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Chapter 51: Travelling Along with the Belles (Part 4)

A thundering explosion sounded beside the draconic-like monster once again as scales danced in the air at the same time. The huge impact forced the draconic monster’s body, which was charging forward, turn crooked and finally fall down onto the grass.



A big hole was created on the draconic monster’s abdomen. Upon seeing it, Yun Tu knew that the last anti-tank grenade from Qing Yi had damaged the monster, as he then sent out the order to all of them to attack again after drawing back.

Two anti-tank grenades, a few stab wounds, added with bullets that pierced deeply into its body… As long as the monster’s body was not made of iron nor steel, it would not be able to withstand any longer.

As expected, after the draconic monster had fallen, it growled and struggled, but still it was not able to stand up promptly.


Using this moment, Yun Tu quickly brushed past the monster to lift up the injured Feng Ling. Then, the three withdrew a few hundreds of meters away from the monster.


The draconic monster was finally able to stand. Although it was severely injured, however, it instinctively felt hatred toward its enemies as it moved forward step by step with difficulty, leaving a trail of blood with each footprint. Apparently, the monster would fight to the death as long as it was still breathing.


“Looking at its appearance, this wretched beast really wants to kill me!”


Upon seeing the miserable state of the monster, Feng Ling also struggled to stand up, storing her pair of swords and lifting her gun.


“Don’t waste the bullets, pay attention to your own safety!”

The monster was already spent. It no longer had the ability to pose any threat to anyone, so Yun Tu stopped Feng Ling’s unnecessary act.


As he expected, just as he stopped talking, the draconic monster was finally unable to move anymore and fell again!

Although the monster had not immediately died, but seeing it in such a state, everything had all been settled down. It was impossible for it to create any more trouble.


The three of them finally took a long, deep breath. Qing Yi was the one who started the fight by throwing the anti-tank grenade, and she was also the one who ended the fight with the anti-tank grenade. Although the consumption for this fight was quite big, however, analyzing the whole process of the fight, Yun Tu’s and Feng Ling’s personal strength alone was not enough to contend with it. if it were not for having the advantage of the heavy armaments, they definitely were not this draconic monster’s opponent. It was obvious that Qing Yi’s decision to use two anti-tank grenades proved correct. For this reason, Yun Tu also appreciated and raised his thumb up to praise her bravery.


“Bah, you only favor her and discriminate me!”

Using two anti-tank grenades Qing Yi was praised, while Feng Ling who wanted to shoot some rounds of bullets early on was stopped by Yun Tu. She pretended to be angry and glanced at Yun Tu while Qing Yi was treating her wound.


“If it were not for those anti-tank grenades, you could have already died crushed by that monster. I still have two anti-tank grenades, you and Qing Yi can have one of them each! Later on, your first duty is protecting her!” Yun Tu ignored her complaint as he sat on the side, waiting for the draconic monster to bleed out.

“You don’t even need to tell me that. I guarantee that I’ll watch over this ripening fruit of yours. Then, what’s my second duty?”


“Protect yourself!”


“Bah, that needs no mention. Anyway, you don’t want me to protect you?”

“Ah, that too. So your third duty is to protect me!”


“A big, adult man still needs a woman to protect him eh?! Are there any other duties?”

“In normal conditions, you’re to find a safe place for us to eat, drink and sleep!”


“Then what’s your duty?”


“Leading you, so all of you can stay alive as long as possible!”

From the beginning when Feng Ling began to ask, Qing Yi thought that these two chaps were just cracking jokes. But along with more questions she asked, Feng Ling could feel that although Yun Tu’s replies sounded straightforward, but they were not thoughtless and casual answers.


Feng Ling put away her casual tone and then seriously asked, “Our team doesn’t have a concrete, specific plan. Do you want to be just like the Jiangnan Family and recruit a lot of members?”


“The fundament for everything is our own strength. We don’t have the ability to create a large team judging from the support and life necessities we have to provide them. Much less, building team solidarity and loyalty of the core members won’t be easy!”


While talking, Yun Tu stood. He saw that the draconic monster’s body suddenly convulsed violently. He knew that the light pillar would soon fall into this Secret Area.

Sure enough, a few seconds later the draconic monster died and a bright light pillar descended from the sky.

This Secret Area was a familiar place he re-visited, since he had once visited it in his previous incarnation. But the level of difficulty of the task in killing the boss was clearly higher than the previous one.


Yun Tu was hoping that the mission’s rewards would also be different from his previous incarnation, and his guess was correct this time.


Interspatial ring, as always, was the standard item. But having a lot of such ultra-high tech small mobile vaults was never disliked by anyone.

There were two occupational scrolls and regardless of occupational line it would be, the number was at least doubled than his past incarnation.


In his past life, he got a “Flame Master” Scroll. And in the ninth week of the Apocalypse, the Second Order Green Zombies would be a common sight. Even the more formidable existences such as the Third Order Violet Demons and the Fourth Order Bone Demons would also emerge and become the worst nightmare for humanity.


When he first just became an Awakened, Yun Tu actually didn’t dare to use the Main Job Scroll he had obtained. In the eyes of those strong adversaries, there was not any difference between any occupational line for individuals at the First Level.


At that time, a middle ranked “Aoshi Dynasty” Guild in Jiangnan City was in dire need of a “Master” combat class and they released announcements everywhere: that whoever had any combat class Main Job Scrolls could come to them to exchange their scrolls with Main Job Scrolls they had in their repository, plus quite a rich bonus and subsidies.

