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Chapter 61: Chaotic Warfare (Part 1)

“Xiao Qi, Xiao Liu, how much food will you give me as my share?!”


After having entered the temporary warehouse which was just built for a couple of days, Jiang Menghua looked and spoke with a smile toward the company commanders who were responsible for distributing the food.

“Don’t blame me, you’re the one who suddenly sent everyone out. Nobody takes your share, even I don’t take any of the food here. As soon as the soldiers who are stationed in the district know that the army has been disbanded, I can tell that they will be storming this place just like the mobs that attacked the City Hall yesterday. Anyway, you also need to pay attention to your own safety. As such, I’ll also establish my own guild soon, and will begin recruiting people. So please understand that we’re also in shortage of foodstuffs!”


As the meeting had concluded that the army was to be disbanded, the relationship between him and Jiang Menghua was no longer of a subordinate and superior. Company commanders Qi and Liu also were not part of the people who opposed Commander Jiang before. So even if they were just only ordinary acquaintances when they meet afterward, they will still be quite polite towards him.

“Perhaps, this is what life means. But we’ll have to face so many ways to die to survive the Apocalypse, so we must calculate for each and every step we take!”


While looking at the soldiers who were rushing to carry food and supplies in and out of the warehouse, Jiang Menghua went out of the warehouse with a sigh. His intention to come here was to show Duan Hongyu and his men that he wasn’t bothered with them, but since those Jiangnan Family members were nowhere to be seen, then his presence here had not much meaning anymore.


“Those are good words. Walking forward a step after having thought it of a step. For the sake of our friendships over the years, I also don’t want to see the Regimental Commander stranded in the riots with the civilians. Why don’t you take the same train with me? And join our Jiangnan Family Guild?”


At the entrance to the warehouse, Duan Hongyu let out a laugh that carried along with it a slight feeling of deceit. A moment ago, he issued an order for some men from the Jiangnan Family to guard the district. So, Jiang Menghua along with the men who were close with him and the other civilian officers of the Regimental Commands, were now under his control.


“Let me think about it! I’ve been stuffed with such a work for so many years, and it’s not quite easy for I have no place to stay anymore. I’m also unable to say precisely if I can work and make a living under you!” Jiang Menghua continued flickering the words.


At this moment, a man in a black suit came over as he whispered something to Duan Hongyu. Upon hearing that Jiang Xiaoya, with the communication officer Wang Ze, had just left the compound and left the Junma Area, Duan Hongyu’s complexion changed.


“I’ll have to take care of this person first, since she’s more important now!”


After giving a meaningful glance to the platoon leader, Duan Hongyu turned around to leave. For now, the important things must be in Jiang Xiaoya’s hands, so guarding Jiang Menghua was no longer important.

Since there were some struggles and noises in the warehouse, apart from them, no other parties knew about it.

On the other hand, upon seeing that Jiang Xiaoya and a soldier were coming out from the military area, Yun Tu, who was hiding in the secluded corner of the wall climbed out and followed them.


It was impossible for one to completely give up all those Blood Crystals. Even if they would face the dangers later, they certainly would keep some for themselves!


On this point, the idea Yun Tu and Duan Hongyu had was exactly the same!


Whilst tracking the two people quietly, it seemed that the target wasn’t aware that even though they were stealthily going out and climbed up the wall to escape, they were unable to escape the informer from the Jiangnan Family since a team of men in black suits was now following them.


However, since that team’s attention was fully locked onto Jiang Xiaoya and Wang Ze, they didn’t have a moment to even notice Yun Tu who was at the roadside.


Even if the opposite party temporarily didn’t notice him, but it would be absolutely dangerous if he were to be caught in the middle of the two teams. So Yun Tu put on his sunglasses and raised up the collar of his coat, slowing down his pace, and shortly after, he fell back and followed the Jiangnan Family team from behind.


In this way, his distance with Jiang Xiaoya was quite far. And if the team from Jiangnan Family lost the target, then it would also be the same with him.


But for Yun Tu, luck had always come in unexpected ways. If he was lucky, then it was his fate; and if not, he also wasn’t too concerned about it! Not to mention that even if that team from Jiangnan Family was not here, it was still questionable if he alone was able to pick and take on Jiang Xiaoya and the soldier who was with her.

They were crossing the bridge!

Jiang Xiaoya and that soldier apparently didn’t know that some people were tracking them from behind as she chose to go straight to the Eastern District. And it was much too accidental for Yun Tu. After he pondered for awhile, he immediately understood it. They had caused such a big stir in the Northern District, fleeing to the Eastern District was understandable. Otherwise, once the news about the distribution of the Blood Crystals this morning in the Northern District proliferated, if they weren’t killed by the Jiangnan Family from Southern District, waves of people would still storm over them, wanting to rob them unceasingly. For Yun Tu also believed that all guilds would surely covet the interspatial ring held by Jiang Xiaoya now.


When the Jiangnan Family team saw that Jiang Xiaoya and that soldier directly crossed the bridge toward the Eastern District, they were also struck with hesitation! It was because there were usually only a few people that would cross this bridge. If such a large team as them followed those two from this bride, even if they were fools, they could find out that they were being tracked.


