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Chapter 63: Chaotic Warfare (Part 3)

The progression of the battle had turned chaotic. Jiang Xiaoya and Wang Ze’s group, more than a dozen of Jiangnan Family’s men, Yun Tu, and now two Green Zombies that were leading hundreds of zombies suddenly joined the fray.

Four forces and three battlefields!


The strongest of the four parties undoubtedly was the force led by the Green Zombies with its zombie tide, followed by the Jiangnan Family with their dozens men. The weakest force certainly was Yun Tu, who was alone.


But for Yun Tu, when the battlefield was the simplest and the most favorable, was when he was most comfortable!

A moment ago, he seemed to be accidentally rushing into the building. But in fact, he already chose this building to enter, since all the houses in this street were connected to nearby houses. Generally, the houses in this street were old-fashioned residential buildings with six or seven floors with no elevators. But the one he was entering was a nine-storey building.

Rushing along with him into this residential building were some zombies that chased him as Yun Tu then directly fortified himself in the stair mouth to the second floor. Black Zombies and ordinary zombies posed no threat to him. As long as he could control the number of zombies to a certain number which was not too big, he could calmly take care of them.


Whilst defending in the corridor’s entrance, he wouldn’t be surrounded by these zombies, therefore, he could fight without any pressures. The most particular and odd thing was, that he adopted a strange strategy to fight those zombies. He only made them injured. In just a short while the corridor now had been filled with injured zombies.


However, the zombies were still unceasingly crashing into the first floor from the outside. However, since the first floor’s area was quite big, thirty to forty zombies now had entered the first floor, as some of them even got pushed forward toward the first floor’s stair. However, the zombies that were originally in front right before the staircase position were unable to move further or even attacking for a long time. And the moment the howling from the Green Zombie outside ordered them to leave the house, the remaining zombies outside rushed to the two battlefields.


Everything was even better than Yun Tu had expected. And through his ultra-keen hearing, he could hear that the majority of the zombies from the tide had passed as he also began to change his strategy. He retreated back upstairs and elongated to the zombies in front with one of his hands while his other hand attacked them. And then, he decisively solved those zombies one by one.

At this time, the advantages of choosing this tall building manifested as he killed three or four zombies in each and every floor he was retreating to, as he also cleaned up nearly all the zombies that came at him wave by wave.

After then, he rushed down from the ninth floor, and finally killed all those zombies which had been injured and had yet to die, until finally the battle came to an end.


As for the remaining ordinary zombies, he was disinclined to clean them up. In order to save time, he also only severed ten Black Zombies’ heads and directly stored them into his interspatial ring; he would dig the Blood Crystals in his free time later. It could be said that his harvest was quite good as not only was he able to come out unscathed from this fight, he was also able to harvest ten Black Zombies’ heads.


In contrast with Yun Tu’s battle, Wang Ze who was in the other building was facing a much more complicated situation. Although there were only five men of Jiangnan Family who stormed over toward the building he was hiding at, but the pressure he had to face was overwhelming since each and every one of them had a strength that was comparable to his. Just like Yun Tu, he also adopted the same strategy, using the advantages of the building’s height as he fought back whilst retreating floor by floor.


Since all of the parties engaged were evenly matched and in full vigilance, for them to want to lope their enemies’ head was easier said than done. And with the looming zombie tide in front as well as the suppressing fire from the enemy, Wang Ze was forced to retreat to the sixth floor. However, the building he was in only had seven floors, and he would have no way out if he retreated again upstairs.


Fortunately, at this very moment, Yun Tu came to the warzone, bringing along a zombie tide with him. When the Jiangnan Family’s men outside heard the thundering footsteps of zombies coming over, they fell into confusion for a moment. Using this opportunity, Wang Ze braved the risk and hurled himself from the sixth floor to the fifth floor whilst firing a headshot at one man who was at the corner of the corridor and injured the leg of another one.

Although the risk he braved through at the same time caused him to get shot in his left arm, but the reeking smell of blood also attracted the zombies. All of a sudden his pressure was eased as some men from the Jiangnan Family suddenly got caught in the middle after being unable to capture the sixth floor. They suddenly got attacked from the front and rear as the zombies that had a harp sense of smell regarding blood charged forward all the way to the fifth floor, causing them to have no choice but struggle bitterly in the fifth floor to defend themselves against the unceasing wave of zombies that emerged one after another.

On the other hand, Jiang Xiaoya also faced a similar situation in another building. However, her situation was even more severe than Wang Ze’s.

Seven men were storming over into the building she was hiding. They were quite strong, and also wore protective gears. She also retreated upstairs. When she had reached the highest floor, she finally spent her last bullet. Even though two of her opponents were injured, there were also red lines of blood on her body.

Upon hearing Duan Hongyu’s voice, she knew that he came to chase her personally, causing Jiang Xiaoya to fall into despair. Although just like Yun Tu she also had swallowed the Second Order Green Zombie’s Blood Crystal, however, it couldn’t be compared to Duan Hongyu; her strength was obviously much weaker than his.

“Duan Hongyu, you damn turtle, if you got the balls then come at me! You wanna take my ring, don’t you? Come and get it yourself! Let this Great Aunt of yours see what kind of strength the Second Level Awakened’s strength has!”


