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Chapter 60: The Disbanding Conference (Part 2)

Although snatching the Blood Crystal was unintentionally done, in order to hide his strength Yun Tu still had to deliberately control his movement speed. Even so, he was still able to catch the small Blood Crystal with his hand.

“Punk! You dare to snatch and compete with this Daddy! You annoying lil’ fry!

Upon seeing that Yun Tu caught the Blood Crystal, a man with a beard next to him sent his punch and tried to hit him; Yun Tu was also surprised of his speed.

“Not even an Emperor can snatch the things that have fallen into my hands!”

Whilst moving to the side to dodge the man’s attack, Yun Tu’s left foot stripped into a hook, causing the man to fall and slump down!




After he crawled and propped himself up, the man was also startled!


“You too!”


Yun Tu stored the Blood Crystals whilst letting out an indifferent smile after confirming that the man was also an Awakened!

Jiang Xiaoya who was observing, could see that Yun Tu’s movement in snatching the Blood Crystal was quite natural. On the other hand, she also could see that the situation had been completely out of control. After which, she ordered the other few men to speed up the throwing of the Blood Crystals. In about ten minutes later, the tens of thousands pieces of Blood Crystals had completely been thrown out to the masses. At present, because fighting over the Blood Crystals, the casualties were at least a few thousand as the entire government public square was incarnadine with red blood.

As expected, after all the Blood Crystals had been thrown down, the fighting and robbing under the platform entered its superheated climax stage. In the next one or a few hours later, the number of deaths would suddenly increase exponentially as the scope for fight and chaos would also expand to the entire Northern District as battles followed the scattering people who had already grabbed the Blood Crystals.

However, Jiang Xiaoya apparently didn’t care as she arranged the other soldiers on the stage to pay attention to maintaining order. Then, taking along with her the man she trusted the most, she turned away and jumped down from the wooden table platform.

Upon seeing Jiang Xiaoya was leaving, Yun Tu also quietly squeezed out from the plaza as he quickly followed the direction from where Jiang Xiaoya was leaving.

However, he was unable to track her again soon after as Jiang Xiaoya had already entered the Junma Area.

Even though the military was about to disintegrate, as a military compound the gate was still guarded by soldiers. It was still daytime and without anyone to coordinate and work with, it was difficult for Yun Tu to sneak in and mix inside.

His eyes swept around and he saw a tall commercial-residential building with a good location at the opposite side of the military compound. Quickly, Yun Tu entered the building as he climbed up the stairs up to the 35th floor from where he could have a bird’s eye view over the top of the building to see over the entire Junma Area.

Today, the military would officially be dismissed and disintegrated. What happened here would have immediate effects and influence to the overall situation in Jiangnan City. The memory of his past incarnation was different with this second coming, and Yun Tu really wanted to know what really had happened here, even though he also knew that knowing about the internal cause and factors wouldn’t change anything. However, being able to grasp the situations better would bring more advantages rather than knowing a little, for knowing more things perhaps would prevent him to be blindly caught in the situation and gave him more chance to survive in this Apocalypse.

Inside the military compound’s conference room…

For nearly about two hours the meeting had been carried out! Just like Jiang Menghua had already expected, today’s issues were somewhat, heavy. However, with the fact that nobody knew when and where they would die in and during this Apocalypse, therefore, everyone spoke very directly!

With his position as the Regimental Commander, Jiang Menghua, the one who assumed that seat, was quite bad!

The Political Commissar Duan Minghui was an Awakened who founded the Jiangnan Family Guild. A handful of battalion commanders and company commanders who were under him before, now supported him. All in all, his overall force and potential was the strongest.

On the other hand, a couple days ago, the Deputy Regimental Commander, Zhao Yinwen, with the other two battalion commanders and the other two company commanders also had established the Heavenly Seal Guild. Within these just short of two days, they also had a few hundreds of Awakened brothers.

The three battalion commanders could be said that they had always been loyal to Jiang Menghua, but those three company commanders under them had the idea to establish a separate guild. Even now, they were actively preparing for their guild’s establishment so the three battalion commanders’ mind were actually being occupied and they basically didn’t say anything.

Even though the company commander’s Political Instructors and some of the officers from the Ministry had a relatively neutral position, they didn’t have any soldiers under them. Basically, they were useless and their words had no weight. In such a situation at present, they simply could be ignored by the people who had real troops under them.

“The overall situation of the present has already developed to this state. We have no ammunition and such as this Regiment officers meeting is no longer essential anymore I think. We should divide all the things in the army’s warehouse and having a good meal together today, for the sake of our friendship and relationship over the years!”

The one who was speaking was a company commander under the battalion. Some people also had raised the same contents before him, but his statement was much more direct.

In the peace era, at the meeting of the Regiment’s officers, Commander Jiang would have immediately issued a command to take him to the Military Court for he, the junior company commander, had dared to speak these words. But the contents of his words were also the idea of most people had at this moment. As of now, Commander Jiang simply couldn’t do anything to him. Not to mention that the present majority of the regiment’s company had now been disabled and that this company commander even had nearly a hundred Awakened soldiers, and his force was one of the strongest.

The more things unfolded, the more crystal clear everything became!

All of these issues was within Jiang Menghua’s expectation. These officers said that all the goods stored in the army’s warehouse should be divided amongst them. In fact, the core issues of what they wanted referred to the stockpile of Blood Crystals which had been controlled personally by Commander Jiang ever since the advent of the Apocalypse.