In order to survive, by using the “Flame Master” Scroll as the exchange, Yun Tu joined the “Aoshi Dynasty” and became a Shadow Assassin.

And this time, he also got the “Flame Master” Scroll. But what surprised him the most was the “Shadow Assassin” Main Job Scroll he had always been longing for, also emerged. He couldn’t hide his joy when he picked up the scroll.


“You want it, then you get it! What did I tell you? Qing Yi has always been the Goddess of Fortune!”

Feng Ling said with smile. Previously, when Yun Tu was interrogating Duan Minghui, the two women knew that the Main Job he most wanted was the Shadow Assassin. Although they didn’t know what kind of skills Shadow Assassin had, but since it was the occupation that Yun Tu really set his eyes onto, then it definitely was the most amazing occupation.


Honestly speaking, this mission task was completed by Qing Yi. And Yun Tu also admitted this fact. He gently looked at Qing Yi before he picked up the fourth item.


It was a Flame Staff, an item that complemented and supported the Flame Master occupation. Under normal circumstances, some Main Job Scroll’s would come out with its complementing equipment, therefore the emergence of this item was expected.


The last thing to notice was, it was as though “something” had already known that Yun Tu had already possessed the complementing dagger for Shadow Assassin, since there was no dagger and was replaced with a textured translucent shield.


“Dig out its Monster Core and Dragon Core. Also, cut the horns and claws, and we also need to skin its hide. We need to hurry to get these treasures from this draconic beast’s corpse before this Secret Area is shattered.”

After he stored the last item—the shield—into his interspatial ring, Yun Tu led the other two to quickly move and work.


This draconic monster’s strength had reached the Second Order, and taking all of those treasured materials from its body as Yun Tu had said, was almost impossible since the light pillar had fallen and there was only 10 minutes left. So they could only do their best to move fast. From this, it could be seen that the dismantling skill for monster’s corpses was also a very important skill.


Although the two women didn’t know the concrete and practical use for each of these materials, but they had seen Yun Tu’s Alchemy refining skill, as well as having seen the protective vest from Duan Minghui. They could tell that these materials were quite precious, so regardless of being stained by blood, they also busily worked wholeheartedly.

In contrast with the chaotic working pattern the two women had, Yun Tu did everything smoothly as if he was born to be a pig butcher. With the joint efforts of the three, they were finally able to obtain a lot of precious materials from the monster corpse before the Secret Area was shattered.

The time was over and the Secret Area was broken!

The three of them were suddenly expelled from the Secret Area, suddenly returning from the fairyland to the depressing, dark real world. The contrast from being in the light and now thrown into the dark made the two women feel that it was already night time. But in fact, it was only 3PM, and light was at its highest luminosity.


“Haih, I really didn’t want to come out!” Feng Ling sighed with emotion as Qing Yi also backed her up, “How good would it be if we stayed there?!”


Being accompanied by these two women was quite a romantic and beautiful experience. So too did Yun Tu wish to live in such a dreamland. But he knew that it was impossible, since going back to the real world meant that they must raise their alertness and vigilance.


With ice-cold eyes, he swept to all four directions and finally stopped at the field with half of a man’s height sorghum that had yet to ripe.


“Be careful, there’s someone there!” Yun Tu warned in a whisper.


The visibility and line of sight after the advent of the Apocalypse was very low. And since the opposite party was hiding in the sorghum field 300 meters away from his position, Yun Tu was unable to discover them. However, he could feel a trace of invisible hostility from that direction. Yun Tu was able to sense it due to the sixth sense he had exercised for years.

“There are enemies hiding in that sorghum field? It’s impossible!” Feng Ling and Qing Yi squinted their round eyes, but they weren’t able to see anyone.




A gunshot was heard. Perhaps because those three suddenly looked at his direction, the person felt that he had been exposed and then fired first.

It was 300 meters away, and the man only used an ordinary policemen pistol, while also shooting in a rush. It simply posed no threat since the bullet’s accuracy and speed was severely affected as it flew over, due to have exceeded its effective shooting range.


The opposite party seemed also very aware of this point as he quickly turned around and ran away from the sorghum field after shooting.

And for Yun Tu, no matter who the man was, since he dared to shoot him, he would never let him escape that easily!


Judging from the swinging sorghum seedlings, it could be estimated that he was alone. The terrain in the area was flat, and the sorghum field was not large. After he passed through this tens of meters square sorghum field, no matter which direction and means the man wanted to escape to, his body was bound to be exposed.


The man’s pistol was not a threat for Yun Tu and his team, but Yun Tu’s long distance sniper rifle had an effective shooting range of 1.5km distance. And by counting this point only, Yun Tu was not anxious chase and instead, stood still and calmly took out his sniper rifle.


Everything was not accidental, and the man didn’t know that they had a long distance sniper rifle. Two seconds after Yun Tu set his aim to the sorghum field, the man’s figure was completely exposed under Yun Tu’s telescopic sight.

Without hesitating, Yun Tu decisively pulled the trigger!




The man had just run out of the sorghum field for less than ten steps when he fell to the ground by this shot. Although his speed was fast, but Yun Tu had calculated his movement, and his rifle was able to hit him accurately.


Seeing the man falling to the ground, the tense expression on Feng Ling’s face faded as she let out a praise.


“Is he?!!”


The moment after he shot the man, Yun Tu’s complexion suddenly changed greatly. When he pulled the trigger, the way the man was running was quite familiar to him…

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