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Chapter 62: Chaotic Warfare (Part 2)

Know thyself and know thy enemy, only then will you be undefeated in battle!

Having been a soldier for so many years, Duan Hongyu had learnt a lot of military strategies according to the book. The previous time his elder cousin brother led the team in the Eastern District to take on Yun Tu a few days ago, it was a bloody lesson to have, making him deeply grieved as his own flesh and dozens of members from the guild fell.


Although a lot of newcomers also came and were recruited in these two days and increased the number of the Guild’s members, it didn’t mean that he didn’t seriously take the life of the guild’s ordinary members into account.


A short while after he stood on the street, the sound of fighting could be heard from the building where Jiang Xiaoya was in, as this also brought the signal to act for Duan Hongyu. So he issued his command, “Form a group of three people, approach and stick to the wall, and trace the pass through!”


This decision was very correct. Although they didn’t approach the spot to examine it, but from the angle and position of the street corridor, he knew that the opposite party was shooting from both sides of the street.


About a hundred meters inside the building, Wang Ze held his gun and patiently endured the wait. This Commissar Duan had pushed aside Regiment Commander Jiang—who he regarded as his elder brother. And now, in order to snatch the last batch of the Blood Crystals, he unexpectedly led the team personally to chase them to the Eastern District.


As long as Duan Hongyu approached him within thirty meters of distance, he must take his chance to fire a headshot at him, getting revenge for Regiment Commander Jiang.


However, this Duan Hongyu was truly very cautious, as about a hundred meters away, he unexpectedly stopped his men all of a sudden, causing Wang Ze to not have the opportunity to shoot at him.


And now, the opposite party formed a group of three as they approached by sticking to the wall to trace Jiang Xiaoya’s position. There was still also five men who were with Duan Hongyu. If there were no other variables, they should be divided into two groups. Naturally, if he didn’t take the shot now, then he could only wait until Duan Hongyu approached closer.


However, if he took that decision, he would let those two teams in front to approach and enter the opposite building where Jiang Xiaoya was in. This would increase the degree of danger she had to face!


Under such a dilemma, Wang Ze finally ignored the danger and took the shot. Jiang Xiaoya was alone and already faced four men. She was already in a grave situation, so he couldn’t let more powerful enemies go to her.






Two gunshots resounded. Under a fully focused concentration, it was impossible for Wang Ze’s bullets to not hit the target. But at the same time, since the enemy was also in full vigilance, the target didn’t even dodge, and even directly blocked Wang Ze’s bullets with his sword.

The people who could directly work under Duan Hongyu naturally were not people without abilities. And the person who was being targeted at by the shot a moment ago was called Duan Bing, who was another son of Duan Hongyu. Certainly, he was Duan Hongyu’s flesh from another family branch, not the kind like Duan Minghui who was his real son.


However, although the blood relationship between he and Duan Hongyu was quite far, but he had extraordinary talents with a character that fit with Duan Hongyu. Even though he had yet to reach the Second Level, but he also got a Green Zombie’s Blood Crystal as a reward. With his average stat respectively between 13-15, definitely, he was not an ordinary Awakened anymore.


With those shots, Wang Ze’s position now was also exposed to Duan Hongyu, who came from behind. And Duan Hongyu definitely wouldn’t let him go. His palm waved as another group of three quickly approached the back wall of the building where Wang Ze was hiding in.


Through the shooting out from that window, once the opposite party hid themselves behind the wall on this street side, the shooter on the second floor of the building would lose his line of sight. Certainly, this assumption was not absolute, for if Wang Ze dared to put his head out to investigate it, there was still three men standing in the middle of the street with their guns, preparing to shoot and tightly suppressing him.

The situation now had turned a bit complicated!


After Yun Tu followed Duan Hongyu for a short while and entered the Eastern District, from the sounds he could hear after pursuing to this place, he also could see that the battle between both sides had reached a deadlock.


Since he was hiding in the outskirt corner of the street, Yun Tu was able to clearly see each and every movement Duan Hongyu made.


He didn’t prepare his gun since he knew that a gun would be useless. His target was Duan Hongyu, and he knew that he had become a Second Level expert. It would be very easy for him to dodge or block bullets. In addition, he also knew that the Jiangnan Family Guild had a Leather Armor Crafter. Even without guessing, he knew that under the military uniform Duan Hongyu was wearing, he was certainly wearing a protective vest armor which even bullets were unable to pierce through.


Such a deadlocked, chaotic warfare was really the worse to enter!


Even if Yun Tu wanted to fish in troubled waters, but upon seeing that young man was even able to block the bullets with his sword, he instantly knew that this this group of people had not even one weak man amongst them. If he were to be careless, he would suffer and be forced to leave.


Whilst he was pondering as to how to join the fray and give some trouble to the Jiangnan Family, a Black Zombie came over toward his direction.


In order to not create too much noise and expose himself, Yun Tent quietly distanced himself away from the battle zone. After having confirmed that the lured Black Zombie was unable to hear the sounds of fighting, he suddenly attacked and used the knife to exterminate it.


Black Zombie?!


While digging the Blood Crystal, Yun Tu’s mind was as though being struck with a divine light. How come he forgot such important fact?!


The Eastern District literally was but the very home of the zombies. As long as he wanted it, he would be able to use them and lead a small tide of zombies in no time.


Such as this Black Zombie. For those people at present right now, at the least, it could quickly solve three to five people neatly. Let alone that Second Order zombies, even it would able to beat down Duan Hongyu who was fully armed.


One Black Zombie might be unable to kill them, but what if it was ten? What if it was hundreds of them?


Without his team next to him, Yun Tu didn’t need to conceal anything and hid his innermost feeling as a devilish, sinister smile surfaced on his face when he thought about this interesting plan.


