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Chapter 64: Chaotic Warfare (Part 4)

The battles on the other two battlefields were still raging, and two anti-tank grenades from Duan Hongyu had caused heavy damages to the two Green Zombies as he suddenly changed his mind!

If he could take the advantage now and completely solved these Green Zombies and their troops, he would be able to recover the weapons and armors from his dead underlings. Considering the recovery ability those Green Zombies had, once their combat strength had been restored, even if he was able to snatch that interspatial ring from Jiang Xiaoya, but the losses he suffered today were too heavy.

“Jiang Xiaoya didn’t shoot her gun, so for now you rush to her and keep her in check. And I will solve these Green Zombies first!” After having said that, regardless of his bleeding wounds, Duan Hongyu rushed to the fifth floor once again.

If Yun Tu wasn’t present, Duan Hongyu’s plan would be undoubtedly correct, since the pressure he was facing from the zombies was huge. And taking the situation into account, Yun Tu who had schemed this, either had been killed or had already fled. However, he had never thought that Yun Tu was now climbing up to the roof and approaching this place from the side.


Duan Hongyu was pretty much boiling due to the current situation of the battle as it really evoked his rage, and he unceasingly launched his Main Job skills. The strength a Second Level expert possessed was truly terrifying, as within only dozens of rounds, he was able to kill the two Green Zombies in the fifth floor.


Following the death of the Green Zombies, the invisible command that controlled the Black Zombies and ordinary zombies was also severed, causing the hundreds of zombies to be just like disbanded soldiers and becoming stragglers, greatly reducing their combat force. Taking advantage of the losing command of the killed Green Zombies, Duan Hongyu quickly moved back and forth, throwing anti-tank grenades to the zombie mobs; as soon after, the zombies in the entire building were quickly routed.


As for Duan Bing, he rushed to the rooftop after Duan Hongyu ordered him. He knew that Jiang Xiaoya had been injured and she also had no bullets left. However, he wasn’t sure whether she still had anti-tank grenades or not, so he didn’t dare to be careless.

From the previous clash and two strikes he had exchanged with Jiang Xiaoya a moment ago, he knew clearly well that under normal circumstances, he and she should be evenly matched. As long as Duan Hongyu solved the Green Zombies, time was definitely in his favor, so he wasn’t in hurry nor was worried as he steadily moved forward even though he didn’t advance recklessly.

After he arrived in front of the iron door to the rooftop, he carefully kicked the door when Jiang Xiaoya suddenly threw something again; it scared him out as he hastily drew back. After which, he then confirmed that it was only a brick. From this, he was now sure that Jiang Xiaoya no longer had anti-tank grenades anymore.


The thought boosted his courage as he went toward the door, shooting three times to suppress her and then rushing outside.


Jiang Xiaoya had been injured, but since she had already decided to fight and ambush, ignoring the pain she felt, she forced herself to attack upon seeing that Duan Bing was rushing out.

Her Main Job was a combat-based one. It was the “Crestfallen Wandering Swordsman”, an occupation that was quite difficult to define whether it was strong or weak. The attack and defense for the two initial skills of this occupation were quite balanced. The first skill, the “Typhoon Strike”, had a remarkable resemblance with the Winding Confusion skill from the Butterfly Sword Dancer. Although the skill was neither dazzling nor gorgeous, but the speed of the strikes was extraordinarily fast, which also added much power to the lethality of the strike, and was a few points more powerful than the Winding Confusion skill if it were to be used in one-on-one battles.


As Jiang Xiaoya suddenly attacked from the side, Duan Bing also released his occupational skill, causing the Battlesword in his hand to suddenly flash. It was the “Battlesword Guard”, a defensive technique from his occupation. The technique seemed to be unremarkable, but the strength hidden within it was very powerful as several sword lines sealed across and then clashed with Jiang Xiaoya’s strike. The great force from the collision shook Jiang Xiaoya’s sword strike and turned it into disarray.


Since Duan Bing was also a First Level Awakened who had swallowed the Green Zombie’s Blood Crystal, he had the advantage in this fight. In addition, factoring his occupation and the weight of his weapon, adding Jiang Xiaoya, who was already injured and thus unable to exert all of her strength, it caused her to fall under the wind.

The both of them had occupations, with one offensive and defensive initial skills. Almost for ten rounds had they exchanged strikes on the rooftop. Although for a moment Duan Bing was obviously with the advantage, but it was also too risky for him if he wanted to defeat Jiang Xiaoya quickly, since he must face a brave and fearless opponent albeit being severely injured. He didn’t want to trade his victory with injuries, so the fight between them was deadlocked.


But for Jiang Xiaoya, as time passed it was getting much more unfavorable. When Duan Hongyu had defeated the zombie mobs with a few anti-tank grenades downstairs and then rushed to the rooftop, she knew that her time of death would soon arrive. So she made sudden moves, disregarding her own life and death to attack Duan Bing with all of her strength as she suddenly pulled back and jumped out from the fight.


“You wanna take my interspatial ring, then ask those zombies for it!”


She suddenly loosened the ring from her finger… and threw it out!


How far would a ring thrown by an Awakened fly? It was definitely easy for it to reach 1200 meters in distance.


Upon seeing that Jiang Xiaoya suddenly threw her interspatial ring, the two members of the Duan Family were surprised. Even if they killed Jiang Xiaoya today, they would still have to look for that ring afterward.


