MOTDN – Ch 59

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Chapter 59: The Disbanding Conference (Part 1)

The Dark Night Guild had been established and Yun Tu himself was only one step away from breakthrough after he swallowed the Second Order Green Zombie’s Blood Crystal. Although at present the Dark Night Guild only had a meager strength to try to sail through the rough sea of the Apocalypse, he still had memories from his past incarnation. Therefore, he wasn’t anxious about it, for he already knew that he was already bound to walk upon the path of unceasing carnage and slaughter; strengthening himself unceasingly was the only option he could take.

Since tonight Feng Ling and the others took the initiative to take turns being the night watch, he could rest and sleep soundly, and was able to wake naturally in the morning.


However, in contrast with the situation Yun Tu was in, a very influential figure in Jiangnan City was even unable to sleep all night!


Not far away from the Government site area in Northern District, a man was standing on top of an apartment building in Junma Area. He was the real head of the Jiangnan City’s Garrison Army. The commander of Regiment 5046 of the People’s Liberation Army in Jiangnan City, Lieutenant Colonel Jiang Menghua, had long been standing on the roof since 2AM and will until dawn.


Before the Apocalypse, the Jiangnan Garrison Army had been stationed at the northern suburbs in the military compound five kilometers away from the district’s downtown.  After the means to  communication were disrupted and ceased to operate in the third day of the Apocalypse, the garrison’s HQ was moved from the military compound to a small office area that belonged to the government in order to gain a better grasp of the fight. Then, after the situation worsened as the dispatched troops didn’t come back again, the army temporarily requisitioned to be stationed in Junma Garden Area near the government site area to facilitate soldier rotation and such. Afterward, the army HQ was also moved to this place.

Ever since his staff aide came to him and reported that Political Commissar Duan Hongyu was gathering the other company commanders inside the army battalion to follow and join him, Jiang Menghua went to the roof and pondered as to what kind of mistakes he had done that led to this situation, while also thinking about how he should face this kind of situation.


When the mayor died two days ago, Commander Jiang had been made perfectly aware that he was in grave danger. Although it was clear that the mayor was killed in a refugee riot, if speaking simply… then that was just a joke, since there should be someone who pulled the strings from behind.


To this issue, the death of public officials was of different concern, and the death of the mayor was also nothing much of an issue. But on the same day, the ad interim Head of the Public Security as well as the head of Armed Forces Ministry—Li Dakai also died. The repeated deaths of important figures sounded the alarm of danger to him.


Even such big names and influential figures in the government and army were this easy to be murdered in the Apocalypse!


The sudden advent of the Apocalypse had destroyed the communication between the local and the central authorities. Even if he was the resident regimental army commander, the fact was that the first thing he lost was his authority over the army personnel. Within the course of recent battles, he was unable to even promote nor remove the subordinate officers under him.


Since he had lost his rights to appoint and dismiss the military officers due to the battles, he also could only rely on the military’s armory and munitions to control and restrict them, trying to bind them together to the same train. However, while Jiang Menghua led everyone to try to stop the spread of the epidemic, at the same time, the Political Commissar—Duan Minghui gathered several company commanders, even colluding with the Logistics Department Head to embezzle and clean out the military armory, causing the military munitions to be emptied nearly overnight. After the incident, the army was on the brink of disintegrating at the same day. In that crucial moment, in order to stop the situation from becoming more chaotic, he was forced to kill the late Logistics Department so as to prevent mutiny from inside the army, albeit only temporarily. However, the impact of the incident had influenced and caused the foreshadowed situation he had to face today, which was caused due to his own passiveness.


There was still a possibility that the army would not fall into chaos: through controlling the food and ration distribution. But, the food storage site under the government jurisdiction was twenty miles away from the city. He did send a platoon that consisted of forty to fifty soldiers to scout and spy on that site, but there had yet to be anyone who brought back to him any news as of the present.

During this crucial time after he had sent his most trusted men to leave Jiangnan City, Duan Hongyu suddenly launched an attack. The timing of this attack definitely was not accidental.

For ten years, he and Duan Hongyu had been rivals, fighting and struggling all these years. And now, even though the Apocalypse had yet to reach half a month, they finally had to conclude everything as to whom would be the final winner, but the outcome was, he—Jiang Menghua as the regimental army commander had suffered a complete defeat!


It’s the end of the world and the night was without stars as the atmosphere and dew brought about a heavy and depressing feeling!


He had spent most of the night, standing motionlessly on top of the roof inside the pitch black of the dark night as his straight military uniform was getting moist when the glimmer dim light of the dawn shone.


‘Would someone help me get everything back to how it should be, for I lack the strength to reverse this desperate situation myself…?’

For no less than ten times he had asked himself this question the entire night. Deeply had he pondered and yet no perfect escape could he find.

The tides of zombies were excessively strong, and the ammunitions the military had consumed were too severe, and they practically had almost nothing left. Would the army still be effective as an army without ammunitions?


