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Chapter 50: Traveling Along with the Belles (Part 3)

Yun Tu’s condition in his past life was definitely much worse than Feng Ling’s today. He succeeded and finally survived, relying on himself only. Although the vanguard mutant beast of this Secret Area was only a ferocious wild beast, but Feng Ling, who had successfully become the Butterfly Sword Dancer, did not need more than 2 rounds to ruthlessly kill it.

“Pah! It’s only a paper tiger!”

After the fight had ended, Yun Tu stepped forward and cut its fangs and claws for the primary material to alter their weapons later. And then threw its corpse into the stream.


“Hey! Have you gone nuts? Why are you dirtying this good, fresh water creek?”


Seeing Yun Tu throwing the corpses into the stream, Feng Ling was unable to understand his intention.


“Let’s go!”


Ignoring Feng Ling’s complaint, he directly led the two girls to walk down down the stream.


As Yun Tu had guessed and expected, 10 minutes later, they arrived at a pond nearby next to the lake, with a water surface that was as though a bright mirror. The water surface was calm and didn’t even have the slightest ripples. But quickly, a whirl of vortex formed and whirled in a clockwise rotation.


In his previous incarnation, Yun Tu had always been hoping that human scientists could analyze the reasons as to why the Secret Areas were emerging. Although for the time being they didn’t understand anything about it and created hypothesis that it was the doing of some Earthling from another star, Yun Tu didn’t want to judge nor did he want to evaluate it. But now, as he was seeing the water vortex once again, Yun Tu knew, that if the speculation was true that some secret spaces really existed above Earth, then at least, that space was not here in the Northern Hemisphere.

He might be not an expert in science and technology. However, he was also a university student in modern time. For he also knew that for the vortex in the Northern Hemisphere, it should be rotated in a counterclockwise rotation.


But Yun Tu did not dwell more further into this question. He had just gotten back to his past life. Certainly, he knew that a lot of military scientists also had been trying to overcome this disaster through science, albeit doing it quietly. But the biggest disaster for mankind was rooted within themselves, inside their greedy nature. Eventually, those scientists’ hard work and efforts would shatter and come to nothing.

The other two women also could see the vortex in the lake, because the vortex’s rotation became faster and more obvious.

“Be careful! A big monster is about to show up!”


At the side, Yun Tu reminded whilst pulling Qing Yi to fall back. In his past incarnation, since he could finish this mission boss, then Feng Ling should also be able to kill it. But since he was now a team leader, he didn’t want everyone under him to fall into the same experience.

The vortex kept rotating, and it was becoming deeper and deeper. Yun Tu sent out a series of warnings to the others, however, the expected mission boss did not appear as scheduled.


The rotation speed of the vortex in the lake now began to slow down after it reached its peak!


“How could it be like this?” Yun Tu was also unable to figure it out.


At this moment, a low level mutant beast, just like the previous one, appeared behind his back. And this time, as to avoid any accidents, Yun Tu acted personally as he killed it with only a move.

When this beast corpse was thrown again into the water, the vortex slowly formed once again, and its momentum was even bigger than the previous one. The three of them waited nervously, but yet, the same thing happened again.

Yun Tu’s nerves tightened. The situation now and in his past life had some differences and changes. As the third mutant beast appeared again, Yun Tu, who did not believe that he could not figure it out, killed it again and threw its corpse into the lake.

The formation of the vortex turned faster and faster. When they first came here, there was no wind in the sky, but the vortex now had created a burst of turbulence gale. Qing Yi, who had a weaker body, could not withstand it as her footing turn unsteady, so Yun Tu had no choice but to closely hold her waist with his arm.


This time, the monster boss was really coming. When the vortex’s rotation speed reached the limit, a beast shaped like a draconic-like monster appeared, as the uncanny beast then soared up to mid-air.


There was a pair of horns on its head as well as in the corner of its mouth. The shape of its body resembled a tigers or leopards and was very slender. Although its physical body was not too big, the imposing manner it carried along was incomparable to other ordinary monsters.




