MOTDN – Ch 5

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Chapter 005: Energy Blood Crystal

After having mutated, the Black Zombie only hand a few weak spots. The eye socket, joint attachment points, throat, skull’s hindbrain, small part of the waist, ribs, and some other body parts which were not completely invulnerable. Therefore, a bullet was enough to destroy it, and coupled with Yun Tu’s marksmanship, it was not difficult.


The reason why he spent time and effort to lure the zombie to the 18th floor and to kill it here was certainly because exterminating this thing was not an easy task.


It was because his body was too weak! This was his first fight after the rebirth, and it only took 10 minutes. However, the pressure and tension made Yun Tu’s back and his heavy coat drenched with sweat.


Yun Tu dragged the zombie’s body into the elevator. He opened his black windbreaker coat and revealed the fire axe he had prepared. He used his crippled left leg to step onto the zombie’s neck and powerfully smashed his fire axe at its skull’s hindbrain. The originally invulnerable zombie’s skull cracked open as the zombie’s white brain matter splashed.


The situation in front of him was quite disgusting. Even if he had been through many years in the apocalypse, Yun Tu was still unable to face it without any ripples. Still, he had no choice but to face it. He swept away the disgusting brain part as a bright-scarlet translucent crystal was then revealed.


Yes! He had watched this zombie kill 10 people and absorb their blood, which then formed this thing. But Yun Tu fought back and suppressed the nauseating feeling due to the reason that he waited and didn’t act before, only to have this thing fully form first.

This thing’s name was Blood Crystal. It was a very special energy crystal, and was the essential factor as to why humanity could survive in this apocalypse.


He tightly grabbed the Blood Crystal in his palm as waves of excitement struck his innermost feelings.


He vividly recalled his previous incarnation in the apocalypse. He got his first Blood Crystal after the 9th week of the apocalypse and finally completed his first evolution.

But he didn’t obtain that piece of Blood Crystal solely by his own strength. He obtained it along with his sworn brother with their lives on stake. They got the Blood Crystal, but at the cost of his sworn brother’s life. The first Blood Crystal he got in the previous incarnation forever sent his sworn brother, Gui Jiaosan, to the netherworld.

Past events reappeared once again, and Yun Tu was nearly unable to control his emotions. Footsteps then could be heard from the stairs, abruptly making him sober up from the blurred emotions.


He had successfully killed the first zombie, so Yun Tu should have been a hero. But, he neither wanted to be hailed as a hero nor did he wish to be one. Moreover, he snatched an assault rifle from a SWAT member, and he didn’t have any plans to return it. So after his purpose had been achieved, escaping was the only wise choice now.

Because he didn’t want to have more meaningless trouble and hurt other people in the process, his trip back to his flat took a lot of detours and troubles. But other people were uncertain as to why he could kill the zombie which even armed cops were unable to stop.

With the reason of avoiding more troubles in mind, Yun Tu took half an hour to switch commuter buses 3 times before he was finally able to shake off the people who tailed him. After he confirmed that nobody, or even cops, were behind him, he entered his flat and shut the door. Yun Tu smiled. After the rebirth, he finally took the initiative to grab the key.

The mutated Black Zombie’s intracranial would produce Blood Crystals. And this crystal would directly help ordinary people evolve to the next step. It would even give a chance for humans to recreate their body. He lacked the knowledge and experience in his past life apocalypse and didn’t dare to use this kind of opportunity to mend his crippled left leg. But now, in this second repertoire, he would not wait any longer.

Yun Tu quickly put the Blood Crystal in front of him as he sat with his shattered-bone-cripple left leg laid straight. He lifted his fire axe and then placed it in a line with his fractured left leg that was not fully healed. Whilst gritting his teeth, he smashed his broken calf bone with a stone.

Extreme pain struck like tides. But, having been through countless injuries in his past life’s apocalypse, Yun Tu only let out a tearful smile and endured it!


He had prepared the Blood Crystal in advance as he then swallowed it. In a split second, a strong heat gushed out from inside his abdomen, as the energy then flowed fast throughout his whole body and spread out to his 4 limbs and 8 major blood vessels. At the same time, along with the evolution process, his shattered bone left leg was re-created with a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. Shortly after, his injured leg had healed, as though it was never was broken.

