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Chapter 65: Chaotic Warfare (Part 5)

Yun Tu didn’t know whether they still had anti-tank grenades or not; but nevertheless, he still had to give chase!


“Today is your time of death, I’ll see where you will run to!”


Whilst shouting with a stern voice, Yun Tu pretended to chase them for about two floors; and by this time, the two men had already rushed out to the street on the ground.

Although the zombie tide had already been routed, but some stragglers were still wandering there!


Duan Hongyu had been seriously injured, but after all, he still had strength in spare; even several Black Zombies couldn’t stop them. The two men fought them while retreating and quickly disappeared from the street.

At the opposite building, the battle between people also had ended. However, the battle between a man and zombies had yet to end completely.


Using the zombies’ presence up and down, Wang Ze moved back and forth until he finally wiped out the Awakeneds with Main Job from the Jiangnan Family in that building. In that exactly last minute, he got seriously injured and couldn’t escape the turbulent wave of attacks from the zombie minions. But at precisely that time, Duan Hongyu killed the Green Zombies, routing the zombie tide by throwing some anti-tank grenades at them. Certainly, Wang Ze who was inside the building didn’t know the course of another battle, but since the zombies were partially withdrawing for reasons unknown to him, the pressure he had to face was greatly reduced.


Relying on the advantage he had from his higher location, he insisted in fighting them. But now, he only had one last bullet while there were at least three zombies. With such a state and having to face three zombies, the situation was against him. However, he held himself up and gritted his teeth, persevered and insisted to fight in order to survive.


“I won’t say thanks for this huge graciousness! But I will remember this esteemed friendship for the rest of my life. If you ever need this Jiang Xiaoya for whatever it is, never will I cower nor will I balk even if I have to face ten thousand deaths!”

The two Duans of Jiangnan Family Guild had fled. With a hard-to-believe and grateful expression, Jiang Xiaoya looked at Yun Tu as she finally vowed and solemnly cupped her fists!


Certainly, saving her life was a huge grace that made her grateful. But this place was the Eastern District, a place she never expected that someone would come to the rescue. As to for what reason this person appeared in this place and who he was, she was also bewildered about it.


“It’s just only a coincidence. Besides, the fight in that side still has yet to conclude!” Yun Tu’s expression didn’t even change facing the gratitude from the belle as he simply hinted the woman that the fight in the other side had yet to end.


“Wang Ze! Hold on, I’ll come over!”


After Jiang Xiaoya responded and came to her mind, she immediately rushed to the building on the opposite side, where her most loyal comrade was fighting.


A life-saving grace. It could be said that it was a huge grace. But Yun Tu knew that the thanks and promise the woman gave him was too much. He had no intention to play the hero who saved the belle, to begin with. He was clear that following Jiang Xiaoya, was to execute his own plan and calculation. Much less that he wasn’t that good a man to begin with.


Moreover, he acted against the Duan Family’s members driven by the blood carnage of life and death relation between them. He and Jiang Xiaoya had no relationship whatsoever. It was just that the timing was fortunate for him to act and strike, which caused him to interfere in their battle.


Jiang Xiaoya’s comrade also seemed to be able to control the fight at the opposite building. He could tell that the Jiangnan Family’s men in there had all been done for, so Yun Tu no longer planned to involve himself further.


Cleaning up and looting the battlefield in the Apocalypse was basically a good and beautiful part of this age. So Yun Tu naturally did his responsibility and didn’t miss it!


Because the fight had yet to end after killing those Green Zombies, Duan Hongyu didn’t have much time to collect the Blood Crystals as he rushed to the rooftop to join Duan Bing in dealing with Jiang Xiaoya. He thought that he would have a lot of time to clean up the battlefield after the fight ended. But he didn’t expect that he would be the one to flee from the battlefield in the end. And now, those spoils of war became his free gift for Yun Tu.


Yun Tu dug out the Blood Crystals from the two Green Zombies and stored them into his interspatial ring; as well as taking their claws, fangs, gallbladders and the rest of the materials. After which, he calmly collected various kinds of firearms and ammunition, as well as removing the weapons and armors wore by those six Jiangnan Family’s experts. It was quite a harvest, while he didn’t have the slightest interest in processing those Black and Ordinary zombies as he only cut the heads and directly put them into his interspatial; for which, he would give it to Feng Ling to process it later.


On the street outside, aside from the zombies that had been killed by the explosion, there were still a few men from the Jiangnan Family who were killed by Jiang Xiaoya and her comrade. However, those people who had died earlier were much poorer compared to the more formidable men who came later. They only had ordinary blades and firearms and didn’t even have any of protective armor or weapons that came from the Secret Area, which made Yun Tu somewhat disappointed.


However, the feet of a mosquito, for whatever it’s worth, was also meat after all. Even though he was disappointed, he still cleaned them up as well as busied himself for a while. In only a short time, Yun Tu harvested a lot of things.

After having cleaned the spoils of war from the battlefield, he could hear that after Jiang Xiaoya joined the fight, the fight in that building had basically ended. Even though he originally had the intention to thicken his face to go back and pick up some cheap benefits from the fight, he thought that the ring that had been thrown out by Jiang Xiaoya was much more important as he finally decided to give up such petty benefits in front.