Keeping up with them meant that their whereabouts would be exposed. But they quickly made a decision. Even if they were to be exposed, then so be it. Daylight robberies in the Northern District were a common sight to begin with. Much less that it was in the Eastern District; there was nobody in this place. They quickly put their stance on the line, readying themselves to openly move. Was it even possible that they were unable to win against those two?

The men in black’s team leader clenched his teeth, and then resolutely led his team to follow them.

On the other hand, the targets were also quite smart. Even though more than a dozens of people were chasing Jiang Xiaoya and Wang Ze on the bridge, the two of them didn’t even turn their head to look back, and instead, immediately sped up their pace.

The team from the Jiangnan Family naturally rejoiced secretly, since they didn’t expect that the opposite party was that careless.


However, in Yun Tu’s eyes, it was completely different, since it was very obvious for him that Jiang Xiaoya had long been aware about them even before she reached the bridge. For this, it seemed that those Jiangnan Family’s men would suffer some losses.


As expected, shortly after they had crossed the bridge one after another, the both sides began to shoot at each other. But since the area they were having the battle on was out of his line of sight, he could only hear the gunshots vaguely.


“Should I follow them from behind and have a look?”


Whilst hiding on the corner side of the house in the bridgehead’s side, Yun Tu was pondering. But out of his expectation, Duan Hongyu who was still in his military uniform personally led ten people and caught up with them.

Since that president of Jiangnan Family Guild personally went to chase them, meaning that he was so assured that Jiang Xiaoya was holding some treasures. For Yun Tu, the situation was no longer that he could join in the fray for fun.


He quickly followed them and crossed the bridge!


But traversing through the Eastern District’s roads proved to be difficult. After Jiang Xiaoya crossed the bridge and turned twice in the curved road, she would be able to shake off the pursuers and trackers behind, but unfortunately, she bumped into a few Black Zombies in front.


The fight commenced, and although they didn’t use their guns, but the team from Jiangnan Family should be able to catch up with them from behind.


However, by the time Jiang Xiaoya and Wang Ze ended the fight, they were perfectly aware that their fight with the Black Zombies definitely would attract those men from Jiangnan Family. So they quickly chose a shooting point as soon as the fight ended and hid there.


“If I have to die, then die I will. It looks like if I don’t bring some of you down, you will think that this Aunt is very easy to bully!”


Randomly shooting in the Eastern District was dangerous as the zombie tide it would bring would not be small. But since Jiang Xiaoya had fled to the Eastern District and the opposite party tightly chased her and drove her to the edge, she steeled her heart and turned ruthless.


The men in black team rushed to the scene as they discovered that the Black Zombies had died, but Jiang Xiaoya and Wang Ze were nowhere to be seen. They suddenly felt that something was amiss and quickly rushed to the barrels next to the window.


“Bang bang bang bang bang …”


A full clip of magazine bullets from the mini submachine gun was burst out in one breath as half of the more than a dozen men in black fell down. The remaining men who survived were the ones who wore body armor, or leather armor’s protective gears.

Since Jiang Xiaoya was firing at them, her hiding position was also exposed. The remaining men immediately counterattack her, quickly shooting suppressing fire at the house she was hiding at.


In the meanwhile, from the second floor of the house across the street, a gun’s muzzle once again quietly extended out of the window!




A man’s head was burst as a direct headshot struck him from behind. One of the men from Jiangnan Family who wore a protective gear was actually felled down.

Wang Ze and Jiang Xiaoya unexpectedly didn’t hid in the same house. And now, the Jiangnan Family’s men were stranded and caught in the middle of the street. Although their number was quite a lot, but now they had to face the enemy from both sides.


And they knew that even though it wasn’t military bullets, but such an ordinary bullet was enough in the hands of that army officer.


To where must they rush? As the situation was not on their favor!


But they still must choose a direction, otherwise their forces would be dispersed and they would suffer a loss as consequence.


“Charge with me!”


The leader from these Jiangnan Family’s men roared. He knew that staying in the street would be more dangerous. Taking the lead and charging forward, he rushed directly toward the house from where the first shot was taken.

After the first man attacked, the others also followed him in a line along with dozens of bullets that shot at them from behind. One must know that in a situation where Awakened were in a prepared state, they were able to dodge or even block the bullets from thirty meters of distance. The one who was shooting was Wang Ze, as he also changed the strategy to shoot at the lower part of the enemies’ bodies. Generally speaking, Awakeneds could dodge faster if the shots were aimed at the upper part of their body, but it was much more difficult with the lower part. Under this new strategy, Wang Ze was able to injure three more people of the enemy.


When the last fourth man had rushed into the house where Jiang Xiaoya was hiding, Jiang Xiaoya retreated to the second floor while shooting, as drawing back was the best strategy for now. It was two against four, and even though she was definitely weaker in number, but by sticking tenaciously near the stairs’ bend on the second floor, the opposite party was really unable to charge upstairs for the moment.


Shortly after, a new variable was about to come and added to the situation as the sounds of Duan Hongyu had caught up with them. Although he only brought along a few people with him, but they were absolutely the backbone force he had.


Upon seeing dead bodies in the street, Duan Hongyu didn’t rashly charge forward and stopped his pace 100 meters away from the fray!

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