yun Tu’s strength to increase. However, the benefits of advancing in level was absolutely more than just the changes in such simple stats. Except from these main basic stats, all over his body, either his kin, muscles, bones and internal organs, all of them also had been greatly strengthened.

Such as his skin. After having advanced to the Second Level, there was not much changes in his skin color from before. However, the skin’s elasticity and toughness was twice stronger as before. By now, ordinary people with ordinary blades basically wouldn’t be able to cause any damage to Yun Tu as long as he tightened his skin.


The vast majority of humanity was feeling desperate; and regarding the situation in the Apocalypse, they were at a loss, unable to see any hopes in front of them. However, Yun Tu perfectly knew that that all the hope were hidden in the desire of power one had. When the Second Level and Third Level Awakened emerged amongst humanity, the human population would have sharply declined, as some people would finally see the light of hope emerge.


The hope, was but to forever and constantly become strong! And at present, Yun Tu was walking on this perpetual path of becoming stronger himself!


Since he had advanced and become a Second Level Awakened, he was finally able to learn a new occupation again. Although there were three Job Scrolls inside his interspatial ring, however, Yun Tu didn’t hesitate to choose the same Main Job he had chosen in his previous incarnation.


Becoming an Awakened with a Main Job was basically the foundation to become an expert. Even if one had exactly the same stats and occupations, however, the division between the strong and the weak was clear; that was, it depended on one’s perception.


Each occupation had two initial combat skills. But the later progress one would have solely depended on the bearer, as they also must continue to comprehend the techniques and skills their occupation brought through unceasing fights.


In his past incarnation, both Yun Tu’s level and his stats were ordinary. However, he had extraordinary perception. When he advanced to the Sixth Level, the other Awakeneds with occupations only had five combat skills while he had seven combat skills, far surpassing the others at the same level.


This time, he had the memory of his past incarnation. And he believed that in this life, his comprehension speed to learn combat skills would be faster than his past incarnation.


The Main Job Scrolls in his hand crumbled to pieces as a shimmering light flashed through. He had just been reborn, and he once again chose to become a Shadow Assassin.

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