As for Jiang Xiaoya, since she believed that she would die and threw the ring out, she didn’t know the direction where the ring had been thrown. However, Yun Tu as an outsider at that time, was able to memorize the exact position of the ring.


Then, Yun Tu passed through the streetside of the house and went back to another side of the alley. Since he had memorized its position, it didn’t take him much time to find and picked up the ring.


Just like Yun Tu and Duan Hongyu had thought of before, Regiment Commander Jiang really didn’t let Jiang Xiaoya distribute all of the Blood Crystals, since there were still hundreds of large sized Blood Crystals inside the interspatial ring.


Aside from the Blood Crystals, there were also a number of weapons that originated from the Secret Area.  As the most valuable thing for him, occupational scrolls, there were also two inside.


The things inside this interspatial ring were even richer than most of the Awakened Guilds’ wealth. However, when he looked again inside the interspatial ring, Yun Tu also found a note from Regiment Commander Jiang to his younger sister, Jiang Xiaoya; which finally made him understand the incidents that had happened inside the military body.


Long before the army was disbanded, Jiang Menghua turned out to have prepared his own plan. But his pace was half a step slower as Duan Hongyu finally defeated him completely as he dared to take any every measures—with even darker means and methods to outplay him.


Taking advantage from the occurrence that Regiment Commander Jiang sent his most trusted fifty soldiers out of Jiangnan City to scout the national granary, Duan Hongyu led the majority of military officers to force him to abdicate from his position, with the sole intention of dividing the stockpile of Blood Crystals which was being controlled by Jiang Menghua.


The disintegration of the army was unavoidable, and the Blood Crystals were not enough to be distributed to the following officers, so he might as well distribute them to the ordinary people. And namely after it happened, there wouldn’t be any great conflict of interest due to that. He believed that those military officers would be upset at him, but by taking their longstanding friendship over the years into account, he could tell that it would also be impossible for them not to give him any leeway.


As long as he could survive this crisis regarding his life and death, when those elite teams came back, it would be the cornerstone, the fundamental assets for the guild establishment; for which he would recruit people thereafter. Those people who got the Blood Crystals and became Awakened would look at him with gratefulness, and certainly would swarm over and flock to his guild.


It could be said that that it was the critical juncture of the crisis; for it was Jiang Menghua’s last chess move, his last resort when he had to leave the army he had been leading for so long.

However, it’s a pity that his younger sister, Jiang Xiaoya, didn’t go according to his plan, as all of his plans finally fell through, giving a cheap chance for the freak Yun Tu who had the advantage of his memory after his rebirth.

The Jiangnan Family’s men had fled. And Jiang Xiaoya and his comrade would certainly come out to find the ring after they wrapped their wounds!


Certainly, solving Jiang Xiaoya and her comrade would be the most correct and advantageous choice, for it would be much better for his survival in the Apocalypse. However, Yun Tu didn’t choose to do that as he had already gotten most of the profits peacefully and felt no need to silence the witness.


He and they shared the same nemesis. And even if after Jiang Xiaoya’s injury had been convalesced she suspected that he had taken the ring, she would have no evidence. Not to mention that he also had saved them; the grace that the other party wouldn’t pay with enmity.


If Jiang Xiaoya wanted to take her revenge, then it would be much better. The enmity between her and the Jiangnan Family was quite big, and Yun Tu would be happy to see them fight to the death.


When even to survive was a problem, morality and justice were worthless. Yun Tu had never seen himself as a noble person, to begin with. He had been through the Apocalypse for so many years that his sentimental feelings had long been suppressed and hidden deep inside as the interest for his own survival heavily ruled over it.


The Jiangnan Family Guild in his previous incarnation was the first and the biggest guild in Jiangnan City. Although Yun Tu had hit them twice and killed at least fifty of their men, but there were only three real core members with Main Jobs amongst them.


It would only take one Blood Crystal to make a person evolved into an Awakened. And basically, it wouldn’t make a big impact on Jiangnan Family’s strength. It could be said that if the Jiangnan Family Guild wanted to, from the number of the Blood Crystals they had, they would be able to create thousands of Awakened troops, increasing their strength overnight.

But with such troops becoming core members, would only make the team unstable. Blindly expanding the team would only result in speeding up its disintegration. And Duan Hongyu, who was notably quite experienced in managing teams, wouldn’t make such a mistake.


A strong organization certainly must be solid internally. And Yun Tu could tell that the Jiangnan Family Guild wouldn’t be declining just because they lost just several dozens of members.


But, the enemies of thy enemies are thy friends!


Yun Tu hoped that after Jiang Xiaoya and her comrade had recovered from their wounds, they wouldn’t disappoint him after today’s grace of saving them, as he hoped that they would enter the endless fight with the Jiangnan Family Guild later.


While harboring such a selfish thought, after Yun Tu picked that interspatial ring, he quickly left the scene!


He had swallowed two Blood Crystals, and it was only a step away for him to be promoted to the Second Level. But at such critical time like this, Duan Hongyu unexpectedly gifted him with those precious Second Order Blood Crystals. Thinking about it, Yun Tu was unable to hide the smile on his face…

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