The apocalypse might perhap be hated by all people. At least, people would had these kinds of thoughts at the beginning period of the apocalypse. But Yun Tu had gone back to his past self right before the first day of the apocalypse begun. And now, instead of hating it, he looked forward for what was to come.

If there was no advent of the apocalypse, even if Yun Tu was a music genius, with his criminal record and crippled state, perhaps he could only live at the bottommost of society for the rest of his life. But now, he really saw the hope given by the apocalypse. He must survive and become the monarch in this apocalypse, and smile during the final days!


An hour had passed, and the heat that flowed in his body gradually dissipated and calmed down. With the Blood Crystal, his body’s first transformation had been completed.


He stood up and entered the small toilet, and washed away the dirt and filth on his body. A comfortable sensation filled his body, as he could easily lift 100kg barbells right now with a single arm. Even if he didn’t use the fighting techniques that he created during the countless life and death battles in the previous life’s apocalypse, 10 average men wouldn’t be able to gang up on him.

When the human body had surpassed the critical point threshold, it would step into the first-order evolution. An ordinary human, and a human who had gone through the evolution process, which became an Awakened, might have the same appearance, but there were essential differences in their state of life. The biggest feature was that the Awakened condition had been digitized and could be perceived by the brain.


Yun Tu pressed his left hand on his chest and closed his eyes, as a list of numbers instantly appeared inside his mind:

Name Yun Tu
Level 1
Sex Male
Job None
Strength 10
Spirit 10
Agility 10
Vision 10
Hearing 15
Chemoreception 10



People might be unable to figure out the meaning, such as the group of numerical values, but Yun Tu knew clearly well about it. This was his body’s essential data after he became an Awakened.

The numerical values here represented how powerful someone was in each field. And Yun Tu knew that if an average person’s abilities were to be digitized into numbers, regardless of which field, getting 5 points could be considered as having a very good value.

Seeing those numbers with 6 of the most important parameters having reached 10, and especially 15 for his hearing ability, Yun Tu smiled. The parameter values he got in this second repertoire were much higher than the previous evolution parameters in his past incarnation.

The basic starting point one could get was affected by a few variables, and one of the most important was one’s own physical quality, character, and talent. These variables were very difficult to alter.

The second most important variable was the method of being awakened. Yun Tu took the Blood Crystal from the Black Zombie which had completed its mutation in the beginning period of the apocalypse. This was the best and most powerful method for evolution. This method was several folds stronger compared to the method he gave to Qing Yi.

Of course, in regards to this aspect, the luck variable also couldn’t be ignored. But nobody was able to control this, and it might be dependent on God’s grace; and only God knew about it.


As for Yun Tu’s case, he was a musician. Having a sensitive hearing was his talent and forte!




The wealthy and rich didn’t rush to the hospital even for ordinary sicknesses. They had their own private doctors.


Huang Guohao was quite rich. He was only a second-hand renovation project contractor, with an income at the level of migrant worker wages. Although, according to the normal situation, he wouldn’t be rich enough to the point that he could hire a private doctor, he had to keep his image as a successful person and the local tyrant. He was the type of person that thought that way. So when his wife got sick today, he didn’t send her to the hospital, but directly called to ask Dr. Li Huan to come visit; a doctor he was familiar with from the Public Hospital.


At 3 PM, the Public Hospital began to boil, as 5:30 PM usually was the busiest time. This time was precisely also the busiest time for Dr. Li Huan. When he received Huang Guohao’s call, he actually couldn’t leave his duty, but he thought that he must maintain a relationship with that local tyrant. For him, this relationship was more important than a patient. After having weighed his options, he finally found an excuse and secretly slipped out of the hospital.

Unsurprisingly, Huang Guohao’s wife’s symptoms and the long line of fever patients in the hospital was exactly the same. He told the situation in the hospital to Huang Guohao. And for a moment, Huang Guohao felt that something was wrong. Inferring from Dr. Li’s given information, today’s situation would develop into a big wave of epidemic, and coupled with the information about the rain of blood that flooded the Internet, as a businessman Huang Guahuo casted aside his wife’s condition first as he immediately called his broker to throw all the stocks he had and exchanged them into pharmaceutical stocks.


