MOTDN – Ch 57

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Second chapter of the week (August 5). Sorry for the delay guys, Udeze was resolving issues IRL. Anyway, as said before, from now on there will be only 3 chapters per week. BUT! Because we passed 1000 on the NU Reading List, there will a bonus chapter this week, for the count of four. Cheers! Now there will be bonus chapter if the reading list reaches 1500. Go GO! The bonus chapter of the week will come tommorow along with the third regular chapter.

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Chapter 57: Pursuing Narrow Gain While Being Unaware of Greater Danger (Part 2)

“Is Yun Tu upstairs?”


The two girls fully put down their vigilance while walking along with the mustached man. However, when they had arrived downstairs and the man hinted for them to advance upstairs, Feng Ling and Qing Yi instinctively stopped their pace.


“Eldest Brother Yun Tu is having a drink with our leader upstairs. Since you’ve come here, how come you don’t trust me?” The mustached man’s complexion slightly changed. It was the last step for their plan to succeed. As long as these two girls entered the corridor, even if they didn’t enter the Overlord Gang’s front door, with the two of them blocking the entrance to outside, their other six brothers would stop them from the inside. These two young chicks would have no way to run away.

“You! Call him to come down, we won’t go upstairs!”


After the Apocalypse came, electricity had ceased working and at present, night had come. Although there was some glimmering lights, the corridor was nearly pitch black. After all, these two girls had experienced a few days of life and death fights, and after facing such dangerous situations, they instinctively felt that the situation might not be as they had imagined before.


Upon seeing that the two girls’ expression changed, the mustached man knew that it wouldn’t be easy for him to fool them again. If he were to insist and delayed this matter for too long, their plan might fall apart. For him to be able to separate these two girls from their team and bring them to this place could be said that more than half of the plan had been completed, so he no longer insisted in bringing them upstairs. He looked upstairs directly and shouted whilst pretending to be sincere and polite, “Eldest Brother Yun Tu, your friends have come, please come down here!”


The moment the Second Brother downstairs shouted, some people in the house who had long been prepared knew that their good acts could only be played to this point. A few of them looked at each other as the leader of the gang then came out of the room, replying to the shout immediately with the same pretense intonation, “Brother Yun Tu, your friends have come. OK. We’ll go down at once!”


Along with the answers from the inside, everything seemed to be fine as the people from the outside could hear the door opening, followed by the sounds of footsteps shortly after!


From the chaotic footsteps sounds, with his extraordinary hearing ability, Yun Tu could tell that there were two men outside and six men inside. With only a mere eight people, these people unexpectedly dared to scheme and fight against a team with more than ten people. This Overlord Gang’s leader truly had the balls and guts for it.


As early as the mustached man and the other young man had arrived at this street junction, Yun Tu could tell that their scam would certainly be executed in this street. Therefore, he pretended to be an ordinary passersby who was walking toward this street, following behind those two men who were with Feng Ling and Qing Yi.


For the sake of the play, he intentionally made his steps limp, pretending to walk as an ordinary old gramps as he followed them. The two women also had long noticed that someone was behind them, but they didn’t recognize that the person was Yun Tu, the one they had been waiting for.


Although he then walked to their front, Yun Tu was still unable to determine to which building this mustached man’s gang would eventually bring these two girls into.

Only until he had arrived below the target building did he inadvertently hear some people discussing in whispers on the second floor; he focused and locked onto their exact position. Therefore, before the mustached man led the two girls into the corridor, he quickly and quietly hid in the bend in the stairs between the second floor and the third floor.


“Ah, two beauties have come. How about you come upstairs and have a sit with us?”

The Overlord Gang’s leader walked down from the corridor upstairs while still pretending to greet the two girls. But his eyes pointed to his men, and several men immediately spread around and surrounded Qing Yi and Feng Ling.


“What the hell are you trying to do?!”


A situation written in novels was happening now. Even idiots would be able to understand the sudden change in the situation. Feng Ling immediately brought out her twin blades while Qing Yi immediately retreated back a step and took out her gun.


“Hah? What the fuck are you asking for? We originally wanted to rob you, but since you cannot be fooled to enter the house, you might as well be better off taking off your rings and giving them to us now. I can let you go with your body still in one piece!”


Nearly at the same moment as the two girls drew out their weapons, the two mustached brothers along with their other brothers also suddenly drew out their weapons. Although they didn’t have any guns, the eight men held sharp cold weapons and sticks. In such a close quarters fight, the two girls could only obediently submit after they recognizing the perilous situation.


“Kill them and charge our own way out!”


In this life and death moment, Feng Ling was the first who quickly executed her occupational striking technique, the Winding Chaos Strike, as she protected Qing Yi, preparing to charge through their way out.

“Be careful, she has a Main Job!”