He raised his wrist and looked at his watch. He could tell that Jiang Xiaoya should have distributed those stockpiled Blood Crystals by now, so he would no longer need to drag the time any longer. And then, he told all of them the matter that those Blood Crystals had already been distributed to the populace.

“You are lying! All of them have been given to the masses?!”

“From whom did you receive the authority to give those Blood Crystals to the masses?!”

“Are you taking us as children and deceiving us? You couldn’t have used your position as the Regimental Commander to take all of those Blood Crystals for your own, could you? Did you forget how those Blood Crystals were obtained in exchange with our brothers’ blood in battles?”


Upon hearing that Commander Jiang said that he no longer had those Blood Crystals, all of a sudden everyone in the conference room exploded and boiled up. Their true intention in rushing to this place and holding a meeting was but solely to get these items.

“Who the hell are you dare to speak to the Commander like this? You didn’t even have any discipline this meeting. If you dare to talk to the Regimental Commander like that again, I’ll shoot you dead the next time!” the communication soldier who stood next to Jiang Menghua— the young Wang Ze— was the first to pull out his gun, pointing the muzzle toward the company commander who said that Commander Jiang was lying.


Brush, brush, brush!


Nobody feared anyone in the Apocalypse; everyone also drew out their guns except for Jiang Menghua and Duan Hongyu!


“I’ve already estimated that this will be the last meeting our Regiment’s Command has. Since we are still inside this conference room, I’m still the Regimental Commander. What I’ve said to all of you just now, are facts and the truth! Whether you believe it or not, you can call your men outside and ask about it!”

“The things you are wanting are no longer here, and I also have issued an order to the Logistics Department’s men to cook some meals for us. All of you now accompany me to the meal, let’s just say that this is my last command as your leader as well as for the sake of our former relationship and friendship over so many years. After this, we’ll be disbanded, with whoever and wherever you want to go or join any influential forces, it’s your choice. I won’t say any flowery or hypocritical words to all of you, but I hope that everyone can go on living and live well in this Apocalypse!”

Jiang Menghua lit his cigarette. This was the last conference and after this, the army would be disbanded, and he would no longer be the Regimental Commander, so he didn’t care about discipline.

Although he wasn’t as incensed as the other officers, Duan Hongyu still didn’t believe that Jiang Menghua was really willing to give up those Blood Crystals and gave all of them to the masses. He went to the window and waved his hand outside. In the next moment, a man in a black suit came in as he whispered some words to Duan Hongyu, quickly confirming that Jiang Menghua’s words were truly true.

“Amazing! I really admire you, Commander is truly the Commander of this Regiment!”

Duan Hongyu was the first one to get up and left. The Blood Crystals had already gone and it was just only wasting time if he stayed in this place much longer.

When he was just going out of the conference room, he saw Jiang Xiaoya with a member of the Special Force were coming from the District’s direction. His brows wrinkled and immediately felt that the matter, for some reason, was quite suspicious.

Following behind him out of the conference room, was a battalion commander with the two company commanders he had under him. The meeting had been concluded, and the army was disbanded. There were still some other things in the warehouse and several other battalion commanders and their company commanders also led their men immediately to the warehouse. Since the army had been disbanded, everyone had the same idea: to scavenge anything they could get.


“President, there are still some goods in the warehouse, should we send our men to take them immediately?”

When they arrived at the corner turn, the company commander who was following behind Duan Hongyu asked him with a slightly anxious expression, after making sure that no one would hear their conversation.

“It’s only non-strategic resources. Let them fight for those things. For now, immediately organize ten Awakened members with profession to track Jiang Menghua and Jiang Xiaoya. I can tell that they didn’t throw all of those Blood Crystals to the masses. The most important for us now is seizing the ring in their hands!” A murderous intent filled Duan Hongyu’s eyes.


“Really, the men of today have sadly degenerated after the advent of the Apocalypse!”

Never once had he ever thought that after having led soldiers for most of his life, there were only four men left he had under his wing. He took a deep sigh for quite a long while as Jiang Menghua’s appearance turned a lot older all of a sudden.


“Big Brother, I’m back!”

Whilst lamenting and sighing, Jiang Xiaoya was coming in toward Jiang Menghua in big strides.

Seeing that Jiang Xiaoya came back again, Jiang Menghua’s face was slightly changed, “Why did you come back? I’ve clearly wrote my instructions on that note, why didn’t you carry out the plan according to my arrangement?!”


Everything might be unrelated to oneself, but when one was being faced with chaotic circumstances, even smart people would turn silly and dumb!


No matter the state the army had been disintegrated or not, there always some subordinates who were still loyal to Commander Jiang. And under such uncertain risks and the interests of premises, he could calculate that Duan Hongyu wouldn’t dare to take the risks and rashly attacked him. However, now that Jiang Xiaoya didn’t carry out his arrangements that interspatial ring on her finger would become the source of disaster. With this predicament, the siblings now had pushed themselves into dangerous situation in this instant.


“We need to leave, now! While the barrack’s entrance guards are being rotated. Xiao Wang, you accompany Sister Xiaoya first, as I’ll be staying here to pacify those men!”

Time was of the essence in ensuring any victories. The fact was that such unexpected variables had occurred. So Commander Jiang quickly made a new decision.


Jiang Xiaoya said, “No, you must go with us!”


“No can do! We are in grave crisis now. I’ll go the warehouse now to pacify those people, while you, you go first and leave now, or else everything will be too late!”

Regardless of how Jiang Xiaoya refused and opposed him, Jiang Menghua stood up and calmly left the conference room.

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