Luring the tigers to swallow the wolves would really become a good play!


As long as he played his director role well, and staged the play like a few days ago, he would be able to make the Jiangnan Family suffer big losses once again.

Taking the initiative to lure the zombie tide was but a technically live action. The most important thing was that he must never be caught in a dogfight with zombies, for it would be easy to accidentally get caught in the middle and be surrounded by them. Secondly, he also couldn’t run away too quickly. Obviously, if the zombies were unable to catch up to him within dozens of meters’ range, then his plan would also fail.


However, Yun Tu had no problem with this point. Taking the battle zone between Jiang Xiaoya’s team and Jiangnan Family as the center, running around in moderate speed around three or five hundred meters away from them was enough. Harassing those zombies and don’t killing them, quickly a snowball of zombies would be created, as the large and small zombies would be gathered behind him.


“It should be enough, right? Even if they won’t die, at least they have to shed a layer of their skin!”

Time wouldn’t wait for anyone and Yun Tu wasn’t that greedy since he was worried that if he left for a long time, Jiang Xiaoya and Wang Ze wouldn’t be able to hold much longer. If the Jiangnan Family had finished the battle ahead of time by the time he brought the tide of zombies, then all of his efforts would in vain.


Just when Yun Tu brought the needed small tide of zombies to the direction he was planning, on the way back, he bumped into an unexpected situation!


Two Green Zombies suddenly appeared and instantly disrupted his pace!


The emergence of these Green Zombies was beyond Yun Tu’s control. Their speed was not lesser than his, and even their strength also surpassed his for several folds. Even only facing one of them, Yun Tu had no full assurance, and now the Green Zombies actually appeared in a pair. With this situation, even his own safety couldn’t be guaranteed. But since the situation had gone to this point, he was unable to retreat and could only go all out and desperately run to the battle scene.


The Green Zombies kept shouting and calling as the tide of zombies expanded and grew larger. By the time they reached the war zone, the total number of zombies were no less than three hundred.




Although the zombies’ shadows were yet to be seen, footsteps as though galloping horses suddenly sounded from the back. Duan Hongyu, who had been standing on the street observing the situation of the battle and was the one responsible to prevent the enemy from escaping, suddenly realized that something bad was coming.

A lot of dead bodies were in front him and the smell of blood was very thick. The smell of which the zombies most liked. And now, standing motionlessly on this street, obviously would make him as the first target for the zombies.

In the outskirt street corner where he was previously hiding, Yun Tu appeared. Although Duan Hongyu had never seen him before, but ever since Yun Tu killed Duan Minghui, his unofficial son, inside his soul, he had already engraved Yun Tu’s appearance from his picture.


“How the hell did he appear here in the Eastern District?!”


Meeting one’s own nemesis had always been exceptionally intense. The distance between the two was two hundred meters away as their eyes locked at each other. A blazing flame was bursting inside Duan Hongyu’s eyes as he subconsciously drew out his gun!


But with such a distance, a gun basically posed no threat to Yun Tu. Ignoring the torching eyes the enemy gave at him, he continued rushing forward as the tide of zombies was only one hundred meters away from him.


One hundred meters!


Eighty meters!


Fifty meters!


The distance between Yun Tu and Duan Hongyu was unceasingly decreasing!


Duan Hongyu was really unable to figure out as to how would Yun Tu have the courage to charge forward against him, who had become a Second Level expert. Since Yun Tu now had entered the effective killing range of his pistol, no matter how good and brave he was, Duan Hongyu directly pulled the trigger.



The moment Duan Hongyu shot, Yun Tu suddenly shifted his body a step, as he was able to avoid the long prepared shot with ease.

The gap of strength between them was quite far. And certainly, he was not stupid enough to charge frontally against Duan Hongyu; sneak attacking was forever his first choice to do it. Frontally charging forward was only a feint to conceal his true intention to lead the tide of zombies behind him and brought them to the enemy.


Along with the flashing movement of his body, Yun Tu’s charge suddenly took a 90 degree turn as he quickly rushed into a residential building at the side.


The zombie horde, as though a surging turbulent tide, came. Since only a small number of those zombies at front were able to see Yun Tu crashing into a residential building, most of the zombies suddenly lost the target as they quickly shifted their sight toward Duan Hongyu, who was standing in the middle of the avenue. Therefore, most of the zombies recklessly charged forward to the front as the familiar and thick smell of blood also attracted them.


For Duan Hongyu, who had become a Second Level Awakened, he simply didn’t care much about ordinary zombies and Black Zombies. But upon realizing that he was being schemed by his enemy, it made his face darken unsightly as though the bottom of a pot.


He killed some of the zombies and then tried to forcefully charge his way through to chase and kill Yun Tu. However, two Green Zombies suddenly bent and turned at the corner of the street and appeared in his line of sight.


“Damn! There are even two fucking Green Zombies now!”


He had no choice but to suppress his impulse to kill Yun Tu and decided to turn into the building where Jiang Xiaoya was hiding, rushing there resolutely.


The arrival of this tide of zombies had completely changed the course of the battle, for each and every minute would turn bad and could destroy the team and the mission. His only choice now was to finish Jiang Xiaoya as fast as possible and snatch that interspatial ring. After which, he would lead his men and quickly escape this place; otherwise, the best result from the campaign today would only be a hard fought and miserable victory.

Strong beings forever liked to battle other powerful existences. Although those Green Zombies had yet to fight Duan Hongyu, but looking at his eyes, they could tell that Duan Hongyu didn’t fear them. This made them extremely incensed, causing them to give up in chasing Yun Tu—the target that already disappeared, and shifted their primary target to Duan Hongyu, who they just saw a moment ago.

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