Seeing that the ring that was thrown by Jiang Xiaoya was thrown out for a few hundreds of meters away, a painful feeling struck Duan Hongyu’s heart. But since the matter had turned like this while the fight also had yet to end, he was unable to leave and find the ring.


By throwing out the ring, Jiang Xiaoya had really disregarded her own life and death. Taking strength into account, she was obviously in a perilous situation, but she continued to hit and attack them by taking the advantages the moment they dazed out.


Same as fighting an injured beast, facing such maddened and crazy opponent who had disregarded her own life, even the Second Level Awakened Duan Hongyu also had to avoid her attacks.


And at this time, about seven buildings away from the building where the fight commenced, Yun Tu could see everything as the ring flew across in an arc, falling down at a small alley next to the avenue, bouncing for a few times and finally stopping.


After having seen the last position of the ring, he didn’t immediately turn away to get it, and only memorized the characteristic and relative position of the ring as he continued to observe the fighting scene carefully.


Of course, playing as a hero who would save the belle was not his intention, to begin with.


The Jiangnan Family only had two people left on that rooftop, while there was also a crazy woman who was desperately fighting them. Such a good opportunity was not something he—as a Shadow Assassin in his past incarnation—would ever miss.

Just like a hard and rigid thing that tends to break, such desperate efforts couldn’t last for long, much less that it was one person against two. After attacking ten times, Duan Hongyu could see that Jiang Xiaoya’s momentum began to weaken as he also didn’t want to delay the time much longer. Then, he loudly roared, “KILL HER NOW!”. While at the same time, he also released his occupational skill.


From another direction, Duan Bing, who was playing a hit and run tactic, was also waiting for his command as he also released his occupational skill and stormed from the back upon seeing that his Guild Master launched a sudden burst of attacks.

With such a moment, if Yun Tu didn’t attack now, when would he get another chance?!

Yun Tu suddenly appeared. Although he didn’t have any occupational skills, but assassination techniques had long been carved into his bones after tempering himself for so many years in the Apocalypse.


Whilst throwing a brick from ten meters away, Yun Tu dashed forward as he instantly appeared at Duan Hongyu’s side.


A blue light flashed from his hand as the dagger in his hand slashed lightning fast and suddenly appeared at Duan Hongyu’s neck.


It was a backhanded throat slashing!


If Duan Hongyu were unable to block this move and fell, then he would be the first Second Level Awakened who died on Earth.


However, a Second Level was after all, a Second Level. With body stats of more than 20 points for each aspect, his reaction speed was truly not trivial.


Duan Hongyu originally thought that his attack would surely kill Jiang Xiaoya, but when another person suddenly appeared, he frowned only for a split second and forcefully withdrew his attack, drawing back a step. At the same time, with a whooshing sound, his blade suddenly pointed and slashed toward Yun Tu.


Moving to sideways, step sliding and tilting his body!


After hastily performing some thrilling moves to dodge Duan Hongyu’s counterattack, Yun Tu turned the dagger in his hand, changing it from the backhand to the forehand. He dashed forward a step and changed his dagger’s direction, suddenly striking at Duan Hongyu’s waist.

The position he was about to strike was the gap attachment point between the crotch protector and the leather vest armor. Although a Second Level Awakened’s flesh was also greatly strengthened and difficult to heavily injure, in the case that ordinary people with ordinary blades attacked that part of the body; however, Yun Tu was no ordinary person. He had 16 points in his strength stat, while the dagger in his hand was also a powerful Second Tier weapon. So, even though Duan Hongyu’s body defense was formidable, it was simply useless against him as it couldn’t even resist the piercing-slashing dagger.


Under the acute pain, Duan Hongyu forcefully made a cross slash and was forced to withdraw from Yun Tu for about ten steps. With one of his hands, he held his wound, while his eyes stared at Yun Tu like a devil.

On the other side, Duan Bing’s situation was a bit better that Duan Hongyu’s. However, since Yun Tu threw the brick at him before, although he also similarly got a sudden sneak attack, but his condition was much better than Duan Hongyu’s.

He didn’t use his full strength when he was attacking, so when he suddenly heard the sound of an object flying at him, he changed his sword’s trajectory and was able to swing and block the brick thrown by Yun Tu.

In his heart, he was sure that he was able to take down Jiang Xiaoya within two strikes by taking this opportunity, but even so, he didn’t take the chance and just took two steps backward to adjust his attacking posture and sealed the enemy’s movements again. However, upon seeing that his Guild Master was injured, with great shock, he hastily returned to Duan Hongyu’s side.

The fight now had changed into two against two. And Duan Hongyu, who notably was a Second Level Awakened, had been injured by Jiang Xiaoya with an anti-tank grenade a moment ago. And now, his waist was deeply pierced and slashed with a dagger. Although he already used his power to forcefully close the wounds to prevent bleeding, but he was still in the middle of a fight. Moreover, that ghostly sneak attack Yun Tu performed a moment ago was truly undetectable, causing him to shudder in fear.


What startled him the most was that Yun Tu didn’t even use any occupational skills; and neither did he believed that such an expert like Yun Tu didn’t have a Main Job to boot.


The word finally spat out from Duan Hongyu’s mouth while throwing the last anti-tank grenade at them.


Before one reached the Third Level Awakened, nobody was able to withstand the lethality of the anti-tank grenade, as Yun Tu and Jiang Xiaoya hastily dropped themselves and laid on the floor.


After a loud explosion, the both of them crawled up and rushed to chase. However, those two Duan’s family members had already ran away a few floors downstairs.

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