MOTDN – Ch 49

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Fourth chapter of the week (July 16)

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Chapter 49: Traveling Along with the Belles (Part 2)

What a beautiful scenery!

It was a completely empty island which floated high in the sky. The bluish green water drops were as though falling from the sky as they formed a trickle of streams on the green grass, which looked like a carpet that covered the island. The tingling sounds produced by the running water was like a composition of heavenly music was being played.

Down along the stream not far from the bay, a deep clear pond could be seen and water containing fishes with beautiful colored scales happily moved and played at the bottom of the stream around the stones.

Looking at the other side, a few birds were flying in the sky with their multicolored feathers!

Looking at another side! A rabbit with its white wooly and stuffy fur was grazing on the thick patches of grass a dozen steps away. It suddenly turned in alert and looked up. It cried in a low voice when seeing some people, although it was not scared and did not run.

If the island on earth Yun Tu had once visited before was a scenic spot for humans, this place in this Secret Area today was simply a heavenly immortal garden.

A moment ago, Qing Yi was digging sweet potatoes and could not help but make her clothes dirty. And now, she suddenly felt that she was an African refugee, arriving suddenly to a beautiful paradise.

It wasn’t until a vulture with meter-long wings issued a sharp tweet that she was abruptly awakened from the wonderful scenery.

Whilst holding the gun in her hand, she waited full of vigilance. But after having waited for 2 minutes and confirmed that that big vulture had run away, then she took out the signal flare Yun Tu gave her and carefully ignited it.

“How come it took you so long to send out the flare signal?!” 10 minutes later, Yun Tu caught up with her.

Immediately after his arrival, Feng Ling also came from another direction. “Qing Yi definitely want to stay in this beautiful Secret Area!” In fact, she also felt the same. Although it was her second time entering the Secret Area, but still she was not getting swayed by it. Unlike Qing Yi, who was quite distracted. She knew that regardless of such beautiful scene before her, there were dangers hiding.

“Sorry, I made you worry!”

Qing Yi flushed red. She got distracted for at least 10 minutes the moment she entered this Secret Area. If she were to be like that inside some other Secret Area which was dangerous, she could have become the food of those Secret Area’s creatures.

“Next time, you need to be vigilant and safe!”

Yun Tu gave his lesson to her at random. The struggle over the one-time-use Secret Areas would soon be over in this second week of the Apocalypse. Although in his previous incarnation some people with heaven-defying luck still found some Secret Areas after 6 months; however, more than 95% of the light pillars that became the gates to the Secret Areas had been investigated and swept away, or were being guarded by either the military or other forces. Therefore, it could be said that there was no other next time in entering the Secret Area, or it not allowed to.

Certainly, except for those one-time-use Secret Areas which were only a few to begin with, a lot of people obviously could see some that light pillars had fallen to some places. But yet, they were unable to trigger them. Those light pillars were the repeatable ones. And those Secret Areas could not be opened until the third week of the Apocalypse, until they absorbed enough energy and finally opened. By that time, the reigns of terror and bloody fights would begin and escalate.

However, these were things for the future. In his past life, this Secret Area was the first one he entered. He was also just like Qing Yi, got distracted and emotionally moved. After all, they were the type to like all kinds of arts.

“Damn, favoring one and discriminating the other, eh?! You’ve never been that gentle and soft to me! If it were me, some guy should have reprimanded me and said, ‘how come you are so negligent in the Apocalypse. You’ll never know when will you die!!’” Feng Ling glanced at Yun Tu as she spoke with a laugh.

“Now, now. Let’s relax for a while! I can sense that there are no dangerous things here. But I can say this only for today. After we get out of this Secret Area, everyone must be more spirited!”

Whilst speaking, Yun Tu took out the empty barrels from the interspatial ring which he had taken from the farmer’s spring sheds.