The the military officers at all levels of command had shown their disloyalty. No one was willing to fight under him for justice and the good of the people in the country. The Political Commissar Duan Hongyu had brazenly showed his true face, putting on his new armor, and personally went to battle. He had become the president of the Jiangnan Family Guild and didn’t even conceal his intention in expanding and developing his own private force.


The disintegration of the army was inevitable and it was impossible to prevent. Certainly, the more fearful issue was the emergence of the Green Zombies who had their own conscious and wisdom awakened. Under these things’ leadership, those ordinary zombies were no longer a disorganized mob of stragglers that acted independently. Not to mention that the food shortage that was worsening would lead to internal battle between all of humanity. Even now the number of people dying was estimated to be at equal number or even much more than the deaths caused by zombies. At present, everything was only bad news!


At about 10:30AM, the sounds of footsteps could be heard in the corridor. Commander Jiang, who also had become an Awakened, was able to distinguish that the sounds of these footsteps belonged to his communication aide—Wang Ze— who was quickly approaching.

“Regiment Commander, Commissar Duan along with three battalion commanders as well as the other seven or eight company-level officers have arrived. Everyone is waiting for you!”


“Understood. You go down and deal with them first, I’ll be down shortly.”


“How about I order someone to bring clean clothes for you to exchange? Your clothes have been wetted by the dew and it’s quite bad for your health!”

The young Wang Ze had been a communication’s aide for five years under Commander Jiang. In his heart, Jiang Menghua was the Big Brother whom he admired the most.


“No need. You go first and help me call the Special Force’s team leader, Sister Xiaoya, to see me. I have an important task I’ve to give her before the meeting!”


Being finally able to determine the major event he had to deal with, Commander Jiang suddenly felt kind of relieved.

Shortly after, the young Wang Ze turned around and went downstairs as a woman in full black attire about the age of 27 or 28 appeared on the roof, coming to see Jiang Menghua.


“Big Brother, you wanna see me?!”


“You don’t need to go with me to this meeting!”


“Huh? Why? The meeting is initiated by Commissar Duan… on his initiative. Obviously, he has no peaceful nor good intention in holding this meeting. You still have me and some other people who will help you!”


“No! Don’t you have important things to do? The army’s ammunitions are dwindling already, and an army without bullets is no longer an army. I’ve expected that the meeting with the other officers of this regiment today, will be the last one we have!”


“Big Brother…”


Jiang Xiaoya still wanted to speak but Jiang Menghua motioned her to stop!

“I’ve made my decision. We have nearly tens of thousands of small Blood Crystals and hundreds of large-sized ones. Part of them had come from the recent harvest by the army forensic team after dissecting the corpses of the zombies. The moment after this meeting begin, you will immediately lead your Special Forces team to leave Junma Area to the government public square. As soon as possible, you must distribute all of these Blood Crystals to the ordinary populace!”


His eyes swept around to the four directions. After having confirmed that there was no one around, he resolutely took out an interspatial ring from his finger and handed it over to her.


His response to the situation was much slower than his rival and he had already been beaten. He had no power to prevent the mutiny of the army, and it was inevitable. He also didn’t have time to use these tens of thousands of Blood Crystals to develop his own private force. For it was the truth that wealth and talent would only create jealousy. He was also perfectly aware of this principle, but obediently giving these treasured items to the group of disloyal subordinates was not something he was willing to do.


Jiang Menghua didn’t dare to say that he was a good officer. But at least, he could say that he was not as low as the Duan Family. With such a thought in mind, he might as well directly distribute these batches of Blood Crystals to the masses; this was the most realistic idea he could think of at present.














“FOR REAL?!!!”




The breakfast had just ended and Yun Tu was about to organize his Guild members to go out, hunting and/or sweeping out for foods, when he suddenly heard some ruckus downstairs!

He immediately rushed to the balcony and saw that the masses were rushing to the public plaza direction in such madness!


Yes! How could he forget this matter?!

Yun Tu patted his own forehead heavily!


In his past incarnation, before the army was disintegrated, a large amount of Blood Crystals were given to the masses. At that time, he also went through many places from the Southern District to come to Northern District. There were countless of people there, fighting to get the Blood Crystals. As for he himself, he was quite unfortunate since his foot was crippled, coupled with his position that was quite far from the government plaza. After such unprecedented and never to be found fights over the Blood Crystals happened cooled down and ended, only hundreds of dead bodies from the masses remained there when he arrived.


Everyone inside also rushed to the balcony upon hearing the ruckus outside.


“All of you, go out now and snatch those Blood Crystals!”


After he came back to his senses, Yun Tu immediately issued an order and led his team who followed him behind and also rushed out to the street with the masses.

In this second repertoire, Yun Tu happened to have seized the building from the Overlord Gang that was located near the plaza, so he heard about the news earlier. Therefore, he was also able to arrive earlier compared to his past incarnation. But even so, the plaza had already been crowded with the masses by the time he arrived.