After doing this, he didn’t send his wife to the hospital, because he had told Dr. Li to inform him had the Ministry of Health find a method to contain the disease. So, he certainly would know about it firsthand. But he knew that even if the medicine of this disease were to be found, it would be extremely difficult to obtain it considering his condition and capital. So he insisted that his wife should have a home treatment.

Although the round trip was quite close, Dr. Li originally wanted to take the opportunity to get out of work. However, he got an emergency call from the hospital that reminded him to quickly hurry back to his post. When he just got back to the hospital, he happened to see the first outbreak of a zombie at the hospital’s entrance, as he saw the whole process of the carnage when the zombie bit the 3 cops to the death.

The sudden incident suddenly frightened everyone, even Dr. Li was not an exception. Only after Yun Tu lured the zombie did he come out, as he was still in a frightened state. At the next moment, he quickly called Huang Guahuo and informed him about the new situation.


Huang Guohao didn’t believe him at first. But after he called another doctor from the Public Hospital and cross-checked their statements, only then did he feel that the situation was seriously severe. For safety and prevention’s sake, he and his 2 sons quickly tied his wife tightly to the bed.

And his premonition was proven true. At about 8:30 PM, his wife started to mutate into a zombie. She awoke with fangs already grown in her mouth and issued a strange beast-like howl.

His wife had suddenly turned into a zombie, but the family didn’t feel too much sadness. The only thing that filled their mind was only how to save their faces. The loving-care-about face father and sons neither told anyone about this matter nor did they pay close attention to the situation developing outside.


Quickly after, he personally acted. He inquired the information from his contact in the police station and finally found out about the whole process of the incident, as he saw Yun Tu kill the zombie from the video.

After watching all the video records obtained by the police, he finally knew that the zombie turned strong after they sucked the victims’ bloods and became invulnerable.

But what he was most concerned about was not this issue, but that crippled man in the black coat!


Why was the SWAT team helpless against the mutated zombie, but he could easily handle it?

Why did he lure the zombie to the 18th floor, and then kill it there?

Why did he know the zombie’s weaknesses, and also split the zombie’s head after he killed it?

What did he wanna do?


His businessman sense made him instinctively feel that the world was about to undergo great changes. And there was something great in the middle of these changes.


Guohao’s education was not high, but he was bold, hard working, and decisive, which made him the local tyrant. At 11 PM, he called his contact at the Public Hospital’s Blood Bank and bought dozens of bags of blood. He approached his wife-zombie that had been tightly tied, and carefully feed her the blood.

Really, as he had suspected and anticipated, after feeding his wife-zombie the 10th bag of blood, the originally 1.5m height increased to 2m as her body turned bigger. As it started to mutate, she became very powerful and invulnerable as she tried to break out from her chains.

The solid hardwood bed frame had been broken and scattered. The father and sons trio had tied their loved one with a finger thick rope that had now had turned into dumplings. But they felt they would be unable to contain it any further. Their loved one had mutated into a terrible and fearful monster.

“Riches and dangers have always been side by side. I think the judgment day has come. Just look at your mother’s appearance. She cannot be saved anymore, and we must kill her quickly just like that man in black in the hospital killed that zombie. We have to break open your mother’s skull and take a look at what’s inside…”

He didn’t know whether there was a special thing about the zombie’s cranial cavity. Because the police forensic also had yet to find something. But Huang Guohao instinctively felt that this was worth finding out.




His two sons actually didn’t agree with their father’s view, but they couldn’t figure out whether their mother still had a conscious, so they could only agree and nod.

Therefore, on the first day of the apocalypse, the second mutated Black Zombie’s Blood Crystal was taken by the frenzied-crazed father and sons trio. The cursed Blood Crystal was cultivated in their loved one’s head as they cracked it open to take it out…


Another long chapter, I use chemoreception instead of sense of smell because it covers a wider range of abilities regarding the sense of smell.

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  1. …what? kids and a man in a room somehow overtook a monster.. and a mutated monster that took bullets with a shrug… wtf.

  2. mdrrr c’est grave le mec avec de l’expérience a du mal a tué le zombie muté et un homme d’affaire sans arme a feu me dit qu’il peut tuer le zombie muté

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