The Overlord Gang’s leader wielded the broadsword in his hand as a halo suddenly flashed over. It was obvious that he also had a formidable Main Job.

On the other hand, being reckless was not an option if one were able to sneak attack. But if that person were to act then he must go all out like lions, who always went all out even when hunting rabbits.


This principle was the norm Yun Tu had always lived by!


When the six men came out of the corridor, Yun Tu quietly walked downstairs from the third floor. The time was now ripe for him to act. He had locked onto the leader of these people earlier, and he now flashed over from the dark corner of the corridor toward the leader and unleashed a sneak attack on him. A blue light flashed from his dagger as the strike aimed at the Overlord Gang’s leader approached his back.



The sudden appearance of someone’s shadow in the corridor that attacked the leader made the mustached man shout a warning in surprise. The position where he was standing was at the opposite side of the staircase mouth so he was able to see it by chance, but even so, he was too late.


The leader’s body slumped down to the floor. The strike was fatal and instantly claimed his life. Yun Tu took back his dagger and immediately stroke another man at the side as another scream came out from him.



The scene had changed lightning fast. The mustached man’s voice had yet to finish, as the following gunshot rang over.


In such a desperate and chaotic situation, Qing Yi wasn’t able to distinguish who the person was, whether he was an enemy or an ally. Naturally, the person who shot the gun was not her but Gui Jiaosan who had also followed them and was nearby!


Whilst Yun Tu walked in front of the mustached man and Qing Yi, Gui Jiaosan had also followed around thirty meters behind them according to Yun Tu’s arrangement. By taking advantage of the moment when the two girls stopped their pace a moment ago, Gui Jiaosan carefully disguised himself and approached till he was ten meters away from them.


In a war, rather than shooting the horse it was best to shoot the rider first. If one wanted to catch the whole band of thieves, then he must capture their ringleader first. With that, the first shot and the first struck target had always been extremely important as it could decide the entire course of the battle. Therefore, upon seeing that Yun Tu’s dagger had already solved the problem of the Overlord Gang’s leader, Gui Jiaosan quickly aimed his muzzle to another important figure: the mustached man who was leading the way a moment ago.


Along with the gunshot, the mustached man crashed down accordingly!


The fight had only just begun but two core figures of the Overlord Gang had already fallen, causing the other members to panic. They hastily responded in a quick manner as they turned around and ran away. They were just recruited by those two fallen guys for about two days and only temporarily joined this pack, so they didn’t feel a wisp of loyalty towards them.


Feeling the pressure lighten, Feng Ling quickly launched her second technique, the Butterfly Sword Combo Strike, toward the man at her side, who moved slightly slower than the others, and cut his body into two pieces.


It was eight against four, and upon seeing the rest of the men were running away, Qing Yi finally fired her gun at them. However, for some unknown reason, whether it was because of fear or her abysmal marksmanship, she was only able to shoot the last running man’s leg; the shot was not even fatal. She clenched her teeth and was about to shoot again when Yun Tu’s hand grabbed the gun in her hand and spoke, “Don’t waste the bullets for such small fry like them!”

Upon hearing Yun Tu’s words, she and Gui Jiaosan, who was also about to shoot again, put away their guns.

Ammunition was an extremely valuable resource in the Apocalypse. At present, even the army’s armory had long been emptied by them as all the bullets had already been installed into the soldiers’ guns and became their private property. If the situation was not critical enough, nobody would want to waste them.


The fight had ended with four men from the opposite party getting killed and the remaining four running away. Yun Tu collected two cold weapons as well as the two men’s interspatial rings. It was quite a pity that there were no exceptional items stored inside these two’s rings, as it was only filled with some ordinary life necessities.


When Yun Tu led everyone back to the plaza, the people waiting there didn’t even know what had happened as they could only see an ashamed expression on Qing Yi and Feng Ling’s complexions.


Yun Tu didn’t speak at all, so Qing Yi and Feng Ling could only take the initiative to tell the entire process of what had happened, causing the rest of the adults’ faces in the group to burn red in anger after hearing their story.


Such a twist must never be allowed to ever happen again!


Survival skills in the Apocalypse era, particularly for both combat instinct and sense of danger, were not something one was able to obtain by relying only on oral teaching, nor could one ever comprehend them through words. Everything relied only on the survivor’s ability to comprehend lessons through perils and life and death situations. If ones wanted to survive and live, then quickly adapting to the situation was the only answer, for nobody had anyone to blame if they were exterminated by some situation because they could only adapt slowly.

The sky had darkened; where could they lodge in and spend the night?

Actually, the answer for this problem had already been resolved. Hadn’t the Overlord Gang’s house been emptied just for them to use?


Even without any reminders from Yun Tu, Gui Jiaosan led the group toward the house that had been used by the Overlord Gang.

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