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Chapter 006: Boldly Eating Watermelon

In regards to the Huang father and sons, who had artificially made the second piece of Blood Crystal, Yun Tu, of course, didn’t know about it.


In his memory, the city’s second first-order mutated zombie should appear inside the city’s funeral home. The emergence time should be at 6 AM by the second day of the apocalypse. The reason was that, those corpses that were killed by the first zombie were sent by the police to that place. And then, one of those corpses turned into a zombie at midnight. 10 night shift staffs were bitten to death one after another, and the zombie finally mutated. Finally, at 9 AM, the police received the news and rushed over to kill it.

At 10:30 PM, Yun Tu went out to buy some goods. He set up an alarm at 5 AM after he came back and then went to sleep. After he was woken up at 5 AM by the alarm, he went out and caught a cab to the city’s service hall.


The dawn was gloomy, and the city’s service hall was located at a damp and molten place. The cab driver didn’t want to continue forward to the place that would bring such a bad luck. Yun Tu knew that money would become useless by the 4th day of the apocalypse, so he acted like a boss and gave the driver most of his money for the fare, even though it was only 10 kilometers away in distance.

It didn’t take long after the cab had left when shrill screams sounded in succession from the funeral home. However, the funeral home was located in an open space and was quite remote, whilst the day shift had yet to come, and almost nobody heard the screams. Yun Tu followed the direction of the screams and headed toward the funeral home.

It was just like yesterday. He didn’t come here to play hero. The apocalypse had come, and a majority of the people would die. He was not and would not become a holy savior. He had neither the means nor did he have the ability to save everyone. His bottom line was only that he would not resort to evil deeds. He would only quietly grow his strength.


After the other zombie had completed the mutation, Yun Tu acted again and he successfully harvested another Blood Crystal.


Corpses from the same batch of victims were still in the funeral home. After Yun Tu had killed the first zombie, 2 of the remaining corpses started to rise one after another. But this time, there were no living humans at the funeral home for them to suck blood from. So those zombies were unlikely to advance to a Black Zombie.


Yun Tu quickly put an end to those ordinary zombies and harvested 2 small Blood Crystals from their skulls.


These tiny Blood Crystals only contained 20% the energy of the first Blood Crystal. And now, Yun Tu had already reached his first-order evolution, so he needed a higher grade of Blood Crystals to advance further. These tiny Blood Crystals would only serve as supplement to refill his energy in fights. Although obtaining these types of Blood Crystal didn’t have significant uses compared to the Black Zombie’s Blood Crystal; however, having them for consumables in fights was much more important than money. So, having a lot of them would be better.

The rain of blood had come again. It was even heavier than yesterday’s, and going out and off to work was much more inconvenient. After he got back to his flat, Yun Tu didn’t come out again as he only quietly stood on his balcony, looking at the familiar street as he tried to recall a memory from his past incarnation bit by bit.

He was trying to recall the information about the 3rd and 4th mutated zombies. It was covered in the news as he recalled, but he couldn’t remember them. After all, this information was from many years ago. Even if he had a good memory, he still had to recall it bit by bit.

However, the issue now was not important. By tomorrow, zombies would emerge on every street. He had successfully evolved now, and even had a few pieces of Blood Crystals. So it would not be a problem to protect himself. At tomorrow afternoon, at about 5 PM, that was the turning point. The 3 days’ rain of blood would end abruptly, and the sky would clear up briefly before the 7 colored rainbow descended.


He picked up the phone and looked at the time. He suddenly recalled that all wireless signals would be completely in disorder later. This cell phone would turn into useless scrap, and the electrical power system would cease operating a few days after. By now, he still had the opportunity to get a mechanical flashlight and watch.

Having thought about it, his cell phone rang. It was the number which called him yesterday.




Qing Yi and Feng Ling had tried to call Yun Tu yesterday. But the call was directly hung up and shut down. She didn’t have the courage and face to call him again. But after that, these schoolgirls were discussing about the note given by Yun Tu and finally decided not to give it to President Liu.