The present monster in front and the last one from his previous incarnation had at least 80% similarity. This draconic-like monster obviously was a more advanced variation. However, no matter what the enemy was, Yun Tu was still the one who took the first move as he dashed forward, toward the upgraded version draconic-like monster that just landed on the ground.

At the same time, Feng Ling also launched an attack. Under the attack from the two of them, the draconic monster flashed. With a speed that was even extremely faster than the both of them, it was unexpectedly able to avoid the two people’s joint attack as it straightly bolted toward Qing Yi.


This truly surprised Yun Tu. The draconic shaped monster’s speed was even twice faster than the previous one in his past incarnation. Even though his agility stat reached 13 points and was buffed with the Small Rejuvenation Technique twice, but he was still unable to keep up with its speed.

Perhaps because Yun Tu and Feng Ling were present there, Qing Yi didn’t panic in facing such danger. She put away her Willow Staff and hastily stepped back as she quickly threw an anti-tank grenade at it.


The dashing draconic-shaped monster was hit on the chest by the anti-tank grenade as a loud explosion sounded. For a moment, the scales on its chest were sent flying.

However, although it had been seriously injured, the anti-tank grenade could not claim its life. It got dazed for a moment, but then rushed again toward Qing Yi. In the meantime, Yun Tu and Feng Ling had rushed over and arrived.


“Butterfly Sword Combo Strike!”

Feng Ling instantly launched her Main Job’s skill as the sword in her left and right hand slashed forward. Her first move hit the upper part of the draconic monster’s hind leg. Although the monster’s body had a high defense and strength; however, Feng Ling hit it with her strongest Main Job’s skill, which was buffed with Qing Yi’s Small Rejuvenation Technique. The force behind her attack was at least 50% stronger coupled with the swords that had been altered by Yun Tu. Her attack was able to cut a few inches deep wound on the monster’s hind leg.


The draconic-shaped monster roared as it turned its head and charged at Feng Ling. But Yun Tu’s dagger was drawing near to its body, and he took a risky move to pierce its body and sped forward from its side. From its ass to the front leg, Yun Tu’s knife finally created a five-feet long bleeding wound.


Because he rushed and attacked behind the monster, there was no suitable angle for him to attack any critical spot on its body. Although in order to make it bleed fast Yun Tu’s knife only made an inch deep wound, but since the wound was very long, it hurt and restricted the muscles more, for it greatly restricted the draconic monster’s agility and movement.

Although Feng Ling used her double swords to keep off the draconic monster’s claws; however, she was still struck and forced to retreat for a few steps, as she spat out a mouthful of blood and looked like she was heavily injured.

In the truest sense, it was a common occurrence in facing the enemies head-on. For Yun Tu, he didn’t think that he would lose a teammate in their first battle. Upon seeing that the draconic monster was about to attack Feng Ling again, he swapped the dagger in his hand for a gun without hesitation. Under normal circumstances, it was undoubtedly absurd to kill this kind of fully protected with scales monster with firearms. However, since the monster had already had a lot of wounds, Yun Tu quickly shot the gun in his hand and aimed the shots toward its wound.


Regardless of how high the defensive ability its scales and body had, but once it was injured and the bullets directly hit its flesh, even if it was a mutant beast with strong life force, such injuries were absolutely severe, and even fatal to it. But yet, Yun Tu had underestimated the monster.


Wounds were added on the previous wounds. But, not only was the draconic monster not weakened, it even looked up and loudly roared under violent anger. Regardless of the pain, it did not change direction and continued charging toward Feng Ling, who had been severely injured.

In the eyes of this draconic monster, these weak and small humans had dared to provoke its dignity. For this, it intended to tear them to shreds one by one.


Upon seeing such a desperate charging attack from the draconic monster toward Feng Ling, in that moment of crisis, Qing Yi rushed forward for a few steps and shouted whilst throwing an anti-tank grenade once again.

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