After having swallowed a small Blood Crystal to recover and supplement her physical strength, Jiang Xiaoya armed herself with a knife as her other hand took out an anti-tank grenade from her interspatial ring.

She still had anti-tank grenades, but it was her trump-final card. If she was unable to lure Duan Hongyu and kill him with this grenade explosion, then she was doomed to be unable to leave this building alive. With this thought, she set firm her resolve. Even if she were to perish together with Duan Hongyu, never would she step back and run.

As for Duan Hongyu, even though he also came into the building, but he was also in a grave situation since two Green Zombies actually chased and rushed at him, followed by the Black Zombies and a lot of ordinary zombies, causing the building to be crowded suddenly.


Although there were a lot of powerful humans defending this place, but as the Green Zombies let out a howl and issued a command, the Black Zombies and ordinary zombies hurled forward. And within just ten minutes, Duan Hongyu’s team suffered quite the losses as two men amongst the originally seven now had turned into corpses. Even the remaining five men were also injured, bitten and gnawed in their arms and legs by the Black Zombies.

One against two, the fight with the Green Zombies would be very hard and bitter. Even though he was armed to the teeth all over his body and wouldn’t be defeated for a while, however, he absolutely would be in a disadvantageous position!

Upon seeing that his men were being downed one after another, even being dragged down again and again, he decided that today’s endeavor must end here! Upon hearing Jiang Xiaoya’s taunt, Duan Hongyu who was in the fifth floor gritted his teeth and suddenly blazed forward, suddenly launching a few assaults and then turned around to rush upstairs.

“Brothers, persevere and follow me! I’ll finish that bitch upstairs. Everyone, go to the roof, we’ll escape from there!”

There was no mistake in Duan Hongyu’s plan, the path below was blocked and crowded with zombies. Even if he put aside the threat from the Green Zombies, but he would also be unable to charge forward and reach the ground for a while. Much less that there were only a few of them left to resist two Second Order Green Zombies and more than ten Black Zombies. This was tantamount to courting their own deaths. Putting himself as the main force, Duan Hongyu suddenly pulled himself upstairs. But in just less than a minute, miserable screams came out from the remaining few of his brethren downstairs, and only Duan Bing—the young man who was able to block the bullets— that could see his meaningful glance as he rushed upstairs and escaped from the floor by luck.


“Bring it on!”


Upon seeing that Duan Hongyu and a young man rushed all the way up from the fifth floor, Jiang Xiaoya directly threw the anti-tank grenade in her hand downstairs and hastily turned around, rushing to the top.

Had it not being for Yun Tu luring the zombie tide, today, Jiang Xiaoya would absolutely have no chance to kill her nemesis. The zombie tide brought her pressure, but at the same time it also gave her an opportunity. With the unceasing miserable screams coming from downstairs, she knew that Duan Hongyu this time was alone. If that anti-tank grenade had seriously injured him, by retreating to the topmost floor she could ambush him there again, and perhaps, she might be able to completely exterminate him.


When Duan Hongyu suddenly saw that a grenade was thrown down, his pupils instinctively shrunk and he quickly turned his body into a ball.

“BOOM!” A loud explosion sounded.


Even if his body was fully protected by protective gears and covered his whole face with his hands that were protected by mittens, his thigh and the back of his hands were also hit by some shrapnel. Instantly, blood was flowing as though it was being poured down.

In contrast, although Duan Bing wasn’t fully armored himself with protective gears, but since he was behind him, he didn’t get much damage due to his position.


Whilst he was recovering from his panic and sobering up, Jiang Xiaoya was fleeing to the rooftop. And in the meanwhile, the Green Zombies had finished killing several men as they also rushed upstairs, bringing along with them a brigade of zombies that came at him in big strides.



Inspired by Jiang Xiaoya, he suddenly remembered that he still had a few anti-tank grenades in his interspatial ring!

He thought no longer as time didn’t allow him to. As he took out the grenades, two loud explosions then sounded as Duan Hongyu finally used the anti-tank grenade to inflict heavy damage to the Green Zombies.


With the sounds of the anti-tank grenades’ explosions that happened one after another, the fierce battle had come to its climax.


“Should I continue joining in the fray?”


Yun Tu had two options he could choose in front of him now. The first plan was the safest one. As long as he willed it, he would still be able to draw back from the warzone easily now, and track his way out back to the Northern District. He believed that at present, there were only a few man left from the Jiangnan Family.


The second option was to continue waiting and calmly see the changes. Perhaps some opportunities would appear at random and give him the chance to throw the Jiangnan Family into disarray. Maybe if he could solve Duan Hongyu now, the overall situation for the Awakened force pattern in Jiangnan City would change.

Alas, being conservative was obviously not in Yun Tu’s character. For this black hand manipulator behind the scene and his very nemesis, pulverizing him while he was down, was something he would never refuse to do. Although it might look to be devious and dishonorable, but making his life easier and happier was much more important than anything.


Running fast from the ground would be very dangerous and risky since there were nearly a hundred zombies there. After pondering for a bit, Yun Tu then climbed up to the rooftop from the ninth floor.

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