The hospital had a sudden influx of patients, and the both of them were working overtime until 10 PM. They returned back to their dorms with tired expressions, and then opened their computer. The net had been flooded with countless information about the sudden rain of blood and reports about people who got bitten by a zombie at Public Hospital.

They looked at the micro-blogging homepage, WeChat, and read the messages until 1 PM. The two girls were now filled with uneasiness, and were anxious and frightened, causing them to be unable to sleep well. The next day at 8:30, they prepared to go to the hospital and work. However, the sudden news they heard when they arrived, kept pulling at their already tensed nerves, it almost even made them collapse.

5 patients amongst the 20 fever patients that came yesterday had died. Moreover, one of the patients turned into a zombie at midnight, broke out of the hospital, and sucked dry a black motorbike driver to death. The cops who came over were also killed, and all the victims were now temporarily placed in the hospital’s morgue.


Now all the city’s large and small hospitals were all guarded by armed police. All patients with fevers had been handcuffed to a bed frame to receive treatment. The government had issued a harsh and tough control policy to temporarily exacerbate the spread of terror.


The earthshaking changes overnight hit these two beautiful nurses who used to be ignorant. Their colleagues who worked on the night shift quickly ran after the shift transfer, leaving a pile of work, and spoke to the two of them anxiously with a quick talk.

Qing Yi wanted to tell everyone about the note, but Feng Ling stopped her. She urged her to call Yun Tu again. Under this pressure, Qing Yi casted aside her embarrassed feelings and braved herself to call Yun Tu’s number for the third time.


Fortunately, Yun Tu was free this time and she could save her face from embarrassment.


“Hey, are there any dead people in your hospital?”


Hearing Qing Yi’s voice from the phone was quite unexpected for Yun Tu. He wrote that note and gave the umbrella to her on a whim. But he had already forgotten about those issues. He didn’t know that Qing Yi knew him; she even knew his number. But since she already called and he picked it up, it was already unimportant.


“Yes! There are 5 dead patients, and one of them has turned into a zombie this early morning…” Hearing that Yun Tu picked up the call and spoke, Qing Yi almost exclaimed out loud.


“Do be very careful and pay attention to my note about the method to collect those red pearls in the corpses’ mouth. Take care!” Although Yun Tu was free right now, he had neither the leisure nor the time to listen to the girls’ bickering.


“I-I-It’s really the end of the world as you said! T-This epidemic is really too severe!” Qing Yi used a hands-free feature so Feng Ling could hear their conversation. And when she heard the “Take care!” words, she was worried that he would hang up the phone, and immediately spoke to interrupt the conversation from the side.

“Within a month’s time, one third of the city’s inhabitants will turn into zombies!”


In order not to make them frightened, Yun Tu calmly told them the most conservative number. He knew from his past incarnation that within 10 days, the number of inhabitants that turned into zombies would surpass 60%.


After the heavy rain, if the patients were lucky and taken to the hospital on the very same day, the government would take full measures and centralize control. Even if those people turned into zombies, the damage on the surface would not be too big. At least, their family members wouldn’t be easily injured and infected. But for those that were not in line and stayed for home treatment, if the outbreak had yet to happen and was still in the incubation period, it was impossible to control the source of the problem.

“Holy Lord… Y-y-you, d-don’t scare us… ”


The two girls exclaimed out loud. But Yun Tu abruptly hung up the phone without hesitation. Some things were meant to be proved after time passed by, and it was meaningless to even speak more empty words.

“What should we do? Should we send this note to the Hospital President?” After Yun Tu abruptly hung up the phone, Qing Yi quickly sobered up after having got lost in her trance-like state.

“We can’t! We absolutely can’t expose it. Keep everything a secret and do what Yun Tu has said. For now, we must collect those kinds of pearls as he said. You’re very good to him, so he has no reason to prank you. If everyone knows about this, we will have no chance to collect these pearls.” Feng Ling clenched her teeth and spat out her selfish ideas.


Qing Yi was timid, but Feng Ling had more courage, and the two had an unbreakable bond, and usually encouraged and emboldened each other’s mind.