Cloud side of the picture, while from the space ring out of the farmer’s mountain spring. He went straight to the small stream and pretended to examine the water carefully. After which, he directly filled the barrels with the water. In fact, he had drunk this water in his past life, and the water was truly refreshing, just like a real natural mountain spring.

After the rain of blood, all the waters on Earth had been contaminated. Except for the originally bottled water, it was very difficult to find any water sources that could make people feel safe to drink. However, this situation would only happen in the next 2 or 3 months. Along with time, humanity gradually adapted to the new changes in the environment. But in the next 2 months, drinking water was even more scarce than food.

“Are you sure that we can drink this water?”

“I’ve examined it and it’s safe. Quickly! Fill the barrels with this water. I’ll take a bath for a bit!”

Yun Tu’s reply made the two girls ecstatic. Being able to take a bath in this water, for people who had always been wanting to look good, was really a huge temptation.

The two girls hurriedly rushed to the small stream as fast as they could, as the originally empty barrels quickly got filled with water.

Perhaps, this could be their last holiday in the Apocalypse.  And after having filled the barrels with water, Yun Tu went along down the stream, heading to a creek as he carefully washed away his body from the stains of blood and sweat for the last 7 days.

“This water is a bit cool!” Qing Yi said from the side as she rolled up her trousers and walked toward the creek.

“Take a look at yourself, this is what a young lady should do!” Feng Ling suddenly jumped into the stream.

The stream was shallow. The depth was only a bit under the waist. Since she suddenly jumped into the water, the splashing water created countless sprays and drenched Qing Yi’s clothes, as the two girls splashed water on each other whilst laughing.

Although they were not wearing a bikini, the two girls’ soaked bodies revealed their voluptuous and curvaceous body, creating a scene of beautiful belles in the spring. Yun Tu’s interest was also sparked as he headed down from the upper stream, intending to join them and having a relaxed laugh and moment for a while.

Upon seeing Yun Tu approaching, the two girls immediately stopped their civil war as the both them shifted their target and attacked him with water…

Finally, after they were tired playing, they came out of the water and back to the previous place to dry themselves and change their clothes. Yun Tu then looked at the time as he found that they still had an hour of free time.

“You seem to be familiar with this Secret Area!”

The two girls laid down on Yun Tu’s left and right side under the sun. Qing Yi, who had a keen and sensitive feeling, finally could not help but ask out of curiosity.

“When than rainbow was scattered and fell, I was here. At that time, I was inexplicably bewildered and got sucked in, but then I was forcefully expelled!” Yun Tu pinched her delicate small nose and spoke a white lie.

Feng Ling from the other side pressed further, “How long did you stay here? How come you have not been attacked by any ferocious creatures from this Secret Area?”

Yun Tu replied, “I was not attacked, otherwise, I’d have long been dead. However, the last few minutes before I was forcefully sent out, I still could feel a particular dangerous aura nearby!”

“Don’t tell me for how long though. Let me sleep here first. Even if I die in such a beautiful place, it’d be worth it!” Feng Ling did not delve further as she actually looked at the bright side of the matter.

“If you wanna sleep, then have a good one! I’ll wake you up when the time has come!” Yun Tu also turned around and pinched her nose before he sat up.

There still an hour of a quiet peaceful time left. However, there should still be one person amongst the three to remain alert and vigilant. Even if he was very familiar with this Secret Area, however, it was after all a memory from many years ago.

To make the mission Monster Boss of this Secret Area wake up and reveal itself, he must kill the creatures of this Secret Area and let their blood enter the stream and flow into the deep lake in front.

In his past incarnation, he was stranded inside this Secret Area and constantly massacred the mutant beasts that kept spawning for 2 days. And he accidentally activated this condition that lead him to the mission boss. Certainly, he was unable to verify his findings theoretically.

Everything seemed fine and no accidents could happen here. But an hour later, the first vicious mutant beasts of this Secret Area appeared as Yun Tu quickly woke up the two girls and the three of them immediately entered a battle state.

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