On a temporary high platform about three meters high, more than ten Special Force soldiers in black attire stood on the center, fully armed with a ready stance to enter battle!


“Each and every one of you must never rob from the others! The Blood Crystals received by anyone, will belong to that person only! If in any case anyone of you dares to snatch it, you will be mercilessly shot at once!” The woman soldier who was holding a loudspeaker spoke with a solemn expression whilst she announcing the rules and disciplines everyone must follow during the distribution of the Blood Crystals.

“Ignore her! By the time those Blood Crystals are being distributed, all those people will fall into madness and crazily snatch them.”


Even if he had no memories about this in his past incarnation, but Yun Tu was perfectly aware that the so-called rules and discipline was but only a paper paste in front of anyone’s real interest. The moment those Blood Crystals leave the military’s hands, the plaza would become a river of blood instantly.

“We don’t lack Blood Crystals, do we? Is it necessary to fight and break our heads off to compete with these ordinary people?” Qing Yi was somewhat questioning Yun Tu’s order.


“Such as this scene that the military distribute Blood Crystals will be one of a kind scene you will ever see once in the entire of your life. And now, I declare that the Dark Night Guild must snatch those Blood Crystals at least until noon, or else you won’t have your meal today!”


In this most crucial time, Yun Tu had no time to even give an explanation to everyone and directly forced a mandatory order to them.


As expected, everything was just like what Yun Tu had predicted. The moment the simple rules had finished being announced, the person who was in the center of the platform began to throw the Blood Crystals toward the crowd and the scene instantly turned into a boiling pot of porridge.


The first ten of the Blood Crystals were thrown, but the first wave of people who were trying to grab it were absolutely unlucky since they were immediately squeezed and overthrown by the masses, causing tens of people to slump down. The consequences of how this happened could be imagined as miserable screams filled the skies and emanated from the crowd in that instant.


Apparently, regardless of everything, Jiang Xiaoya also had expected that such a scene of chaotic life and death fights would happen when distributing these Blood Crystals. Whilst the soldiers beside her fired warning shots, the battle became more chaotic and the intensity rose as more Blood Crystals were thrown over to the masses.


Giving out these Blood Crystals to the masses was not by any means what she wished for. She was only carrying out her Big Brother, Jiang Menghua’s, order, of whom took this decision out of desperation and being forced into by the situation. The army had no ammunitions left, while the officers and the structure of command had been severely fractured. Literally, he was but all alone and cut off from the others now.


The meeting that converged this time consisted of several battalion and company commanders who had joined Duan Hongyu as they were coming to strip Jiang Menghua away from his current position. If he didn’t give them these Blood Crystals, the option for him was either to join them or wage war with the few remaining faithful men he had against this band of evil monsters in human skin. Either way, he would still be unable to protect the people.


But for whatever it was, at least it could be considered his last contribution for this city as the garrison army commander, for he was unable to prevent nor was he able resist the zombie disaster. His act, more or less, would give birth to a lot of Awakened amongst the populace. With this thought in mind, perhaps humanity would last longer, even if only for a second. Such a harsh, difficult decision was what he had decided on after deeply thinking about it during the night of desperation under frustrating circumstances.  For this, he had prepared himself, and disregarded his own life and death.


In his past incarnation, Yun Tu only knew that the military had issued an order to distribute these Blood Crystals. But the internal conflict and the root causes of the matter were not things that he was aware of. Even now he still didn’t know the true whole detailed story of this situation. One thing he knew perfectly well was that there was no living Buddha nor a saint in this world. Everything might seem that it stemmed out of common sense, but some reasons certainly had caused everything to happen.


Under his command, his team members immediately joined the frenzied fray, snatching and robbing. Because they were Awakened people, they were stronger and faster than ordinary people and it would not be a problem for them to rob those Blood Crystals, so he didn’t take the initiative to join in. Instead, he bent over and hid himself in the crowd, paying close attention toward the over-20-years-old female team leader, Jiang Xiaoya, who stood in the center of the platform.


From head to toe she was cladded in stalwart attire, but it was difficult to conceal her impressive stature. Aside from her red lips, pearly white teeth, and slightly wrinkled willow eyebrows, a glint of swift and fierce murderous intent was hidden in her eyes.


Undoubtedly, this woman was definitely a powerhouse!


Since in his past life he came late to this place, Yun Tu could only see her back, as the said person seemed to have disappeared and never reappeared after this event.


For such a case, there was only one possibility; that was, she had died!


But where and for what reason did she have to die?


However, Yun Tu didn’t care about it. What he did want to know was the reason as to why the military would take such an unintentional and odd move.


As if she was able to sense that Yun Tu was observing her stealthily amongst the crowd, whilst casually throwing out a Blood Crystal, Jiang Xiaoya’s eyes were as though sparks of electricity as she swept over toward Yun Tu’s direction.


But, following the movement from the crowds around him who were moving toward the Blood Crystal that was thrown at his position nearby, he took advantage of the situation and was able to successfully escape the opposite party’s investigation.

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