After that, they decided to experiment, and didn’t hesitate any longer. They straightened up themselves and sneaked out from their station as they headed toward the temporary morgue.


When they finally got a bean-sized pearl from the corpse’s’ mouth, the both of them didn’t suspect Yun Tu anymore.


They only obtained 2 pearls out of 5 corpses. It seemed that the corpses didn’t have a 100% probability of producing a red pearl.


There were three other patients who died in the morning, and then followed by two more patients who turned into zombies. However, since the armed cops had handcuffed all of them to the bed’s frame, they didn’t cause any casualties.


Private hospitals were established for business and profit. So they directly closed the business and refused to accept more patients after yesterday’s event. Apart from the patients that were unable to be prevented from coming in yesterday, there were only 20 patients left.


If there was nothing to obstruct them, at about 4 PM today, all the patients that were hospitalized in all the hospitals yesterday would die or turn into zombies.


Since a few living zombies had been taken away by the government’s military police, there were no longer living patients at Graceful Heart Hospital, and only corpses were left.

Hiding inside the nurse station, the two girls looked at the 8 pieces of red pearls in their hands and tried to call Yun Tu again. However, they found out that communication network seemed to have a major problem since the signal on their phone was very weak. Regardless of any attempts, they couldn’t reach out.

“What should we do? Can this thing really be eaten?”

“B-But, how should we eat it? Is it like taking medicine by only swallowing it?”


Reason had told them to believe Yun Tu’s words. But these pearls were harvested from corpse’s mouths. Although it looked attractive, but they neither had the appetite nor did they have the courage. Much less, the virus infection was not something light, and was a matter of life and death!


“Then, let us save it first, and look at the situation a few days later!” The timid Qing Yi simply had no courage to eat it.


“But, don’t you think that they seem to be withering and getting smaller?”


Actually, it was a fact that the red pearls would be getting smaller along with time. And Qing Yi had also found out about it before. But she instinctively refused to swallow this thing that was dug out from corpses. Even thinking about it terrified her.


‘What to do?’

‘What should I do?’

‘Why would the phone’s signal weaken all of a sudden?’

There was no other means to call Yun Tu. But, apart from him, they didn’t dare to expose this matter to anyone else that they dug out these red pearls from the corpse’s mouths. Let alone finding other people to discuss about it only to make up their minds.


The two girls had never done such a bold thing like dug out something from a corpse. But they had taken big risks in getting these pearls, and the two of them were unwilling to lose them as they saw the pearls slowly wither.

“I’ll try to eat one first! If I feel nothing is wrong, let’s eat all of them!” Feng Ling, who was braver, planned to take the risks after a careful consideration.


“B-B-But, but if we get infected by the Rose Virus, then, eating 1 or 5 will still be the same. W-we might as well take all five at once!” Although Qing Yi was timid and had little courage, but she was still able to think clearly at this time.

“But, there were only 8 pearls, and that kid said to eat 5 of them. If I were to eat 5, then you only get 3?”


Although they harvested them together, this was a method taught by Yun Tu for Qing Yi. If the pearls were truly good, that meant that Feng Ling took Qing Yi’s right. So, the final decision was naturally for Qing Yi to take.

“OK! If you dare to eat them, even if you take advantage, I won’t envy you!” Qing Yi finally gave the answer.


“Fine, then I’ll take it!”


Feng Ling straightened up herself and gathered up her courage. If she were to die, then it would be for the best for her friend, and meant that she would die a just death. She then took five pieces of red pearls from Qing Yi’s hand and swallowed them.

The energy contained within the 5 pearls was much weaker compared to the Blood Crystal from the mutated Black Zombie that had been swallowed by Yun Tu. However, it was still enough to transform a woman’s body. But this evolution type was relatively mild, and needed to wait for the person who took it to sleep. Only then would the evolution be completed.


5 pearls entered Feng Ling’s stomach, as heat then flowed out from her abdomen and quickly spread toward all of her limbs and bones…

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